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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Remains Of Madnise City (Madness City)

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The Vandenreich Base

The Vandenreich base constructed out of a large, ice-encrusted building. The building consists of a thick base with a long stairway leading up the front. On top of this are a series of thick columns supporting a thicker second tier of the building. There is a third tier above this, supported by thinner columns. Surrounding the main building are a number of ice-covered round or square towers and two curved structures leaning towards each other, forming an arch-like monument at the front of the building. Inside the building, Yhwach former throne is rumored to be there where Hulderic now sits. This is where the home of The Quincy is now claimed to rest. Although, as of the Australian conflict, it seems to be somewhat damaged due to an attack against Hilderic from Sing Iramasha for retaliation against a strike of K-World Soldiers. So some parts of its structure are cracked, others have holes in them; but it is otherwise stable.
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The Central Government Building

The Heart of Madness City appears to be within this central Government Building. It is red and black in color and stands at the centermost point of the city. On the Inside of this building is a strange interior covered in nothing but flesh, blood and darkness. Despite the battle that was waged here, this structure remains firmly intact. Thus, it is worthwhile to note that even if the entire area around the building is blown to pieces, it will still be standing, as the ground under it; the ground beneath it has as strong of durability as it does. It's durability is somewhere between that of a master and grandmaster; it is going nowhere fast.

With that said, many not dare venture into this building. This is because this location is where The Demon Queen was said to have received the heart of madness and restore herself back to her origins as The Danava of Discord and Lunacy. Therefore, it is considered a somewhat satanic grounds that not even Hulderic and The Vandenreich were able to purge or purify despite cleaning up most of the continent. Thus, there have been reports of many strange occurrences taking place here. Many men with weak willpower tend to lose their psyches approaching too close to this building. Others feel downright sickened; literally and metaphorically speaking, by just approaching this place and others feel a great sense of ominous danger within it.

Only those with Grand Masters in Willpower will be able to stand near this building with no effects; as even Masters will have a sense of madness creeping up their spine. Thus, standing as the birthplace of Mana's ascension to power, there seem to be many sorts of strange Demon's reported going in and out of it; with rumors of Khala Asthavon making her own place in this city not too far from this location. So enter at your own peril.
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The Garden Of Gods

Near the edge of Madnise City is where a bizarre location sprang up during the beginning of 2414. Becoming visible to the masses, a frozen garden that expanded for roughly a mile in every direction was brought into materialization. In the center of this Garden lays a concrete structure that overlooks the mountains further off in the distance of Madness City and has many sorts of white flowers around it. (Picture Here: CLICK THIS LINK) There also appears to be a silver dome producred around the area that is two times more durable than the Seireitei's own Sekkisekki stone to prevent unwelcome or unwanted guest from entering without the guardians of this gardens permission.

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Thu Feb 14, 2019 9:05 pm
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Remains Of Madnise City (Madness City) Empty
Welcome to Madnise City, Antartica! Well -- what is left of it anyway. There was once a colossal battle waged here due to an infection of Madness spreading throughout the population of this city. However, after The Demon Queen became involved this had turned into an unholy war. Fighting to obtain the Stone of Madness, a battle between demigods and rumored "Gods" alike was waged to prevent this transformation and destruction. With the Divine being known as Truth waging war alongside Colin Washi, Toki Iramasha, Kanda Yuu and their familiars; a daunting battle was waged here until nothing was left. No one is quite sure what the results of this battle was; despite reaching the level of affecting the globe. Only The Demon Queen and Truth himself know that.

What is known is that in the wake of such a war there is nothing but frozen ruins left. There was once a pool of madness scattered throughout a majority of Antarctica as a whole, but member of the Vandenreich lead by Hulderic Hylham spent the later parts of 2413 cleaning the residue up until nothing was left of this maddening influence near the start of the Australian War waged in October of 2413. Thus, Madnise City is a frozen-dead mans land. There are many vacant buildings due to the fact there are a few forces at play preventing mass population swings

The first is that most are deterred away due to the stigma of the battle waged here. Most people on Earth dare not even venture here after the planet itself was stained for quite some time until The Vandenreich came. Along with that, after the The Vandenreich settled in, there was a noticeable boost in Quincy protecting the city and patrolling the border. This is because they made their base deeper in the city and made Antarctica their homeland. The last factor is that it is rumored there are still sinister demons laying in wake with the fabled Garden of The Damn being located near the outskirts of the city. It is said that the bodies of two godlings are located there in secrecy from the remnants of the battle waged between Demigods and Deities here.

Thus, if you have the nerve, welcome back to the home of Madness City.
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