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Mon Sep 02, 2013 8:30 pm

||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5427

||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3698-1


» Name:  Shukenja Tenka 主権じゃ天下 (World's Sovereignty)
» Titles:  Sekai no Ou (King of the World)
» Age: 1545 (The First card game appeared in 868)
» Gender:  Male
» Affiliation/Rank:  Self

» Shifter Appearance Written: 

His Shifter Apperance is the appearance which he chose which he favored most of those that became available to him. His hair in this form loses all of its sign of life due to age, making it completely white atop his head, fairly long. His eyebrows are similar, showing that all the hair on his body has been shifted in a similar way to his eyebrows. His nose is rather long, but ends in a bottom part of itself that is not very big. His eyes, however, are unique. His scelera are darkness, they do not exist; there is no balls, no orbs in his eye sockets, only shadow. Then, in the midst of the shadow are two orange, yes orange, eyes, which peer out into the darkness of the eyes, fully illuminated. His lips are gray and withered, as is the rest of the skin on his face, and on the right side of his face he has a permanent blood stain.

The rest of his body is cloaked in an elaborate garment. Completely black and silver in color. Around each shoulder he has a strap, the likes of which can also be found on his hip and forearms of the jacket that he wears around his body. On his shoulders he wears plates of steel, as well as on the top of his forearms. ON his chest he wears a steel breastplate, which is completely silver except for the red ruby that is inlaid in the center of his chest plate, which is the only different colored thing about him. His greaves are black as night, normally not visible under the gray inscriptions of the tails of his cloak.

Around his waist he has the bottom of his chestplate, which fans out to show that he has no codpiece on his body. His fingers come out of his hand around a special pair of flethers that wrap around his middle fingers to keep them attached under the steel part of his forearms. ON his left hip he has a sword, a dark black sheathe that goes down to his ankles. The blade has a silver blade on it, and its hilt is similar, ornated and silver. Around its hilt is what looks like a spiraling straem of silver, which ends in what apears to be a claw graping at its very base, finishing the appearance of the sword. Around his feet he wears a pair of strong black plated boots, which are rather heavy and yet create no sound when he walks.

» Shifter Appearance Picture: 

» True Appearance Written: 

Shukenja's True Apeprance looks absolutely NOTHING like his typical form. For one thing, he takes the form of an outright dragon. He has twisted wings, withered with age, that end in claws on all of their bones, four of them to be exact that keep them aloft. His neck is large and his chest is bigger than his head and his face is withered, his eyes blackened by shadows like in his shifter form but with green now instead of the orangeish-gold. Atop his head he has a pair of horns that curve outward, before curving inwards, staring at a place between the two.

His body has a chestplate of armor around it, and he has two arms, yes arms, that come down from his chest which are also armored. His entire belly is armored, and his back has scales, which are in actuality much tougher than the armor. Around his knees and feet, yes he also has feet, it is much the same. His long, serpentine-like body extends to a tail, which descends for some time below him, going down by several dozen feet. In this form, he is immensely tall, scaling for more than twenty feet in his true height, however his weight remains the same as in his typical form .

» True  Appearance Picture: 


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3699-1

» Personality:


Yes, he is rather overwhelming. For one who is Soverign of the World, of course he is rather overwhelming. He enjoys using multiple effects on his opponents at once to make sure that they feel like there is nothing that they can do against him, confusing the and otherwise making it harder for them to talk back against him. In addition, this trait makes it so that he is difficult to argue against, as he argues in such a manner that shows complete conviction to him being right in all scenarios, which can also make him difficult to work with at times.


However, at the same time, he is a responsible world ruler. His responsibility is quite great; for example, if he were to come across a totally devastated wastelnd with only a few remaining survivors, he would build it up again into a stable society and try to keep it from going extinct again. In addition, if he were to cause a child to be born, he would make sure that the child would live, no matter what he had to do. In addition, if he caused someone pain, he would retribute himself to them, in wahtever way he possibly could. Finally, any promises that he makes he keeps, as far as within his own power.


However, at the same time, he thinks of himsefl as a rather important individual. He reacts badly to disrespect and does not take being looked down upon very well, as he alwys look for credit where credit is due as a part of his responsible nature. At the same time, it is rare for him to give his respect to anotehr or lower himself to them, so when he does the person he does this for he must believe truly deserves to be called above himself, which makes him rather different then most.


A good amount of his overwhelming and important feeling personality comes from his neglected side, where he was looked down upon by all that he ever knew for being such a young danava, as he is also filled with all the passions of every trading card that was ever pointlessly abused, every magikarp, every old land card, every lost card that was pointlessly destroyed from the lack of care from the owner. He was filled with these feelings greatly at a part of his life where he developed, making his nature neglected at one point and he never quite completely recovered from it.


However, he is also magnificent. Just like a card that could cost hundreds of dollars in modern day society for a small piece of paper, he has a majesty about him, a kind of value that he forces upon himself. He forces himself to be respectful to nature and other great forces, and to never belittle himself or associate himself with filth if he can help it. He has a strict code of mental ethics for himself, and tries to follow them as best he can, being as great and majestic as he can.


However, he is also a rather optomistic individual. He is always thinking about the future and what he can do to improve it, as well as what others can do. However, his optimism is a rather quiet variety, as he prefers to express it through actions rather than words. As a result, he typically performs kind actionst o those he works with without any precendent, as he hopes for them all to become great someday and be as majestic as he tries to make himself, wishing the best for those around him as well as himself.


His personage is very vibrant, very ALIVE. Despite the fact of his strange condition that his normal fate would have had, he looks vibratn and awake at all times. He never seems to be cught unawares, he is very flashy - majestic, as discussed earlier - but it is more than that. The very way he moves shows energy; as if he has a high matabolism but without the annoyingness that comes with such a condition. This is partly the reason why he makes such a good leader, even though he looks rather grim and disturbed. The best place this is seen is the red corset crystal that is on his chest, which gleams with life at all times, a symbol of his own half.


Most people who meet the Ruler of the Planet find themsevles oddly disarmed in his presence. He is a gracious host, and treats his guests with a great amount of courtesy, as well as his opponents and allies in battle. He will always give the first move to an opponent, and will never allow a crass word to leave his lips unless utterly enraged or out of control of himself, or unless repeating anothers words in a mocking tone.


His personality also has a few… kinks in it. He loves blood beyond comprehension of himself, enjoys watching the flow of anothers life essence spill out - he is a sadist, as much as it might cause distaste to his logical sense. He takes perverse joy in destroying those who look down on things they think of as worthless, and destroys them without any logical sense behind his actions, as well as those who will only do the same things unchangingly without stopping at any time.


He is also an elitist. However, this trait typically only shows itself through battle. This means that typically he will not fight the weaker members of an opposing force, but typically go straight for the strongest or one of the strongest of the opposing group. This, however, does not apply when he is challenged persistently by one individual, and he will then turn the entire overwhelming weight of his attention onto that person, and work towards beating them horribly bad as a reward for their persistence, as he admires courage.


He is very smart. In fact, this is a parto f his concept in general. Being a creation of the very concept of a card game, he has the accumulated intelligence of every strategy ever used in a game of cards of any kind, which means that his levels of intelligence are absolutely FRIGHTENING. However, normally he keeps his full mindpower toned down, so that he is able to enjoy normal life. This does make him quite witty in day to day life, regardless.


He is a very adaptable combatant as well. This stems as well from his traits of being the concept of card games, which means that he is extremely, EXTREMELY skilled in the art of adapting to situations and turning the tables, as he is able to see many, many steps ahead in the middle of a game, as he wants to be as prepared as he possibly can to deal with others and problems, which means that he often makes it through his problems with whatever resources he is given.


The Diviner of the Planet is also a surprisingly sweet person. He greatly cares for those that are placed under his care, as well as those who he is fighting against. He tries not to kill if he can avoid it, and he tries not to cause unnecessary pain to those who cannot endure it without being mentally wounded as a result of it. In addition he is a great admirer of nature and the inner workings of the human nature, and interestingly this also means he has a great distaste for the mechanization of things around him, of the spread of industry like oil, and other things which exploit the very nature of humanity and change it.

» Likes: Blood, Cards, Nature, Subordinates, Supportiveness.

» Dislikes: Hatred, being abandoned, fighting those without willpower, getting outsmarted, losing card games.

||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3700-1

» History:

Birth of an Elder Dragon
From the very beginning, he was a dragon, or our understanding of a dragon, from another plane of existence. Life tehre was a massive parallel of light and shadow; the two rarely if ever, mixing. He knew not a family, and lived by himesf, growing until he became one of the most feared creatures of the entire realm of his existence, his fury able to decimate entire worlds if they displeased him.

However, this great dragon once too the circumstances fo his creation too far. He destroyed his realm of existence. How By taking it too far. Far, far to far. He went to the verge of his power in a fit of rage when he discovered the being he had finally taken as his mate to be dead, and in his wrath destroyed the entire plane of existence, wiping it utterly and removing it, with only himself remaining.

Birth of the Knight
His second lfie. When he next ahad a conscious thought, he realized that he was in the soul of a man. Well, not exactly in the soul of a man. He was the man's sou. Te man had been transformed, his body converted into a child of night in his relam of existence, and in the processs had called upon one of the ancient beings to give him power. Shuenja was the one called for this purpose, and so began the unlife of Sorin Markov, the second coming of Shukenja Tenka.

However, life would not be as simple as it had been in the Elder Dragon's home plae. He lacked great power, as his own consciousness was still forming in the body. The being that was his grandfather expelled him from the realm, commisioning him to go to other planes of existence to learn more about himself… and to find the truth of the human consciousness that was beginning to possess himself.

Doing so, he finally came upon the realm of existence known as Mirrodin. There, his destiny would at last begin to make itself clear. His human consciousness was beginning to lock itself within him, and what he saw tehre disgusted him. The plane had been ripped up, torn apart by invaders nown as the Phyrexians. These Phyrexians destroyed everything in their path, consuming and corrupting everything. When Sorin, Shukenja arrived at the realm, he was disgusted to find out that these beings had existed, although they had since been ousted by the starting of the collapse of the plane.

So it was that he found the humans there, and took pity on them. The spread of a different kind of vampirism was prevalent here, although the body of Sorin's held a strain far superior, as he was able to maintain his sanity through the introduction of the Elder Dragon into his soul. Over time, he began to order a new society there, naming it Tenkanstrad. This society was able to survive; becaues of a very strict rule that Shukenja created and with this growing powers enforced.It was a simple oplicy; vampires could no longer consume cattle. They were to be protected. They were to be treated as a vital resource, almost like partners in a business. They would supply the vampires with blood, and the vampires would in turn not kill but protect them, and keep their ow populations high by turning some humans when they desired to.

This society of Tenkanstrad would remain completely in place for generatiosn, with Sorin, te Lord of Tenkanstrad, at its head. However, there was a probem, one which Sorin himself was fully aware of; the reemergence of oil. Shukenja realized what this meant, even when his retainers did not. The vampires slowly became moer and more corrupt, and Sorin realized he had no choice; he had to do something. So he utilized the full limits of the powers that he had been gaining back from his old lifetime, and in one terrific show of power he created an entirely new being, a being known as Irereia. This being would be a god of the humans here on this plane of existence, and would protect them against the corruption o the vampires.

However, t was I vein. The greatest demon on the plane awoke, and trapped Irereia deep within a tomb known as the Vault of Hell. Shukenja could only watch as at last his entire efforts were overcome by the corruption and devouring destruction, forced to watch from a distance as his entire new life's work was brought to ash, completely and utterly crushed by the corruption, the vileness that had spread. On that day,he vowed never to create a human existence like that ever again, especialy one one that could be destroyed so easily, and as such vowed never to share his strain of vampirism ever again.

At last, he left the plane, leaving behind hima ll the destroyed area, and walked on in grief, with much despair and very little hope. However, after so much travelling, he finally came upon something… that he was not expecting. He felt a pull on his body, on his very soul, as once again he was cosnsumed from his own power, his entire body, that of Sorin Markov and Shukenja Tenka, beign taken onemore, but by a different being altogether, the being known as Nirvana.

Thebeing reforged him, inserting him and his stories intricately into vague human culture, and at last inserted him there, returning to him the body of Sorin… but also the mind and soul of Shukenja. However, the being knew how ridiculous his true potential was, so she put him within the manner of creation she believed he would have the hardest trouble destroying things with due to the seperation of his powers. That's correct, through Card Games, through the limiting of his body and forcing rules upon himself as his very concept.

Since his binding to the rules, he has very, very slowly began to grow within himself, first assimilating all the traits of the demon before going on and developing his own, growing constantly, and in the present day he has begun to feel his true power beginning to flow through him once again, working within the rules...


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3700-1

» Natural Demon Traits:

None so far.

Natural Abilities

Swordsmanship: One Handed Style

He carries a single blade with him, the Blade of Sin and Soul. This blade is highly resistant to both holy and unholy attacks, and some of that resistance passes onto the user, making them also more durable towards those types of attacks. Shukenja is very skilled with the one handed sword style, using a series of fencing-like maneuvers to defeat his opponents, focusing on using his body to dodge and block against his opponents attacks and stop them before dealing damage with his blade when they are not expecting it.


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5421-1

» Origin Name: 
Pattē (Cards)

» Origin Power: 

Heart of the Cards
His Origin Power has to do with one thing, and one thing only; taking the meaning of cards and bringing them into reality, projecting the concept of the card into reality. This effect expresses itself in many different ways, each of which he has to identify upon himself and learn the restrictions and rules of before he can use them himself, meaning that he is not able to just pick up a single card and automatically use its essence in the physical plain; he has to work at it a bit before he is able to get it to work properly. Everything that he brings out conceptually costs him energy to do so, and each card only has one concept that can be drawn out of it.

» Origin Abilities: 

52 Pick Up
The man has a very, very imporatnt abiity, and that is athe ability to form his energy into different playing acards from a standard 52 card deck of cards. He can form entire decks out of nothing, and the cards are complmetely normal cards, as they come form his conceptual world as well as forming out of his energy. These cards are normal playing cards to anyoen who holds them excpt for Shkenja himself.

Ace of Kings
The Ace of Kings is a card that he is able to bring forth that he utitilizes by gripping an Ace of any kind. Then, by activtating the concept of the Ace, a crown appears from the card. From that point on, he is able to dawn the crown, and the crown allows him to initiate the power of Duel.

2 of Diamonds
When Shukenja extracts the essence of a two, he forces a diamond to be extracted from the card. However, this is no normal diamond. This diamond is blood red in appearance, and has the ability to hold spirit energy… A LOT of spirit energy. When it first comes out of the card it is completely empty, and from there Shukenja or someone else must fill it with energy, as it accepts any type of energy. Then, the energy is released when Shukenja sends a mental signal to it using the conection he shares with it using his spirit energy, causing it to initiate into a massive burst of energy, releasing all the energy inside. It can also be used as a transfer of energy, as anyone is able to utilize the energy put into it as it converts most energies into pure reishi; and other unique energies it merely cracks into two upon contact with.

3 of Hearts
By using a three, he is able to extract what appears to be a literal organ. Now, what kind of usefulness is this, exactly? Well, obviously it has to do with the fact that these organs are alive, and thus can be used to help heal people. How do people heal from them? Why, by eating them of course. Shukenja himself cannot consume them, but most other spiritual beings that were once human can. Each organ from a card of threes can project an organ that can heal a minor wound, such as a cut or laceration.

4 of Clubs
Whenever he createds a four, he is ale to pull a blunt force object out of it. Not that it has any special qualities or gifts, but he is able to pull out any blunt object that he can imagine that is less than twenty feet in mass.

5 of Tasers
Fives producethe same as fours, except they form tassers that can cross long distances up to 200 feet.

6 of Swords
Sixes produce the same as fours, except they form swords.

7 of Strings
Sevens produce the same as fours, however instead it forms extremely sharp wire, upt o fifty meters of the stuff per seven.

8 of Eyes
Eights create a set of eyes that attach themselves to a surface. From that point onwards, as long as the card of eights is within twenty feet of Shukenja himself, the card is able to display whatever the eye is able to view from where it is placed by the person holding it desiring to see what the eight can show. The eye is approximately an inch in diameter, and can be killed just like any eye.

9 of Nun chucks
Nines produce the same as fours, except they form nun chucks.

10 of Tarantulas
Tens produce a single spider, which is up to 10 feet in size, able to produce absolutely massive beasts. These beasts can be ridden or leaped on, or walked on, but they have no venom or special traits other then just one. The only special trait that they have is that they are able to explode. Their abdomen glow a bright white, before exploding into a massive blast, up to fifty feet in diameter, depending on the size of the spider. The explosion is triggered by Shukenja's will, just as the Diamonds are, but if they are slain they are unable to explode, as they are still just a tarantula..

* * *

Jack of Journeys
The first of the Royal Cards, of which only one at a time can be used, by utilizing a Jack, for a post Shukenja forms a spear. However, this is no normal spear. This spear has a very unique trait. By dragging it along the ground, Shukenja can teleport his entire body with the spear in his hands to any of the places where he has placed the spear on, within two hundred feet of his body. This includes on enemies that are hit by it. His body will move to the cut area instanteously, teleporting to the location with ease.

Queen of Quarters
The Queen of Quarters forms a massive building, which takes the form of a castle tower. It is completely hollow on the inside, but the outside partso f it are extremely strong, able to take ceros and other beams of destruction without crumbling most of the time.

King of Catastrophe
The King of Catastrophe takes a rather unusual form. It takes the form of a warhammer, over 3 feet in length and with a circular hammer that is over a foot in diameter. It is extremely heavy and difficult to carry for anyone other then Shukenja himself. Whilei t obviously is immensely painful and can shatter bones and skin when it is laid down flat on something, what it activates upon a hit is quite brutal. When it slams into something, it sends out a massive amount of energy into different spiraling waves, forcing massive cracks to appear in what it hits and causing what it touches to shatter into dozens of pieces, as the waves of force can go for quite a ways.

* * *

Yellow of Stun
The yellow of stun is the first o a unique set of four cards that are completely unique in their abilities, only being able to be used once a post. In addition, they don't activate their abilities until they come into contact with their enemy, then triggering their effects. The yellow of Stun is the first of such cards. This card makes it so that whenever it touches into something, other then Shukenja, amassvie amount of electricity scatters around whatever it touches. However, this electricity does not descend into the thing, burning and electrocuting it. Rather, they form an immensely powerful current, trying to wrap around the target and making it so that the target cannot escape the grasp of the cards. These cards are able to wrap around up to 200 feet of mass before running out of power, and its grip is exceptionally strong.

Red of Explosion
The Red card is the card of the special set of cards that is the most charged with power. When this card hits its target, it explodes violently, a massive amount of red energy shooting out in all directions for roughly thirty feet around where it makes contact, dealing a high amount of explosive damage to the location. This one takes a high amount of energy for Shukenja to use, as the energy is truly very intense, and even if he did not have only one card he would not be able to use more then just one from how much energy it takes regardless.

Blue of Pierce
The Blue card is meant as a single target card. When the Blue card makes contact with something, the entire card very, VERY rapidly changes positions, as this card flies forwards at hundreds of miles per hour, and insanely fast rate for a card, and then when it makes contact it is refueled in force from the card's concept, which then slams the target with a level of force comparable to a Gran Rey Cero, although it is only the size of the card itself that is dealing the damage, and the card is extremely durable, making it hard to break on its path. Finally, the card keeps flying for a good two miles before it stops completely, going from full throttle to nothing, before vanishing in a puff of smoke.

Green of Destiny

The Green Card is a… interesting card. Basically, the Green Card only works on beings with senses. Then, when it comes into contact with the target after leaving Shukenja's hand, the target will then be teleported to the last place that they thought about as a result of their senses within two miles of the Green Card itself. This means that Shukenja can even use this card on himself. When it is triggered, a ring of cards appears around the target for a millisecond, before they are suddenly teleported away, vanishing into nothingness as their existence is moved to the other place.

* * *


Wildcard is an ability that comes from his concept of playing cards. Essentially, he is able to create cards from his hands that are like miniature versions of the Blue card, which fly out with a high amoutn of force. However, they aer only about a fourth as fast as the blue card itself, and they take the appearance of blank playing cards with a solid color back, as the color changes randomly from what he emits them form his hands. These take no energy and do not emit excess force when they make contact with an opponent, but they can hit them rather hard, as they are still going hundreds of miles per hour from his hand and can continue flying outwards until they lose their speed, although they are guaranteed their full speed for the first two hundred feet.

Card Formation: Duel

The most used battling style of Shukenja, this is used the mostwhen he wants to truly fight his opponent, as it enters the opponent and himself into his game. Now, whether the opponent desires to play the game or not is up to the opponent. However, the game itself adheres to the following rules, and the rules first off format themselves into "Turns". There is only so much that Shukenja can do during his "Turn", and what he can do is dependent on what type of Card Type he is currently using. A "Turn" is determined from the last time that he takes a more than minor attack. This means that he msut be hit by an attack stronger than a cut or laceration for the turns to switch and allowing him to change turns. This means that he can play the "Game" with the opponent even if they don't accept it.

Card Type: Magic

Play Style:
Magic's play style first off begins with the "Deck". The Deck makes up most of the cards, and is extracted from the Kārḍa kaṇṭēnara. This is a deck of sixty cards, which may or may not each be unique in the deck. The way that this particular kind of game works is that it contains three kinds of spells: Physicals, Lands, and Temporals. It also allows him to summon Eternal Partners as Walkers, beings that can cast spells like himself but only one per turn as an effect instead of a new thing.

The turn has four phases into it. The first part is the draw; this is where Shukenja is able to draw a single card, and this is typically the only time he can get new cards out of his Deck, or Library. He adds these to his hand, and starts the game with seven cards, which is the max size a hand can have. He can only draw at the start of his turn, which means that every time he suffers a turn change a new card is given to him from his deck. He is unable to get cards out of the deck if he does not follow the rules.

Then comes the main phase. The main phase is where he uses his Temporals, Physicals, and Lands. Each turn he is allowed to place one land. Each land he can tap to get a certain counter out of. A tapped land can only be untapped at the next turn's Draw Phase, just as all others can only be untapped a that time. Dring the main phase is when he is able to play Physicals and Temporals based on how many counters he has. Each Physical and Temporal requires some amount of counters, although the amount differs from card to card. If he does not draw two lands in his first hand, he is allowed to Mulligan and redraw his hand from the game's start.

Physicals are cards that stay on the field at all times once they have been used, they are permanents until they are destroyed. Temporals are fleeting, and only last for as long as their effects allow them to before they dissipate into nothingness. The cards that Shukenja uses vanish from normal existence after he declares that this game has begun, meaning that the cards in his hand, deck box and laid out across the field are intangible, although their effects may be tangible depending on what they are.

Now, the way to destroy permanents is for an opponent to attack them. However, the special nature of Magic deems that Shukenja himself can substitute the body of himself for that of the afflicted, meaning that he is harmed instead of them, and the turn ends. Typically he will not do this if he needs that particular creature or permanent, although an attack from an opponent that hits a permanent will completely destroy it. This occurs during the third and final step, the battle phase. The battle phase is where Shukenja is able to allow his summoned Physicals to attack the opponent and use attacks against them, attempting to damage them with their attacks and allowing the opponent to try to hit them back. During the Main Phase and Draw Phase, they cannot be hit or hit things, as intangible as the cards themselves. However, after Shukenja plays a land that turn, they become tangible and able to be hit, although they cannot strike until the battle phase. The battle phase ends after Shukenja himself suffers an injury, and the set of turns repeats itself.


Cards all have two values, power and toughness. Each card also has a cost that must be fulfilled for it to be played. Each turn, Shukenja recieves one more piece of energy to spend on a spell then he had the previous turn, and it Is up to him to choose how he wants to allocate his points. Whenever a creature attacks, it makes it so that Shukenja can attempt to attack the opponent. Whenever an opponent attack Shukenja, he can choose to "block" with one of his own cards, causing them to be damaged. A sword slash that would bisect a body counts as roughly one piece of toughness. Creatures with Flying are invisible to the opponent as long as they are on the ground, totally unable to be seen.


Blade of the Bloodchief

Type - Equipment

Cost to Play - 1

Cost to Equip - 1

Effect: Each time a wound is inflicted on the opponent or a creature of Shukenja's dies, equipped creature receives +2 to its toughness and +2 to its power.

Nirkana Cutthroat

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Cost to Level - 3

Level Zero: 4/3.

Level One-Two: 5/4 Deathtouch (Damage inflicted by this creature causes three times the normal amount of pain.)

Level Three and Up: 6/5 Deathtouch First Strike (This creature deals damage twice as fast as normal creatures.)

Vampire Hexmage

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 2

Sacrifice Vampire Hexmage - Remove all energy build up on target. This means that if the enemy is charging up a very large attack or has an energy storage as part of their body, it will greatly reduce that building or built up energy.

Stats - 2/2

Gatekeeper of Malakir

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 2

Cost to Kick - 1

When Gatekeeper of Malakir is kicked, it gains +5/+0 until end of turn and has Haste (It can attack/tap as soon as it is summoned by Shukenja.)

Stats - 2/2

Dark Impostor

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Pay 6: Dark Impostor deals 3 points of damage to a target, and clones their appearance, taking on what they look like and gaining +1/+1.

Stats - 3/2

Pact of the Dead

Type - Enchantment

Cost to Play - 4

Effect - When Pact of the Dead is active, whenever a creature Shukenja controls dies, his opponent takes damage equal to the creatures power.

Butcher of Malakir

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 7

Effect - See Pact of the Dead.

Stats - 5/4

Falkenreath Noble

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 4

Flying (This Creature is not on the ground)

Effect - Whenever a creature dies or an opponent takes damage, the opponent takes one piece of damage and Shukenja removes a piece of damage.

Stats - 2/2

Ring of Xarthid

Type - Equipment

Cost to Play - 2

Cost to Equip - 1

Effect: Equipped creature gains +1/+1 at the start of each turn. Pay 2:Regenerate equipped creature (If they would be destroyed, they are not and instead is tapped.)

Vampire Nighthawk

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Effect - Flying, Deathtouch, Lifelink (Damage dealt by this creature heal Shukenja for that much.)

Stats - 2/3

Viscera Seer

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 1

Effect - Sacrifice a Creature: Look at the top card of Shukenja's deck, and he can place it on the bottom of his deck or keep it there.

Stats - 1/1


Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Effect: Every other turn, if Bloodghast has been destroyed, it returns to the battlefield.

Stats: 3/3

Vampire Outcasts

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 4

Effect: Lifelink. If the opponent has taken damage this turn, Vampire Outcasts come into play with two +1/+1 enhancements on it.

Stats - 2/2

Necropolis Regent

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 6

Effect: Flying. Whenever a creature Shukenja controls deals damage, it gains power and toughness equal to the amount of damage dealt.

Stats - 6/5

Noctornous Vampire

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Effect: Vampires Shukenja controls gain +1/+1 and have flying as long as Nocturnous Vampire is on the field.

Stats - 3/3

Mimic Vat

Type - Artifact

Cost to Play - 3

Effect: Once per turn, Shukenja may pay 2. If he does, he can revive a creature that has been destroyed for one turn and it has Haste. It is destroyed at the end of the turn.

Pawn of Ulamog

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 3

Effect: Whenever a nontoken creature Shukenja controls dies, place an 0/1 Spawn token on the battlefield with "Sacrifice this creature: Add 1 Energy."

Stats - 2/2

Reassembling Skeleton

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 2

Effect: Reassembling Skeleton may be returned from destruction by paying 2 energy, no matter how badly it has been destroyed. However, it cannot do anything the turn it is summoned back.

Stats - 1/1

Kalastria Highborn

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 2

Effect: Whenever a Vampire Shukenja controls dies, he may pay 1 energy. If he does, his opponent is damaged for 2 and he is healed for 2.

Stats - 2/2

Bloodthrone Vampire

Type - Creature

Cost to Play - 2

Effect: Sacrifice a creature: Bloodthrone Vampire gains +2/+2 until end of turn.

Stats - 1/1


Urge to Feed

Type - Instant

Cost to Play - 2

Effect: Opponent takes 3 damage. Shukenja may then render his vampires unable to do anything for one turn. Each vampire rendered unable receives +1/+1.

Sorin's Vengeance

Type - Sorcery

Cost to Play - 7

Effect: Opponent takes 10 damage. Shukenja regenerates 10 damage.


Type - Instant

Cost to Play - 3, or 1 with 4 damage done to Shukenja.

Effect: Opponent receives 5 damage for one turn.


Swamp - 20.

Eternal Partners - Walkers

Lilliana of the Dark Realms

Counters - 4 (Upon reaching 0 counters, is killed. Counters are removed by damage and abilities and are added by abilities listed below.)

Cost to Play - 4

+1 - Shukenja receives 2 more energy his next turn instead of one.

-3 - Either adds +X/+X to one creature Shukenja controls or deals X damage to target opponent, where X is the amount of energy Shukenja receives per turn.

-7 - Shukenja gains four times the amount of energy per turn as before.


Counters - 5

Cost to Play - 9

+2 - Place 3 2/2 Vampiric Angel Tokens onto the battlefield.

-4 - Exile three target attacks with damage 5 or less.

-10 - Creatures Shukenja controls are Indestructible.

||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5425-1

» Conceptual World: 

His conceptual world is exactly what one would expect from such a soul; a simple card shop. There are boxes of cards where he keeps special cards and a single table where he goes to play games.

» Rilīja Attributes: 

» Eternal Partner Name: 
Ireria, God Amongst Angels

» Eternal Partner Appearance: 

» Eternal Partner Personality: 

Ireria is quite an impressive person. She is always pushing forwards, encouraging Shukenja and telling him to move forwards. But of course, being impressive is exactly how Shukenja made her; she doesn't know how to act any other way than simply the strongest she can at all times. It is simply who she is.

In addition, she is a revolutionary within Shukenja's mind. She challenges many of his thoughts and decisions, and even serves as a kind of "conscious" for the Elder card master. She is always willinga nd daring to try new ideas, and some of Shukena's best strategies come out of her coming and onto the battlefield.

However, she also has a rather explosive side to her personality. This explosiveness shows itself most often when she is engaged with conflict with another being. She will fight as hard as she can, never giving a single inch, and will destroy the opponent even at the harm of her own self. She doesn't care what it takes to win, so long as you are alive by the end of it and able to proclaim your victory over your fallen foe.

She is a very remarkable person as well. The way that her body moves and flows would be simple to comment on; watching her for too long can be known to have a mesmerizing effect on those viewing. In addition, the way she moves in battle is each perfectly thought out before it is performed, meaning that everything that she does has a planned outcome on the instant that it is created to be used on the opponent.

She is a very industrious individual; while she may be very explosive as well as a revolutionary, she is also industrious. She knows how to use things to her maximum advantage and to have the greatest effects against her opponents, in addition to how to help Shukenja out the most in the midst of his battles and to help him keep from being totally destroyed by those who fight him.

Shukenja often finds it difficult to determine exactly what Ireria is trying to communicate to him. This is because Ireria prefers to speak to her host in the manner of images, conveying them in unique and colorful ways to him that often only he can understand; to others it would merely look like simple gibberish, but to him it is a perfect tapestry woven to communicate to him what his needs are. However, there are still often some confusions in translation, so it does take some amount of disbelief for Shukenja to work properly with her.

The way that she moves is simple awe-inspiring. Everything that she does, if she were leading an army, would result in the army picking up its feet and choosing to go in after her. She leads the charge at all times, being the first to leap in and the very last to stop out, not stopping until her enemies are totally destroyed. On the one hand, this greatly encourages those she fights with as well as supports those who she was planning on helping. On the other, seing a divine angel roaring at you with the righetousness of an angel is pretty darn scary.

She is a very logical person. Not only is she practically smart in being able to perform industrious duties, but she is also very smart in general. She is able to use higher level thinking skills to make it so that she can produce the greatest solution for Shukenja or herself to use, which will often result in the two clashing, as Shukenja and Ireria rarely reach each other in judgment, which often leads to one bieng abandoned or left behind.

» Eternal Partner Powers: 

Permanently Playable
Ireria's special ability is that she can be played at any time. She has a toughness of 12, and a power of 13. Her abilities allow her to be formed into something like a player like Shukenja himself, meaning that he has to help defend her or she is very susceptible to attacks. However, she can only be harmed through the game as Shukenja is, though she makes any moves during Shukenja's turn, just as he does. The game must have gone on for at least three turns before she can be brought into play, and after she is defeated it takes two turns before she can be summoned once again.

||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5423-1

» Atma Vatou Name: 
Kārḍa kaṇṭēnara (The Deck Box)

» Atma Vatou Appearance:

» Atma Vatou Abilities: 

Infinite Card Storage
Within Shukenja's body there is an infinite amount of storage for cards. This manifests itself in the armor that he wears against his torso at all times. Out of any part of the torso, he can draw out this deck box, which is filled with any of the cards that he wants to draw. This is also where he keeps and uses his main deck, and it serves great as a deck holder if for nothing else.

Card Production
However, his deck box also has another special ability. This special ability allows him to look at a person and record their likeness on a card over the course of five turns. Then, when the card is complete, he can choose to give them their own copy or keep it to himself; eitehr way, the choice is his to make. Overall, the cards do not take the powers of the host as their own, but rather use their own special traits granted by the card game to choose what they do.

Note: To prevent people from being overloaded who make Multi-Origin Danava, we allow them to qualify for certain forms if they a Atma Vatou for each Origin Power.


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5424-1

» Note: THIS PART OF THE DANAVA REQUIRES YOU LOOK AT THEIR RELEASE FORMS IN THEIR RACIAL THREAD! Therefore, if you have a Danava that has a Saca Atmā (Constant Release)? Then simply remove all of the below and state their Saca Atma or leave a note. Also, remove this note upon completion of the app.

» Aliṅgana State Appearance: 

Int his form, there are a variety of things that emerge from Shukenja's body. The first thing which appears is known as the Azul Ojos Dracones Blanco. This blue dragon with white eyes is absolutely massive, weighingin at over 30,000 metric tons. Its primary abiliteis are in its raw speed and power, as it is able to move at great speeds and perform combat rather easily with its proportionate arms and legs. It also fires blue beams of light from its motuh.

The second being is known as the AlmightyOne. This being is the form of Shukenja before his evolution,a nd as such is a large, orange dragon. This dragon is as large as Dracones Blanco, but instead it is much slower. It also has the ability of performings peech.

The final dragon is known simply as Huge. Huge is a great dragon of light yellow, big enough to carry a giant on its back. In addition it has wings that are the size of its body at the very least, and have the strength of moving mountains.

His appearance is the same.

»  Aliṅgana State Powers: 

The Game is Afoot
Well,the game Is actually a gun, but the essential principles are the same. While in this form, from Shukenja's body emerges millions of cards , going everywhere around him, creatign a massive flood of cards alla round him, each one with different properties. This makes this attack truly sinister; by touching any of the cards, Shukenja can bring out the individual effects of each one. This means that just by touching one, a massive attack or a asmall candle, for example, could emerge, but otherwise leaving things just the way that they were before.

»  Aliṅgana State Abilities: 


» Unnata Release Appearance: (

» Unnata Release Powers: 

» Unnata Release Abilities:


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image5426-1


» Phyuja Rājya Appearance: 

» Phyuja Rājya Powers: 

» Phyuja Rājya Abilities: 

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Appearance:  

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Powers: 

» Caṛhā Saṅgalita Abilities: 


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3702-1

Racial Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Adept
  • Shadow Movement: Advanced
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced


||Shukenja Tenka||Ruler of Cards|| [APPROVED, 1-1++] Image3703-1

» Role Play Sample:Rule.

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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
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  • History is of appropriate length [X]
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  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advance
  • Mental Deduction: Master
  • Pain Endurance: Adapt
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: Approved 1-1++
Tier: 1-1++

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Due to an update on the board, I am going to go ahead and move this character into the Approved Danava Demon section to better classify other sub-races of Demons.

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This is being moved to archives.

Thank you very much for your service over the years.

If you are ever needed again, you shall be re-summoned once more and moved back to Approved Applications.

Until then, sleep well, my dear friend. Thank you for the good times and for having put up with me for so very, very long.

My longest term WIP, that's what you were, Shukenja. You are also a boss. However, what you eventually accomplished was the truce that the world currently lives under; who knows what will happen to it after this? You were there for the revival of my beloved home, and you smiled at its resurrection. Thanks for that. So I wish you goodnight, King of World...


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