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Thu Feb 06, 2014 4:36 pm

Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4027-1

• Name: Banpaia Kyu Ketsuki
• Nickname: Kyu
• Titles: Lab Hand, Vice-Captain of Squad 12, Vampiric Blade, Host Samurai.
• Gender: Male
• Appearance Age: 23
• Age: 663
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13.

• Appearance Description:
Extremely aloof, cold, calculating, disinterested, ordered, unsatisfied.

These are words that one would generally use to describe the appearance that Kyu puts up on a day to day basis. A Japanese born individual with an American head of blonde hair, blue eyes, small features and well defined chin, he is definitely a strange looking man from the Land of the Rising Sun. His hair is blonde, almost bleached so, and comes down his head in small strokes, generally staying out of his eyes but long enough that it goes down past them in the middle of his face and on the sides. His bangs are very long, and on the back of his head his hair extends down to the top of his collar. The flesh of his face is completely flawless, without blemish.

His eyes are rapidly changing; normally, they are sky blue, but can also become a goldish-brown color and even blood red. His eye brows are very small, as if trimmed down to be as thin as possible above his eyes. His teeth, with the exception of a set of fangs, with two very elongated canines which can extend, are perfect at all times and lack any sign that he is a smoker, a fact which is often discernible from the cigarette that is always coming out of his mouth. His ears are small and often clouded underneath his soft bangs, and around the base of his earlobe he wears a small set of crystal earrings, aquamarine in color.

When he has to wear the Shinigami Vice Captain's uniform, he does so, but often all he wears is a black suitjacket over a white dress shirt and a long black tie that goes down to his waist. His collar is always held up perfectly, and no matter what he always, ALWAYS wears the tie around his neck, as odd as it may seem. Around his legs he wears either the haori or a pair of black dress pants, and on his feet he wears either sandals or black dress shoes. His outfit is dress casual or the shinigami uniform, and he seldom wears much else as he likes to keep what he wears simple... and the fact that the nanobots that make up his body can simply clean them at any time.

His demeanor is always aloof and feigning disinterest. The muscles of his body are all very well defined, and he is not immensely muscular but is very lean, weighing only 145 lbs. His hands are very clean, though it should be noticed that he constantly has a layer of callus in his right hand, while his left is completely smooth and clear of blemish. His feet are surprisingly smooth, and the entirety of his skin is very smooth and soft to the touch. He remains youthful indefinitely, so long as he is alive, and he stands at a total of 5'11''.

• Appearance Picture:


Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4028-1

• Personality:

After decades of roaming the world alone, Kyu has become a rather off put individual. He does not go out of his way to talk to people, and the only ones that he willingly discusses matters with is his Captain and anyone else who he is ordered to. However, at the same time, his cold outwards demeanor conceals a mind that is constantly in thought. He examines his surroundings at all times, and dislikes wasting energy or time. When he has downtime, this trait is lessened substantially, but for the most part it is considered to be passively active as one of the core parts of his personality.

He smokes. That is simply a part of him. It relaxes him, and whether he is lighting a cigar or a cigarette, he always has some form of nicotine in his mouth. He keeps his teeth very clean, however, this is partly because otherwise his teeth would hurt him. So even though he smokes, his teeth and gums are extremely clean, and the nanobots within his body clean his respiration system, making it so that he will never suffer from lung or respiratory problems, and as a result he doesn't have a worry about the smoking. He uses the smoking to hold back his other tend
encies. This means that when he does not smoke, he begins to yearn for his other old addictions. He normally doesn't miss it when he stops smoking in private, but in public he always has some form of nicotine in his mouth to help control himself.

Warped Bushido
Being raised as a samurai, he learned the code of Bushido. And he learned it to his heart. Everything that he knows about philosophy he checks against that system, and that is the reason why he is so loyal to his captain and his squad. He does not regard himself as a leader, he regards himself as a retainer; this means that for his own life he cares very little. However, he does protect those who cannot protect themselves, does not harm innocents, and accepts all the burdens that are placed on him. He carries his sword at his side at all times, and when the sword is not in the same room as he is he becomes extremely uncomfortable, as it is the only thing that has been constant for him in his entire life. Finally, he does not perform the act of seppuku, or impose it on others. He knows what he has done in the past, but as he lost his honor in a place where honor was not a thing that was well respected and his family was not with him, or anyone else whom he could shame, he became dulled to it. This means that while he does have the dull sense of honor and what it should be, he does not necessarily defend his own.

Due to his lifetime as a Sueki, he became a much more suave person on the inside than he normally would have been. This side he regards as bothersome and tempting, and so he keeps it sealed within him most of the time under a layer of indifference and dissassociation with others. He has no problems discussing it with others, but if someone were to say something bad about him for it he would likely become enraged due to the touchy subject that it is with him. It was the last thing that he was aware took away his honor; and as such, while he can never fully rid himself of it due to being exposed to it for so long, he does everything in his power to repress it with his nicotine and his attitude.

Begrudging Loyalty
He is an extraordinarily loyal person. For those who are his uppers and those who are respectable and in charge of him, he acts as a retainer towards. His bravery to carry out their will is extremely high; he regards himself as becoming a weapon in these cases, and in reality he could be called as such. This means that he has to trust them; even if he does not neccesarily like it, he will never truly betray those who he cares about and those whom he has become loyal to. At the same time, he attempts not to get too close to people, lest they should be put off or made uncomfortable by what lies beneath his indifference. This means that whil ehe may not seem very happy about what he has to do, he will often perform any tasks given to him with haste and focus.

Less than Human Mentality
Part of his core beliefs is that he is not completely a person; that he should try to erase the person that he was, the one who manipulated others to get what he wanted. For this reason he was greatly driven to alter himself, to cybernetically change himself. He loves his cybermind and the way that his body works, as it keeps that person away from those who he is loyal towards. However, at the same time, this means that he often views himself as merely an object; his self esteem simply does not exist as a thing that he regads. He takes pride in what he can perform for others, but he will never regard any accomplishments as his own.

The Drive
The part that he keeps sealed is also very motivated towards the baser pleasures in life. This is from the time he spent as a Sueki; and he is well aware of it. It was the life that he knew much longer than he did his Code, which is why he can never rid himself of the cravings, although he no longer needs them to survive. Nevertheless, his mind is still caught up on them, which means that if he does not partake in them at least once a month he becomes agitated and his strength begins to decline. This is with cigarettes and nicotine stopping the flow of his addictions; without it, he would require it at least once a week. The person who comes out when he becomes agitated does not think about the bonds of loyalty the way he does; it seeks out its own pleasures, its own gain, and does not care what others think. This is The Drive, and while he is in The Drive Kyu should not be regarded as the same person as before. There is one exception to this, which will be discussed below.

Protection of Women and Children.
However, according to his code of Bushido he cannot harm women and true children. If he must fight one in combat for any reason, he will use the reverse side of his blade so that he is only able to subdue, but not leave lasting injuries. He also is unable to fight a superior using the sharp end of his blade, but if they command him to then he has no choice in the matter. He regards a woman as one who is able to give birth and be a mother to others; meaning that if a woman is unable to bear children or only a temporary shift, then he has no problems cutting them down. Children he regards as those who have not yet had the ability to grow to their potential in a way that would give him an adequate fight; a 90 year old human could be a child to him if he had regressed far enough. Children he regards as those without the capability of having any chance against him, and it is towards those that he cannot raise his blade.

Scientific Curiosity
During his time alive, science and specifically robotics extremely interested him. The reason he joined Squad 12 was to continue to advance both the machinery that keeps his body running and to learn from other experts in the field, which typically means his Captain. More on that person below. In any case, science and technology are one of his greatest passions, and finding new and creative ways of using tools fascinates him. His motivation originally was to find a way to cure himself of being a Sueki, but over time it became like a game to him, to see how far he could advance without any kinds of direct assistance. He loves learning about new things, studying other people's research, and even proofreading them, but in the end everything technology-wise that runs through his body and that he uses on a regular basis is his own creation.

Sanguine Curiosity
The other thing that excites him is blood, the liquid that flows through the veins of other beings. The sight of it, the smell of it, the sound of it; even its taste and feeling. Due to his time as a Sueki, he is still addicted to the ingestation of blood, which means that he could be regarded as a cannibal. While he smokes constantly to keep this passion down, in the middle of a fight where his Drive is active he will attempt to make the opponent bleed in any way possible, and one of his favorite finishing moves is to cut off the limb of an opponent, before raising it above his mouth while squeezing out the fluid within. When he goes for the head is when he is the most feral; at that point, very few words are able to reach him, as he becomes a weapon for himself.

Outside of being feral, he attempts to end fights as quickly as possible and cut the opponent the least that he can. Sensing blood excites him after all, so the less of it that he experiences near his person, the better he can keep control. If he begins a fight without some form of nicotine being administered to his system, he will enter the Drive at the first cut. Furthermore, when he is with a lover, cutting will most likely become something he does, although he will not attempt to cut them violently, but rather procure blood from small wounds to keep his Drive at bay while he is with them.

The Cybermind
The Cybermind has had a profound effect on Kyu's personality. It taught him that he should not push away the actions of others and that to be social is a good thing, that scientific advancement is a very important thing to have, and that the possibilities he could perform as a Shinigami after death are limitless. However, at the same time, he has a very unsatisfied view towards the Cybermind because he does not get along with its owner and also because he feels that it does not do as much as it should, so his relationship with it is at a crossroads.

He drinks for one reason; to spend time with a certain person. While drunk, he is a moody drunk. He becomes a person who is much softer towards others, but also softer himself. He becomes a much more truthful, honest person, and begins to lament his lost honor and his past. It is really the only time when he relaxes and gives in to any kind of questions. While drunk, the Drive is also much more dulled, meaning that it is much more gentle in its actions and doesn't different much from Kyu's normal attitude while drunk.

While in combat and not within the state of Drive, Kyu keeps a completely clear head. He monitors his opponents for any possible weak points, and uses those to any advantage that he possibly can. His blade always moves swiftly and directly, and every slash that he makes is either a defensive one or one aiming to end the fight in a single blow. He dislikes extended combat and prefers to end things quickly, as once he releases his cybernetics the fight will be extremely prolonged. He takes advantages of any openings an opponent will give, and knows that he is a master of the sword. He is confident in battle because of his belief of being a weapon, and as such it is extremely difficult to dissuade him once he has begun a battle or been ordered into combat. He will strike anywhere, as he cares not for the honor of an opponent, but if he is defeated he will not allow himself to die. That is another part of him that is central to his being; he does not wish for death. He wishes to live and to be able to enjoy life, and as such even after becoming a Shinigami he has not come to terms with death. The only catch is if he has to betray a certain person; that is a line that he will not cross, and thinking about what he would do in that situation is one that he does not allow for himself to think about… ever.

His Captain.
His captain is the one reason why he is a Vice Captain, and if she was not there then he would likely be satisfied with being a member or even leave the Gotei 13. He cares about her wellbeing as he does no one other person in his life. The truth of the matter is that if he gave up his treasured life for anything, it would be for her happiness. His loyalty towards her comes primarily from the time that he has spent with her since he has met her; and when they first met he felt that he was attracted to her, both for the way she appealed to him on the outside and how she appealed to his mind with her creative mind. In addition, they joined at around they same time, and he wanted her to be able to relax there.

She is a quandary to him; while he does not seek a romantic relationship with her, it is more because he does not allow for the thought to cross his mind, or rather that he does not feel the need for it to cross his mind. He is able to read her surprisingly well, and finds almost everything she does interesting. Sometimes, her antics get on his nerves, but in his opinion of being a weapon he does not really have much room to talk. He views himself as just another one of her blades, and that view is why he believes that he has become so close to her. He finds her drive to do what she believes to be important inspiring, and most of all he is never bored when he is around her.

The Drive thinks of her completely differently. It would love to satisfy all of its addictions with her, but this is the area that Kyu pushes the Drive away the absolute most. However, if it were to ever come out while he was around her, not only would she be its greatest target, but the passion used towards her would be exponentially greater than any other.

Respect for Officials
He respects officers and higher ups for the work they do, and does the best he can to stay out of the way of those who perform public service. He also does occasionally nice things for them, such as if he walked into his captain's quarters and found her asleep at her desk, he would put her into bed before leaving the room. Never outwards and noticeable, but he greatly appreciates the works they do and respects them for serving those below them.

Slight Erotophobia
Normally, he has a slight discomfort with situations of a sexual nature, due to his past as a Sueki. While he tries to control himself the best he can with his many depressants, it does not always work, and he doesn't want to get caught in the trap of his addiction again if he can help it, as it is a part of the constant inner struggle between himself and his Drive.

He is a very, very calculative individual. His cybernetic mind allows for him to calculate things in milliseconds that most people could not come to a realization of in an hour. To put it simply, he is very smart about the way he goes through his general life. When he has a problem, he approaches it logically from all sides, finds the best solution, and carries it through to the very best of his ability, simply and without wasting any energy.

• Likes: Crystal, pink lemonade, blood, sexual intercourse, women, Squad 12, technology, swords, Bushido, swordsmen, getting drunk.

• Dislikes: Archery, KJ, the Cybermind, Earthly technologies, stupid people, those who mess with Crystal, Squad 11, most of the other Squads, and losing himself to Drive.

Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4030-1

• History:

When Kyu was born, he was not born with that identity. He was born Ketsuki, Kyu Ketsuki. Both of his parents were Japanese members of a house under the leadership of a Daimyo. Japan had been isolated from the outside world for hundreds of years for the most part, and that was the world that he was born into.

He became apprenticed as a Samurai, and received the blade of a Samurai upon his eighteenth birthday. He took very well to the code of the samurai; and when it came to battle, he was one of the greatest ralliers. He saw blood, and it was not something that he enjoyed. In fact, the sight of blood was one of the greatest deterrents of his being a samurai, and when Matthew Perry launched his statement to the people of Japan in his warship, he was one of the first to willingly stop wielding his sword.

However, he was still tortured by the teachings he had learned as a Samurai. He was taught their code, and that was the only life that he had ever known. He became a ronin, a wandering samurai, free from his family and any other parts of life. On his back he carried a box which he always claimed was for painting, and while there were paintbrushes in there, there was also a compartment for his sword.

Finally, he decided that he wanted to wander outside of Japan. So it was that he left the Island nation, bound for the recent country of America.

Conversion to Sueki
The next time that could be considered important in his life was when he woke up one morning in California, his hair blonde and his entire body different from the one that he had been born with. It made him cry to have lost his appearance, the identity that he had known to be him for his entire life. However, he also felt a strange... craving. It was a craving and a lust for... something. When he looked back at the woman who he had woken up next to, he realized that something truly awful had happened to him, and rapidly ran away... When he finally realized what had happend to him... he changed his name.

Researcher in World War 1
The years passed, and he did things that he had once considered abominable. He had become accustomed to the smell of blood and the feeling of flesh under his own; he was a Sueki, a demon, to his own mind. However, he wanted to know if there was any possible way that one could beat it, and became extremely interested in the areas of science and mechanics. He never aged, so he used the opportunity to undertake a great studying of the human understanding of how things worked. By the time the country that was the home of his vices, America, entered into the first World War, there was very little for him to learn.

Researcher in World War 2
However, the Second World War was much different. He attended more than one research institution, always making sure that his presence as a being of the night was not what others would expect. While in Germany, he discovered a research project that interested him. It was about something called... 'nanobots'.

Researcher in Cold War
That war ended, and at last the Cold War had emerged as the next hotbed of technological advances. Now with the knowledge that something like this could exist, the male who had renamed himself Bampaia agreed to work in the shadows for information that could benefit his studies, and he began to create things that were not considered normal, or perhaps even mortal.

Researcher in World War 3
World War Three was by far the most iteresting one for Kyu. He began to put his workings of Nanomachines into practice, slowly altering his own blade as he moved about the countries. However, something about the situation began to strike a disharmonious chord within him; all the death, all the suffering reminded him of his former code of Bushido. He began to realize that he needed to come back to terms with the way things were done in the combat on earth, and began to learn of sword techniques and styles as a hobby. He also researched less in this time, because he became a wandering ronin once more, defending any innocents he found and attempting to help them. There was just too much suffering going around him for him to NOT try to do something for the miserable people.

Researcher in Peace
When finally that colossal war ended, his mind was finally able to turn back and look at the technological advancements that had occurred during it. The records were broken open and the information freed; his abilities and his knowledge grew absolutely exponentially, expounding hundreds of times faster than they had before. He began to replace his own body with nanobots, at first, before realizing that having organic nanobots would be so much more useful. However, he found that controlling them was the most difficult part, and this quandary would end up being the one that would torment him all through this time of peace as his knowledge continued to grow within him. He knew all the theories, all the knowledge... but even with his spiritually enhanced mind, he just did not have the raw brainpower.

Slain, but Free
Finally, he met his ultimate fate. He quite simply pushed his brain to far, attempting to link his mind to those of the nanobots. The operation demanded too much of him, and his brain finally exploded. It covered the room of his experiments, and for the first time his body was separate from his blade, the corpse falling to the floor, unable to recover from such an injury as his heart triggered to his mind failing, killing the rest of his body.

When he awoke at last, he found that his strong spiritual signature that he had developed as a Sueki had passed onto his life as a Plus, and he began to develop all by himself into one that did not require to be found to ascend. However, it was with a heavy heart that he realized that his raw mental power had decreased, and he could only pick up his blade from its unique connection to him. He left that place, and began to roam, searching for someone, anyone who could help him with his vast quandary... but at last, for the first time, from the addictions he had always suffered... he was freed. Not entirely, but to an extent he lost the chains that had bound him for so long... but it wasn't enough.

It was then that he heard of a certain man, one who was far, far ahead of his time by leaps and bounds. The man was known as KJ, and it was under this man that Kyu went to apprentice. While he was there, he learned much, and the first thing he did was design his very own phantomtech, his Cybermind. This cybermind that he created was made with the intent of being able to interface with hundreds of thousands of things, with a mental capacity that would scare off normal people, but Kyu was determined to succeed. Meanwhile, he worked on his other inventions, developing his Forever Reconstructing Blade completely as it became the first thing that he linked up to his cybermind, and with it in hand, he finally realized what his greatest accomplishment needed to be, his masterpiece to go over all the trinkets he'd made off of KJ's items, something completely different.

This was when he began the Sapien Ex Machina program - one that was in complete opposition of Deus Ex Machina. It focused on accentuating a Shinigami's abilities to the utmost in a cybernetic way, and over time it would prove to be a resounding success. He used himself as a test subject, and flooded the entirety of his body with nanobots that were all interfaced with the cybermind in his brain and reacted to his will, specially outfitted to follow certain patterns.

It took him easily a hundred years before he was finished at last with his masterpiece, and when it was presented was the most proud day he had ever experienced, ever. He had completed his dream; the nanobots inside of his body would maintain him perfectly for the rest of his life, the best that they could, and he could even perhaps become immortal. While in KJ's labs, he developed the most powerful items that he still calls on to this day, most of which were a homage to KJ or an attempt to surpass him.

However, it was inevitable that while researching into nuclearic properties and the studies that KJ had performed on them, that he would discover the documents. He was shocked when he learned about the Radioactive Shark Beast, and recalled for the first time since his death those values that he had held so dear to his heart as the center of what kept him a member of humanity. When he confronted KJ with the files, the man was indifferent with him, not really understanding what he was upset about. He became nearly violent with the other man, and was therefore ejected from the Cybermind, and while he was never banned outright from entering it he never felt comfortable to return.

In his exile, he began to truly feel loneliness for the first time. He remembered his old habits, and they began to reappear. He took to smoking as a way to repress them, and his personality became cold and indifferent towards others. However, everything that he had developed he could pick up and take with him, so he did. It was in this time that he began to stop caring, and for the first time decided to begin developing his Shinigami powers. He had already had his Shikai for some time as he had been with KJ; at last, he attempted his Bankai.

Just like most of his goals, this one succeeded after a great deal of effort, concentration, and focus. The result he got was not at all what he had been expecting, however. It horrified him... and he swore never to use it again.

Entrance of the Gotei Thirteen
Finally, he sought out the only group that he felt could match his ideals and give him what he still wanted, the group that KJ himself was not a part of. This was the Gotei Thirteen. He agreed to go through the Shinigami school, for whatever it was worth, and int he end learned more about his new self than he ever had in the past. He enjoyed it, for the first time since he had lost hisa bility to research, and was rapidly noticed for his incredible ability with a sword, though he never once showed anyone his Shikai. His ability with the blade proved too potent to ignore, however, and eventually the rogue Shinigami asked to join Squad 12.

Finally, he was able to join the thing which he had always dreamed of; and began to study and develop himself once more. When he first joined, he met a certain woman. Her name was Crstal Leight. She was also just joining the squad at the time, ad he found her... interesting. She appealed to him, but he always kept himself aloof and free from her direct view, always staying in the shadows when around her, but never purposely allow for her to be harmed. Finally, he allowed for her to become a higher rank then he himself was, as he was not very ambitious, and decided that he would follow her upwards, becoming more or less her 'blade', and she in his mind his lord. That was simply how much she interested in him, and as she went upwards, he followed.

Finally, she ascended to the position of Captain. for the first time, he realized that he would have to show a little ambition, and for the first time ever unveiled his Geist to the members of the Squad. His abilities, and his capacity to deal with their captain, could not be denied, and he became the Lieutenant of her squadron, a character more loyal to her than she could possibly ever imagine, for the first time in his life, truly content.


Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4031-1

• Reiatsu Color: Blood Red with hints of Blue.

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Sanguine Hold || Rakkan Hoorudo

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance:

Rakkan Hoorudo is a peculiar being. His actual flesh is a dull gray color, and around his entire body he has a strange set of armor. Around his head he has a special mantle piece that looks almost like a bat taking flight, and on his back he has a pair of bloody, pulsing wings. Around both shoulders he has massive shoulder pads that all end in deadly tips; indeed, every piece of armor that he wears ends in deadly tips. His feet are very small, minuscule even, ending in more bladed tips, and underneath his armor around his legs he wears a skin tight black material. His right hand is constantly glowing with a strange white power, looking perpetually as if it were on fire. His wings, wings though they be, look like two sets of bones that protrude from either shoulder and have flags that descend outwards from them. His face is relatively small, and both of his eyes shine bright as if they were made of rubies that had a light shining through them. He has two large sets of fangs in his mouth, and in his left hand he is typically holding his blade, made out of several sets of bones like a spinal column, with a pulsating red stream of energy going down the center of it.

• Inner World:

His inner world could literally be described as a crypt of blood. Dead corpses hang from the ceiling by chains, fires blaze all over the place, and the prevailing scent is that of blood, death, and metal. The stress of this place and the sheer aura of lack of control that it gives off are extremely good training grounds for his shikai and bankai, and this is the only place that he has ever had to be able to develop them properly, as he refuses to show them to anyone outside. In addition, no one has ever been here except for himself.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance :

The Sealed Zanpaktou is literally the tie around his collar, the black tie that feels as smooth as silk and lacks any hard surface. However, it also has the ability to feel as sharp as a sealed zanpaktou of someone of Kyu's rank, so it is a very strange tie indeed. It is always tied, no matter what, as it is self tying... and is always hanging around his neck.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

Master Swordsman
When he was in the developmental stage of his life, he learned a great amount about swordsmanship and how to follow the creed of a sword. These teachings have passed on through his life, and he has learned more sword techniques than he has bothered to count, learning as a hobby as many techniques and styles that he could. His skill is extremely great with a sword, and with his sword in particular he has a massive amount of synchronicity, making it very difficult to best him with a sword or to remove him from his sword.

Pure Body Movements
His entire body he regards as a weapon. He uses every part of it that he can while fighting, and is so used to fighting that he can react to things in combat or trigger his own adrenaline without a second thought. In addition, he has lithe, practiced movements that he can use with ease when dealing with melee fights, as he extremely experienced in this area of fighting. As a result, he is an extremely good melee combatant, and is able to even take out those who fight at a distance from his ability to approach.

Zanjutsu Master
As discussed earlier, his abilities with a sword are exceptional, and this carried over to his ability as a Shinigami. While he does not actually wield his Zanpaktou, typically, he has the maximum amount of skill that he possibly could with the blade that he carries with him, as it is made from the same components as the one that he was given so long ago; it is a six hundred year old blade, and he has used it each and every one of those years.

Shunpo Master
As he focuses mostly on training his body, his shunpo and hoho are both of an incredibly high rank. Because he uses training as a way to escape his addictions, both his normal movements and his ability to flash step have been raised exponentially since he has become a shinigami, in addition to the augmentations he has performed on himself cybernetically and the reaction time of his brain, which means that he can move quite a distance in a single step, and even perform several dozen in a row without needing to slow down or stop, able to create afterimages in the wake of his movements.

Knowledge of all Public Kido - Weak Kido Skill
While he understands how to perform every publicly known kido and their names and chants, this does not mean that he has anywhere near the aptitude to cast them all. However, he does have a rather lengthy reference of them, although he himself has never bothered to learn any kido other than those minimum required to become a shinigami, meaning that he can only perform a kido up to level 30.

Influencing Gaze
There were a few ways that Ryu learned to manipulate Reiatsu when he was a Sueki, and this was one of them that carried over to when he became a Shinigami. By focusing the Reiatsu around his eyes, he can make them shine in a particular way, causing anyone who looks upon them to be more focused on his eyes, as they appeal to the pleasure center of the brain. In addition, his speech patterns also resound with that part of their mind if they allow his reiatsu through, making listening to him a very pleasant experience when he chooses to use this. Essentially, he is able to manipulate his reiatsu in such a way that when it is transmitted to another person they become stimulated mentally as a result. The most powerful way to perform this is through skin contact, and most of all through fluids such as in a kiss. These are the hardest to stop or resist, and also have the most profound effect.

Shadow Movement
He also retains his ability to manipulate his body into the shadows, meaning that he can perform Shadow Movement as well as hide within shadows. This makes it very different to see or notice him, as combined with his reiatsu suppression and concealing his presence within shadows it becomes very difficult to find him. It also can allow for him to move great distances quickly, but due to the lessening of the ability since he died, he can only perform it for movement about once every other post.

• Release
Swim Through Oceans of Blood, Sanguine Hold!
Chi no Umiwooyogu, Rakkan Hoorudo!

• Shikai Description
The Tie around Kyu's next transforms, becoming a snake that slithers down his chest before wrapping around his arm, ending at his wrist as it opens up its mouth, a pure red blade coming out of its mouth into his left hand. As it does so, it forms a grip in his hand, though the blade is still connected to the snake which transforms into a tattoo on his arm, as if burned into his flesh, blood dripping from where it entered as well as from the sword itself. In addition, two small horns grow from either side of his head, curving sharply upwards, only about an inch each in size, and anything on his torso is blown away, revealing his heated flesh.

• Shikai Abilities

Pool of Blood
Once his Shikai has been released, every part of Kyu's body focuses on shedding as much blood as possible, specifically his own. With nearly every attack, more wounds appear on his body, which all then proceed to flow into his sword. As it does so, the sword becomes both faster and sharper, meaning that the more attacks he uses, the more deadly Kyu becomes while he is in his shikai state. However, at least at first it is not his blood which he is shedding; it is the reiatsu within his body. As he gives off reiatsu and channels it into his blade, his body generates more reiatsu to replace it, although this new reiatsu is not channeled into the blade. When at last his blade becomes completely filled with his starting reiatsu and his reiatsu has completely generated once again within his body, he is able to go into his bankai, but not before.

Stroke of Blood
Every time he slashes his weapon, it causes his arm to begin to bleed. Every time he throws a out a fist or a kick, more wounds appear on his body, cuts as if incurred by his own sword. These cuts do not pierce his clothing, but only appear on his flesh. His Shikai could be called very simple, for this is its only active ability; however, its true power lies in the statistical increases that Kyu gains for his normal shinigami abilities. His strength, speed, and durability all rise exponentially as a result of his shikai, although for some reason his spiritual presence becomes very difficult to detect outside a ten foot radius. However, inside of that ten foot radius it is like a crashing waterfall, pouring outwards from his body in a focused downpour. The maximum amount of posts it takes for this to fill up after releasing it is five. However, normally it will only require three to four, depending on his movement, and if he wants to trigger it in one he can just summon a storm of blood from his body to flow into the blade.

Inner Struggle
It is very difficult for Kyu to keep his own consciousness over Drive's when he releases his shikai, as it causes so much blood to appear. After about three posts of his shikai, he loses control completely and Drive will take over, assuming his place completely until the thread has ended, or Kyu has been defeated.

• Bankai Release
Lust for Blood Eternally, Sanguine Hold.
Ketsueki eien ni, rakkan hōrudo no yokubō.

• Bankai Description
This Bankai can only be triggered once the entirety of his reiatsu has been flowed into the blade that he wields, and real blood begins to pour out from his wounds. When this happens, his appearance begins to change as massive blades appear out of his torso and especially his shoulders, though the middle of his chest is kept clear and begins to glow a bloody red. His arms take on thus marrish skin color, and the blade in his arm rapidly changes. Several sets of bones, all pointed like swords but arranged like a rib cage, pop out from around the blade, and both of his hands have the flesh crack, glowing a hot white. His eyes become red like rubies, and shine a light from deep within them, creating a very intimidating glare that emerges from his eyes. Finally, out of his shoulder blades on either side two sets of three bones each pop out and emerge, looking almost claw like in nature. From these claws descends bright red flesh, which flaps about like flags from his back.

• Bankai Abilities
Exponential Increase, But Unstable.
His Bankai state is, to say the least, unstable; it has an absolutely massive amount of power, but it is not easy at all for him to control it. In addition, because Drive is completely in control while he takes on this form, it often does not wish for him to accomplish the desires that he has regardless. As a result, while his Bankai has an extremely high power cap, is immensely strong, extremely fast, and intensely durable, it is almost never practical for him to activate so he almost never does. As a result his Bankai is untrained, so while it is so intense, it lacks the focus that is granted through training.


Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4033-1

• PhatomTech

The Cybernetic Mind of a Blade
He has a phantomtech mind. His mind has the most top grade level of Phantomtech possible installed. His Cybermind is extremely, EXTREMELY powerful, allowing for the manipulations of literally hundreds of thousands of different independent nanobots simultaneously, showing the sheer amount of power that his brain inhabits. If his brain were hooked up to a city, it could power all of New York for a day. However, this mental power is used to manipulate different mechanical things, and his technology is all intricately linked to his mind. The firewall protecting his mind is extraordinarily powerful, and only one person has the ability to shut his brain down. He has many other gadgets attached to his cybermind, some of which were made by KJ and some of which were made by himself.

Ghost Suit
Within his body, there are MILLIONS of nanobots. Every one of the cells of his body has a nanobot attached to it, and each one of the nanobots has the ability to join with the others and is connected with his mind and has the ability to transfer electricity and move around. When he uses the full power of every nanobot, he forms a suit around his body that is completely black in color, which has extremely long cables coming out of the back of his head, massive arms, thin legs and a large helm around where his head is and a casing that covers around his entire body.

The Blade
The blade that he carries with him at all times is completely constructed out of nanobots that have been folded into one another and constructed in the manner of a samurai sword, a sword so extremely durable and sharp that breaking it is both difficult and with a blade so powerful that pressing it up against a person normally could split them in half. The inside of the blade, the blade's 'core', is extremely durable, maintaining the ability of the blade. The metal on the outside of the blade is of a different quality, a quality that makes it extraordinarily sharp.

• Phantom Tech Abilities:

Cyber Eye 2000
Special prosthetic eye that can be equipped to almost any race. It has various capabilities, including superhuman visual acuity, zoom functionality, night-vision, infrared, and meteorological data, applying color transforms, and overlaying them on top of a 3D display.

Kyu has nightvision out to a range of 60 feet. Binocular vision allows him to perceive distant objects more easily. The Cyber Eye can also change it's color at the will of the user, but he always keeps it between Blue and Red.

It's the same as the previous model expect now The Eye can now decode computer information and translate it, Flare suppressors react instantly to bright flashes of light. Blinding effects produced by bright lights have no harmful or debilitating effect on the recipient. It can also scan for spiritual pressure in a 10 mile radius.

As an added bonus, Kyu can also perceive how strong a being is (if they are not cloaked or hiding their spiritual pressure) by a color system. If the person has a blue glow around them that means their reiatsu is low (So if he is in battle this will be useful to see how much of his opponent's reiatsu has been drained), if it's green that means it's moderate, yellow means that it's strong and red is dangerously strong.

It can also be adjusted to where it can read his body's overall strength and adjust these color systems to see who is weaker then you or stronger.

Speech Chip
This grants Kyu he ability to speak and understand all known languages. He can speak several languages at a time, and he is able to understand several languages simultaneously.

Stress reader
Sensors attached to Kyu's optic nerves and inner ear analyze minute physical indicators from living beings (including increased pulse galvanic skin response) and enable the recipient to better determine the emotional states of others.

Info: This is a small implant, embedded near the spine, shields the recipient’s nervous system against stunning attacks. However, if bombarded by electrical based items rapidly it can be damaged

Fully-Body Enhanced Organs
Every organ in his body has been refitted and retailored, preventing them from failing and protecting it against outside threats. Every organ within his body is less susceptible towards a variety of viruses, poisons and diseases within Earth, Soul Society and Demon World. There is also an extra layer of durability around the organs to prevent them from being injured, harmed or destroyed, overall a better defense.

The Blue Box
The Blue Box is a small device that Kyu uses to create a portal on a small blue hand-held device. From there, he needs to type in the coordinates where he wants to go and then aim the device at the portal and shoot it inside. If done correctly, he will make a portal to his destination and he and whomever else is nearby has the ability to be quickly teleported. However, if he does not specify a coordinate, the portal could lead to anywhere within Soul Society and Earth. It also is hooked up with the Soul Society security network, allowing for approved persons to pass through it like a Senkaimon, though it will bar from entry with the security system anyone who is not approved.

The Ky-On

This is Kyu's custom hover car, which was developed using KJ's Xeon as a base. It can reach speeds up to 150,000 MPH, stand attacks up to Gran Rey cero, can fire its own lasers that can reach the power of cero from every side of the car, and also has the ability to preserve oxygen for up to two days while in space. It has room for two, and several attachment ports for other of Kyu's tools such as the Blue Box. It also has the Fully Reconstructing Nanobots within it, though they are much weaker. This means that the car is able to restore itself, but is only able to do so practically about once per thread. Kyu keeps a small card in his Kyuntainer that has a piece of the Ky-On cyrogenically frozen, meaning that he is able to restore the car if it is ever totally annihilated. He can do this for the car, but not himself, as the car is not a biological creation.

The Kyuntainer
This is where Kyu stores most of his objects. It is similar to a Container in that it is a small device which breaks down the atoms of items and stores everything whitin within its memory. The difference is that his is linked to the user's 'intent', and when they touch the interface or whenever Kyu wills it, the item becomes projected from the Kyuntainer instantaneously reforming where the user desires for it to, showing the upgrades and modifications that Kyu has made on it. However, it does take a small amount of the user's reishi to activate, meaning that those who cannot manipulate resihi and have no reiatsu or a reiatsu that Kyu does not accept cannot access it.

Saved Weaponry
Over time, Kyu has made many basic gadgets, such as grenades, pistols, submachine guns, boomerangs, shuriken, and all other kinds of miscellaneous weaponry. Into these he has sporadically programmed elements of lightning, ice, incendiary, and medium strong acid, meaning that he is able to summon gadgets and assorted weaponry of these types out from the Kyuntainer and use them to fight.

The Watch of Fate
This watch is probably the most unusual thing in Kyu's arsenal. It displays a time display, with numbers constantly ticking down. Kyu does not know what it does or what it is counting down towards. It was created in the times during World War III, so he assumes that it has to do with some to come cataclysmic event, but he has no way of proving this or of checking to see if it is true. The number's end point is on December Fifth, 2414. It can also tell time, as well as allowing Kyu to project visuals from his mind directly out into wherever the watch's face is pointing, allowing him to explain things to others, show them his status, or other kinds of information visually.

Extreme Observation
Every one of his senses is massively increased by the Cybermind in his brain. His sense of touch can feel things pressing against the ground fifty yards away in any direction, as well as movements in the air in the same radius. His eyes can focus in and view a person's general mood, their sheer amount of displayed power, and translate computer code or look at screens normally. His olfactory senses are able to filter out extraordinarily powerful smells, and he can scent a dead corpse upwind from over two miles away. His sense of taste… he can detect poisons and the intrinsic qualities of anything that enters his mouth, and the full informational profile of anything that touches his tongue is transmitted into his mind. His hearing picks up all sounds that happen around him and stores them within his mind before instantly processing them through his mind and allowing him to understand what happened around him, moving at a much more accelerated state to accept all other sounds around him.

Extreme Memory
His ability to retain memories with his cybermind is that it takes in every single piece of information that he detects his senses, storing them in one side. There is another place in his mind for total events. Finally, there is the part of his mind that he has left totally human, and that is the place where he keeps his memories from his childhood, his bushido, and his personality; this is the most valuable part of his mind to himself, as it is here that he keeps his personality, which he chose to maintain when he converted himself into a cybernetic being.

Forever Reconstructing Blade
His nanobots are able to take elements and convert them into other nanobots, the ones in his blade at least. These nanobots are also present in a line extending from the vein in his right arm all the way to his brain, meaning that even when the entirety of the weapon has been destroyed it can be recreated. It can even be duplicated if he so chooses. He can remake up to two swords per post, and the formation of the blades can range from slowly to instantly, though the swords are generated slower the more of them that he has made in the thread. In addition, the nanobots can move independently, meaning that if the sword is broken or rent through that the nanobots will simply be able to reform with the others so long as they are still intact.

Forever Reconstructing Body
His body is also filled with nanobots that are controlled with the power of his Phantomtech, and are able to be manipulated to the point where someone could stick their arm towards his heart and the flesh around it would move exactly around the hand, preserving his vitals and creating a hole in his chest that the hand could reach all the way through with. The speed of this is roughly that of his normal movements, meaning that attacks made by shunpo cannot easily be negated using this ability, but occasionally an attack may be dodged through this method. The true power of these nanobots within him, however, is that they can recreate his body. As long as he has some nanobot within him, it is able to reconstruct the matter, his blueprint, and reconstruct him. This means that as long as a single cell survives, he can rebuild himself again. He has also turned off the ability for himself to receive pain signals from his nerves except for when he deems it necessary, but he can be aware when he is weakening. The more of his body that he loses, the weaker overall he becomes, and the more time that it takes for him to revive. This means that once he's lost about half of his body, he becomes weakened to the point that he can no longer fight, as like the blade the reconstruction grows slower the longer that he has had to use it.

Evolving Blade
In addition, his blade has the ability of mimicking other items, using the material produced by the nanobots. The things it can transform into can attempt to copy other things that it sees, and any new designs that Kyu makes with his mind are saved for later use. In addition, every time that he copies something and saves it within his mind, his blade 'evolves'. The nanobots become more experienced overall as they are outfitted to perform the copies, and as a result become more effective the more copies that he has saved. Presently, however, he has none as he does not particularly care for this ability.

High Frequency Invisibility
His nanobots are able to easily cover the surface of his skin and mold themselves to refract light and even the outside properties of the space around him, able to conceal everything about him except for his spiritual signature, which he himself can repress extremely low with the nanobots inside of him. This means that he becomes nearly impossible to detect, even with movements happening about his person, as he simply shifts himself to avoid whatever would touch him or move around the thing which desires to detect him, giving off the feeling of what they believe should be there. This means that his nanobots also have the ability to give off different feelings of textures that Kyu has learned and saved.

The Suit
The suit does not look human made. However, it is definitely human configured. It has two arms, two legs, and a space for the chestplate and a space for the helm. First of all is that it is black. The entirety of the suit is black. Secondly, the it is constructed with silverish bolts that hold it together, but it is as smooth as leather. The suit covers the user from the base of their neck down to their feet. The suit is skin tight, and has several status lights that are all around it with the status of Kyu's body being displayed.

The Abilities
Physical Ramp
The suit represents his Nanobots covering his entire body, which shows what he is able to change. His physical abilities rise exponentially; his speed and strength are both exponentially increased, and his ability to take damage also rises greatly. Even against his face, there is a layer of nanobots there that give him these traits, meaning that even his neck has amazing reflexes.

Defense Simulation
His defenses can take extreme amounts of damage, and until the suit is rendered unable to function he is unable to take damage. However, whenever he receives a blow that would normally be fatal, or the status screens are broken, the suit will ooze out, showing that it has been badly damaged. After three posts, the suits defenses reforge, making him able to take a blow once again that would finish him without dying.

Geist - Sapien Ex Machina

Geist takes the normal Suit, and adds to it. It adds essentially a massive top to the normal suit, in addition to thickening the entirety of it. The top has two absolutely gigantic shoulder plates that are connected from the breastplate to the arms.The arms are absolutely gigantic. They are so large that they could grip a powerline stand and be able to wrap its fingers completely around. Around the users head appears an absolutely massive helm that stands three inches from the users head, and on the inside there are screens that the user can view of all other sides. Outside the back of his breastplate and shoulders that extend twice the length of the users body. Finally, on the bottom of the hands are what can only be described as cannons, and on the back of the arms are blades, absolutely gigantic blades that extend into the air behind the users arms. The suit gives off an expression of power and dominance, and yet its movements are extraordinarily fluid.


Massive Strength
The Geist Suit, Spien Ex Machina, has the combative strength to deal with persons of extreme power. Cars, even buildings are nothing to its strength, and while its arms are small its strength could be compared to that of a giant's. The inside of the suit is all tissue on the upper level, and just as the original suit enhances the ability of tissues and the strength that they can use exponentially, this greatly increased mass of tissue also raises in power exponentially as a result.

Massive Toughness
Just like the original suit, the nanomachines also increase the body's toughness However, now to reach the suit on the inside, an opponent must break the suit on the outside. It is extremely durable, able to take most attacks directly to its shell and shrug them off like a tank. The toughness of the suit is variable to the amount of energy that Kyu's nanobots have left, meaning that if he uses this suit early that he will be very difficult to assault through it shell.

Terrific Speed
It also has an absolutely frightening amount of speed that one would not expect from such a large being. It is capable at moving at shunpo speeds by once again ramping up the speed of the tissues capacity to move as the other suit did, meaning that the speeds it can reach are exponentially greater than one would expect, able to keep up with rapid high-speed combat and even overwhelm those who are not prepared for such an assault.

Kyuclipse, Version 2.0
The two cannons on either arms are manageable versions of the Eclipse laser, that have been modified to fit on the undersides of his arms. While they lack the power to level a city, they have instead the force of an INTENSELY powerful laser blast which can rend even extremely powerful defenses if they are caught unawares, and the blast also has the added ability of being able to pierce or explode depending on Kyu's will. Just like the Eclipse, the amount of power that is put into the laser can be changed, and by breaking both of the arms and breaking the suit instantly he can receive the actual power of an Eclipse blast out of both arms by breaking the limit, causing an absolutely massive explosion which could even consume an area larger than a city. Finally, Kyu's own body can effect the amount of energy that the Blast can take, meaning that the more he has available, reiatsu wise, the more damage that it can deal per shot. Typically, he can only fire two arm cannons once every other post due to their massive size.

His body is extraordinarily flexible while the Sapien Ex Machina is in effect. This means that he can use the blades on his arms as a master swordsman would use his blade, and indeed the blades on his arms are the Reconstructing Swords that he normally wields. The amount of flexibility he has in this form is considerable, as he is able to flip around nearly completely from any joint he normally could while wearing it, making it extremely potent in the midst of battle.

Power Drain
However, this form is not a normal one. Typically, it can only be triggered for a single post, unless he has been hooked up to the Yuudeshi Network or a similar massive web of power with the massive cables on his back to charge before the battle occurs. This means that almost every time, he can only use this machine for a single post before it is finished, and his body is completely drained of energy. At a great risk to his own life, he can push the form for two posts; but once the posts are over his body will begin to deconstruct, and unless he is rapidly fed more energy and his body is maintained by an expert or a machinery reconstruction unit, he will die as a result.

Deployable Arms
He also has the ability to deploy only the arms of the suit if he so desires. If so, then he is able to use them comfortably for up to three posts, using them comfortably in that time period. However, after the three posts he is unable to summon Sapien Ex Machina for the rest of the thread, and is drained of 1/2-3/4ths of his overall power ,which still makes these arms a bit of a risk, but definitely an improvement in overall firepower.

• Phantom Tech Powers: Mostly listed above, others may be developed later due to the adaptive nature of his cells and himself.


Bampaia Kyu Ketsuki[Approved 1-1++] Image4029-1

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Beginner
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Advanced

• Roleplay Sample:

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Application Checklist
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  • Appropriate Age [X]
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  • Appearance Present [X]
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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advance
  • Mental Deduction: Advance
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Master

Comments/Notes: German Food best in za world
Tier: 1-1++

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Thank you very much for your service over the years.

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You were made based off of Gantz. Perhaps you are the only character in ANY Bleach RP who has been based off of Gantz, and the only character who uses your face claim in all of roleplay. You were a baller and a boss. But most of all, you were a player, as you were a Sueki in life. Thanks for clearing up that bit of canon for us. Your inventions were awesome, but your Captain left, leaving you as the Vice Captain all alone. Goodnight, my lost engineer. May your circuitry revive another day...


Believe nothing, no matter where you read it or who has said it, not even if I have said it, unless it agrees with your own reason and your own common sense.
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