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 Rikane [WIP]

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The Ziamichi Template

Basic Information


» Name: Rikane
» Titles: The Man Who Speaks In Hands
» Race: Demon
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadow Fall

☨ Shifter Appearance Written:

Rikane is a very formal individual. With a black, almost detective-like jacket, this gives him a very doctor-ish look. However, this back jacket is not the only formal thing within the appearance of Rikane. With a white dress shirt underneath this black jacket, and black dress pants, as well as black shoes, Rikane is one of the most formal looking Demons to ever exist. Now, onto his facial features. With an extremely ghost-like face, his eye color seems to gleam out from the rest of him. His eyes are a light, but piercing ice blue. This color is actually the color of his spiritual energy, which reflects off with a small portion of his appearance. However, the glowing blue energy does not seem to be focused entirely in his eyes.

With two holes in his pale hands, blue energy can be seen filling in these holes. They can also be seen running up and down his arms and legs. One of two final noticeable features seems to be upon Rikane's face. With cracks that seem to open under his eyes, Rikane seems to either have suffered extreme damage to his face, and now his face is scarred, or he is crying. However, Rikane has put all the rest of these rumors to rest by taking on the suspicion of his face being scarred, and his energy is glowing from the cracks.

☨ Shifter Appearance Picture:

☨ True Appearance Written:

Rikane's True Appearance is actually, surprising, not too much different. His true form is not an entirely separate form, but has multiple noticeable changes. With his face no longer recognizably human, the cracks under his eyes are gone. This now is replaced by a single massive crack right above where his right eye would be. Speaking of his eyes, he now has none, The eyes that were there in his Shifter form are now just black voids. Not only that, but when he reverts to his True form, his entire body changes. This is the immediate effects of Body Manipulation when he changes. When he changes back to his "normal" form, his body seems to drip and ooze a black substance. However, back to his eyes. While they seem to be black voids, when he gets angry, small whites appear within his eye sockets.

When he uses his body manipulation to re-form his body into something more human-like, and more to what it should be when he transforms. When he does that, his body forms into a form similar to his Shifter form. He quickly gains a slim form, with mildly different clothing. He keeps his black, detective-like jacket, however, he no longer has a dress shirt under this jacket. Instead, he has a white scarf that wraps around his elongated neck, covering most of the lower parts of his neck. However, with this elongated neck, most of the upper parts of his neck are revealed. This reveals his neck to be pure black, and very thin. This is not only the part of him that is pure black. Within his true form, he actually does not have legs. Instead, where his feet and legs would be, is a pool of a kind of inky, black mass. This black mass essentially is what his entire body is made of in this form.

☨ True Appearance Picture:


Personality Section

» Personality:

Rikane is, surprisingly, a very quiet individual. He speaks only when he feels it necessary, or when he feels as if his opinion must be made. However, despite his quiet nature, he has not once criticized anyone. He is a very kind, and soft spoken man. He is not a rude, cruel, or harsh person. Despite what some could say about him being supposedly cruel and harsh, he is not any of this. Many of these things are merely assumptions based on the way that Rikane looks. He always seems to have narrowed eyes, and an annoyed expression on his face whenever one would see him. This has led to many assuming that he was a cruel, seemingly mindless toy for Shadow Fall. However, this is not the case. He is generally a very kind demon, despite his registration in Shadow Fall.

Rikane is an immensely smart man. With his extensive knowledge about Shadow Fall, as well as many of the high ranking members, such as Mana Asthavon, as well as Saiko Mori. Rikane is absurdly smart, able to calculate complicated problems within his head and quickly solve the situation. In fact, with his immense intelligence, he is able to quickly able to asses a situation, register what the problem is, and the best way to deal with it. He is by far, one of the more....logical members of Shadow Fall.

Rikane is always very calm, never snapping at anyone not even once. In fact, no one has ever seen him to get relatively angry. He is always very calm, cool, and collected. It's unknown how he does this, and why he is always so calm. If something of his was destroyed or messed up in the slightest, he would not show any signs of angry. He would simply sigh in disappointment, and fix up what had happened. He never makes a single sign of anger. Not even the slightest of irritation. No matter what the situation be, he never gets angry. But some say that he is merely bottling up his emotion, and one day, it might become too much, and he would snap at everything around him. However, this has yet to happen.

Tactical: Rikane is one of those people who will analyze everything about something before actually acting on it. When he is reading, he occasionally reads the same paragraph, page, or even sentence to fully understand what it meant. He constantly re-reads something over and over to fully understand what something would mean. This includes many things, such as maps, map coordinates, and so much more. Rikane has an extremely high processing speed within him. This does not refer to any equipment or any kind of ability. This is a natural ability that Rikane gained when he became a demon. His intelligence skyrocketed when he became a demon, and this is when he truly embraced his new life in Shadow Fall, and took advantage of it. With his new intelligence, he became a tactician.


Neat and Tidy:


Enjoys his Shifter Form:


Not a Big Fighter:


These are traits that Rikane only gains from being within his True Appearance. These traits do NOT carry over to his Shifter Form.

Unable to Be Understood:


Sign Language:



Background Section

» History:

The Host's Powers

☨ Natural Abilities:

Immense Intelligence:

Expert Observer:

Affinity For Hell:

Curse Effect:

Body Manipulation:

Shadow Movement:

Akuma Kyodo:

Knowledge of Environment:

Kage Chōkyō-shi:

☨ Unique Abilities:

Distortion: This is a passive ability that Rikane has when he is in his Shifter Appearance, as well as his True Appearance. With his body glitching and flickering, it almost as if his body is flickering out of existence. This is merely a cosmetic feature of his demon physiology, and does nothing to him in any sort of power sense.

Body of Shadow: Rikane has a very unique body as a Demon. With a black, inky liquid dripping from his arms and legs within his Shifter form, and his entire body IS this mass when he is in his True Appearance.

Hands: When Rikane is in his True Appearance, the most obvious thing that one could see two gigantic hands with holes in the palms that seem to be floating there on their own. These hands are made of Za Koa energy itself, so these hands are able to be created with very little, if any energy. Once these hands are formed, more abilities are unlocked. However, these hands will last for three posts before having a two post cooldown.

Symbols: As Rikane is in his True Appearance, there can be hundreds upon thousands of strange symbols seen floating around him, fading in and out of view. These symbols are white, but they do not seem to form any kind of recognizable language. This is not actually a language, but the physical form of the font known as Wingdings. Rikane is able to use the flow of energy throughout his body to form these symbols all around him. The symbols are able to use a single letter to perform an action. However, these are limited for how many times these letters can be used to perform an attack based on what letter they start with. However, if the attack needs to be more specific, another letter would need to be put in place. The limit for this is that one letter can be placed per post. Each post is to have ONE letter per placement. Once ten letters are placed or used, this skill would have a two to three post cooldown.

Adjustable Demon State

☨ Adjustable State Appearance:

☨ Adjustable State Benefits:

The Spirit's Basic Information

» The Spirit's Name: Shinra Koketsu
» The Spirit's Race: Shinigami
» Titles: The Azure Striker, Thunder Boy
» The Spirit's Gender: Male
» The Spirit's Age: Unknown, as the Spirit has never revealed their age to Rikane.

» The Spirit's Pictured Appearance:


The Spirit's Personality Section

» The Spirit's Personality:


The Spirit's Powers

» Ziamichi Spirit Powers:

» Racial Abilities:

Extended Life-Spans:

Reiryoku And Reiatsu:

Enhanced Endurance:

Gokon Tekkō V2:






VI. Sealed Powers

» Zanpakutô Name: Hangyaku no boruto (反逆のボルト Bolts of Rebellion)

» Zanpakutô Appearance:

» Sealed Zanpakutô Power:

Thunder Field:

Tag, You're It!:

VII. Shikai

» Shikai Release Phrase: Discharge with the bolts of rebellion! All lightning and thunder come together to form a strike that will light the planes of existence bright with the bolts of an Azure Heart!

» Shikai Appearance:

» Shikai Abilities:

VIII. Bankai Powers

» Bankai Appearance:

» Bankai Abilities:

Ziamichi Powers

» Unique Traits:

Zanpakutō Materialization:

Access to Sealed Abilities/Powers:

Access to Shikai Abilities/Powers:


Limited Kido:

» Forms:

» Drawbacks:

Cannot Access Bankai:

Weak Shikai:

Limited Kido

Moody Spirit:

» Control:

The Host's Skills

» Ziamichi Host Class: Will be filled after approval

» Ziamichi Spirit Class: Will be filled after approval

0 Tier is allowed 1 Master, 2 Advanced for each section
1 Tier is allowed 2 Advanced for each section
2 Tier is allowed 1 Advanced, 2 Adept for each section
3 Tier is allowed 1 Adept for each section
4 Tier and below only get beginner.

General Skills For Host
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Ziamichi Skills For Host
  • Skill Of Ziamichi Powers:
  • Control Over Spirit:
  • Seal Strength:
  • Sync-Rate:

Will Skills For Host
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Racial Skills For Host
  • Za Koa Skill:
  • Demon Magic:
  • Shadow Movement:
  • Akuma Kyōdo:

The Spirit's Skills

General Skills For Spirit
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills For Spirit
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:

Racial Skills For Spirit
  • Hoho:
  • Kidō:
  • Zanjutsu:
  • Hakuda:

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Rikane [WIP]
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