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 Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+]   Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] EmptyMon Jun 27, 2016 10:38 pm

The Spiritual Human Template

Basic Information

• Name: Gattling Galeon
• Titles: Captain C1/ Red Rider (Alias)/Soccer Team Captain
• Age: 15
• Gender: Female
• Affiliation/Rank: “None”, techinically.

• Appearance Description:Gattling stands at a height that would be considered tall to some girls and short to most males, being around 5’6 in terms of height. Her athletic nature keeps her in top form, as that as well as a super fast metabolism keeps the girl from gaining too much weight (and keeps her from gaining much of a body as well.) Her skin is a creamy white and without any notable flaws on it. The red hair she has is rather short, only going a little below her neck.

She tends to wear athletic clothing and is rarely seen in anything outside of that unless she is being forced. It’s namely red or crimson in color, and she’s bigger fan of tennis shoes over sandals. Whenever she decides to wear anything that shows off her stomach, she’s proud to flaunt it off in all of it’s flat glory.

• Appearance Picture:

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] 283020

Character Theme 1
Character Theme 2 (When Transformed)



• Personality:

Gattling has always enjoyed the thrills of adventure, as a child she was known for wandering off constantly and giving her family fits as she effortlessly and intentionally turned casual grocery store trips into a escapade. This is namely because she’s into exploring and always wants to learn about what a area has to offer. From a new city to a new shop that opens up on the corner of the street, if there is something that should be explored she is more than ready to explore it.

“So how is your daaaaaaaay?~”
Gattling is a very talkative and friendly person to the point many would even find this annoying. She is quick to make friends and is known for being the most socially active in her group. Her attitude is that it’s always fun to meet new people whether they be a friend, rival, or foe. Though such a trait can get her in trouble as well, as she can talk herself into as many situations as she can talk herself out of. If it comes down to it, she is the one person that if put in a room with a bunch of other people she will befriend someone rather quickly and she takes pride in being the life of the party.

“Who the hell are you supposed to be ? “
Gattling has a slight attitude problem amongst other things. This has come from the fiery personality she adapted from her mother that the woman has long since abandoned. To put it simple, there is a certain sassy side to her that she usually flaunts whenever she has been provoked enough. She has a rather sharp tongue and is very witty in the art of trash talking, so naturally it’s only fair to say it plays in hand with how she normally acts.

“Are you gonna finish that?”
Gattling can really, really put food away. She can eat seemingly large and excessive quantities with little to no issue. She prefers meat and sushi above everything else, but as long as it’s food she won’t be the one to complain. It’s not uncommon to hear the girl whining about her stomach hurting after she “thinks” she ate way too much. She blows most of her allowance on food as well, so she is not that smart of a manager when it comes to money at all.

“…Race me then.”
Gattling is a very competitive individual. She doesn’t like to lose, and is just as sore as a winner. She turns just about everything into a competition, from something simple like a walk home, to something a bit more strange like a food eating contest when she goes out. This is in part because of her exposure to sports and her refusal to have her sister be better than her at anything.

“ I’m A Hero Too!”
Gattling can be a very aggressive individual when she wants to be, but this doesn’t make her any less heroic. She is one of the more violent members of the team, and in most cases can easily be portrayed as the “bad cop”. She doesn’t like those who pick on the weak and hates injustice, but at the same time she still has compassion. And though her mother doesn’t believe people can change, her father always did and so she tries to see the good in everyone regardless of how evil they may seem. Though she won’t allow her kindness to be her weakness, and will not hesitate to pull the trigger if need be.
“Just follow my lead.”
As one of the rare red sentai, she was expected to be a great and powerful leader. Rather quickly, she was able to get her friends to respect her because of what she can do, rather than what she wears. She has a natural talent for leading people and always has, as even when she was disrespected in the past by peers she was still able to get them to listen to her whenever a team situation came up and they needed her guidance .


Natural Attributes & Supernatural Powers

• Natural Attributes:

-Athleticism : As expected, Gattling is a top notch athlete that keeps herself in peak physical condition. Due to this she is quick on her feet and fast as her body allows her to be. Her form does not have a lot of muscle mass if any, though she is still able to throw a mean enough punch.
-Jeet Kune Do : A fighting style focused on speedy attacks with minimal movements. The objectives is to be fluid, and with less wasted movements and wind ups, hit the enemy at faster speeds than they can react.
-Bicycle Kick: Not so much a power. She just takes a powerful leap into the air, and aims to kick the enemy in the face numerous times while making excessive noises.

• Powers:

-Red Robin : This power is used to augment her physical attacks to greater heights. These physical attacks however MUST be with her own limbs and not weaponry (hands, legs,ect.)
[Adds onto her strength by a multiplier of x 1.3 for up to eight posts, after that it becomes 0.5x]

-Multi Four : She has the ability to make clones of herself. These clones however can only take a single hit before they explode in a red colored puff of smoke.
[ Can create up to 2 in a single post.]
[Thread Limit: 6]
[Cooldown: 4 posts]
*She cannot create another / anymore clones until the first one is destroyed.

- Red Dawn:
Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Alpha_11
This ability was something she was naturally born with. Essentially, her eyes change color and her body glows with a faint red outline for a moment. When it’s activated, she gains a small boost in all parameters.
[Strength 0.8x]
[Durability 1.2x]
[Speed 1.3x]
[Boost lasts for 5 posts.]
[Thread Limit : 1]

-Crimson Crusader: She holds out a open palm as a orb of red energy is formed in it. The function of it is to smash the orb into the enemy, and once that has happened it bursts into a energy beam.
[Hits at the strength of a cero.]
[Thread Limit : 3]
[Cooldown : 2]
- Morpher Model : Red Riding Hood

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Tumblr_msoc858Gby1r0umcyo7_400

(Her Anima Stone That's Inside Of It Below)

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Chaos_10

A morpher fused and augmented with her anima stone inside of it. It’s best usage revolves around being able to store her weapons, which would include:

-Red Revolver :

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Rekuso10

A blaster that looks like a toy. It shoots out red marbles at speeds of 1,700 mph.

*Can hold up too 10 marbles.
*Can recharge marbles 2 times a thread (each recharge is 10.)
*Takes up a post to recharge.
*Has 10 marbles upon being drawn.
*4 Shots can be fired a post.


Red Dragon Wave x5- Similar to Dragon Wave, only a single shot is fired with a small red tornado coming from it. This shot is the strongest shot she can use currently.
[Hits at the power of a cero, is as fast as one as well.]
[Thread Limit : 2]
[Cooldown: 2]

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Red_dr10
Red Dragon Wave – Three shots are fired off at the speed and power of a bala with a small red tornado coming out of them.
[Thread Limit: 3]
[Cooldown: 2]

Dragon Split – A single shot is fired that splits into three, all with a homing effect that try to slam into the enemy.
[All three hit at the speed and power of a bala.]
[If the ball is knocked off course before it can split, the attack is canceled. ]
[They go to home in too the enemy for 2 posts, if they don't make contact they harmlessly fall to the ground after.]
[Thread Limit: 4]

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] 2255-Shiny-Torchic

Rita The Rooster
*Stays summoned for up to 6 posts in combat threads.
*In none combat threads has no limit.
This “weapon” is more of a pet, and she cares for it like one. Rita still has human needs, such as needing to eat and what not, but this small pet is more than combat capable as well.

- Get Chicky With It : Rita is as fast as anyone would expect for her small, 1’4 height and lightweight frame. She is just a bit quicker than her summoner.

-Light You Up : She is able to fire off excessive small orange balls of energy at the enemy,and this is her main method of attacking.

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Torchi10

[Speed and power are equal to that of a bala.]
[Up to 5 can be fired in a single post.]
[ Thread Limit : 15]
[Cooldown: 2]

-PECKING ORDER : She pecks the enemy aggressively. Her beak is as sharp as a normal katana.

-Red Ronin :
Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] 00-7x51
A red katana, it’s very run of the mill. When it is first drawn, it gains the sharpness of a zanpuhkto in it’s base state for 2 posts.
[It’s a basic blade after the 2 posts are up.]
*All of the above must be used separately. For example, Rita can’t be out if she’s already using Red Ronin.
Riviting River : The name of her anima stone.
-Sizzler : Red Ronin gains the ability to fire off red shockwaves from it.
[The shockwaves hit at the speed and power of a bala. ]
[She can fire one a post.]
[Thread Limit: 4]
-Zig Zag : A moderate boost in speed. (1.1x)
[Boosts lasts for 3 posts.]
[Thread Limit : 2]
[Cooldown: 4 Posts]

• Pure Abilities:

Crimson Survivor : Due to the trait of Red Dawn, she is also able to handle travelling at faster speeds with fewer drawbacks.

Sacred Release

• Sacred Release Appearance:

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] 20140312093436

Crimson Captain 3 : This form makes Gattling look like a true hero. It essentially ends up giving her an entire power suit of red armor that adjusts so it’s not too tight or too loose. Forms like this one usually make “adjustments” on female forms so nothing is poking out or too noticeable. Since Gattling is not that endowed herself, minimal cosmetic adjustments are needed to hide anything. A red mask tops it all off, keeping the face behind the mask a secret. Until the form runs out, of course.

Her morpher, like in the form before, is now seen on her hip.
• Sacred Release Powers:
[Durability 1.1x]
[Strength 1.0x]
[Speed 1.5x]
*All buffs lasts until Gattling reverts out of this form. She can stay transformed for up to 8 posts.*
*It goes without saying unless she gets assistance with her energy from an ally, she can only transform 1 time a thread.

-The Way Of The Dragon: Similar to her previous ability, this operates as a buff to her attacks. When she hits the enemy with any kind of physical attack, a medium sized circle with two dragon heads swirling around the outline of it will be seen. This is to represent the buff in action.
[Strength 1.1x for a max of 5 posts.]
[Can only be used once every time she transforms a thread. Meaning if she only transforms one time in a thread, she can only use this buff once.]
[The attacks MUST be physical. Meaning this buff is not applied to any attack involving weapons. Something like a punch, kick, knee to the stomach, ect.]

Baho Blade : A katana of amazing power that doubles as a blaster. By pressing the buttons on the blade, the user can increase the strength of it. When in blaster mode, short and small red beams of energy are fired from it .

Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Latest?cb=20090811040123

[Katana is strong as a zapuhkto in it’s base state. If powered up, it can cut like a zanpuhkto in it’s shikai state for a max of six posts. This is once a thread.]
[When in blaster mode, the beams are all at the speed and power of a bala.]
[Blaster mode beams limit is up to 3 shots can be fired in a post.]
[Thread Limit For Blaster Mode Beams: 8]
[Cooldown: 2]

Daring Avenger: A sidearm blaster with a bigger punch than the Baho Blade in it’s blaster mode. Used in long range fighting.
Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Latest?cb=20090811040448
[Daring Avenger’s beams hit at the speed and power of a cero.]
[Only one blast from it can be fired per post.]
[Thread Limit : 6]
[Cooldown: 3]

Multi Five : Similar to her Multi Four ability, only now she gains the ability to make a couple of extra clones. The clones still vanish after being hit one time, but they can deal damage on their own.
[Can make up to 3 clones a post.]
[Thread Limit: 6]

Queen Burnout:
Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] Quilava.full.1352841

A stronger companion for the now stronger Gattling, Queen Burnout shares characteristics very similar to Rita, as far as her existence. The difference in the two however, is that Queen Burnout’s summoning is usually due to a battle (as the transformation in itself drains Gattling of energy), so Queen Burnout doesn’t need to eat as much as Rita. She still does if in the midst of a training session. Not because she needs too, but because she can. Abilities include:

-Spinner : She curls into a ball, and the flames on her back start to surround her all over her being. She then aims to spin right into the enemy while engulfed by the flames.
[This attack can cause burns to enemies with Adept Durability or below.]
[Otherwise, due to the energy infused with the flames, it feels as if the enemy just took on a bala head first.]

-Hyper Flame : An attack charged up in the beings mouth that she fires at the enemy. A beam of energy with flames surrounding it is hurled at the enemy.
[This attack can cause burns to enemies with Adept Durability or below.]
[Due to the energy infused with the flames, this attack is essentially a cero in terms of power and speed with flames around it.]
[Thread Limit: 3]
[Cooldown: 2]


Ascended Sacred State

N/A (Currently)

•Ascended Sacred State Appearance: (Describe what your human looks like when they release their spiritual power. This is essentially equivalent to a Shinigami's Bankai.)

• Ascended Sacred State Powers: (Does your human get any additional powers from this transformation? For instance, if you had the power to control Fire in your base, could you control heat and magma in this state? Or would you gain something else?)

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: History !   Gattling Galeon [Approved; 4-1+] EmptyWed Jun 29, 2016 10:46 pm

Background History

• Background:

Chapter 1
“What A Nerd.”

The man was huffing, puffing, having all kinds of difficulty to even get air through his lungs. His body was beaten up severely, he had all sorts of injuries that were even trying to hinder his movements. Blood was dripping out of his body, drops of sweat ran down his face..but he refused to be late. No, because today was the day that he has been waiting a long time for. The gashes along his skin, possibly fractured bones would not slow him down as he made his way towards the hospital, still dashing fast as his body would allow him.


The nurse he was assaulting with his words fumbled with her papers as she checked to see what room had the person with that last name .It wasn’t a very known one, so it didn’t take much to try and find it.

“I-it’s…r-room 98-“

With that, he bursted off once again. This was a race against life and death, he had to make it. He naturally got all kinds of crazy stares from the bystanders around him as this man who looked like he had just gotten out of a war continued the mad dash up the hospital stairs.

“Just a little more..little more..h-hang on baby..”

He winced, the pain was actually starting to get to him now. He was feeling this almighty sting flow all throughout his body. But he wasn’t going to miss it for the world. He had to see her, he had to see her. And within moments he had gotten into the room and found his way inside, where the doctors were operating on his wife trying to birth the baby in between her legs.


Alas, he couldn’t take the site of his child’s head in between his daughter’s legs. It..repulsed him, shocked him, all kinds of things. So what does he do? He passes out on the spot, causing his wife to panic a bit more.


Were the last words the man would hear.

Moments later he had awoken to find his new child in the arms of his wife. A warm smile was on his face. After all those struggles, all those battles..he has never had a “victory” better than this.

“It’s a girl…”

One of the doctors whispered. As Gage, the father of the child walked over to his wife and put a hand on her shoulder.

“She’s beautiful…”

His wife stared up at him and nodded, giggling.

“Mmm! She’s kinda loud though…”

“Yeah…wonder if she’s hungry. I know I am.”

His wife sighed, laughter heard coming from the doctors still in the room.

“So…what will we name her?”

“I dunno. How about….Gabriel?”

“-Gage. Gage no. Stop it.”

“What? It’s exotic. Plus NOOO one is gonna wanna date a girl named –Gabriel-. Seriously.”


“Okay, okaaaay…how about, Garfield?”


“Because NOOOOOOOO one is gonna wanna date a girl named –Garfield-.”

“Gage. Gage be serious, please. This is the BIRTH of our DAUGHTER. “

“I know, I know, I knooow..alright. Alright. I got it. Her name can be Geo. Because NOOO one is gonna wanna date a girl n-“


“Damn. Harsh. Hrm..well….. how about…Gattling?”

“Gattling? – Don’t tell me. Because no one is go-“

“No. No, Gattling just…seems like a cool name to me. The name of someone fierce, someone head strong, someone confident. “

“…I..guess that will work then..”

“Gattling it is! Can’t wait to see what you’ll grow up to be, Gattling!”

Chapter 2
“We Need To Evacuate.”

“Oooooone…twoooo….three…four…five! Ready or not daddy, here I come!”

The small girl known as Gattling has grown since the past. She was around the age of six at this point, and was currently skipping around to find her father whilst they played hide and go ..well, the last part would surprise most. After peeking around enough, she’d find him hiding in the trees and giggle as he fell down.

“Looks like you found me sweetie! Know what that means, right..?~”

She gave a confident nod, and then went to-

Send a punch directed right at her father’s gut. That he swatted down as he aimed to swing his leg at the girl’s head in a powerful kick. Utilizing the advantage of her size and speed, she swiftly dodged the attack. As she took a powerful jump up, and-

Started to unleash a torrent of kicks in her father’s face. Dubbed as the “Bicycle Kick” by her, she continues to do this until she gets tired. Making sound effects throughout the process.


Kicking right off him and landing, smiling at her father who’s face was now covered in her footprints..a light chuckle coming from him.

“You’re getting a little better and better every day, aren’t you?”

“Mmmhm! “

He goes to wrap his arms around her to bring her into a hug.

“But now you’re in the DEATH HUUUUG!~ Bwuahahah-“

A well timed punch was aimed straight at his face. It didn’t hurt that much, but he was shocked at the girl’s reaction time. Not that he was going full speed, but to be able to adjust her arms in a quick maneuver in such a w-

His cell phone started to beep. As his train of thought was lost and he sat his daughter down.

“Daddy will be back in a bit, okay? He’s gotta take this.”

Gattling blinked a few times and shrugged her shoulders.


With that, the man had his discussion with a friend. He walked back over to Gattling, a hand reaching down to pat at her head.

“Daddy needs to go handle something real quick, okay? Make sure you keep your sister safe, alright?”

“Uhm…okay. What’s daddy going t-“

He had already ran off. But the girl had no idea to where…

Chapter 3
“What Is A Hero?”

Years went by, and her father simply…never returned. Gattling was every bit as distraught as one could imagine, as she had a bond closer to him than she did with her mother. Her mother and older sister tried to comfort her, but she just didn’t want to hear anything from anyone. She just wanted her father to come back, so she could confirm that most importantly he was still alive. She had a hunch that may not be the case, and the thought always made her heart sink. But when she left the house, she usually put on a strong front just so no one else could see how sad she truly was.

She slowly started to get better. As sshe seem to just be walking home from school.

“Alright then, I’ll catch you all later!”

She waved bye to her friends, then received a text message from her sister telling her to stay away from home. That was..strange. She’s only a block or so from the house, so she continues her stroll until she-

Notices a explosion in the distance, one that seem to come from her own house. Her walk turned into a dash, running as fast as she could back to her house. Was it a monster?!

When she finally arrived at the scene, the site she was left with was not a good one. Her mother was being held up by something that looked like a alien. It had human features for the most part, but orange skin as well as red eyes. A very muscular build and was wearing a very strange armor on top of everything else. Further inspection revealed her sister was knocked out cold on the ground, perhaps because she was trying to stop the creature. Her mother shook her head at her daughter, tears streaming down her face, wanting her to run. But all Gattling could do was glare at the foreign being as he turned towards her.

“That hair…that look…you must be one of Galeon’s brats too.”

He squeezed on her mother’s neck tighter, causing her to struggle more against his grip.

“What luck! Here I was thinking I’d have to hunt you down…”

Gattling didn’t budge, the look in her eyes was a fierce one, one of anger.

“How the hell do you know my last name?! Put my mom down and leave before I beat the Vitamin C out of you.”

The creature laughed for a few moments before clearing his throat.

“Yes yes! Excuse me for all of that. Allow me to introduce myself… I am Darkil. And well…I am the one who killed your father !”

“Y-you…you’re a liar! My dad wouldn’t lose to some citrus enriched piece of shit like you !”

“Ooooh…but he did. You see, in his profession you can’t be soft. You show mercy, you might just end up getting yourself killed. He showed me mercy, kindness, understanding…

And I, showed him death.

He didn’t finish the job and I finished him. I called my boys up and we overpowered him. Then..after extracting some information, we –ate- him!”


“I know, I know. It’s a very hard concept to grasp. We came outta nowhere and killed your father, yada yada. Sadly, most of my boys are dead now. Got themselves mixed up in other stuff ya know? But I’m still here to finish you off. One of me is enough to eliminate the three of you. Thanks to his wallet, staging a phone call and so much more. We were able to learn where yo three were whilst giving off the impression he wasn’t dead. Just missing.”

“..Put my mom down…and leave..”



He slammed her mother right into the wall, tsking.

“That’s enough outta you.”

The crimson haired girl gritted her teeth, as her sister slowly tried to rise to her feet but was kicked right in her rib cage, causing her to rollover and groan loudly in pain.

“All of ya! Seriously, I do not get women. This could be why I don’t have a girlfriend.”

Gattling gave her warning, Gattling told him to leave and he didn’t. She wanted him to go away, and he didn’t. She was done talking. She seem to just..walk towards the couch and reach underneath it.

“Listen lil’ red, I don’t have time to play with you. You’re last. Just sit there and be still while I finish these two o-“

Before he could finish his sentence, a blade was shoved right through his chest. A evil, very different look in her eyes now.They had changed color and had a strange formation in them, as she glared straight at him.


She removed the blade and promptly slammed her foot into the wound, causing the being greater amounts of pain. He was given no time to retaliate, as the blade was swiftly brought to cut right through him. A diagonal strike that left him cut in twine, and she was nowhere near finished. She kept cutting into him and cutting into him, not ceasing even for a moment though he wasn’t even alive anymore.

“Die. Die. Die. DIE. DIE!”

The sound of her blade tasting and cutting into flesh could be heard by her sister and mother.


Her mother placed he hands on her daughter’s wrist to stop her. Gattling struggling for a bit before..snapping out of her rage and falling right to her knees. Tears starting to stream down her face as her mother tried to hug her close.

“H-he killed him…he killed him..h-he took him away from us…”

She shook her head.



She couldn’t talk anymore, only sob. Only weep. He was gone..he wouldn’t come back, it was over for him. Why? Why would her father do something like that..?

Her sister cleared her throat and kneeled down besides the two of them.

“Because maybe..killing him was the selfish thing. You know, being a hero… being a hero is about being selfless. It’s about making the ultimate sacrifice.

A real hero understands that you don’t always come back alive. But you die for your cause..for what you believe in..”

Gattling shook her head, she thought that entire explanation was stupid. It doesn’t make sense, why would anyone want something like –that-?




“Gattling, no. It’s about…wanting a better tomorrow for everyone, even those who might not deserve it. I know what you mean, and I understand saw the good in everyone, and that’s not allthat bad. It was never about..feeling better about himself. Because being a a selfless occupation…and…and..”






And just like that, Gattling sister’s joined in on the weeping, the mourning. The mother forced to stay strong, to hold them closer. But she..she wanted to cry too.

Chapter 4
“As You Once Were !”

With the clock ticking towards the future, Gattling has grown into a run of the mill (mostly) teenage girl. As expected, she continued her training as well as learning more of what a “hero” means as time went by. In the academy she attends where she plays sports, she occasionally gets told a few stories about how great of a hero her father was.

As customary, all of her fellow students have seen her Soul Evolution and some weren’t all that impressed. Simply put, it’s very seldom that when it came to sentai a girl, let alone one not built like a guy would be a –red- sentai. A leader, one who has fiery confidence, who is brave, who would never shy away from a challenge regardless of what that risk was. But most students had a hunch and gave her credit where credit is due-

This girl embodied the sentai she had become.

It was one day during some normal practicing with her anima stone was she approached by a individual who offered her a better way to regulate her powers and expand her skillset. Normally she wouldn’t be as trusting, but the figure knew things about her father and seem to be a friend of her mother. So, she joined them. And they in turn augmented their anima stone with a morpher designed and customized specifically for Gattling.

There were others like her, with the same similar sentai forms. And though each one of them were different, they had no issue with listening to Gattling when she informed them of their goal, the thing they must do:

Protect those who cannot protect themselves, and be the heros they are all meant to be.

And from that day on, the story began of a entirely new life.

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General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Focus: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Human Reiatsu Sheet
  • Power Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Energy Usage/Regeneration: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Energy Resistance/Endurance: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Physical Augmentation: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

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Finished and ready for checking !


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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Beginner
  • Pain Endurance: Adept
  • Focus: Beginner

Comments/Notes: Approved!
Tier: 4-1+

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