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 Audrey Amor The Rakshasa of Envy

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» Name: Audrey Amor
» Titles: The Rakshasa of Envy
» Age: 205
» Apparent Age: 17
» Gender: Female, but at times can appear male
» Orientation: Bisexual - Polyamorous
» D.O.B: February 14th
» Blood Type: B+
» Affiliation/Rank: Guardian of the 663rd layer of hell, The Rakshasa of Envy, The Guardian of Love

» True Appearance Written: In this form, Audrey carries an air of superiority without really meaning too. This has changed everyone's perceptions of how she looks and the type of person she is. Considered “pretty” or “cute” by the majority, Audrey uses this along with her other physical attributes to get what she wants. In terms of her body and it's natural shape, she has a tiny waist with a very unique hourglass figure. She’s got a faint six pack along with decently sized biceps but she will typically wear clothes to hide that. Her ribs protrude slightly from her skin and is often described as being rather “frail”. She also has about a c cup in terms of her breast size and even without her bra on they hold their shape very nicely. She stands at 5 foot 5 inches and yet is incredibly intimidating.

She’s got lengthy blond hair, but instead of the sun kissed strawberry blond color, it's a cooler more platinum/bleached blond. Her eyes shift colors and change between blue, soft pink, hot pink, and a bright brilliant ruby red. She’s got her sickly pale skin and dainty and graceful features . Despite the apparent beauty, upon closer or more intimate examination, this form she is far more intimidating than her shifter form. Everything from the way she walks, talks and even the way she stands is meant to cause as much unease and discomfort in those around her as possible. Meaning her eyes, even if they hold a shine, will typically be large, lifeless, and unnerving. She makes sure to play her creepiness in battle and on her layer.

Typically she tends to and prefers to wear “kink” focused clothing. Leather bodysuits, garter belts and thigh highs, hand cuffs, ankle cuffs, harnesses, etc. She has always been more than happy to give up comfort in exchange for style as she tends to be a bit more dramatic with her fashion choices, choices that are made with her flexibility in mind. Along with that she also has a wide variety of different themed outfits that have earned their place as her favorite outfits of all time and while Audrey is but “a simple and humble demon” she often can’t go without her fashion and clothes as she loves looking her best and having her ego stroked.

Body Mods
While no obvious piercings can be seen, Audrey has a combined total of 8. One on her tongue, both of her nipples as well as her earlobes, which also have two smaller gauges in them. And the final one is on her left ear, on the shell of her ear, which stays mostly hidden due to her longer blonde hair.

» True Appearance Picture:

Battle Outfits



» Personality: Audrey is a kind, sweet, innocent, gentle creature with immeasurable patience and kindness who sits and listens to you and all your problems and she also does everything she can to help!

Until you figure her game out.

Beneath her false, kind hearted persona is a blood thirsty, manipulative, evil creature with an abundance of spite and vengeful behavior. She’s petty, rude, and incredibly envious. Duh Being the Rakshasa of envy it takes little to no effort for her to become frustrated or angered by the smallest of situations. The moment she witnesses someone else receiving more praise, attention, admiration, or “love” than her, she tends to make said person her personal target, and sets out to “destroy” them. She is not afraid to play dirty as climbing the social ladder is something this demon succeeds at. Her natural charisma and deception make her incredible manipulative.

Short tempered with an abundance of unspoken insecurities, being friends with her can be a bit of a struggle.

Audrey Amor   The Rakshasa of Envy Tumblr_n2rt8qHsZV1rb06tgo1_500_zpsnneh8vnk

Audrey typically behaves in an incredibly possessive and protective manner, going out of her way to make loved ones happy, and keep their spirits high, so in the long run, they’re loyal to her. If others make a move in on her territory she becomes finicky and incredibly passive aggressive, often easy to anger and incredibly emotional. Often attempting to pick away at someone's self confidence so they stop pestering her. Despite this, she often has a hard time taking any form of criticism as in her eyes, her behavior is just, no matter how foul or backwards.

Despite her natural petty behavior, Audrey does put those she deems “worthy” above others, including herself. If able, she is sure to use her ability and natural instincts to read someone's intentions, personality, and mood and will often, politely try to steer her loves ones clear of danger by offering advice or sometimes, just bluntly bossing someone around. Nothing makes her more upset than when the people she loves fall prey to bad situations.

She loves love and romantic things be it platonic, romantic, or sexual in nature. All things love is her ball game and she worships the feelings and emotions of creatures in general. Making being her romantic partner a blessing and a curse. In that same ball park, she tends to be incredibly irrational, jumping down the throats of her lovers over incredibly small comments, typically over thinking or panicking if she doesn't hear just what she wants, be it true or not. She can be a bit immature at times but as long as you remain calm and talk through things with her she will do the same, and usually doesn’t jump to any drastic conclusions.

Audrey Amor   The Rakshasa of Envy Community_image_1426787899_zps6dtfhrzy

Despite her own issues they never slow her down on the battlefield as she is nothing short of astonishing. While fighting she loses herself, her natural sadistic nature coming out and keeping her from feeling small amounts of pain while her and her opponent exchange blows, the nature of battle somewhat of an aphrodisiac, it is where her mind is clear, her emotions rational, and where she shines the brightest. However despite enjoying the feeling of pain and dishing pain out, Audrey loves the spirit of the fight that much more. This applies to things on the battlefield and in the bedroom as well.

She prefers to play dominant as to not let anyone make her vulnerable. Thus, it keeps her from getting too attached, and keeps her feelings from being hurt. However, at her core, she a subservient submissive, taking the utmost joy in spending her time on others, waiting on them hand and foot. Displaying her love this way is how Audrey shows you she’s really taken a liking to you and is trusting of you. However, this commitment if made with someone, crosses into a territory that makes most people head in direct opposite direction from Audrey. She has a very “if I can’t have you no one can” mindset and will most likely try to fight you for the right to your affections and if not you, she is quick to go out and set any “competitors” in their place, and either (attempt to) kill them or leave their social life in shambles as Audrey is not above ruining every aspects of someone's life if they prove to be an obstacle or she dislikes them for any reason.

Her personal favorite trait about herself, is the fact that she owns her own shit. Killed a guy a few days ago and gets interrogated for it? She’s not holding any punches. She will lay everything on the table and is quick to go overboard on the details. She only lies when she has a plan, otherwise, she is typically up front, and brutal with things, never faltering in being absolutely honest with her emotions towards people, and the things she’s done. She is proud of herself, but will always do her best to do better and surpass others.

Audrey Amor   The Rakshasa of Envy Tumblr_mxclu7Enqf1sn41kxo1_500_zpstqea2snk



» History When Audrey was a human she lived a very typical life and not all that long ago. She was born into a mediocre family with average jobs in an average but small town. The weather was ridiculous extremes with warm, humid, hot summers and freezing winters. There were two schools, about a total of ten stores, and maybe only about three hundred residences. Her father spent his time abroad hopping from meeting place to meeting place, and earned about 60% of his family's income. Her mother worked from home and did her best to at least help out on the home front. She often cooked, cleaned and spent the remainder of her time gossiping with the neighbors and arguing and picking on Audrey.

Looking back on her childhood, Audrey would always get an incredible sense is distress. The lack of her father actually being there and her mother ignoring her but always reminding her of things that shouldn’t have mattered wore her down. In her youth Audrey spent most her time alone, and tended to keep to herself. Short, stout, but incredibly thin, her mother constantly reminded her of her beauty and often said things like “you’re going to make such a great wife someday”. In her life, Audrey floated through, never really knowing that she was the source of many girls petty jealousy. She often went out and picked flowers and would play by herself and that was how the majority of her socialization was. It was hard and pointless to her. When When approached by others her trust issues pushed them away so for the majority of her life she remained on her own. Despite that though, Audrey struggled with her envious emotions. When she felt ignored she would lose herself immediately, and wouldn’t be able to help blaming her misfortunes on someone else or in worse case scenarios, jeopardizing months of work spent trying to make and keep a friend.

As she “floated” through her primary school years, her parents wished for her to take on the house and stay and marry someone within the village, Audrey wanted more. Despite her parents constant protests she often went out of her way to make sure she looked out for herself, and only herself and that meant doing whatever she wanted, whenever she wanted. She would often spend her evenings surfing the web or watching hundreds of videos. She wanted the fame, fortune, and fashion that others had, and therefore, refused to obey her parents wishes.

Audrey was born in the age where technology had begun to make it's climb and she lived and breathed popularity. She was a city girl stuck in a small town with dreams that nobody could ever even hope to learn, The current living situation was the exact opposite of everything she’d ever wanted. That combined with her unrealistic beauty killed her chances of learning how to make friends and keep those relationships afloat for long enough for people to make a difference. So she just...never did.

Fast forward to the last year of high school. She has become incredibly well known all across the world. Her videos and simple babbling and constant updating of her multiple social platforms earned her a small cult following in the early days of technology. She is listening to all these plans the people around her are making...Even at a young age she saw better for herself so as soon as she was able, she packed up her few belongings and moved out to Tokyo, Japan. One of the world's cultural hubs and just as big of a city as she needed. She attended school online and spent the rest of her time working a retail job at one of her favorite clothing stores. Life was finally beginning to look up for her, until of course, it wasn’t.

She began to struggle to make ends meet after budget cuts hit the store hard, forcing them down to minimum wage, making her comfy, and lush apartment a bit out of her range. She turned to fast, speedy, pointless, and brief relationships looking for someone to help he continue to stay afloat and of and easy doesn’t always mean quality. She finally found someone who not only could take care of HER but could also allow her to lay in the lap of luxury all for a few simple exchanges. Low and behold, this relationship wasn’t the best. Her partner became aggressive and hurtful, often lashing out and wounding her physically. He talked her into stripping, working as an cam girl, as well as forcing her to work directly for him, following at his heels always at his beck and call.

Only a few months in, she was kicked to the curb, essentially replaced with a thinner, blonder substitute. Audrey found herself on the streets, begging for money, her bank accounts all closed, and her entire life had basically been put on hold. As she snuck around in the shadows, she watched her ex, waiting, plotting, planning. First, it was his girl, and she wiggled her way back in...then after a tragic death, she took over his financial obligations, his street gangs, his clubs, and his girls. Instead of following her dreams, she stuck around. Fine dining, bossing people around? It became her speciality.

She became a mob boss. She ruled gangs from Tokyo all the way to Kyoto. She traveled the world, spent her time with multiple different lovers but not once did she ever feel...happy. She found herself lashing out, becoming frustrated and short tempered as she realized that even with all the money in the world there were just some things that couldn’t have been bought...and that was her happiness. She started to slip. Her mind was consumed with figuring out how to have it all. She began killing for sport, and for money...and of course it wasn’t long until the law caught up to her.

She was tried for killing over eighty people in her lifetime and for gang activity. This resulted with her being sentenced to the death penalty. As she lay on her table, getting prepped for her stroll into hell, one last glance at those who had come to bear the witness of her death, it clicked to late, and as she stared at the faces of those who stared at her she bared her teeth.

“This isn’t fair...this wasn’t how my life was supposed to go… I was supposed to have it all...Fuck you all...fuck’s my turn…”

The next thing she felt, was breathing air into her lungs as she regained consciousness in her new found body, and her new found existence. She now spends her time bothering the other rakshasa and guarding her layer. Doing gymnastics, acrobatics, and of course, fighting and training. She takes her role as the rakshasa of envy seriously.

It wasn’t until she became the guardian of the 663rd layer that she meet Harley Quinn, her hell beast and technical servant. Audrey adores her slave as she is just as prone to falling victim to her madness, making for a great training partner and “caretaker”. The two decided to look after one another and have been inseparable ever since.



» Dāgī Tvacā Name: Nigai Koibito (苦い恋人) Bitter Lover

» Dāgī Tvacā Appearance: When activated, Audreys skin takes on an almost iridescent paper like texture. Instead of it falling from her body, it instead must be peeled or scratched off, which can happen as violently as she wishes, or, simply be done with one swift motion. To an outsider looking on, it is almost like watching her remove a mask or a costume. Once removed, all that’s left is whoever her opponent “loves” most. It can be a family member, a lover, an ex lover, whomever, even the dead. The process happens all over her body, which is why her outfits tend to be a bit “vulgar”. Once her skin has been peeled completely everything on her body takes on that person's appearance. (In what form does their Dāgī Tvacā appear? This can be a patch of reptilian skin, a large metal arm, anything that effects their outer appearance.)

» Dāgī Tvacā Release Appearance: The release appearance depends on the opponent. (What happens when your Rakshasa uses their Dāgī Tvacā? Does their tainted skin simply glow, or does it gain an effect like being entailed in death and blood? It's up to you.)

» Dāgī Tvacā Powers:
Diamond Skin

Physical Ability Copy

(What type of power or buff does your Dāgī Tvacā give you? For some, it can be a simple as an incredible speed/strength or even intelligence buff. For others it can be a weapon or a personal power)


Life Fibers
Instead of being made from the typical, mushy, organic stuff most rakshasa are typically made of, Audreys veins, nerves, and muscles are all one singular dense piece of thick/sturdy red thread. She has a heart, and she can bleed, but because of her “life fiber” wounds typically close a lot faster. The only weapons capable of slicing any of her body parts off are those infused with strong spiritual power. In terms of other ways to damage her easier and ignore the life fibers entirely, fire, electricity, and ice can have much more painful effects on her body as they interfere with the organic components of the thread.

Thanks to her thread if she can over the initial pain and get to her removed limbs quickly enough (within 2 posts) she can simply reattach them. She also has incredibly fast healing powers. For minor wounds it can take only 2-3 posts to head and as for life threatening wounds, if received in battle only need 7 posts to fully heal. If she can get away from the fight quickly enough after receiving one of these injuries and takes about a day's worth of rest, she’ll survive.

Mental Refitting
This ability is done using her finger tips. Audrey simply must focus and prick her fingertips (typically done with the hook ability she has) and then in turn she is able to direct her life fibers out through her fingertips and attach them to a “host”. Once attached, she taps into the person's nervous system, and uses painless pulses of spiritual energy to control the person's body. People with higher will are typically able to just ignore the pulses or only be affected for a short while. She also has the ability to use more painful pulses that can temporarily paralyze her victims however that typically only works on human opponents or those with weaker wills. However, even despite it's clear advantage in battle, Audrey doesn’t enjoy using such cheap tactics and prefers a much more hands on approach when battling.

Audrey has a large variety of weapons she uses in battle and because of this, most of her outfits are fitted with a small area (typically on the inside of the chest area or under her skirt, etc) in which acts as a limitless storage. She is able to use this space to store her swords, knives, needles, her parasol, and on one occasion, a rocket launcher. She typically keeps things small though as she prefers wearing ridiculous clothing ensembles. While there isn’t exactly a space limit, there is a weight limit. So pulling large things like cannons or LARGE rocket launchers would tire her out and slow her down before her opponent ever did. She prefers to keep the load small but in cases where she knows she’ll be fighting a stronger opponent she’ll typically train in advance so that she can carry more weapons.

Audrey Amor   The Rakshasa of Envy Tumblr_nallebKLpZ1qf2huro1_500_zpswsp37fci
This ability works hand in hand with her tainted skin ability but stands alone because it was an ability Audrey earned through her training. Typically, she only uses this ability on her arms and hands. Using her “skin texture” ability, she can form things like gloves, small hammers, knives, razors, and on multiple occasions has used this as a defense mechanism, covering her skin in multiple, microscopic razors. She can not grow excessively long limbs and in terms of other parts of her body, she is still learning to use this ability to it's full potential.

Audrey Amor   The Rakshasa of Envy Tumblr_nbxqcmP89q1sc66cvo1_500_zpso2riskne

Audrey also has the ability to summon duplicates of herself in battle. These clones are significantly less strong than she is, only able to take about two rough punches before vanishing. This is not where they come in handy though. While they may not be very strong, she has been seen to be able to summon hundreds at a time without really tiring herself out, it's once the numbers reach the thousands that she begins to feel the summoning take a toll on her body. If a clone manages to not take too much damage, it can last about 6 posts before vanishing or will vanish if Audrey takes a large amount of damage. If she were to summon just one or two other clones, these would be able to take anywhere from 10 hits to 50 hits and can last as long as 10 posts. The fewer the clones the stronger they are.

At the very tip of every single one of her fingers, is a small metal hook. This hook is used to prick her fingers and give her access to her life fiber. These can also be used as weapons all their own as they can cause small cuts to opponents.

» Natural Abilities:
Audreys mental instability has granted her an incredibly high pain tolerance. Instead of feeling pain, she simply feels excited, bordering on an almost erotic experience for her. This can be good and bad in fights as it allows her to fight worry free but when it comes to more life threatening injuries, she often can struggle with identifying when it's time to pull away and retreat which in the past has resulted in her having to spend an incredible of time healing.

Speed, Agility, and Reaction Time
Due to her training with her hell beast, Audrey has become incredibly bendy, reaching contortionist levels of flexibility in only the span of a few months. She can do incredible acrobatics and combines that with her incredible speed to really pack a punch. Speaking of speed, Audrey is incredibly fast. She is light on her feet, and can exert herself for hours. Her speed is also reflected in her reaction time, able to block/dodge a wide variety of attacks if her opponent is unable to keep up with her. Her natural abilities combined with her incredible physical power makes her an incredibly dangerous opponent.

Typical Fighting Style
Audrey will stand, and wait patiently, even granting for you to take the first move. She will then spend the next five minutes blocking and dodging, watching your rhythm, watching the way you breathe..and then use that, to find your openings and strike. Her unpredictable nature and need to simply just inflict pain upon those who dare fight her make battling with the Rakshasa of Envy an incredible challenge as she combines her contortionist knowledge with her flexibility and agility to spin around, do flips, cartwheels, whatever she needs to get the job done.

Her main weapon other than her scissor blade is a long, silky pink ribbon that is typically worn around her elbows, and behind her back, or around her neck. It always seems to be levitating as it has a large golden bell on the end of it that rings as Audrey moves. This bell is right underneath the actual handle for the ribbon as it doubles as a whip, or it is used to simply tie up opponents if she needs too. This weapon combined with her erratic fight style can make it a little hard to fight with her at a distance but if you’re able to find her opening, and rush her you will most likely be able to cause serious damage as wielding the ribbon leaves her vulnerable.

While with swords and weapons she's an incredible opponent, if you catch her off guard or prove to trip her up, you can do an insane amount of damage as hand to hand combat is not her strong suit.


Due to her incredible love of fashion, Audrey has become known for her incredible design abilities.

(What are some of the natural attributes and general things your character is capable of doing? This covers things such as intelligence, demon magic and their levels of strength/speed/agility, etcetera.)



» Sin/Deveta/Unique Abilities:
Envy Inducement
The ability to cause envy in others. Audrey can use nothing more than her natural charisma to induce jealousy and envious feelings in someone. It can be simple comments, comparing someone to someone else, pointing out how much more someone could be doing, or where one person is lacking compared to others. This ability goes hand in hand with her manipulation. Some of the largest limitations of this ability are somewhat straightforward. Effects can be overcome by compassion or generosity, meaning if she has begun to plant the seeds of envy, they can simply be ignored by someone with a strong enough will, or if a third party is able to “calm” the person down, or assist them to reach “rational thinking”.

Emotional Empowerment
The ability to gain strength from emotions. Particularly, envy, anger, hatred. All living creatures will most likely experience envy at one point or another. When Audrey is directly able to feel and harness her emotions, it acts somewhat as fuel to keep her going, especially in a fight.

(Envy) Manipulation
User can sense and manipulate the jealousy, enviousness and envy of people, animals and other creatures, whether increasing, decreasing, causing or otherwise chancing envy. This ability much like the envy inducement is very prone to being able to be quickly broken by stronger opponents.



» Naraka Jānavara name: Harlequin

» Naraka Jānavara Personality:
Much like her partner in crime, Harley is an absolutely loony individual.It is often a wonder she can have “casual” conversation with other people. She is one of the most intelligent psychopaths to ever come from hell and rocks that tag with pride. She adores Audrey and her attitude and often will do her best to please her friend.

She is a loving, supportive, and attention hungry individual with incredibly high standards and a weirdly optimistic outlook on life despite her coming from hell itself. This love of life comes from her particular brand of madness which has pushed her so far off the edge that, much like Audrey, her indifference became her. However, instead of being bitter and angry, Harley is a bright individual who cares for nearly everyone and everything. Don’t get confused. She will steal you blind in the blink of an eye and her selfishness is baffling. She rarely takes any time for anyone but herself and often only looks out for herself. However, It is not uncommon for Audrey and Harley to bump heads as Harley rarely “acts” or “behaves” like a demon at all as she can be incredibly sweet, nosy, and sympathetic, most of which Audrey simply can not comprehend.

Once let off the leash, Harley is a blood thirsty deviant with incredible fighting ability. She loses herself to the struggle, and gets completely taken over by the ecstasy producing pastime. Nothing makes her more wet than watching the life leave her opponent's eyes. She is incredibly skilled in combat and this makes her incredibly cocky and aloof, as she is confident and knows she’s more than capable of handling a challenge.

Combined with her naturally mother like instincts, she is one hell of a caretaker/slave and she enjoys what she does as well as she would rather not serve under anybody BUT her mistress.

» Naraka Jānavara Appearance:

» Merged with Rakshasa?: Harley is holding exactly half of Audreys power. Even at half power, Audrey is an absolute powerhouse. Giving Harley half of her ability and having her fight for her is almost even more dangerous as Harleys insanity has completely consumed her and it's almost unthinkable to imagine just how much stronger Harley could get.

» Naraka Jānavara Abilities:
Before Harley was sworn to Audrey as her hell beast, she went and made contracts of her own with an incredibly malevolent demon by the name Kira. Despite it's cute and incredibly misleading appearance, Kira is essentially, partially responsible for keeping the duo (Harley and Audrey) as mad as they are, acting as a sort of…”madness” amplifier. When summoned to battle, Kira fights alongside (maybe not ACTUALLY fights as this would be an obvious abuse of power?) Harley and Audrey, allowing them to dip into the darkest parts of themselves to bring out the best of their abilities. Much like Audrey though, Kira carries and incredibly suffocating aura around his being, often making many people who come around him feel either drained or unnecessarily uncomfortable or even push them towards emotional instability. When summoned, Kira is only able to be around for about 15 minutes in a physical form (1-3 posts) before vanishing once more.

Home Run!



(What sort of powers can your Naraka Janavara use? These can be basics things or indepth explanations, it's up to you. Note: those who hold a portion of their Rakshasa's power are likely to have more abilities



» Tukaṛā Saitāna Name: Hekai Megami [破壊女神]

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance:

» Tukaṛā Saitāna Powers:
While in this form, Audrey can then use all of Harleys abilities and vise versa. This ability is performed through the two of them “fusing”. Once their bodies merge successfully, it changes the entirety of the scenes around them but it only does this on their layer. If used out of their layer the only other noticeable change that occurs is Kira, for he too takes on a different form (black and white). The two of them are only able to hold this form for about an hour (outside of their layer)(about 10 posts?). When on their own layer, that one hour time limit can be pushed to several (about 15-20 posts).

Typically in a fight, this is when the two summon Kira. Once Kira is on the battlefield the two can take their combined insanity and send it out through Kira, causing an almost suffocating, dark, dirty, black aura to cover the battlefield. Plant life can die, snow can melt, and it causes an incredibly uneasy feeling to replace whatever “comfortable” feeling was felt before. With especially weak opponents, this ability can cause violent, vivid, angry hallucinations, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, and in some cases, this ability alone was enough to render their opponent pretty much useless. The stronger the will the less affected by the maddness your character will be. This ability lasts as long as the two remain in this form.

Physical Power Boost
In addition to their less obvious abilities, Audrey also gets an incredible physical power boost, bumping all of her stats up by x10. Meaning, her strength increases tenfold, she’s that much faster, and is even much more flexible.

This ability is only used on her layer, in the main area/battlefield. Her throne doubles as a small battle ship of sorts, outfitted with rocket launchers, machine guns, multiple cannons, and even a grenade launcher. Once she has activated this form, Audrey then “syncs” up with the cannon, using it to fire at her enemy while they roll and tumble about the field. She can also channel her spiritual energy to the cannons and fire large energy blasts from them.

Once in this form, she gains a few extra pieces of armor (around her arms, legs, and head) that are of a complex and incredibly rough material, making them almost unbreakable. No one has ever dented these pieces and it would take an outrageously sharp blade to pierce or slice through them. They are weak to ice and fire though, and if anyone packs enough force behind their punch they could eventually dent it but it hasn’t been done yet.

Advanced Shapeshifting
In this form, Audreys bone structure changes as well as the skin on her body. She is able to move and manipulate her body to have a rubber like texture. In this form, she can extend her limbs, make certain body parts bigger, and even shrink herself or grow ten times her normal size. Due to the time she is able to stay in this form, she is not above fighting the most of it as a giant if the space shes in allow it. This move cannot be performed on her own layer as she doesn't have the room to do so. This ability though is the most exhausting so it is typically used for dodging or allowing her more mobility by shifting her skeletal structure around.

In this form, in addition to all of Audreys weapons, the two summon a multitude of other weapons. One of which is a sleek, black, long bow. The bow has red/pink glowing accents along with a red thread for the string. This bow fires “energy” tipped arrows along with a few that Audrey created herself for this form alone. It has a 80% accuracy rate and can be fired from an incredible distance away as it can be “fired” using energy, almost like a gun(?)

(ribbon sword)

In this form in addition to the other weapons, they also summon a large shield that matches the other weapons summoned in this form. This shield is made from the same dense material as their armor, making it nearly unbreakable as well. This is a piece of equipment infused with their own energy, meaning it is incredibly hard to break.

An arcane form of magic developed purely through strength of voice, the Thu'um is a special kind of energy manipulation; calling upon powers by way of voice alone. An old language known as the "Dragon Tongue" (the only language Zexion remembers how to speak) is used to achieve this aim.

There is an extreme downside to this magic. The raw energy and extreme power of the magic corrupts the voice entirely, making the very vocal cords resonators for magic. Because of this, a mere whisper from Zexion would crumble a skyscraper to the ground. Since he is afraid to hurt anyone, Zexion has sworn himself as a mute, but he constantly practices in a specially made room that mutes sound and keeps his vocal cords from vibrating, so he can practice the techniques without the result. Each "Shout" has three stages. Whisper, Spoken, and Yelled. Each adds another word onto the incantation,and each makes the shout deadlier.


Zexion's words at just a whisper have the potential to crumble buildings from the sheer power and raw energy contained in his voice. This is the lowest and most basic level a Shout can fall under.


Zexion at a speaking tone is a force to be reckoned with as well. Any words spoken out above a whisper would register as a four or above on the Richter scale. This is a mid-level shout.


Yelling is a whole different matter entirely. A yelled "Shout" would break the richter scale, measuring a 14 or so. This type of shout has the potential to cause blocks to collapse, tsunamis to form, and skies to thunder from where Zexion is standing in all directions for state-sized distances or more.. Shouts at this level are extremely potent and potentially deadly to even stronger opponents.


(not sure yet?)

(Depending on your birth method, this may also influence their powers in this final form. What sort of powers do they gain by accessing this ascended state?)

» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Appearance: (When the Tukara Saitana is activated, the Hell Beast is also forced into a new ascended state. Whether fighting with them or not, it is a forced transformation that can only be activated by the Rakshasa)

» Naraka Janavara Tukaṛā Saitāna Abilities: (What abilities do your Hell Beast(s) gain during the Tukara Saitana?)


To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not feel your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. We will also do your will sheet for you upon grading your application.

Rakshasa Skills
  • Dāgī Tvacā Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Naraka Jānavara Control: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Astitva Ki Barhata: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Reality Warping: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Naraka Jānavara Skills
  • Demon Magic Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Rebirth Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Demon Magic: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Shadow Movement: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Akuma Kyōdo: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

DE Control
  • Semi-Immortal Capacity: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Breakdown Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Necromancy Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • DE Barrier: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • General Speed: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Strength: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Master/Advanced/Adept/Beginner


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The KFC of PH
The KFC of PH

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