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 Azura Kazrae [FINISHED]

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I. Basic Information

♦ Name: Azura Kazrae
♦ Alias': Golden Girl. Gold Spark.
♦ Age: A few months old.
♦ Gender: Female.
♦ Race: Demon.

♦ Affiliation: Herself and K-World.

True Form:

Shifter Form [Main]:

Shifter Form [Child]:

Shifter Form [Male]:

Shifter Form [Stealth]:

I. Personality

♦ Naive: Azura is noted to be quite naive by her peers. Since she was born only a few months ago that is to be expected to an extent. If not for the demon's ability to pass on information and gift their spawn with genetic knowledge at birth then Azura probably would be a lot more naive but she has isn't completely gullible or blind to the way things can be. She is actually quite perceptive, the issue is processing exactly what she is seeing and making a judgement on it.

♦ Curious: Despite the odd bit of ignorance she is a very open-minded and curious character. She has an eye for interesting things and people. Usually it's new things that interest her and so she is prone to be a scatterbrain as she darts from one thing to another. She does this with people too, unhealthy yes she is not above ditching a person for another person out of her own uncontrollable curiousity.

♦ Bold: Never one to back down from a dare or anything, short of a fight she's a very bold person that has a good amount of confidence in herself and doesn't feel very insecure at all. Perhaps it's not always a good thing when she gets herself into trouble but she's still pretty good right now so why would that matter until it pops up and then she'll deal with it. No Azura is happy to speak her mind and preach her opinion to anyone willing to listen whether it annoys you or not. You just have to hope she's not in the mood or you don't say something she wants to dispute.

♦ Jovial: Easy-going and casual. Her stance towards people make her easy to approach and get along with. She's very inviting and joking, although to the more stoic she might be a bit annoying and to the shy she might be a bit overbearing at times. That's just Azura though. She knows when to stop if someone asks her but life's just a big game to the young demon and she treats it that way.

♦ Pacifistic: Definitely not a fighter in any way shape or form. She inherited an adjustable state upon birth but as far as actually wanting to use it or fight? No thank you. She's a socialite and a demon that would rather talk than fight. You ever heard of that quote "make love not war"? That's the way Azura looks at things and as such she does anything in her power to run away and avoid conflicts. Live to fight another day, well minus the fighting part of course.

I. History

Azura was born a few months ago as the spawn of an unnamed demon. She never actually knew or met her mother. She was given the knowledge that she was given and that was it, it as a sense of abandonment she should've felt if it was normal but she didn't feel that way. It took her a few weeks to make sense of where she was, what she was and all the standard social parts about Demon World.

It wasn't that long before Azura figured out the hostility of demon world, deciding she did not want to stick around there she fled to earth where things seemed more civil and down to earth. She still saw conflict but it wasn't so much nor as accepted as it was in Demon World. That gave it a much more appealing and habitable look than her home world. Taking to China where there were the sleeping beasts themselves Azura found herself liking it. It wasn't Shadow Fall which she learned was basically just demon world on Earth but neither were they critical or skeptical of her because of what she was. K-World was an awesome place and so she stayed.

While never meeting this Kin fellow she likes the sound of him. His selflessness at wanting to grant everyone's wishes and make a perfect utopia. How could that not appeal to someone? She got settled into the empire's lands but not geographically. She spends her time wandering the landscape to explore K-World while figuring out what she should do with her life, but she has plenty of time, she's still very young and rushing through life is the least of her concerns.

I. Equipment


I. Natural Skills

0 | Summary
She is a young and inexperienced demon. Having a novice grasp on all her skills yet knowing what they do making her not completely ignorant to them. She doesn't have much combat experience but this doesn't mean she doesn't have skills in other areas.

1 | People Person
Azura has a good skill when it comes to connecting to people. She's sociable, tries to be nice to be around and is pretty good at it whether you're good, evil or anywhere in-between. She's a very open demon that doesn't let things get in the way of getting to know a person.

I. Racial Skills

1 | [Copied from the Demon Race Specs] Shadow Movement: This is what some MIGHT call the Demon's Answer to flash step: Shadow Movement. It allows them to move at quick burst of speeds on most occasions to allow them to travel very far distances in short amount of times, that is for certain. Though, this is where some similarities come to an end. Unlike most other races, Demon's get many nifty benefits then just Super Speed. Take this for example: from the seals on a demon's legs and feet that generate insane amounts of energy from all of the sources of power they collect; it will be able to give yourself temporary boost of intense speed called "Shadow Burst". Shadow Burst is a period of time where your demon will double their speed on average if they are at least adept. It will transition into how fast their attacks are created or launched, the demon's reaction time to increase the odds of evading, countering or noticing a person, object or anything else within a vicinity that has a prense in order to do something about it, it increases their mental awareness to more alert levels and it even goes into their natural powers.

For instance, one could use Shadow Burst together with The Art Of Demon Magic in order to create burst of accelerated healing in order correct injuries to your body at insane rates of speed during this period. Another example would be using Shadow Burst mixed with Za Koa in order to consume an area within it's presence much more quickly along with all of it's sub-abilities being accelerated. Finally, one last example would be for their special powers. For instance, if a demon could control fire they could generate, fire and reload it at double the speed they could before if they were adept. And, with that, that goes into their rates of speed in which they can perform these things.

If you were a beginner, you could only maintain this for one post only and would have a five post cooldown. Go to the next level and a demon will be able to double their strength, increase the amount they maintain this form to three posts and they typically only have a three post cooling period. Progress pass that to advance and a demon will be able to main this form for four post, triple their effects and will have about a two post cooldown. Along with that, at this level, they gain a new ability to Shadow Movement called "Force Speed" where they are able to effect the area around them on some levels. This includes being able to speed up objects, increase allying forces speed somewhat or even increasing the force of wind around them to do more critical damage.

From that point, if one should become a master in this, they will obtain a five post limit for how long they can maintain it, quadrupedal the effects and only have a one post cool down period. Additionally, the Force Speed technique they learned before will become much more widespread. Now, instead of the immediate area around their body, it will be able to effect more large scale areas. Take this for thought. A Demon who is a Master in Shadow Step will be able to generate vicious storms of gust that can cut through steel, and on a more extreme level, spiritual based attacks. This is something which could be used for offensive means by cutting up energy attacks, slashing down Kidō or even creating thousands of small burst of energy to cut right through some energy based moves. Lastly, the last thing they gain from having a master in Shadow Movement is that they have the power to suck the speed right out of some things. For instance, within a small field, a demon could zap the speed clear out of an attack to make themselves faster, their attacks faster or even break it down into energy to apply to other areas until it burns out in one post or two such as physical, spiritual or whatever else have you.

Lastly, and the more rare case, is Grand Master. If a demon should have possess a Grand Master in Shadow Movememnt, they will quintuple the effects of this move, they will have NO cool down period; they will simply rely on how much their body can tolerate and all effects before will be increased. Now, Force Speed has increased to the point where it is able to be performed on a devastating scale. It is no longer confined to a small fighting area or somewhat large area; it can expand upwards of two miles in some cases in order to form domes of Force Speed. Within this area, with their Force Speed, they can utterly decimate and destroy objects on a microscopic scale with it; rather it be physical, spiritual, natural or unnatural. Though, this gets harder to perform the larger you make it and makes a demon burn through more resources.

Additionally, at this point, they even gain a power known as "Phase Speed" where they generate an insane amount of Speed Force around their body that they are able to simply phase through solid and sometimes spiritual objects. For instance, a Demon Could use Phase Speed to simply fade through rocks, water, fire or even through the Earth itself until they reach the core of it. Along with that, if it's spiritual or energy wise, they can even phase through certain attacks if they are more powerful. So, to put this in prospective, if an energy attack didn't have enough force to rival a demon's power, they would use Phase Speed to simply blow pass it unharmed in some cases. Phase Speed can even be used to propel Demon's through Astral Planes, cause them to go through dimensional warps or even create their own small wormholes that can be used in combat to surprise an opponent.

Now, with those powers aside, the demon's gain one final benefit from Shadow Movement that is related in the origin of their name. Whenever a demon is placed within an area of darkness or shadow's, these skills will typically double in strength. They'll even have the ability to travel through a shadow world and come out of different shadow's throughout many different realms, worlds and universe's even on Master Levels. This makes it extremely hard to detect demon's in some instances if they figure out a way to bring out this shadow realm's presence to the field once they reach advanced level. Therefore, it is highly wise to never fight a demon at night as they can quickly gain the upper hand with this set of abilities.

2 | [Copied from the Demon Race Specs] Akuma Kyodo: Thanks to the full body seal most demon's have on their bodies from birth, Akuma Kyodo gives most Demon's a layer of defensive skin that is similar to an Arrancar's Hierro. This will be general defense, though if have a high Za Koa Skill, you can temporarily double your defense. Masters can do it for ten post, Advanced for seven, adept for four and beginners for two. All come with a three post cooldown. But that's where the similarities end, and the differences begin. What makes a demon's Akuma Kyodo: so different? Well, for instance, this layer of skin is not just applied physically like Arrancar's are or any other races natural defense. What makes a demon's defense stands out is that it applies to magic, spiritual attacks, their environments, how resistant they are to poisons or toxins and even how much their mental state improves.

You see, thanks to having so much magic being pumped into their bodies, their defense is MUCH more wide spread then any Shinigami, Arrancar or even Iramasha. Basically, the higher your defense is, the most attacks, barriers or ANYTHING in general; the more resilient you are to anything offensive being thrown at you. So a demon's Akuma Kyodo: is not something to scoff at, ignore or consider the same.

3 | [Copied from the Demon Race Specs] Body Manipulation: This is a natural ability that all demon's possess if they wish to activate it or perform it. Most Demon's have full control over every aspect of his physical make-up, able to stretch themselves to obtain insane heights such as being thirty foot tall, being able to change their skin color, having the ability to shape-shift into different people that they are able to remember and, on much more powerful levels, being able to even detach, generate or fuse body parts together in order to increase odds of surviving. Though, this does not occur until at least one tier, and even then it's weak compared to the 0 tier version.

Additionally, it can even be used for offensive or defensive purposes. For example, a demon can use Body Manipulation in order to generate a layer of steel-like skin around their body in order to increase their defense and block out outside sources from entering their body by clogging every pore on it. Or, for another instance, they could use it on the offensive side by hurling body parts at their opponent that are extremely hot and turn into acid blood, using their increased height to smash down on most opponents and the same may even apply for some more powerful demon's attacks; or finally, in an avoidance way, more powerful demon's could even control their body in order to be broken down into a liquid, wind or fire type form in order to gain more ways to escape or evade attacks.

There are more ways to use this ability, but it's all up to the user of it to figure out.

I. Unique Skills

She is able to alter her energy output to resonate on a different frequency for a period of time making it impossible to trace her za koa signature for three posts via traditional sensing unless a person has some special form of sensing that can reach into a much wider spectrum than any normal sensing trait.

I. Adjustable State

Summary: In a similar manner to her adaptive nature Rose's adjustable state is no difference. Albeit rarely seen because she tries to avoid combat by any means possible her form takes a hybrid stance by giving her access to a sword configuration and a gun configuration as well as a final sword overload stage which is considered her trump card if a fight is forced upon her.

1 | Name: Adaptive Stance

2 | Appearance:

Sword Configuration:

Gun Configuration:

Sword Configuration: Overload:

3 | Abilities: In her gun configuration Azura can fire her rifle with the strength scaling off her za koa skill. These little rounds hit like weaker black inferno blasts that her race possess. While in the future she could potentially develop techniques such as changing the type of effects the rounds have or spawning different firearms she is currently stuck with a very basic semi-automatic rifle with durability scaling off her own.

The second aspect is her sword configuration. Also being quite underwhelming at the moment due to a lack of experience with combat and her release form in general she doesn't really have much unique to this area yet other than doubling the strength of her physically and allowing her to fight for longer than her gun configuration due to the exertion of wielding her sword.

Overload: The only true ability she has at the moment is overload. This works by pouring all her energy reserves into her blade, causing it to crack and physically change her before firing off a powerful blast that drains her of all her stamina and leaves her passed out. The blast can shatter a few buildings before stopping and causes second degree burns to people on her level.

I. Skill Sheet

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved. Click the spoiler below to see what tier gets what kind of skills.)

Additional Note: The skill sheets, as of Saturday, February 10, 2018, have had small additions. There are new skills, and Master has been renamed to "Elite". Furthermore, Master is now the bridge in-between Elite and Grand Master.


General Skills
  • Durability: Undetermined.
  • General Speed: Undetermined.
  • Strength: Undetermined.
  • Weapon Skill: Undetermined.

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Undetermined.
  • Mental Deduction: Undetermined.
  • Pain Endurance: Undetermined.
  • Focus: Undetermined.

Racial Skills
  • Akuma Kyodo: Undetermined.
  • Za Koa Skill: Undetermined.
  • Shadow Movement: Undetermined.
  • Demon Magic: Undetermined.

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Azura Kazrae [FINISHED]
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