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Tue Nov 27, 2018 6:49 pm
It had been what felt like only yesterday that he met Hulderic, in the middle of Antarctica. Yet, here he was visiting a city created in the sky, far away from the original Vandenreich base, it was for the better. Cero stood up for the Quincy people, even had their blood flow through him, it was odd, however among them, he was extremely different in terms of blood, due to the fact that experiments that were never thought possible were attempted on him. But given, his new approach on life and its mysteries, that should be the least of his worries as he took steps towards the center of this city. He was wearing a casual set of clothes making him, look much more civilian than military or professional. A simple pair of jeans, matched with that of a plain grey shirt, something that he wasn’t sure how it would work but he wore it anyway. With the wind’s gentle breeze being felt every so often as he walked forward and looking around to take in the sights. It was always something he pondered, as to how this city was always kept in spectacular shape fitting of the name “City of Light”.

He would have to reach a conclusion to that another time though, as he was reaching his destination, and pondered for a moment who he might meet. He had made sure to send notices to the organization that he would be visiting to discuss some of his future plans, after all he has more than proven that while he no longer directly leads in the Vandenreich, he is on their side throughout the years. The response of getting word of his intentions were clear and he was welcomed into the city for such reasons, but it wasn’t clear, who would he be meeting with today. The dark-haired Hohl Arquero, entered the building to the sight of many going and comings of the facility, after all it was effectively also the governing body of this city. Trying to remember the flow of things the best that he can, he went up to the line, for general issues and/ or welcome center, to make his presence known. It was after such was done that Cero was informed that someone would be out to meet with him shortly, or he would be notified to meet them where ever they are currently present. Whichever worked best, to which Cero took it upon himself to currently wait in the lobby sitting long the small fountain they managed to build inside, catching the eyes of many, even though it is simple. A small smile, would be found upon his face the entire time should one notice him, something that Cero until recently, rarely showed.

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Wed Dec 12, 2018 12:55 am

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To be the Grandmaster of the Sternritter was not a responsibility that Cyrus had anticipated when he had come to Antarctica. He had promised to help his people, of course, and it was not a responsibility he was unhappy to take. Naturally he was qualified, of course, and the thought that this might be untrue scarcely even crossed his mind. No, it was simply something he had been ill-prepared for in his life as it were. He had needed to ensure that his estate back home would be taken care of, and naturally he would have to visit from time to time to check upon his people...

Ah, but he was getting distracted. Today there was an anomaly of the Quincy visiting the Vandenreich, one Cero Telca. One who was a fusion of Quincy and Hollow, something that was profoundly alien and, in Cyrus' eyes, just a touch appalling. Still, it was something unique, that the Reich could certainly use to its advantage, and with the current state of the Quincy, the Wise Lord was not going to simply look a gift horse in the mouth. Dressed in the very same outfit he had first met Angel in, which had quickly become his preferred attire for formal meetings, he stepped out to greet his guest, and gave Cero a bow as he approached.

"Cero Telca? Cyrus ast-Auramazda, Grandmaster of the Sternritter. It is an honor to meet you. I have heard much of your accomplishments."

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