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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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 Agdrene Karawan [APPROVED, 3-5; HAZARD RATING D]

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Agdrene Karawan [APPROVED, 3-5; HAZARD RATING D] Empty
Subject Post 1PostSubject: Agdrene Karawan [APPROVED, 3-5; HAZARD RATING D]   Agdrene Karawan [APPROVED, 3-5; HAZARD RATING D] EmptySat Jun 01, 2019 4:26 pm


Traditional Demon Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Agdrene Karawan
» Titles/Aliases: Andrien Everard (Alias)
» Age: 600
» Apparent Age: 35
» Gender: Male
» Affiliation/Rank: Shadowfall (Tentatively)

» Shifter Appearance Written: For a demon, it is important to have a form other than their true one. It allows them to easily integrate into the areas around them, keeping their nature hidden until they are ready for it to be revealed. While Agdrene has been known to take on dozens of appearances over the centuries, he has lately been forced to settle down to a single appearance.

This appearance is that of a human man. In fact, this is the very form he had before becoming a demon, albeit with a few changes. Whereas this form once carried the traits of black hair and blue eyes, now Agdrene's hair is a platinum blonde color, while his eyes are a rather bright red. As such, many people would make the assumption that he merely suffers from albinism.

Of course, even those people would be wary to approach him. He is a very wiry man, standing at five feet and eleven inches tall, with the bags under his eyes being very dark, and nearly perpetual. This drives home a fairly creepy aesthetic, one that is not broken by his typical choice in attire: Suits and other formal wear, tailored to fit. Of course, this is merely typical.

There is no real statement of what his sense of style is, as he has been known to wear essentially anything and everything that catches his interest in one way or another. This is representative of the aspect that possesses him most thoroughly: Change. Because of this, his appearance can be rather flexible. That being said, everything that has previously been described can be considered to be common enough to be his preferred appearance.

» Shifter Appearance Picture:

» True Appearance Written: Demons born from the transformation of humans are an odd sort. They tend to be more humanoid than most other demons, regardless of their powers or inherited traits. Agdrene is no exception to this rule. Standing at an even six feet tall, Agdrene's true form already would cut an imposing figure just from its silhouette alone. However, paying more attention will reveal more worrying things about this form. Firstly, Agdrene's fingernails are not nails. In fact, they appear to have more in common with talons or claws than they would with human fingernails.

Secondly, his arms seem to be absolutely covered in scales! A mutation that was a result of being turned by a very old demon, each of Agdrene's arms are covered in a layer of scales that start from the base of each finger, and run across the majority of his arms, ending in a layer of scale armor covering his chest. However, there is something that most people would notice while observing his scale covered arms. The wing like membranes that come out from each arm. This is the first trait he truly inherited from the demon that turned him.

Of course, as these are part of his body, Agdrene is capable of fully utilizing these membranes, along with the sharp, bone like spines that they connect to. They can be folded up to blend in perfectly with his scaled arms, or unfolded to give him an extra weapon, and an easier way to move through existing areas of the power he inherited. Finally, there are two additional features of his body that are worth mentioning. Firstly, we will start with the additional set of ears. These ears seem to be somewhat reminiscent of oversized panther ears..and yet, they have a distinctly demonic appearance to them. The benefits of these ears are unknown, but they are definitely an inherited trait. The final trait that we must talk about is Agdrene's tail.

The final trait he inherited, Agdrene's body in his true form sports a rather flexible and powerful, lizard like tail that starts at the small of his back, and is about four feet in length. The most notable part of this tail however, would be the spikes that Agdrene seems to be able to make pop in and out of the last two feet of his tail. As for the rest of his form, Agdrene looks far younger than he does in his shifter form, seemingly taking on the appearance of a man in his late teens, and maybe even early twenties, even sporting a more modern haircut as a result of it. As for his eyes and teeth though..they are rather demonic, with his eyes being a burning scarlet that glows quite brightly at night, and his teeth being notably pointed, and similar to the teeth of a carnivore. All in all, Agdrene's true form is an interesting, but intimidating sight to behold.

» True Appearance Picture:

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Not every demon is born of the demonic realm itself. Agdrene is one of the rare exceptions to the general origin of most normal demons, having once been a human, many centuries ago. Because of this, he initially comes off as far more stable than the stereotypical demon. He speaks very articulately, as would befit someone of such an old age. He is also very passionate about the things he cares about, but seems to not quite get to the point of being obsessive about the things he is passionate about yet. However, like every demon, he is possessed by something. Due to what he is possessed by, Adriene is a very flexible individual in all aspects. Morality, politically, even physically.

Perhaps this possession is what allows him to be as human as he is. He possesses so many traits that would normally be associated with a human. Aside from his passionate and articulate nature, he is very much an empathetic creature. However, he is not as constrained in his empathy as most people are. If Shadowfall can be described as Chaotic Evil, and the acts of demons before Shadowfall appeared could be described as Neutral Evil..then Adriene can be described as falling somewhere in the middle. He cares little for the concept of morality, but still has empathy. He submits to the hierarchy of shadowfall and demonkind, but is still fairly disobedient and comes off as disinterested in much of what the organization tries to do.

And yet, this organization is what allows him to indulge in what seems to be Hedonism. He is always chasing after some kind of new material gain, or some kind of personal satisfaction. Perhaps that is why he tolerates being part of it at all. The real answer as to why he is part of Shadowfall is really unknown. He keeps things rather close to the vest, but makes choices in a very erratic, impulsive manner. Looking at him as a whole, is it any wonder why the concept of change possesses him so?

I. Character History

» History In the grand scheme of things, six hundred years isn't too long of a time. At least, in the scope of spiritual beings. This can be considered to be doubly so in the case of demon kind. However, this is the case with the demon now known as Adriene Karawan. Born six hundred years ago in the year eighteen nineteen, Agdrene was born as a typical french man, having the name of Andrien Everard. Of course, the life that he experienced in his time among the living was nowhere near as interesting or supernatural than someone who was born more recently would have experienced. In his youth, things were run almost entirely through the logic of science, and the supernatural was dismissed as mere superstitions or myths.

Of course, this era was not exactly known for being all too peaceful or stable in Europe. Andrien grew up hearing quite a bit of stories from veterans of a fair number of wars, as he spent quite a bit of time wandering around, enjoying his childhood with friends. Growing up this way made him quite amenable to the idea of being drafted for the first war he was old enough to take part in: The Franco-Morrocan war of eighteen forty-four.

While he did enjoy the service of his country by being a soldier, he didn't exactly have any remarkable experiences. He served as any soldier would. However, unlike many of his fellows, who were all perfectly happy and eager to return home, Andrien felt different. He had seen things outside of the country he had grown up in. The change of scenery was almost exhilarating for the young man. As such, he found himself more than willing to continue being a soldier, which led to his cooperation in the far longer Franco-Tahitian war.

Unfortunately for Andrien, The Franco-Tahitian war was an entirely different problem when compared to the Franco-Moroccan war. In the latter, they had been brought to war by many actions from the Moroccans that were interpreted as hostility, The Franco-Tahitian war was a different beast altogether. On paper, it seemed just as ethical as the previous war. France's honor had been challenged by the eviction of two French Catholic missionaries, followed by violations of a treaty that they had willingly signed. However, many of the soldiers who were actually sent to the fortification to defend it quickly saw that this would not be a war that they could proudly tell stories of. If anything, this could only barely be described as a war. The first real battle of the war set the tone of this conflict.

The Battle of Mahaena. A battle that took place on April seventeenth. There were four hundred and forty one French Soldiers garrisoned in the area at the time. The enemy? A group of Tahitians that outnumbered them two to one..but had far less than they needed in terms of equipment. To call the ensuing battle one sided was an understatement. It was a massacre. Just like that, Andrien's view of being a soldier as being an honorable choice was shattered. The next three years only served to reinforce this, as the battles became strings of guerrilla warfare battles against the natives.

These years slowly began bleeding together in Andrien's mind, and by the time he had returned home, his entire worldview had been shattered. He began to slowly but surely suffer from many of the symptoms of what would now be called PTSD. He suffered from twisted, nightmarish versions of the events that he had witnessed in his sleep, leading to his attempts to avoid sleep as much as possible. Coffee became a main staple of his diet, being one of the only things he would drink for quite a long time.

Due to this combination of PTSD and sleep deprivation, he slowly but surely changed as a person, becoming far more jumpy and irritable, and generally just a far more violent and angry person. Due to this, the few friends he had made in his life began to pull away, eventually leaving him alone to his symptoms and nightmares. This was the case for the six years where France was no longer at war with anyone..and then The Crimean war began.

This was the beginning of the end for many soldiers of Andrien's age. They were of course, called back to the front lines if they had not risen in the ranks. Unfortunately, this was the case for Andrien. His death was nowhere near any kind of amazing, death or glory type of battle. He was killed in the line of duty. A single bullet to the head. A statistic. One of nearly nine thousand. And yet..his life continued. Not as a human. But as a spirit, tied to the home that had been essentially his prison.

He spent the next several decades merely observing the world around his home from the now broken windows, his footsteps sending clouds of thick dust up to swirl through the air as the world moved on without him. In a was intriguing. He had never questioned what things would be like after his death. But living as a spirit tied to a building that had served to keep so many of his demons locked away? It was both a torturous experience, and an interesting change in his point of view.

Alas, no soul can persist in its original form forever. Eventually, Andrene's chain of fate degraded fully over the course of fifty years. The pain was immense for each cycle, but it lasted for a very short time, in the grand scheme. Unfortunately, the final encroachment was the most painful, and ate through the final five links of his relatively long chain. The process was both an immense pain coming from his chest, along with an even deeper pain running through his body as his very bones changed in shape and size. He had become a hollow. His mask was something of a haunting symbol: That of the skull of a raven. And his form wasn't dissimilar.

And just like any other hollow, he left the spot of his transformation, and began to feed. He started small, picking off weaker, straggling spirits. Where he lingered, small flocks of fellow ravens gathered. Over the course of another ten years, he worked his way up to picking off still living humans. He had been hesitant at first not because of any perceived weakness..but because he had only been feeding as was absolutely needed to keep himself focused on the world around him.

Sure, he had changed immensely..but the world around him seemed to be changing at a far faster pace. Many things that he recognized still quickly became completely foreign to him. He had been a soldier, and had worked his fair share of firearms..but he found himself suddenly lost upon seeing the more modern firearms of the day. This pattern continued itself for several more decades, even leading to him leaving France at the turn of the century.

For about fifty years, Andrien wandered Europe. But his existence was different from that of most hollows. His curiosity about the changing world outweighed his hunger..and as such, it never grew. HE never grew. He merely observed the world around him, acting as more of a scavenger, feeding off of the dead and dying until the nineteen thirties. That was when time had finally caught up to his antics, and he was one day defeated rather quickly by a low ranking shinigami. However..his soul did not get to move on to the afterlife. Instead, he felt the earth shaking beneath his feet as he found himself unable to turn around. The gates of hell had formed behind his newly reformed human soul. The last thing he remembered of the human world was the sight of the sky, and an immense pain as his chest was pierced by some kind of massive blade.

Eventually, Andrien opened his eyes..and found himself in the middle of a complete and utter hellscape. Once again, Andrien found himself to be completely and utterly alone, as it seemed. He wandered the hellscape that he was forced to call home for what at first was weeks..then months..then years. Then he stopped trying to keep track. Time seemed to be irrelevant, as he had found nothing but the wailing souls of those who were trapped here with him..but never saw anyone else. It filled him with a massive sense of wanderlust.

Unfortunately, it could not be fulfilled. The hellscape he was trapped in was a seemingly never ending plain of sand and fire. The only thing that kept him from losing his mind were inane observations about things that seemed out of place, and his own memories of the places he had visited and seen up until then.

Eventually, he did indeed run into someone else. But something about the person he ran into Was it simply the fact that Andrien hadn't seen anyone in the unknown amount of time that he had been here? Perhaps. always, curiosity, and a change in what he had come to accept as his permanent scenery drove him to walk up to the man. What he found when he got closer was intriguing, to say the least.

The man was old. Immensely so. He looked to be almost completely blind and deaf. And yet, he knew when Andrien had approached. He was rather confused as he was called out as being a 'rather tenacious one, aren't you?'. This got the lost man, who was at the edge of insanity from his extended period of loneliness to finally open his mouth, for the first time in what felt like decades. And what he found out was..interesting, to say the least.

As it turned out, his own thought on the endless desert plain he had found himself in being a hellscape was not inaccurate. He was quickly informed that, like so many others, he had ended up in hell after his death, due to some kind of event in life. He was also told what year it was: Twenty Two Nineteen. He had been in this plane of endless sand and screams for nearly two hundred and ninety years. His new companion claimed that this was immensely rare, and that most people who were taken here were driven to insanity within the first few years, inevitably becoming another member of the screaming choir as their consciousness faded, leaving them to announce their anguish to the entirety of this level of hell.

Eventually, their discussion led towards the rest of the afterlife..and his companion revealed that there was a way out of hell. That one need not be stuck in it for eternity. However..the way was not exactly a pleasant option. If he wanted to leave Hell, and ever have a chance to see new things, and keep his sanity..he would need to become a demon, like the man he had been speaking to was. However, he was not forced to give his answer immediately.

The demon he had spoken to was rather understanding of humanity, and their reluctance towards demonkind, especially given the religions that many souls of his age. So, he was given one week to think things over. If he had not made up his mind, then the Demon would move down another layer, and would continue his search.

Now, while many men who had grown up in Andrien's time were as devout as could be, his own faith had been shaken time and time again by everything he had experienced. The slaughter at Mahaena. His years of horrific, ungodly nightmares. The sudden grip of death. His time observing the world as it changed after his death. However, he still held on to his faith in some minor degree. It took almost the entire week for him to make his decision. But finally, the morning of his final day of deliberation arrived, and he had made his choice.

The demon he spoke to seemed to be rather happy with the decision that Andrien had reached on his own. As such, he proceeded to explain the steps that would be taken, but not before he introduced himself. The demon was named Xaren Karawan. The sole Karawan of his generation. As a result of his age, his power had waned. So unlike many demons who would sire other beings while in their prime, Xaren and Andrien would need to take on a three step ritual, rather than a two step ritual.

First came the bonded contract. This was done easily enough, as Andrien had given his verbal consent, and shook hands with Xaren to symbolize the forging of a formal contract. The next part was far more difficult. They had to sit and meditate for three days while Xaren gathered the energy needed to place Andrien under his influence. At the end of these three days, Xaren had reached the peak of his power

As such, he produced a small goblet before dropping the form of a decrepit old man..only to reveal a form that looked like a hybrid of a human, bat, and panther. His fingernails were now pitch black claws, his eyes were bright red. Atop his head were a pair of massive ears that were reminiscent of that of a panther, but with the hair atop his head and the fur of his ears being a very bright silver.

He placed the goblet down on the sandy ground before them, and raised his arm, slicing into his wrist with a fingertip, allowing his blood to slowly fill about less than a quarter of the goblet before the wound closed on its own, and held the glass out, telling Andrien to drink as he took the final step. The reasoning behind this was quite simple, actually.

Due to his inherent weakness, it took both the energy he was giving on his own, and the inherent energy within his blood to achieve the same result that a stronger demon would have been able to achieve with just one of the two methods. So, Andrien trusted the man, and drained the glass. As the last drop of blood slid down his throat, he felt his chest tighten as the twin methods worked together to change his body. Unlike his guardian, Andrien's skin turned into scales along his arms. His fingernails blackened and grew into the same kind of talons as his guardian had.

Instead of gaining wings on his back however, his arms gained smaller, fin like wings sprouted from his arms, with the connective bones being surprisingly sharp. Andrien's body became physical again as a result of all of these changes of course, but the metaphorical clock rewound, making his physical body that of a young adult. Like every newly converted demon, it took Andrien some time to get used to his new form and powers. It took about another two months for Andrien and Xaren to fully recover from this twin ritual.

After that, Xaren and Andrien left Hell, and Andrien was exposed to the Demon Realm. For the next ten years, Andrien and his guardian worked together so that Andrien could learn at least the basics of how his own abilities worked, and what abilities all demons held. Unfortunately..after the tenth year, Xaren finally passed away. The act of transforming Andrien had proven to be too much, even with the act of splitting the ritual into both the ritual itself, and the act of consuming his blood.

For quite some time, Andrien could really only mourn the loss of the man who had taken him away from the hellscape that he had been trapped in for so long. Eventually, he became a tentative member of shadowfall after watching the goings on of the demon realm for the next thirty years after Xaren passed. During that time, he abandoned his Human name, only allowing himself to remember what he once was by the shifter form he took on to be able to freely move through the world of the living. He has slowly been learning more of his own abilities in the past one hundred and fifty years, while tentatively continuing to work for Shadowfall.

I. Equipment

» Equipment:

Frénésie: Many demons prefer to fight bare handed, or with some kind of natural weapon that their true form has granted them. However, Agdrene has always been more comfortable in a battle with a weapon in hand. However, most conventional weapons are too fragile to be handled by demons without breaking. The solution to this problem turned out to be rather simple. Carve a weapon from the very bones that make up your own body. Frénésie is a result of that line of thought. A dagger made from a bone that once was placed in the middle of the fins on the right arm of his true form, Frénésie is perhaps Agdrene's 'best friend' when it comes to combat.

With that in mind, Agdrene has paid close attention to the way that weapons have changed in their design from his own time, up until modern times. With that in mind, this bone has been carved in such a way that it resembles a sort of hybrid between the fighting knives of his time, and the more modern knives. Thus, Frénésie features a surprisingly short handle in comparison to the blade's length. A very archetypal French way of designing knives at the time. However, unlike previous fighting knives which were centered around stabbing, Frénésie is capable of both slashing and stabbing, due to being carved in the fashion of a spear-point bladed knife. This strange hybrid allows for Agdrene to fluidly switch from one method of gripping the weapon to another.

Due to being made of his own bone, this weapon shares its durability with Agdrene himself, and retains its connection to his Za Koa Core, allowing him to essentially turn the weapon into energy when not needed. Should it break, he can reforge it. This act takes two posts to bring back Frénésie at its full durability. Should he remake it with only a single post, the durability of this weapon will be halved, and if it breaks again, he will be unable to attempt to reforge it for another two posts, leaving him essentially without a weapon.

I. Natural Abilities & Skills

» Natural Abilities:

Échelles de Acier: Working alongside Arrancar can lead to an interesting take on the abilities and features that one is born with. Years of keen observation allowed Agdrene to notice something interesting about many arrancar. They had no fear of being hit. Many of them would fight in ways that kept their stances full of holes that one could exploit. And yet, he noticed the same thing every time someone did exploit one of these holes. Their weapon would not cut, pierce, or bash against their body in the way that they should. Almost as if their skin was layered with steel in many cases. A simple look inwards at his own, true form created a rather intriguing idea. He was gifted with scales, which were already rather hard. As well as being gifted with the ability to change his body.

A simple combination of the idea of the ability of the arrancar around him, along with the abilities he was gifted with led to an entirely new creation. Échelles de Acier. Scales of Steel. Instead of merely being an ability that hardens his skin, this ability focuses around bringing forth and enhancing a trait he was 'born' with. When active, this ability allows Agdrene to stimulate rapid growth of his scales to cover any part of his body that he deems to need an extra line of protection. Of course, activating this ability in his Shifter Form causes the scales themselves to appear on said form. However, this is instant.

Due to being based off of the Hierro of an Arrancar, this ability shares the same traits as the Hierro ability, and uses the same levels of scaling and durability. However, it is not entirely it's own, new ability. Due to being derived from a naturally occurring trait of his body that is enhanced by the ability to augment and change his body, this skill is tied to Possessive Augment, and scales at a 1:1 ratio in terms of usage and durability. However, due to the nature of this ability, Agdrene is incapable of utilizing the regenerative aspect of Possessive Augment without dismissing this ability first.

Échelles de Acier Skills

Untrained: At this level, Agdrene's scales are only as durable as his skin, making them a purely aesthetic option, rather than a true boost to his durability. To gain any real boost, he would need to have a ranking of beginner or above in this skill. Uniquely, this is the only rank in which he can regenerate while this skill is active, due to it's general uselessness.

Beginner: Having a beginner in Échelles de Acier is where the effects really become visible. At this point, Agdrene's scales become more durable than his skin, and are able to be spread throughout his entire body. At this level, these scales have the durability of a single layer of defenses, and they are represented as such. So this ability can be thought of as giving Agdrene a single layer of armor to protect against attacks. Being on the higher end of the tier spectrum opens the possibility of potentially enhancing the durability of these scales further with his energy to make the most out of this skill.

Adept: Upon reaching the adept level of Échelles de Acier, Agdrene is able to have the durability of two layers of defensive scales around his body to help minimize the damage done to him. This means he will be able to otherwise deal with blunt force trauma better, but it's still no ace in the hole as far as being an absolute tank. As it can be considered as having a two times augment boost if his general durability is brought into question. Being on the higher tier end of the spectrum may allow for more usage out of this skill if he is able to sacrifice his vast volume of energy to help enhance these two layers of armor around him.

Advanced: The Advanced level of Échelles de Acier grants Agdrene's scales the durability three layers of armor to otherwise endure attacks better. So one can think of this as a three times augment boost to this base durability, as it is meant to compliment it. At this point, he is able to somewhat customize these scales by affecting them with his Possessive Powers, along with being able to pinpoint them to a certain location in his body (I.e. redirecting these scales to your chest if you know an opponent is going to stab you) and so on and so forth.

Elite: At this point, Échelles de Acier will have the durability of four layers of armor. At this level, Agdrene is capable of coating both the inside and outside of their body. This will make him a troublesome opponent to deal with if his durability has any sort of high level to it because of how much damage his body can sustain. Since it is akin to having durability stack up and be enhanced with all the layers of defense pumping up their durability.

Master: Upon reaching near complete mastery of this skill, Agdrene has almost complete control over the multiple layers of armor which now engulfs both his internal and external body. At this level, the scales will be as durable as having five layers of skin protecting him from harm on top of their regular durability. So easily harming him becomes a nightmare and sometimes unconventional methods may be needed to take them down.

Grandmaster: At the grandmaster level of Échelles de Acier, Agdrene is in near absolute control of the durability and defenses of his scales. They will be as potent as having six layers of armor coating his skin--making him an unfathomable force to deal with on the battlefield as he is essentially a walking tank. It will take precise tactics to otherwise put a dent in their armor and you will have to be rather thorough in getting through their numerous layers of defense or finding alternative ways to otherwise bring down Agdrene at this point.

"Master" Knife Fighter: The life of a soldier is full of memorization of the use of many different weapons. In life, Agdrene showed the most promise with the use of knives and daggers. He is able to switch from one style of fighting with a knife to another with the fluidity of a true master, and is known for his particular method of fighting with his knife being very fast, and nearly surgical in its precision. Even over five hundred years after his death, this skill has not waned. In fact, becoming a demon seems to have enhanced his skill, as his own upper limits have increased vastly over what they once were as a human.

Known Demonic Magic Spells:

Name: Marée abyssale (Abysmal Tide)
Type: Offensive
Prayer: Voici les eaux fétides de Za Koa. (Behold, the foul waters of Zoa Koa.)
Effects: This spell only requires a moderate amount of energy to cast. Upon finishing the prayer, the user points a finger at the desired location--much as if they were going to cast Necroflame Shot. A small, sickly blue, spherical light will begin to glow in the selected area for 3 seconds, After the three seconds are up, the light shall explode in a powerful blast of blue, haze-like energy, the blast usually spanning 12 feet in diameter. But that is now all. A torrent of pitch black water will suddenly begin to spew from this haze in every direction, each spout creating a smaller spout of water where initial contact is made. The blast radius, as well as the quantity of waterspouts shot out can increase with more energy.

Notes:The sensation given off by the water and explosions are not of cold or heat, but of something similar to acid burn, as this corrupt water is highly acidic in nature. This spell can effect the user, if close enough. The time used to cast this spell can be halved if the entire prayer is said in English, but this removes the original waterspout's capability to create more waterspouts.

Name: Pêcheur des Abysses (Angler of the Abyss)
Type: Summoning
Prayer: Oh, Touketsu, fais sortir la vie de l'abîme. (Oh, Touketsu, bring forth life from the abyss.)
Effects: After stating the prayer, the user's body becomes cloaked in a shimmering black shadow, from which two Anglers of The Abyss swim out of before proceeding to swim in lazy circles around the user. Each Angler can only be given the order to swim in a single direction upon intial summoning. The Angler that is sent is determined by which hand is used to point. The first angler to appear will always be tied to the user's left hand, while the second angler to appear is always tied to the right hand. Upon being directed to swim in a direction, the Angler stops before tearing through the air in the given direction, causing the air around itself to ripple and flow around itself as if it were water.

Upon reaching sixty feet away from the user, each Angler will vanish. These anglers can have their direction changed once by stating the phrase Turn, and then pointing the hand that the angler is tied to in a different direction. While swimming, each angler is capable of taking a single hit from an attack or spell of equal potency to the user's Demonic Magic skill. Any more hits after this will result in the Angler's death. While swimming, these creatures will seemingly effortlessly burrow through any normal substance that is put in their way, and explode upon making contact with a living being, dealing moderate damage.

Name: Poids des Abysses (Weight of the abyss)
Type: Defensive
Prayer: Za Koa, laissez le poids de vos océans me protéger. (Za Koa, let the weight of your oceans protect me.)
Effects: Upon finishing the prayer of this spell, the user raises their dominant arm in front of them, causing a rather large amount of abyssal water to emanate from their hand, covering the area in front of them in a half dome 'tent', which scales to the size of the caster to cover their entire front effectively.This dome is forced into keeping its shape by an unseen weight that turns this dome of water from being a liquid substance into a seemingly solid substance. This dome can take a moderate amount of damage before the water evaporates and the spell ends.

I. Possessive Powers

» Possessive Powers:

Possessive Theme: Alteration

Possessive Power - Change: The idea of change is something that has always been a source of intrigue for Agdrene. As a human, he was a soldier. But the acts of a soldier weren't what kept him going. It was the fact that he was able to wander and see so many new things, so many changes in scenery and culture. This fascination with change has followed his soul for the full six hundred years that it has existed.

On the surface, this power seems rather simple, given its name. However, the fact of the matter is that the strength of this power lies in its nearly endless applications. At the moment, Agdrene has only truly mastered three applications of this power. However, for now he is only able to use two aspects of this possessive power simultaneously.

The most commonly seen path that this power takes on is Agdrene's ability to change the terrain around himself into whatever shape or form he wishes. This ability can be applied to inorganic material the most easily, allowing him to shape it to his desire, and even change the material to something completely different--even if that change would result in the state of matter being changed.

A simple example of changing a material into a different one with the same state of matter would be changing bone into steel, or shifting the ground around him to become a field of jagged spikes. An example of changing a substance into a different state of matter would be something like turning concrete into oxygen. In a sense, Agdrene is capable of changing the odds to be constantly stacked in his favor through use of this power, as it can affect everything within the range of his possessive influence.

This can be applied to organic materials with some difficulty, with the exception of other player characters unless permission has been given to do so out of character. Currently, usage of this ability has a cooldown of two posts, as it is the most basic application of his possessive power. And usage of this ability against a player character has a cooldown of four posts.

The second aspect of this power that Agdrene has truly mastered is the ability to control the flow of energy that is sent his way. While this can primarily be used to cause an energy based attack to 'flow' around or away from him--without being able to direct it back towards an opponent just yet--it can also be used to cause the energy of the attack to flow in an unstable way that short circuits the attack, and causes it to self destruct early. Should he make physical contact with an opponent, this can be applied directly to their internal energy, causing it to become erratic and uncontrollable for a short time. This ability is resisted by Willpower vs Focus. Should the opponent's will be higher than Agdrene's focus by a single tier, the duration of this ability is cut in half. Any higher of a difference, and this application will outright not work. For every tier below Agdrene's focus that the opponent's Willpower is at though, it adds a single extra post.

Redirection of the flow of energy that has been sent away from an opponent has a cooldown of one post, while short circuiting a player character's internal energy has a duration of one post, and a cooldown of three posts. It should also be noted that Agdrene can not redirect the flow of energy from an attack that is outright more powerful than his maximum level of strength.

The final ability that Agdrene has truly mastered of this power is a rather creative ability, which stems from the first ability he mastered. Instead of using his power of change to completely turn a material into a wholly different one, he can instead extend his possessive energy into the material to grant it the properties of a different one. A very simple example of this would be extending his energy into a blade to give its metal the properties of paper, making it far less deadly, and far easier to destroy. This ability has a duration and cooldown of three posts.

However, there are a few abilities that Agdrene has at least grasped the basics of that fall under the purview of this power. While he has not mastered these abilities, they can certainly be used with a reasonable amount of success.

The first of these abilities is the power to change the location of both himself, and everything within half of the range of his possessive influence. Currently, it is easiest to apply this power in changing his own location, essentially warping space to create a short ranged teleportation effect.

However, this can be applied with great risk to the attacks of an opponent, warping the area around him to redirect an attack to miss. More often than not however, this ability only leads to attacks grazing him, rather than completely missing. Should this ability be used to move Agdrene to a new location, he must wait for four posts before he can use it again. Should it be used to force an attack to miss however, he must wait for five posts before it can be done again.

The second ability that he has at least grasped the basics of is extending the power of change into an opponent to change the way they perceive things. Currently, he can affect only the five senses for a very short amount of time, such as taking away someone's sight for a single post. Due to the highly unpracticed and experimental nature of this application, the effects can only last for a single post, and suffers from a cooldown of three posts. This is an ability that scales off of Focus vs Willpower. As such, if the opponent has a higher Focus stat than Agdrene's Willpower stat by a single tier or higher, this ability outright will not work.

Inherited Possessive Power - Water: The element of change. While he is capable of exerting the same amount of control over water as he is over the concept of change, this possessive power does not truly belong to Agdrene. In fact, it was one of the many things he inherited upon becoming a demon. As such, he is very knowledgeable in using the ambient water around himself as a weapon, even without using his demonic magic--which is all intrinsically tied to this power. As such, he is capable of freely manipulating the moisture in the air to suit his needs.

But even this power is connected to his possessive theme of Alteration. While at first glance, this would seem to be a lie, there is some truth to the matter. Aside from the very building blocks of having power over water, Agdrene has one ability that he has purely mastered. Even in the absence of moisture in the air around him, he is capable of creating water. By extending his possessive influence into the area around him, he is capable of altering the atomic structure of any normal substance in order to create water. The amount of water that can be created can range anywhere from ten gallons to twenty four gallons, but over time, this power will certainly get better. Currently, this ability has a cooldown of two posts.

However, it should be noted that there is a distinct difference between the water that is under Adgrene's control, and water that is not. When put under his influence, water becomes pitch black in color, almost as if it was polluted to the point of no return. More so than change, this is the element that is most closely tied to his demonic magic skill, and many of its uses are tied into the use of spells. In truth, this element is completely tied to his origins as a demon, rather than his origins before being turned.

As such, this element is far more afflicted by his emotional state than his primary power is. Depending on his emotions, the ambient water that he manipulates will fluctuate in temperature to the extremes. If used in a state of anger, the water carries the same burning capabilities as fire, as well as being inherently acidic. In a normal state of mind, it merely has the acidic, corrosive qualities of dark water.

However, it is when Agdrene enters a state of apathy or sadness that this water takes on a truly interesting quality. It loses its acidity and color entirely, becoming completely transparent and clear. However, this belies a truly dangerous power, as the water he controls or generates becomes absolutely freezing upon contact, to the point of being able to encase entire limbs in ice in mere seconds.

I. Possessive Drive

» Possessive Drive Name: Possessive Drive Stage One: La Moitié D'un Démon (Half of A Demon)

» Possessive Drive Appearance: In this stage of his possessive drive, Agdrene's power of change takes hold of his body, shifting it partially into what he believes to be the embodiment of change: Humanity. As with all steps of this possessive drive, his shifter appearance becomes the form of this Possessive Drive. However, true to the name, it only has half of the traits that have been changed upon his transformation are present. In this stage, Agdrene's hair is the only thing that changes, taking on a more salt and pepper style as his hair becomes darker, with even his platinum blonde hair taking on a grey color as the majority of his hair becomes black. Other than this change, this stage of his possessive drive is remarkable in just how unremarkable it is.

» Possessive Drive Benefits:

Improved Abilities:

Simultaneous Power Usage: While in this stage of his possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of using three aspects of his powers at once, rather than two.

Terrain Change: While within this possessive drive, Agdrene can extend his power to change and morph the terrain around him at a range of 3/2 (Or 1.5 times) the range of his possessive influence. The changes he makes to organic material are now as varied as his abilities to change inorganic material. As such, changing inorganic or organic material to something else has a cooldown of a single post while within this possessive drive, and approved changes to a player character have a cooldown of two posts.

Energy Redirection/Shorting: While within this possessive drive, Agdrene's power over change is heavily boosted. As such, he is now capable of directing any energy sent at him back towards the original caster with an arc not dissimilar to that of a thrown boomerang. No matter the direction, the redirected energy follows an elliptical curve back towards its point of origin. Of course, this can still only be applied to attacks sent his way that are not outright stronger than he is.

Along with this, his skill with short circuiting the energy of attacks has increased massively, allowing him to cause an energy based attack to backfire in the middle of its use, instead of being forced to wait until the attack is sent away from the opponent to do so. Should he make contact with the opponent in this form as well, he can more easily short circuit their energy, adding a single post to the duration and cooldown of this ability.

Property Manipulation: While in this possessive Drive, Agdrene is capable of adding one extra property to an object, adding an extra post to the cooldown and duration.

Location Changing/Altering: While in this possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of warping the location of things within the full range of his possessive influence, rather than half.

Sense Changing: While in this possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of changing an opponent's perception of things to create minor illusions, such as preventing their sense of vision from registering his presence for single post bursts. Doing this much however, adds another post to the cooldown.

New Abilities:

*Drive Power - Revers de la Médaille (Other Side of the Coin): This ability is one that Agdrene himself has no control over. A side effect of being so thoroughly filled with the concept of his power of change, anyone who is within the reach of Agdrene's possessive influence will find that their powers--be it a Zanpakuto Release, a Resureccion, what have you--have been flipped to the exact opposite of what they originally were. A flip to the other side of the coin, if you will. The duration of this change only lasts for as long as Agdrene can remain within this form, making any change brought upon by this power temporary at best.

*Note: This power requires consent from other players to go into effect. Should consent not be given, this power will be treated as if it does not exist.

» Possessive Drive Drawbacks:

Only Half a Demon: While within this Possessive Drive, Agdrene has no access to the skill Échelles de Acier.

Half a Human: While within this Possessive Drive, Agdrene has no access to Demonic Magic.

» Possessive Drive Name: Possessive Drive: Roi De La Mer Souillée (King of the Tainted Seas)

» Possessive Drive Appearance Picture:

» Possessive Drive Appearance: There are two sides to every coin. For Agdrene's particular coin, this is apparent by the very nature of his two possessive drives. When possessed by his own power, Agdrene takes on a form that is progressively more human, locking him out of more and more of his demonic abilities while enhancing his power to change and alter things. This possessive drive is the opposite. While within this possessive drive, Agdrene submits himself fully to the possessive influence of dark, demonic water. As such, he takes on a more cruel personality, as well as a far more regal, yet demonic appearance. What were once scales become more akin to a suit of armor fused with his skin, along with a 'mask' around each side of his jawline that flares out into fins of sorts. This mask is made of the same material as his scales, but takes on more of an oceanic color scheme, as does the rest of his body.

» Possessive Drive Benefits:

Enhanced Abilities:

Enhanced Spells: While within this possessive drive, all of Agdrene's spells go up one level in terms of potency and effectiveness.

Enhanced Water Creation: While within this possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of more efficiently creating water around himself, increasing the lowest limit to twenty four gallons, and his highest limit to forty eight gallons. This increase is subject to change as he gains more skill and confidence in his demonic powers.

Enhanced Échelles de Acier: While within this possessive drive, Échelles de Acier acts as if it was one level higher than what it is outside of this transformation. However, this does not allow the skill to surpass grandmaster.

New Abilities:

Tainted Steam Manipulation: While within this possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of generating and manipulating large volumes of steam that carries the same taint as his water, leading to the steam corroding and burning whatever it settles on that is not Agdrene himself.

Tainted Ice Manipulation: While within this possessive drive, Agdrene is capable of generating and manipulating moderate amounts of ice that carries the same taint as his water. This ability is most commonly used to enhance his defensive or offensive capabilities, but is very potent on its own.

Pressure Manipulation: A simple application of his watery theme, Agdrene is capable of increasing the air pressure of the area within his possessive influence to be as heavy as it would be at the bottom of the ocean. As such, this increases the pressure that everyone aside from Agdrene feels by a factor of about one hundred and fifty, making it harder to move for most foes, and outright crushing very weak foes.

I. Skill Sheet


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Demon Skills
  • Za Koa Core: Adept
  • Posessive Magic: Beginner
  • Possessive Augment: Adept
  • Possessive Influence: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

I. Roleplay Sample

» Role Play Sample: (Show us what you got by posting a sample of how you roleplay. Any previous thread or new material is accepted!)


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Quote :
Possessive Theme: Alteration

The only thing here that needs some adjustment is the short circuiting on contact. It would need some way to resist it based on skills or what have you.

Quote :
Sense Changing

Like the previous ability, this should have some form of resistability, whether that be based on Willpower, Mental Deduction, etc.
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Fixed. Each ability now scales off of Willpower vs Focus and Focus vs Willpower respectively.
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Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in [X]
  • RP Sample Present [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Hazard Ranks
  • Power: C
  • Influence: D
  • Resources: D

Tier: 3-5
Hazard Rating: D
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