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Sun Jan 31, 2021 10:10 pm


There was a significant memory that existed in the mind of the Unconquered Sun - Midori; a memory that resided in Africa. It was the memory of when she boldly proclaimed herself as the wicked soul of remorselessness, where she aimed to exact revenge against a world she wholeheartedly felt had wronged her. Reflecting on such a fact now, it seemed somewhat comical that her aim was thwarted by the flame of resolution - Ulv.

To be certain, she once despised the woman but she was the same person who ultimately put the pieces together to lead her onto a noble path once more. Of course, Midori knew she would never be as noble as a so-called hero of justice but she would do things the right way. She would never again wear the name of the Remorseless. It was a crown that weighed heavily on her conscious and one that never truly suited her to begin with.

Walking through the plains of Omo Valley, Midori took a deep breath and laid against a rock by the river.


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