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Sun Mar 28, 2021 6:51 pm
Date for the Divine [Arcadia, Cyrus] - Page 4 Arcadia444


She bit her lip a little bit, it was a little jarring how different this form was in comparison to the one she knew. Arcadia didn't protest though, he was after all far beyond her and his demeanour was less forgiving than Cyrus. Her steadfast nature, no her arrogance refused to say this was a mistake though. This was the best possible route to her goals, though a glance at Cyrus did make her hesitate. It would be a lie to say she wasn't fond of him on some level. She couldn't really explain it though.

"Of course, your esteemed holiness."

Arcadia walked away, towards the figure of Cyrus and gave his prone form her attention. Did he regret what he had done? If he had known the consequences, would that have changed his mind? His selflessness bothered her, it was so inhuman. She scooped him up nonetheless and gave an expressionless look towards the figure of Ahura Mazda.

Why did she feel uneasy in his presence? She had never felt this way around Cyrus before. Arcadia followed along wordlessly though, back to the place she had called home with the man in her arms.


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