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Sat Mar 27, 2021 1:23 pm
Iota has gotten so used to the garbage smell of the demon realm that she's forgotten the scent of clear air. Unfortunately, she was still going to have to wait as the smell of the sea stung the inside of her nose. Being back on Earth was an odd feeling though, one that she could get used to.

Today was special, something that she didn't expect to happen but realistically there were few reasons that it wouldn't. A few days ago Iota had written a letter to nobody but the mastermind behind her people's demise only a mere year ago. Most of the others would have held a grudge of some sort, but due to Iota's special circumstances, she couldn't really care less. The only thing she has against them is that they didn't work faster, because if they did maybe she wouldn't have died. If she was capable, she would have forgiven them by now. A shame really. Anyways, in this letter, she more notified the powers that be rather than ask that she was going to be arriving in the City of Light in hopes of meeting some of their people. This was clearly written to be a diplomatic mission but Iota was also curious to meet the rest of the races, not as the enemy but as a friend. Since the third world war, there has been a negative stigma around demons which Iota couldn't fault people for having, but one of the goals of the rebranding and distancing from Shadowfall was to start on a new slate and make new allies. And perhaps new enemies as well.

At the current moment, the Founder had no idea where the fuck she was going. She sent a letter and the only one that she received back was a confirmation with a date and time, in which she was currently an hour and a half early. Even busy women are able to make time for diplomatic meetings, however, the most glaring issue was that she had no idea where the actual meeting was taking place so once she portaled outside of the city and was allowed in Iota was left to her own devices. It was roughly midday and she hadn't eaten, so perhaps a stroll was in order.

A little sightseeing couldn't hurt, right?


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