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Wed Sep 22, 2021 5:30 am

Uriel Sancroix | Commando

It was rare for Uriel Sancroix to call a full meeting between branches, let along bring his coordinators to bare for one operation. The nature of his administration often dictated concurrent operations running, preventing a unified command. However, pressing details had been brought to light regarding a potential threat. The word was dispatched to key personnel in the Vandenreich requesting support from both Albedochiffren and Sternritters. While it was true Todgestalten preferred to keep things on a need to know, and their movements secret, this would require help.

So those who filed into one of the many offices of the Todgestalten, they would have been varied twice over via I.D. and an exclusive list of pre-approved people. Uriel had requested the names and I.D. far in advance whoever the other branches saw fit to send. The large table which housed their seats, and a single manila folder holding information, was centered in the middle of the room. The Administrator would be standing at his full nearly seven foot height, wearing his combat gear. Which consisted of the black cape acting as his Letz Stil activator, and BDUs which housed two hand-guns carried on a chest holster.

"Thank you for coming today, consider everything spoke here classified to anyone outside this room. We have credible intelligence of multiple splinter cell groups of previous Vandenreich affiliations, operating with alarming activity. These cells, all with their own leadership and motives, usually operate independently to avoid detection. However, it appears something is up. Across secure channels, we keep seeing movement indicating something big in the works." Uriel would press a button on a remote, a projector activating on the table. It would begin to show various details and datas about the factions, including key personnel.

A number of the faces displayed, had Xs on them. Uriel's people had been busy.

"Normally, I'd keep this contained to my people. But we've word of an imminent attack, within the next few hours to days. Worse yet, it's believed to be in France, whom share a very close relationship with Vastime. I don't need to remind anyone of the politics involved here. This could get real messy, and ugly, very quickly." His eyes would pour over the room. "My people are going to launch a pre-emptive strike, to neutralize this threat before it comes to fruition. I need the Albedochiffren to handle the politics of this, smooth our presence being there. And if things get messy, handle damage control. Sternritters, if this becomes a full blown conflict- we're going to need your support."

Uriel pauses, allowing people to review the documents and raise any questions.

"The finer details of the operations are located in your respective documents. The operational timeline for this is moving fast, meaning we need to be ready to move at a moment's notice. I'll take any questions, now." His hands would come to rest behind his back, the giant of the Todgestalten looming over the table with palpable tension. For those whom new Uriel outside of work, this methodical nature seemed buried beneath his usually passion. It was clear, this operation walked a fine moral line between what some might call right and wrong.

"Ah, one last thing. These groups have taken to calling themselves: Neuer Zweck. Or new purpose."


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