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Mon Feb 07, 2022 2:39 pm
[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard E] Al'in mir Azizi TBIsH4w


Basic Information

○ Name: Al'in mir Azizi
○ Other Names:
Al'īn-e Kamāngīr (Al'in the Archer)
Āraš Reborn (Arash Reborn)
○ Age: 21
○ Birthday: July 24
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Quincy

○ Affiliation: Unaffiliated

○ Alignment: Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual___________

○ Height: 5'9"
○ Weight: Adequate
○ Hair Colour: Dark Brown
○ Eye Colour: Green

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard E] Al'in mir Azizi 4jROqEb

Psychological Analysis
Relentless: Definitively Al'in's most defining trait is his unflinching resolve to keep going forwards, to retry a challenge that he had previously failed, to struggle. Life did not give him the start that it did others who he now finds himself alongside, and he has fought tooth and nail for every single one of his achievements. Every arrow striking true is because a dozen went astray, every spell performed successfully is because it was failed thrice before. Whilst he scarcely remembers a childhood of luxury, he remembers what fate it won him and his greatest motivation is to avoid falling back into those old pitfalls. Since then, there is no challenge he has not overcome eventually.

Inspiring: Al'in firstly does not consider himself a heroic figure, not because he aspires to reach such lofty heights but rather because he was conditioned to avoid being a hero from when he was a child. To help those around you should not require a tag to be branded upon you or rewards heaped at your feet. Despite this, he is the first one to rally those around him in times of strife and others are drawn to this presence like moths to a flame. He is not humble, and knows well his greatest deeds and victories, but they are tales to raise people up from the dirt to go beyond their limits rather than excuses to gloat of his triumph.

Inquisitive: Ever since he was a baby, Al'in was curious about the world around him and the things that inhabited it. This curiosity has often led him off the beaten path and headfirst into danger, but he does not mind the risk if there is the potential to tread his own path. He is a man who asks questions first, probing at the nature of events to try and comprehend them for himself, before accepting that which he can see with his eyes alone.

Unrefined: A desert nomad for almost all of his life, Al'in is not a figure of particular tact or understanding of the customs of those outside his immediate station. Only in his most recent years has he ventured beyond the deserts he calls home and out into the wider world, and most of that time was spent fighting against the forces of evil rather than understanding social nuances. He does not go out of his way to be disrespectful and understands well enough that he is a cultural outlier, but sometimes his tribal nature will slip out and he will make a strange gesture or speak out of turn.


Born into the royal family of a distant kingdom deep within the deserts of the east, a Princeling was born as the latest of a great brood. He was cherished and worshipped, wanting for nothing, and thus quickly grew accustomed to such a life. It was an idyllic time, and yet all had not been revealed to the young Prince. His family were descendants of an ancient bloodline, inheritors to the forgotten knowledge of the art of killing Hollows. The Prince wanted nothing to do with this foolishness, for why would he wish to stray from his perfect life in the safety of the palace?

The Prince's father had other plans, though, and condemned him to either learning the ways of the Quincy or heading into exile. His training was slow and laborious, nothing came easily to the child who had known only luxury, and yet the intensity of the lessons only increased. He did not want to disappoint his family by failing them, and yet everything was so impossibly hard that it was as if higher powers themselves did not deem her worthy. Thus he became well acquainted with struggling, doing his utmost just to scrape by.

It was not enough, though. It never could have been enough. And he was struck down by a hollow beast whilst still more a boy than a man. His family grieved and then they moved on, as would become their custom, and thus the Prince's story ended.

Or did it?

Years later, Al'in awoke in the middle of the desert. His body was similar but different, like his soul had been lying dormant waiting for this moment when stars collided. He had only the faintest of memories of his past and no idea where or who he truly was. He knew his name, Al'in mir Azizi, and he could tell that he possessed spiritual capabilities, but that was the limit of his mind. It was a truly fortuitous twist of fate that led him to the camp of a tribe of desert-dwelling people, they took him in and taught him the ways of the desert. Raised him better than his family ever had. And slowly those memories began to return.

He remembered how much he had struggled to perform basic Quincy tasks, yet now there was this warmth within him that comforted his mind and steadied his hand. Suddenly, he was capable of that which he never had been before. And so he trained and trained, for years on end with nothing to guide him but his memories of hardships endured and the comforting presence of the tribe that had adopted him. It was slow progress, arduous even by the standards he had once been held to, but Al'in was undaunted now. He had found the motivation that his life had once lacked, and slowly those dreams of the palaces and the opulence slipped beyond his recollection. He still remembered his family, those faces would never fade, so he vowed to become worthy of being called their brother once more before he sought them out.

In the time since he could last recall, the deserts had become plagued with foul beings. His tribe were aware of these spirits, which Al'in did find somewhat peculiar, but only he could truly combat them. He was their protector now after they had given so much to him it was the least he could do, and so he dedicated his life to them until they no longer had need of him. What he did notice was that he did not age as they did, a generation of nomads had passed by and he was unchanged. Perhaps it was the pure Quincy blood running through his veins, or something else that had happened during his return, but it did not cause his resolve to falter.

News eventually reached even into the desert that this was a conflict on a global scale. A worldwide war. Al'in did wonder if his family were out there fighting in his stead, but he could not leave these people undefended still. And so he would begin to teach the nomads his ways, it was a slow process and it was not achievable within another generation, but slowly they did begin to learn as he had. It was hard, he wondered if this was how his father had felt watching his children go out to face the monsters and return less than had departed, but it was a necessary duty. He would not be around forever, even if he had been around for far longer than any of them, and thus they needed to be able to stand in his stead.

Eventually, the time finally came for him to leave the desert and go fulfil his promise. Departing from the nomads after countless years, they bestowed upon him with title Āraš after the archer of legend and bid him safe travels.

Following the trail of his memories, Al'in returned to the palace that he could barely remember and was greeted by a graveyard. His family was gone, they had long since been gone, and all that remained was their legacy. So he let that den of misery fall to ruin and then continued to find his own path. There was a whole nation of Quincy out there now when he had previously known only five, so he would offer them his bow and make right the wrongs of his past.


The Archer: Descended from an ancient bloodline of Quincy, it might have been said that Al'in was fated to wield the bow from the moment he was born. This was not the case. He struggled for years and years, working his body to its very limits and then pushing even further beyond, and was never anything special. It was only after losing everything that he found himself again, when the golden light entered his being and granted him a power that he had previously lacked.

From that moment onwards, he was no longer simply Al'in, he was Al'in the Archer and the feats he could perform with a bow were said to be that of legend by his people. With Surkh-setâre in hand, it was said he could shoot further than any other man in his tribe by such distance that it was no longer a contest. He could pierce through even the hardiest of materials. He could fire with such precision that he could strike a moving target unerringly at a range of several hundred metres. These claims were, of course, only folktales. But Al'in's proficiency with bows is still impressive in its own right and the mark of a man that has dedicated his life to such a craft.

Unrelenting Force: Al'in's study of archery was not merely physical, he has read countless texts and treatises to study their tactics and the manner in which archers would conduct themselves during battle. From this, he modelled his body into the bowman that he desired to be and struggled against the restrictions of his form to make that into a reality. His style is thus one of single-minded drive to strike his foes with the most power that can be managed in any one instant and trust in that to overcome any defences that a target might possess.

Spiritually Hypersensitive: The sands might once have been a place where few monsters roamed, but ever since the Third World War they have been plagued by monsters and bandits. Often these are spiritual creatures, and they will take any opportunity to catch unsuspecting travellers unaware. More so than any average Quincy, Al'in's spiritual senses are finely tuned to detecting even the subtlest of changes in the local area. It would require exceptional stealth capabilities to fully get the drop on him from anywhere closer than the limits of his eyesight.

Child of the Sands: Having spent much of his life roaming the deserts as a nomad, Al'in's survival skills are second to none in high-heat conditions. What might be a death sentence to the uninitiated is trivial, should be become lost and have to fend for himself.


Name: Surkh-setâre (Brightstar)

Appearance: Surkh-setâre takes the form of an exceptionally large great bow, the core of the bow is pure white in colour but decorated with a golden inlay that wraps around the handle to form the grip and then runs through to the extremities of both limbs. When it fires, one can hear a noise akin to the hum of a distant shooting star tearing across the sky.

Abilities: Having trained for most of his life to master every aspect of Surkh-setâre, it is a sacred weapon in Al'in's hand that tries to live up to its luminous namesake that illuminates every arrow fired with a vibrant hue. There are two different techniques carried within the bow that were taught to Al'in when he was a child and have been honed over the years since.

  • Mithra: The strength of self, the belief that one arrow can change the world if it is infused with the strength of all its peers. Though the rate of fire at which Surkh-setâre can manage is drastically lower than an average Spirit Weapon, the power behind each shot is considerably greater than those of lesser weapons. The hardest technique for Al'in to master, as it required him to forsake the strength of his comrades and instead channel his inner selfishness until it could be properly externalised. Of course, using this technique comes with the weakness of being unable to use traditional mass-volley tactics one might take against a horde of enemies, but there is a saying that goes: "To strike with a thousand weak blows is to be indignant, better to strike once with the force of a thousand.".

  • Shahmat: Inverse to Mithra, which focuses on strength of self, Shahmat is a selfless power and Al'in must carefully balance those two attributes of himself to be fully efficient in their usage. By focusing upon the energy within Surkh-setâre, he can break down and distribute this power to his comrades to reinforce their next attacks. In lieu of attacking himself, Al'in can choose to donate his power to any allies currently within ten feet. This will reinforce their abilities with a buff for up to four posts at the cost of depriving him of his weapon, after which the power will return to eventually reform Surkh-setâre once more. Essentially, this allows any affected allies to consider any of their Quincy Racial skills to be one level higher than they currently are, up to Elite provided that they are lower than Al'in's own for the duration of the ability. This process deprives Al'in of his Spirit Weapon for the duration until the power has been returned, which takes another full post beyond the duration, though he can still move and attack by other means.

    Eg. For a generic Quincy with all Adept Racial Skills, were Al'in to affect them with Shahmat then the Quincy's Steigen and Kreuzen skill would increase by one level. The other skills would not increase, as they are equal to Al'in's current skill level.

QUINCY: Letzt Stil

Name: Tir-i-Bihisht (Arrow of Heaven)

Appearance: The final release process begins with Al'in's Sanrei Glove being reduced to dust whilst still on his hand. This dust is quickly scattered to the wind as reishi from the local area is absorbed with gluttonous hunger. All the while, the centre of his Spirit Weapon glows brighter and brighter with radiant light, as the tip of the knocked arrow becomes encased in such holy fire like a beacon against the darkness.

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard E] Al'in mir Azizi OEse1pn

Summary: Gathering up all of the reishi in the local area, at the cost of his Sanrei Glove, Al'in prepares to unleash a single great attack that will contain all of his current energy and more. Every moment spent charging the arrow only increases its power exponentially, until the point of release when he can bear it not a moment longer.

Once Al'in activates Letzt Stil, he can no longer make traditional attacks with his Spirit Weapon as it becomes fully consumed by absorbing all the surrounding energy until it can be contained no more. For every post spent accumulating reishi without attacking, the power bonus of Al'in's Letzt Stil doubles starting from the base value. This can last up to the maximum duration of the Letzt Stil. As an additional caveat, Al'in can feed his own potency into the weapon to allow it to charge even longer. By reducing his Durability, Strength, and Speed to Untrained for the remainder of the thread following the attack, Al'in can extend the duration of his Letzt Stil by one more post and thus double the power of the attack again. Regardless, once the arrow is fired, the Letzt Stil state ends.

Eg. With Advanced Kreuzen, Al'in can shoot the arrow after one post for a 500% boost, two posts for a 1000% boost, or three posts for a 2000% boost at the cost of crippling his physical attributes for the remainder of the thread.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Elite

Racial Skills
  • Blut: Adept
  • Gebet: Adept
  • Kreuzen: Advanced
  • Steigen: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Elite
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Advanced

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If you have any concerns reach out to me and they can be discussed in more depth.

Don't forget to claim your FCs and positions.

Initial Check:
Final Check:

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Reworked Shahmat to be a more traditional buff.

'Clarified' history.
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