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And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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Mon Sep 26, 2022 12:30 pm
Klein [Arrancar 4-1] [Hazard Rating: E] EeSphaL


Basic Information

○ Name: Klein
○ Alias: Sandscream
○ Age: 44
○ Gender: Male
○ Race: Arrancar (Cazador)

○ Affiliation: N/A.

○ Alignment: Neutral Evil
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Hueco Mundo
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
○ Ideal Type: Tall, Strong and Milkable
○ Special Skill: Counting by 3s.

○ Height: 4’2"
○ Weight: Slender
○ Hair Colour: Blonde
○ Eye Colour: Gold

○ Aspect of Death: Deprivation.
○ Estigma: Corners of eyes.
○ Former Hollow Type: Adjuchas
○ Hollow Hole: Navel.
○ Mask Fragment: Fangs over canine teeth.

Klein [Arrancar 4-1] [Hazard Rating: E] VUObwEO

Psychological Analysis
In a word; “nuisance.” Klein is an exceptionally overconfident, loud, brash individual. He thinks extremely highly of himself, but not necessarily because he has any particular traits worth thinking highly of. He's a coward, a two-faced liar, and above all, an entirely self-interested shrimp who will do anything and everything to make sure that he stays alive. It’s because of this self-preservation instinct that Klein has cultivated a nature as something of a kiss-ass, doing anything and everything to ingratiate himself with others and get them to fight in his stead.

However, just because Klein survives by way of underhanded tactics, that doesn’t mean he’s just a good for nothing slimeball with no other talents. He’s genuinely intelligent when he needs to be, and he’s capable of planning fairly far in advance for the sake of his own interests. What those interests are tends to vary wildly based on his mood, but once he’s set his sights on something and begun planning for it, he tends to put an unreasonable amount of thought into ensuring that it gets done. He’s also a quick learner, though that tends to simply be on account of the fact that he needs to be if he wants to adapt to any given person around him and make them into an ally of his for later.

In his personal life, Klein’s behavior will vary at least a touch based on who he’s interacting with, but there is one thing that can be said with fairly little doubt: Klein is decidedly something of a lech, a man with an eye for beautiful women and who will do quite a great deal to ensure that he spends time in their presence. He isn’t above taking advantage of his appearance for this, and will gladly utilize his childish features to earn a warm embrace in a woman’s bosom.


○ Safira Aldrovandi: If you asked Klein what his relationship with Safira is, he would say that he greatly respects a woman of her power and accomplishment, and that any Arrancar would dream of comparing to her. This is technically true, and he knows quite well that working for her is a good way to ensure some degree of safety for himself. However, the reality of the situation is that he spends most of his time getting on her good side not as a self-preservation tactic, but because he finds her very, very attractive, and would very much like to sleep with her. If she weren’t so hot, he wouldn’t put half as much work into appeasing her.


In the laboratories of the former 8th Espada, it can be said that there were countless experiments that were seen only half through, whether because the man personally lost interest in them or because he perished before they were completed. The Arrancar known only as Klein is one of the latter examples, an Arrancar who was created from the ground up with a singular purpose as a creation; to exist as an answer to the Quincy. While the Arrancar are in many ways able to match the abilities of the Shinigami by becoming more like them, the same cannot be applied when Quincy are brought into play. Their nature as hunters of Hollow-kind, and their ability to fight from range by utilizing the energy around them, makes them an entirely different sort of threat, and one that the vast majority of Arrancar are ill-equipped to handle.

For that reason, the Cazador project was conceptualized. Following on the basic principle that lesser Hollows in Hueco Mundo simply feed on the ambient energy of the realm, rather than hunting, the Cazador project was intended to fully embrace this otherwise inconsequential technique, bringing it to its fullest potential and, ideally, creating a more highly evolved Hollow that could match the Quincy every bit as well as it could match the Shinigami. This experiment was certainly promising, but unfortunately, was also rather long-term in its scope. The defeat of Aizen’s Espada meant that there was no one to oversee those Hollows who had already been experimented upon, and many of them slew one another before escaping into the sands once more.

Of those Hollows, however, one did not bother to fight his fellow experiments. He was smaller than the rest, and had earned a little nickname from his creator in reference to the race he was meant to replicate: Klein. What mattered to Klein was not supremacy, but only survival. When the opportunity arose to flee, he took it at the first opportunity, and he simply wandered the sands drawing in more and more power with each passing day. It attracted attention from other Hollows, who could sense that this one in particular would be an exceptional foe and an even greater meal, but the experimental Hollow cut through them all without even moving. He didn’t need to, when the energy surrounding him simply did what he required to defeat them.

Eventually, the energy he’d coalesced reached a breaking point. His face began to hurt, and a primal need overcame him. It felt as though his energy was about to explode from within him, and with one motion, Klein tore off the mask that was keeping it inside. What happened to him then could be called fortunate or unfortunate, depending on one’s perspective. Unlike many Arrancar, his energy did not suddenly grow all the more powerful. Klein did not become a paragon of Hollow power as so many other Arrancar do. However, what had instead happened was that the barrier between his own energy, and that of the realm outside, had been radically cut down. He did not need to simply crawl about, sucking in whatever he could. It took barely even a flick of his wrist to feel the energy answer his command, and his wanderings became more cheerful, more purposeful.

He could remember a few memories of his times in that wretched place, but they were few and far between. The name he’d been given, pictures of plans and vague mentions of other experiments. He didn’t know what most of them meant, and even the majority of the images he could recall meant little to him. But, really, he couldn’t say he cared much, either, and he let those memories fall by the wayside. He looked toward those few vestiges of civilization in Hueco Mundo, and what he found wasn’t fellow Hollows, but something else entirely. Demons, they called themselves. Did he really care all that much? No, not especially. But they were strong. Their position in Hueco Mundo had been decided by strength, and Klein ingratiated himself into their ranks simply by being slippery. Recon was easy, and he often found himself the only survivor of a hard-fought battle. Many considered his tactics exemplary, but that was entirely because their only account of events was Klein’s own retelling. In fact, he tended to sacrifice his allies on the battlefield at the first sign that he might survive better without them. It wasn’t as if they mattered to him, after all. They weren’t Klein.

But even the demons eventually found themselves pushed out of Hueco Mundo, and when it was clear that their time was coming to a close, Klein did the natural thing, and betrayed them without any hesitation. He slew several who had come to trust him, and immediately went to report this to the Arrancar who had been fighting against their demon oppressors. Klein’s tale of espionage and intrigue, of living within the demon ranks for years while subverting their efforts and taking down their warriors, won him a good deal of trust, particularly as he had, indeed, been directly responsible for many of those deaths. The only question was motive, but that hardly mattered in a war.

Klein was rather content with life after the war. Hueco Mundo was quiet, and it seemed like he wouldn’t need to risk his life any further. But then some new Arrancar showed up on the stage. Bigger, stronger than him by far. A few of them even seemed faintly familiar, as if he’d seen them in some dream long ago, but he brushed that aside. If they were from his past, that didn’t matter one bit.

He just plans to survive this conflict one way or another.


○ Escape Artist: There is perhaps no Arrancar more skilled in fleeing from a fight than Klein, and even before he became an Arrancar, when he was simply a Hollow with a propensity against violence, he cultivated this skill quite aggressively. Klein’s natural inclination in any given conflict is to run away from it, and if he ever willingly engages you in a fight, one should assume that he has at least three plans of escape already in mind. Even if caught off guard, it’s fair to say that Klein is fully ready to flee, no matter what it might cost.


○ Cazador: Klein is the product of an experiment to radically alter the nature of a Hollow’s evolution into an Arrancar, and as such, he is an extreme abnormality when compared to his fellow Arrancar. Rather than his hollow abilities condensing themselves into a zanpakuto, as is typically the case for Arrancar, Klein’s abilities have instead condensed themselves into a pendant more akin to the Quincy Cross. He is wholly unsure of why this is the case, as he himself has never had any particular connection with Quincy other than a fight or two. Regardless of why, however, Klein’s nature as a Cazador (as he’s come to call it) leaves him with several unique aspects when compared to another Arrancar.

The most standout of these, certainly, is the fact that Klein, much like the Quincy, is capable of actively and easily absorbing external sources of reishi, fueling his own abilities without needing to tap into his own internal reserves. While this ability is quite beyond the capabilities of his fellow Arrancar, it does not compare to the abilities of the Quincy themselves, as Klein is, at the end of the day, an unfinished experiment. Though he can draw in this external energy in much the same way as Quincy do, even a newly-trained Quincy with basic training can easily override Klein’s own efforts in this, and as such this proves to be of little use when actually fighting against Quincy.

However, simply being able to manipulate ambient energy is not the end of Klein’s abilities. Perhaps more dangerous than that is the ability to, with minimal effort, externalize his own energy, and manipulate it outside of his body every bit as easily as if it were still within him. What this means is quite broad, but simply put, Klein does not need to use his own body as the starting point of his abilities. This is the true key to Klein’s success as a survivor; he can always blame someone else, whether by generating a Cero that couldn’t have possibly come from him, or by manifesting his Hierro quite far away from himself to give the impression that he was somewhere else entirely.

○ Mercurio: Klein is additionally capable of imitating the effects of Blut, though to an equally inefficient degree as his ability to absorb outside spiritual energy. While his defensive capabilities are no different from any other Hierro, it is the offensive version of this technique that makes Klein unique. Much like the shifting of Blut from Vene to Arterie, Klein’s Hierro may shift to Mercurio, which gives his blows the might to punch through anything that would otherwise be of the same defensive level as his Hierro. However, unlike Blut, this offensive application of hierro does not actually reinforce Klein’s body in order to withstand these amplified attacks, and a sufficiently-improved punch using Mercurio is all too capable of simply destroying Klein’s entire arm.

○ Reconstruction: While Klein already has an edge over the vast majority of Arrancar by being able to regenerate at all, his regeneration is not simply a holdover from his previous days as a Hollow. Rather, Klein’s ability to regenerate is augmented by a process of rebuilding his body using external energy, pulling it into himself and forcing it to become a part of him. Due to this process, Klein's regenerative capabilities are much more dangerous if faced in areas of high reishi density, though of course this is more a matter of speed than the degree of injury he can recover from.


○ Hollow Cross Name: Aguila

○ Hollow Cross Appearance: Sealed, Klein's Hollow Cross takes the form of a diamond-shaped pendant around his neck.

○ Sealed Abilities: While Aguila cannot be utilized for any conventional combat, it does allow Klein to fire off small red arrows from his hands as a method of attack. They are functionally indistinct from Bala, but are much smaller, and do not cost any particular amount of spiritual energy to manifest. Injuries caused by these attacks tend to fester, and in addition to causing bleeding, will cause spiritual energy to leak out of the injury if left unattended. This leaked energy is treated as ambient energy, rather than belonging to the original user, and as such Klein (or, in theory, any nearby Quincy) can utilize it with ease.

Strictly speaking, Klein can also manifest these arrows on his hands and fingertips for the sake of melee combat, as well, but you wouldn’t catch him doing that unless it was an emergency.


○ Release: Klein grips the Hollow Cross firmly in one hand, then plunges it directly into his own chest. The release phrase that must be spoken is, "Feast, Aguila!"

○ Appearance:

Klein [Arrancar 4-1] [Hazard Rating: E] GBgZrrS

○ Abilities: Upon releasing his Resurreccion, Klein’s ability to consume reishi grows tremendously, though not solely in terms of using what is in the environment. The speed at which he draws it out of the atmosphere increases alongside the rest of his parameters, putting him roughly on par with a typical, everyday Quincy. However, this increase in speed is secondary to its more meaningful effect. When active, Klein’s resurreccion fills the air around him his own energy, taking the form of a red haze. The area of this haze is the same as the maximum reach of Klein’s tier, and its intention is to scavenge any and all excess energy for Klein’s own use.

If any energy-based attack is utilized within this haze, its actual formation and use is not affected, as Klein cannot steal energy from others. However, when the attack has finished, and the energy would be fully expended, the haze immediately begins to cannibalize the technique before it can even disperse into ambient reishi. While this is not as much of a concern for especially efficient techniques, or those techniques which have made full impact, it makes even a single missed attack suddenly a tremendous boon to Klein, as he can simply consume the energy which made up even a colossal attack and put it to his own use.

This, however, is not the full degree of scavenging that Klein has accomplished within this release. Much as he can consume any of the excess energy spent on an attack for his own use, the same is also true of any injuries he inflicts onto spiritual beings. His attacks in resurreccion will directly convert any injury caused into spiritual energy for his own usage. While some attacks, such as simple cuts or bruises, would give him functionally nothing to work with, something such as an arm blown off would convert the arm directly into energy for Klein to utilize. This is not a conceptual attack or any such thing, and these injuries can still be healed as normal, but Klein benefits from making them tremendously.

There is, additionally, one final notable aspect of this release, which is in some ways both a boon and a curse. Because this release is outright releasing Klein’s energy into the world around him, rather than simply creating a “zone” of sorts, it leaves his own body with only the barest minimum energy to maintain his existence. Though Klein has access to the full energy that would be expected of his tier in this release, his physical body is treated as a 5-5 entity. Because of the haze being made up of his spiritual energy, however, this means that he blends quite well into the area, and in many ways becomes even harder to find despite his extreme increase in power.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Untrained

Arrancar Skills
  • Regeneration: Advanced
  • Cero: Adept
  • Hollow Nucleus: Elite
  • Sonido: Adept

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Advanced
  • Focus: Advanced

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Klein [Arrancar 4-1] [Hazard Rating: E] Empty Re: Klein [Arrancar 4-1] [Hazard Rating: E]

Sat Oct 01, 2022 5:59 pm
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