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Hello there.  Empty Hello there.

Sun Dec 18, 2022 11:37 pm
Heyo, My name is Red. I've been Rping for almost 10 years im old... anywho Im a big fan of dnd and obviously Bleach. Fun fact, Bleach was the first anime i got into. hmm what else.... Im genderfluid, old as shit and as you probably picked up from the tone shift a lil bit bipolar. If we are rping please bear with as my eyes dont work all that well even with my glasses and i have a touch of dsylexia so i might misunderstand or misread post so please be paitent and tell me when and if i mess up.

other fun facts: Im new to Litrp, so bear with me as i get use to writing paragraphs. Im usually working on the weekends so if you post usually between 12pm friday and 11 am on sunday, Know i wont reply right away or even read it.
My favorite anime is "Listen to me girls, i am your father" followed closey by Cyberpunk Edgerunners and Bleach.
I am a Slytherin and proud about it.

well thats about it. Its nice to meet you all. i look forward to rping with you. <3
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