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Basic Information

○ Name: Natasha Miller
○ Aliases:
▕ Humanity's Strongest Soldier
▕ Eagle-Eyed Patriot
▕ Star-Spangled Sniper
○ Age: 36
○ Birthday: January 5
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Quincy

○ Affiliation: Vandenreich
○ Marital Status: Widowed
○ Nationality: American
○ Ideal Mate: Complicated
○ Sexual Orientation: Bisexual - Male Leaning

○ Height: 5"8
○ Hair Color: Blonde
○ Eye Color: Brown

[Spirit Class 5 | Hazard C] Natasha Miller KtZdwUB

Psychological Analysis

Pinpointing Natasha's true nature is a strenuous process, all things told, but a rewarding one nonetheless. She is a fairly complex spirit whose intricate nature is hidden beyond many layers that most will only truly know through developing a bond with her. What is commonly presented to the world is a woman with calm air and a charismatic charm, often referring to many of her peers by pet names. She is a laid-back woman who rarely allows pride or hatred to cloud her vision.

"It’s not a big deal,” is a common phrase of hers. To her, the world is a wide expanse waiting to be explored. If one allows themselves to get caught in what went wrong along their journey, they’ll be miserable. There’s hardly any joy in living that way. For better or worse, Natasha lives by a worry-free philosophy, even if life has thrown her a curveball or two. If she’s miserable, there is no reason to spread that misery to others. Everyone has a right to happiness. It isn’t her place to take it from them.

If anything, Natasha is a woman who would rather aid others on a path toward self-improvement. She hardly believes herself to be a wise spirit or someone who can teach someone a profound lesson about life, but she is a hospitable woman who will guide her fellow men and women to the best of her ability. She will take her time to pick her fellow man or woman off of their feet, dust them off, and tell them to keep going. She’s a gentle and patient spirit who won’t get frustrated unless someone is aiming to upset her and even then, Natasha’s version of being upset is vastly different compared to others.

There is no reason not to be a welcoming spirit to those who come around with good intentions. After all, she wears southern hospitality on her sleeves. Of course, although her charming nature can be warm and receptive, has developed a humorous habit of coming across as deceptively flirtatious. To be clear, she is never actively flirting with anyone, nor does she possess any true intent to pursue them. She would humorously state that it’s the southern charm that lures people in. In truth, it is her best way of breaking the ice and creating a sense of kinship with her peers.

Beneath those sweet layers of warmth, Natasha is always anxious when it comes to forming a bond she considers significant. She welcomes the idea of being close to others and influencing them in a positive way but the terrifying anxiety she feels at the thought of losing those dear to her heart troubles her to no end. Fortunately, Natasha always manages to keep that aspect of her soul wrapped underneath, wholeheartedly content with the idea of placing her faith in those she cares about.


» Liam Hathaway: A kindred spirit. He was a man who always had her best interest in mind. A husband for a time. One could say that he'd meant the whole world to her, and though he promised he'd come back after he fought the good fight, Natasha presumes the man is dead. Even now, the impact he had on her life is still felt, still haunts her now. She's reached closure, but it's still tough. That's all she'll say on the matter.

» Vandenreich: After all the time she's spent with these people, she views them in a grand light. She views some of them as family, others as best friends and everything in between. She respects the Grandmaster for taking her in, admires her peers in the Sternritter, and it isn't a stretch to say that Natasha would risk her life to protect her peers.


Before one can explore Natasha’s origins, one would certainly have to trace her history back to the man who gave birth to her. Most call him Johnny Miller, but a lot of them would be quite surprised to know that this proud American was actually born and raised in Germany. Johan Muller was the name, and much like any quincy born in the far distant past, pride was something to be maintained at all times. To his credit, Johan excelled in just about every sort of field one could ask for. He specialized in archery, his hirenkyaku was exceptional at a young age, and he had the smile and disposition that made him the star of the show in the eyes of his parents. He had a few siblings he got along with quite swimmingly. There was, in all honesty, nothing else he could ask for. He was living the dream. With each success, he was making everyone proud. Simple, right? For a time, it was… up until he was tasked with fighting on the front lines. Adulthood saw him and his siblings embroiled within the common conflict the quincy race tended to fall prey to. The genocide of their kind, walking into the jaws of death by a leader who promised he held their best intentions in mind.

Naturally, Johan thought himself well-equipped to handle the conflict. He was an exceptional archer, and his skills were practically unmatched among those in his family. The reality of war crippled that notion in short order. Death followed him everywhere he went, everywhere he volunteered to help. A dead body had, in some ways, become a commonplace sight in the man’s life. He considered himself an honorable man, but even the most disciplined souls had their limits. The death of a beloved sister was enough to shake him beyond the point of no return, to crush any resolve he attempted to lean on during the anguish. He pleaded with his siblings to run away with him, to break away from this hellish life, but his words, for the most part, fell on deaf ears. The family came first, after all. The few of his siblings who did share his sentiment, ran away from the battlefield, joining him in hope of seeking a life of peace over a life of war.

Johan’s journey would see him settling down in the United States – in the Lone Star state of Texas. To say it was a culture shock would be a severe understatement. Everything from the language barrier to the people was unlike anything he knew from his home in Germany. Naturally, he struggled to adapt to his surroundings, but a random meeting with a waitress in the city of Arlington would be his ticket to a brand new life, in more ways than he expected, truth be told. Katherine. That was her name. Lovely lady with a heart full of gold. After several visits to the dinner she worked in, he developed enough courage to ask her out. To his surprise, she accepted. One date turned into two, two turned into three, and eventually, the two hit it off. Multiple years of dating saw them consummate their relationship with marriage. He changed his name to Johnny Miller and enlisted in the military. By now, he had effectively cast away his past existence. Johan Muller was no more. He was Johnny Miller now, a proud American soldier with the best wife a man could ask for. Best children, too. In the first year of their marriage, Natasha Miller was born on the 5th of January. In the third year of their marriage, Roxanne Miller would be born on the 4th of July.

They were the best daughters one could ever ask for. Energetic, curious kids—stubborn but endearing at the same time. They always gathered around Johnny to listen to his war stories. With whiskey in his hand, he spoke at length about the good times, about the nicknames he acquired, and other stories to entertain his two beacons of joy. Of course, of the two of them, Natasha was the one who admired them far beyond what he could have intended, so much so that she eventually decided to join the military herself, applying for a position directly after graduation.

Naturally, Johnny was dismissive of the idea, viewing it as a faint inspiration brought on by the army recounts. Even so, Natasha’s persistence won out. He had already taught her his techniques as a Quincy, and she was clearly plenty capable to handle herself in the world without his supervision. Roxanne and the wife could keep him company. After earning his approval, Natasha’s military chapter had begun, although it came with its fair share of obstacles at first. She wasn’t welcomed with open arms and had to prove herself the first few days there, but after a few months, she adapted and excelled at each course they’d set out for her. Her marksmanship in particular had earned her the title of “Eagle-Eyed” patriot in the army.

Her exploits would eventually earn her a position in the Spiritual Defense Force or Spirit Division. A gathering of soldiers brought together, endowed with unique spiritual abilities. Their presence was often required when dealing with hollows and any other threat that defied the notion of common sense. Spearheaded by Ronald Hartman, a capable fighter in his own right, the SDF traveled into any state that happened to possess a high degree of paranormal activity, bunkering down in local areas for months on end. With their respective talents, they accomplished many things together. The years they spent together were some of the best she’d ever had. It grew even better when a fellow American, Liam Hathaway joined the Division. Initially, they were nothing short of best friends. They spent time together, ate meals together, and always had a series of jokes to make at the other’s expense. Their chemistry was too strong to ignore, and they began dating during their time in the division due to their chemistry. He’d stolen her heart, and she couldn’t imagine a better man to spend the rest of her days with.

After spending their years in honorable service, Natasha retired from the Spirit Division and returned to her hometown in Texas with Liam. Upon her return, she made it abundantly clear to her parents and sister that she was going to marry Liam. Naturally, all of them were over the moon - Johnny especially. He had been worried about her all these years despite the visits, but his little girl had grown up and now she was going to spend the rest of her days in happiness with a good man. Honestly, it had all played out like a beautiful film, blissfully heroic, bookended by a happy ending. It was just like those comics she enjoyed. So… why did it go so terribly wrong by the end? Two years after they married, Shadowfall had emphatically altered the course she thought her life would take.

Their influence on America was far too difficult to overcome. They had occupied a position in this country, and there was nothing anyone could do about it. To begin with, no one would stand up and fight, for their forces were far beyond anything the average could contend with. Since they weren’t aggressively hostile, no one felt the need to retaliate. For a time, neither did Natasha. She was happy with her lot in life, even if she detested the idea of dancing to the whims of demons. Why risk it all on rebelling against a clearly superior force? It’d be akin to a suicide mission without any benefit whatsoever. As far as Natasha was concerned, they had not committed any atrocities that warranted immediate action. However, the worst-case scenario had inevitably reached her doorstep. A group of demons had occupied a position in her hometown, disturbing their way of life, and inciting chaos everywhere they turned. Natasha could no longer ignore their presence. The bastards got off on lording over them and how much they could get away with since Mana was their leader. And so, Natasha eventually reached a crossroads. She could let things happen as they were, live out her days in ignorant bliss with her husband and family - or she could fight, and stand up for those who couldn’t stand up for themselves. She chose to stand up, but her decision was met with resistance.

Johnny rejected the idea immediately, wanted nothing to do with the plan, and pleaded with Natasha to understand what she’d be throwing herself into. Yet, the majority defended her decision. Roxanne thought it a noble goal, and so too did her mother. They were all capable fighters. Why did they have to suffer through this indignation? Why endure the humiliation? They’d all had enough. Even till the very end, Johnny had refused, told her that she was a fool and for the first time in her life, she found herself at odds with the man who called her his “pride and joy”. She didn’t have time to worry about the divide between them. Duty called. Humanity’s strongest soldier had found herself drawn to battle again.

She didn’t have the assistance of the Spirit Division to guide her, though. That made the undertaking difficult. Even so, Natasha had recruited those she considered close friends, those who believed in her cause. With everyone gathered around, her sister and mother included, they fought the gathering of demons situated in her city. All things considered, their initial efforts were a success. However, the demons had proved resilient creatures, and her best-laid plans had been turned on their head. It was a resounding loss. They were locked in the middle of a battle with no chance of victory. Some of the men and women she’d spent her life around in the special forces were dying left and right, fighting until the bitter end. Her sister was injured, and so too was her mother.

Survival was possible if they escaped now, but the enemy was far too merciless to allow them even that. Even so, the battle was not entirely lost - not from Natasha’s perspective, at least. She was stubborn, she didn’t want this all to be for anything. If her sister and mother were moved away, they still had a chance. However, that would not be her choice to make. Liam decided that for her. What type of man would he be if he couldn’t protect his wife? He was no fool. He likely realized that they would die here if someone didn’t act. Therefore, he made that choice for her. Hugging his beloved wife, he told her to bring them back to safety, and that he would come back in one piece. When he returned, they would share a victory drink together, and talk about what they’d name their children.

Natasha tried to reason with him, but his mind had been made. Running away from that battlefield with her mother and sister on her shoulders, Natasha cried, cursing herself for her foolish decision. Men and women had died all because she had wanted to play the hero, to go beyond her station, and now she’d lost almost everything that brought her happiness. Her mother spent several months in the hospital, her sister chose to isolate herself out of shame for letting her down, and her father despised her. He didn’t vocalize it, but she could see it in his eyes. It was all a terrible nightmare. She presumed her husband dead, her father wanted nothing to do with her, and her mother was in a hospital. After reaching a breaking point, she simply couldn’t deal with the pain anymore. Natasha became a recluse after leaving the united states. During her time away, Natasha developed an alcohol problem.

The eagle-eyed patriot cut off all contact with her family. She’d run away from it all and found little joy in her life now. She’d heard that more war was breaking out all over the country now, but what did that matter? She’d already led men and women to their graves. In the aftermath, she’d made a living as an assassin for hire, a sniper who acted from the shadows. It put food on the table, it kept her belly full, and her drink inventory high. She didn’t much care about the particulars of who she was tasked with gunning down. However, she’d received a phone call from a familiar friend - the leader of the SDF - Ronald Hartman. He was older now, but he had reached out to her when no one else did.

He voiced his disappointment in her for not requesting his assistance and reminded her that he would have supported his fellow soldier without question no matter how dangerous the venture may have seemed. Even so, he had not called her to condemn her for her actions. No, he’d told her to keep moving forward. Things may have looked difficult for now, but she was capable of so much more than simply living her life in isolation. A true soldier never quits, for only in death did duty end. That’s what he’d told her. Toward the end of their time spent on the phone together, he’d given her some essential information regarding an organization that was ideal for her talents. The Vandenreich. After regaining some level of composure from their phone calls, she had made her decision. She would travel to the City of Lights in search of a new cause to fight for.


○ Superhuman Physiology: Because of Natasha's military background and study of sacred quincy arts, her physical frame has become an ideal weapon that is every bit as deadly as her firearms. Natasha has a remarkably athletic body, boasting a surprising degree of strength and endurance. She isn’t a shield by any measure of the term, but her body is certainly capable of withstanding a series of attacks before one sees her falling to the ground, doubly so when amplified with Blut. A gunshot, a stab wound, a broken bone, a torn ligament – so as long as it isn’t an absolutely fatal wound, Natasha will keep moving forward until she sees her mission completed. Apart from physical endurance, Natasha also displays agile dexterity, allowing her to leap from one area to another, navigating rough terrain with ease. Among all these physical blessings, her physical strength is where her superhuman physiology truly shines. Capable of naturally lifting heavy objects and leaving noticeable dents in steel, Natasha can strike with tremendous power behind each hit. Humanity’s strongest soldier is a title she wears with pride, and her superhuman nature is clear proof that it isn’t something she wears to stroke her ego.

○ Martial Prowess: To be sure, Natasha is a gun girl at heart. Firearms are her preferred method of choice in any battle simply on account of how long she’s cultivated her set of skills as a soldier. Of course, history has taught her that resting on her laurels would be a grave disservice as a soldier. As such, Natasha naturally learned to apply her physical traits, studying and practicing several forms of combat as a means of improving on her techniques as a closed-ranged fighter, to hone her skills beyond the quincy arts and her exceptional marksmanship. No one would dare to call her a master of any style in particular, and she’d squarely fall into the mixed martial artist category more than anything else. She doesn’t have a specific style, either - preferring to employ whatever technique might suit a specific situation. As part of her usual set of techniques, she integrates elements from Karate, Savate, Taekwondo, and boxing. Embracing what she calls a “Bruce Lee” mentality, Natasha employs situational hand-to-hand techniques. One must flow like water, be unpredictable, and all those other lofty little phrases martial artists talk about.

○ Strategist: Her military background and years spent refining her skills have enabled Natasha to master her mind to the point that she is able to assess the battlefield and her surroundings with ease. In battle, especially those wagered with her life, her mind is often cold and calculating, aiming for those precise moments therein that she can ruthlessly exploit the enemy’s weak spot – through underhanded means or otherwise – to execute devastating attacks that render them immobile. She’s an honorable fighter only when her opponent aims to match her on that front. Otherwise, one can typically expect her to act with frightening efficiency. Countless battles against supernatural enemies have heightened her senses to a point where Natasha can read and detect anomalous activity in her surroundings, assess whether or not she may be walking into a trap, and sense killing intent from a mile away. This observational eye sees more than just her target, after all. Of course, her most praiseworthy strength would certainly have to be her observational mind in stratagem-based warfare, and her leadership in co-op battles where she is tasked with working with others to secure victory. If she has a proper understanding of her allies and their respective abilities, she can seamlessly direct and dictate where they should attack, how that attack should be executed, and whether or not the right time has presented itself. Recent events have somewhat turned her away from embracing this aspect, but it still exists to some degree.

○ Sharpshooter: Viewed as an extension of her soul, Natasha’s proficiency with a firearm is remarkably exceptional. Through years of formal training, military exploits, and several battles against the supernatural, Natasha has refined her technique with firearms to such a degree that, in any given battle, she knows when and where she wants to fire her shot, the precise timing and angle wants to exploit, and the level of preparation required to see the result through to its end. There are actually two methods of combat Natasha employs concerning her use of firearms. The first method is ranged-combat, the default method of Quincy who consider themselves archers. From long range, Natasha employs several tactics and diversions to throw off her location. Furthermore, if she notices that precise moment of error in her enemy’s defense? She won’t hesitate to let loose with a rifle, sniping them down without mercy. Close-range engagement features a more brutal display of her talent. By employing Hirenkyaku in repeated succession, Natasha vanishes in and out of her opponent's point of view, using her skill and precision to catch them unawares, shooting them down at any angle she recognizes as a blind spot.

○ Blut: Falling right in line with her ideal vision of utilizing every skill to its absolute limit, Quincy techniques especially, Blut is a skill Natasha has cultivated to a considerable degree. As with any other Quincy, she is only capable of using one system at a time, but she is relatively efficient and inherently studious about its application, having been taught by the Quincy Arts during her youth. Quite simply, she uses the offensive and defensive systems based on situational awareness and recognizing which system might favor her most in any battle. If she is forced to engage an enemy without being given an opportunity to form her spirit weapons, Natasha will use Arterie to empower her physical attributes, applying every measure of her physical strength to exert devastating force behind her strikes. Employing the defensive system, Vene, Natasha oft uses it as most quincy do, as a means of defending herself from any attack she views as dangerous. Much like her offensive system, she knows not every battle will be one with firearms alone. Sometimes, one simply has to cut their losses and go straight into the jaws of the beast - like a true soldier.

○ Hirenkyaku: Combining natural athleticism and superhuman traits inherited from birth, Natasha is a considerably shifty opponent on her own. As a result, Hirenkyaku supplements those natural traits quite well, amplifying her overall capability on any given battlefield. Coveting efficiency first and foremost, Natasha utilizes Hirenkyaku as a means of shifting in a perpetual, rhythmic motion. Each high-speed step is executed with a purpose, distorting the enemy’s perception in the midst of combat until she pinpoints that ideal moment wherein she can take advantage of an enemy’s blindspot, those precise seconds where they falter in their movement and lose sight of her. In direct combat, Hirenkyaku is her most noteworthy tool, vanishing and reappearing in the enemy’s field of vision like a deathly gale, an imperceptible blur biding her time until an opportunity presents itself. If an opponent loses sight of her for even a moment, then it is probably one second too late. In addition to high-speed movement, another skill commonly employed by the sharpshooter is her ability to take advantage of her martial skill and natural acrobatics to use Hirenkyaku as a platform technique, allowing her to perform unorthodox movements to avoid and separate herself from opponents who favor close-range combat.

○ Reishi Manipulation - Gunplay: A gunslinger by nature - Natasha, over several years of refining her quincy techniques, has developed a customized form of reishi manipulation centered entirely around the concept of forming the ambient reishi in her surroundings into a vast array of firearms. Even though they primarily take the shape of firearms, Natasha refers to them as her auxiliary bows. Each of these gun-shaped bows acts as primary weapon that she can form on the fly–without relying squarely on her own spirit weapon. Furthermore, through compressing and manipulating Heilig Pfeil into the shape of bullets, Natasha can launch these bullets at an exceedingly quick rate, overwhelming her enemy within a wave of reishi gunfire. Even in their compressed state, they are deceptively powerful; bullets with power and focus behind them are entirely capable of pushing an enemy back with velocity and force, or even setting their body aflame with reishi. Depending on the gun and chamber of choice, Natasha can control the way her Heilig Pfeil is fired, employing a variety of holy arrow techniques.

○ Roxanne: Roxanne is a semi-automatic pistol that Natasha can form on the fly. The weight of the weapon is ideal, primarily because of how well she can shift the pistol from either hand as she moves around. Due to the manifestation rate, Roxanne is a weapon that finds its greatest worth in the elements of speed and surprise. Whether soaring in and forming the weapon to fire it instantaneously or constructing it beforehand, Natasha can shift around her enemy in several formations until she finds the moment to strike. Coupled with her elite marksmanship, she can catch her opponent unawares, before some of them even register what happened. These bullets are fired at a high velocity, and though there is no defined number on how many she can feasibly fire - she typically makes it a rule to form twenty bullets at any given time, firing five per post. Sometimes, with a nice Hirenkyaku shift, Natasha likes to soar in directly and land a critical hit, but that’s only if she’s lucky and the enemy isn’t a spitting image of durability.

○ Casanova: Second bow. Desert Eagle. Following a formation pattern similar to Roxanne, Casanova is another firearm that Natasha can quickly manifest in battle without missing a beat. The distinction between the two lies in the damage output and bullet manipulation. Ten arrows can be formed and compressed into their standard shape of reishi bullets, with five being formed separately from the other(between each post). This, too, is deliberately done to employ the element of surprise. By manipulating these bullets with a superheated touch of reiryoku layered in each round, these reishi bullets can pack a significantly strong punch in the form of explosive damage and concussive impact. At the point of impact, these bullets can set off a small explosion around her target, with enough force to stagger them temporarily(dependent on durability) or send them stumbling back a few meters from their current position. If the bullets happen to pierce flesh after a direct hit, they can explode, possibly burning and tearing the opponent’s flesh from the inside out. One particular note that makes this even more overwhelming is the fact that Natasha can dual-wield both Roxanne and Casanova at the same time, allowing her to pressure her opponent within a wave of multitudinous wave of gunfire.

○ Ocelot: Third Bow. Colt Single Action Army. Some consider it outdated, but Natasha considers it a timeless classic, and that’s all that really matters in her eyes. Similar to Roxanne and Casanova, Ocelot can be formed, drawn, and fired all within the space of a few seconds. It is capable of being dual-wielded alongside Casanova and Roxanne without any issue on her part. Furthermore, this actually works to her advantage as well, as there is a principle difference between all three of the weapons. Whereas the holy arrows launched from the chambers prior are meant to overwhelm in numbers and how well Natasha can catch her enemy at unawares, Star Packer looks relatively harmless, but it packs such a fierce punch that it puts prior weapons to shame, placing this bad boy in a league of its own. By altering the compression and focusing six arrows through the reishi cylinder, each successive shot is manipulated by the hammer as it leaves the chamber, packing a little more force than the bullet that preceded it. By the final shot, Natasha can fire a bullet that grows to the size of a Shakkaho blast once it is released from the chamber; If a direct hit lands successfully against the enemy’s frame, it can set the enemy on fire, engulfing their body within a bright column of azure-colored reishi flames. Due to this functionality compared to the others, once the bullets have been emptied, it requires one post-reload period before it can be employed once more.

○ Texas Terror: Fourth Bow. Tactical Shotgun. Remington 870. Whereas the three gun-bows above focus on the element of surprise and Natasha using her crafty skills as a former soldier and Quincy to catch her enemy unawares, The Texas Terror specializes in raw power and direct confrontation with the enemy, wholly capable of compromising an enemy’s defenses with continuous damage. There is no particular limit on how many arrows she can form, but for the sake of maintaining the spirit of actual firearm use, Natasha prefers to employ ten arrows with this shotgun. By making an alteration to the compression method, each holy arrow’s form is manipulated into the shape of beach-ball-sized reishi orbs. Upon direct contact, the target is overwhelmed by a powerful wave of reishi that can send the opponent flying back through explosive force. It can shatter poorly constructed barriers with relative ease, and if an enemy’s durability is truly poor and not up to the task, when a direct hit lands, the opponent might even find themselves temporarily stunned(for a single post) before they can properly move again. After the ten orbs have been fired, Natasha has to go through a reload period cooldown of one post before utilizing Texas Terror again.

○ Starpacker: Fifth Bow. M16 Assault Rifle. Much like Texas Terror, Starpacker is a relatively straightforward weapon that hardly requires anything beyond Natasha’s exceptional accuracy with a firearm. Quite simply, it is a weapon that epitomizes the concept of “all-out assault.” Adopting a method heavily identical to Licht Rigen, Natasha amasses a large quantity of reishi from her surroundings. After gathering the ideal amount, she unleashes a fierce bombardment of myriad reishi bullets upon her target. In addition, by charging her gun beforehand, she can extend the overall range of this technique within a twenty-meter radius. Combining range and overwhelming firepower, Starpacker occupies a firm position as one of the more formidable weapons in her repertoire. The only limiting factor that keeps it from supplanting a position at the top would be that, while she can extend its range, Starpacker can only excel once she’s specified her target and the set area upon which she wishes to unleash her wave of reishi-fueled gunfire. In other words, It requires ideal awareness, constant movement, and perceptional awareness to draw out the weapon’s overall capabilities.

○ Dawn Rider: Sixth Bow. M2010 Enhancer Sniper rifle. Whereas most weapons in gunplay could, in theory, be viewed as multifaceted, this firearm is reserved for one purpose alone - long-distance operation, precise fire as she acts from the shadows, pinpointing the opportune moment to fire her bullets. Among the six firearms she can form, it is viewed as her most favored weapon, mainly on account of her preference to oftentimes operate from a distance.

As has been stated before, there is no set number for any firearm in gunplay’s arsenal in particular, but due to the nature of Dawn Rider’s firepower, it is treated as a weapon that can only use five holy arrows. Their shape is slightly different from bullets, and in reality, they are actually the closest to resembling arrows in their overall appearance. There is no emphasis on compression, but rather an absorption. Scaling off of reishi absorption as a whole, Dawn Rider takes advantage of every particle Natasha can absorb at that moment, with each ideal shot requiring a preparation period(one post) before she can fire off her shot.

Once the compression is complete, she will bide her time until she feels her target is caught in a position where her shot will reach them with certainty. Confirming that the shot has a high success rate, Natasha fires the supercharged shot toward her enemy with remarkable accuracy. It might be viewed as a double-edged sword in some battles, but if Natasha creates an even greater distance from her enemy, her arrows gain a greater boon in the form of momentum, allowing each shot to exert piercing damage at the point of contact, a fine weapon to employ against those who might pride themselves on defense. If Natasha can pinpoint a weak point in a faultily constructed barrier, for example, she could certainly tear through it with relative ease.

Due to the greedy nature of Dawn Rider, it is a weapon that requires most of Natasha’s focus should it see use in battle. Two posts are required for truly ideal, armor/defense-piercing rounds, with a two-post cooldown period. It is not a weapon used for direct combat, to be sure, and Natasha treats it as such, reserving it only for when she has chosen to occupy the sniper role on the battlefield. There is no strongest in Gunplay’s repertoire, but this weapon certainly makes a convincing case.


○ Spirit Weapon Name: Deadeye

○ Spirit Weapon Appearance: Deadeye is a unique spirit weapon. It is deceptive in that it does not inherently follow the conventional form of a physical weapon compared to her peers. It is neither a bow and arrow, a gun nor a sword. Its most frequent manifestation is a lucky set of seven bullet shells, colored within an azure hue outlined by a shade of silver. Each bullet shell bears a star-shaped symbol of a similar hue, with the Latin phrase - Hoc est bellum(“This is War”) engraved in the center.

○ Spirit Weapon Abilities:

○ Star & Stripe: One of Deadeye's foundational abilities, Star and Stripe give Natasha a versatile range of control over her bullet shells. In addition, these shells bestow three methods of attack; Natasha can utilize them in concert with Gunplay’s bows, throw them through the air toward her enemy as though they were projectiles after charging them within the palm of her hands, and control the bullets as they soar through the air in pursuit of the enemy. Trajectory control proves to be the most formidable function, acting as an aim assist of sorts, allowing her to dictate the trajectory of the bullet shells once they are fired - suspending them in the air, reloading them by absorbing ambient reishi, redirecting each bullet towards the enemy to in preparation for another merciless pursuit. When coupled with gunplay, this ability truly allows Natasha to pressure her opponent, overwhelming them with a unique form of gunfire, deceptively forcing them into a guessing game of the true origin of her spirit weapon and those created through her reishi manipulation.


Not Yet Achieved.


○ Sanrei Glove: An item she has brought into her possession recently, the Sanrei glove has become Natasha’s means of not only refining her skills as a quincy, but planting the seeds towards mastering the final state she desires to adhere to. Currently, most of her practice has been geared towards Letz Stil.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Advanced

Quincy Skills
  • Blut: Advanced
  • Steigen: Elite
  • Gebet: Advanced
  • Kruezen: Elite

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Elite


- > Ability Rewrites/Renaming and Rewriting Gunplay mechanics
- > History rewrite, although everything remains the same, more or less.
-> Removed the Miss invisible item. Didn’t serve any purpose.
- > Mainly scrubbed/cleaned the app up. Not looking for a boost. Just an approval.
- > Changed Skill Sheet
-> Spring and Gold Burst Claims

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Hazard Ranks
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Comments/Notes: She's reloaded.

Tier: 3-1
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FC Shift.
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