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Sun 29 Jan 2023, 4:44 am
[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Ikari Yamashiro 8kLSSiG


Basic Information

○ Name: Ikari Yamashiro
○ Alias: Danava of Kitsune,
○ Age: 1000
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Danava

○ Affiliation: Herself, and Yuukinan. And friends.

○ Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
○ Marital Status: Single
○ Ideal Mate: Whoever catches her interest most. Otherwise, guess!
○ Nationality: Japanese, despite appearances
○ Sexual Orientation: bi-sexual

○ Height: 5’8”
○ Weight: 130 pounds in human form, 1.5 pounds up to 120 pounds depending on size in fox form.
○ Hair Color: Pink
○ Eye Color: Purple

[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard D] Ikari Yamashiro GnaeyCo

Psychological Analysis

Ikari has always been what one could consider “bubbly to the point of overflow”. She is an extremely joyous individual, hyperactive, and is oft seen doing her best to be a cheeky little shite to just about everyone she meets. Aside from her love of nature, raw food, and a few other things like Yuukinan and messing with humans, Ikari has always been a kind soul; and she refuses to break that streak in favor of harming those who do not deserve it.

Overall, Ikari is a Kitsune both in appearance and nature; created by Nidhana. However, given her humanoid intelligence, and frankly being far more intelligent, has caused her to toy and play with human beings at a pure nature with the intent to have fun, fun, and more fun! However, she has enough conscience to know when to stop, and especially when to take things far more seriously instead of cracking jokes, drinking sake, pretending to be drunk, and overall being a goofball at the highest level.

These habits of hers lead to attempting to outsmart humans, trick them into ploys and plots that end in her enjoyment; but normally do not involve human injury. If she ever did injure humans on accident due to her schemes, she repairs the damage done and tries to make up for it. However, Ikari mostly does her best to be kind otherwise. She likes mischief and mayhem, and causing such things only makes her more pleased when everything plays out well for her. In times where things start to go poorly, she is glad for her swift speed in escaping most situations! Along with her capability to shapeshift into something far more unassuming.

Aside from that, Ikari is a sweet girl who devotes herself to tasks dearly; even if said tasks are mischievous in nature. She is kind, devoted to a fault, and refuses to take no for an answer in most situations! Fluent in Japanese and mayhemese, she loves to mess with people, drink sake under the moon, and take naps in the open wilderness; where she is safest in odd ways.



Ikari was born from the rumors, stories, and legends of Kitsune in old Japan; born from the legends, and concept, of Kitsune. Unlike some Danava, she was not initially born as a humanoid. Instead, she was born as a fox with pink fur, a single tail, and higher than human levels of intelligence. While she couldn’t speak quite yet, due to the developmental state of her powers, she was fluent in mischief from the moment she was formed in the middle of a storm of Sakura petals; already deciding to try and use these Sakura petals to her advantage. In essence, the pink little fox had done her best to use these little Sakura storms to make people think she was a genuine Kitsune; and to appease her with offerings! Along the way, she also had another Kitsune to guide her, a pure white Kitsune with nine tails that always appeared before her in times of trouble; and could advise her like none other could.

Of course, such things were silly trifles, and things that filled Ikari’s time and power as the little fox developed. Eventually, the little fox ran across another of her kind, who appeared to have been born around the same time as she was but was not given the form of a fox. Instead, she was a Japanese woman, with black hair, pale skin, and red eyes; eyes that caused Ikari to shiver in fear the first moment they had met. They were eyes that spoke of war, death, slaughter… so many violent, scary things! However, it seemed that this Danava was fond of things that were soft and cute… Luckily, Ikari was both of these things! This meant that Ikari did, not only, have an “Oni” she could set upon those who tried to harm her, she also had a life-long friend; someone to keep her company as she evolved and grew; and her name was Yuukinan.

As the Danava grew in age, eventually growing a second tail to signify her growth both physically and power-wise, she soon realized she had the capability to shift her form; finding she could shift from a tiny little fox that could hide in Yuukinann’s very out of fashion coat, or ahead of fashion maybe?, and a fox that was almost as big as a wolf! After some suggestion from Yuukinan, the Kitsune had attempted to take a human form; which gave her the form that, for the time, was only for Yuukinan’s eyes. A woman, with two tails, eventually five, purple eyes like the little fox, pink waist length hair, and a beautiful body. Young, indeed, but undeniably beautiful. Ikari was more than happy, especially since she found she could not communicate properly. With that, she had fully introduced herself to Yuukinan, properly and truly. From there, was when Ikari’s life truly, honestly, began.

Early Life in Japan

Even if Ikari was able to disguise herself quite easily in Japan now, especially as the humans began to develop further and further, it didn’t mean she wanted to be an easily disguised human all the time. Nope! Ikari wanted to mess with people, screw around, zip around Japan at high speeds to avoid capture, and sleep inside of Yuukinan’s coat! Not to mention, Ikari also loved to cause trouble in general. During many occasions in Japan, she would utilize her fox-like reflexes and speed to get herself, and Yuukinan, around the country; using those same skills to try and “appear” before people as a fox spirit; a Kitsune. During such times, she employed many methods of trickery, most of which included false tales, schemes to get their money, deals that would allow Ikari to gain a prized possession, and just about everything under the sun that she could think of that was mischievous but wouldn’t actually hurt people. Of course, everything she did was for her own, and Yuukinan’s, entertainment; intended to also help Ikari get acquainted with humans.

As Ikari and Yuukinan grew, the inseparable pair often frequented many ancient Japan villages, where they intended to collect supplies, for Ikari to play a few tricks, and the inevitable escape from town before they were found out; and certainly before Yuukinan had to kill anyone to protect Ikari. It was all a delicate balance, truth be told, especially because many angry people would come after Ikari for tricking them; even if they did believe her to be Youkai and not something completely different. Frankly speaking, she was a bit of an honest menace in early Japan, and oft caused many great accidents, and even helped in ”accidentally” overthrowing a few rulers here and there. Her schemes weren’t always purposeful in nature, especially not with how they ended, but her main intention was to have some semblance of fun, enjoy herself, and overall keep herself and Yuukinan safe; as much as possible.

However, as Ikari began to fully mature, her widespread shenanigans began to slow come to a what could only be described as a standstill; during which she utilized her considerable gifts in movement to help out Japan as a whole. Instead of being an unruly child, she was starting to become more of a responsible being. With the help of Yuukinan, they began to protect many; Ikari acting as a guardian of sorts to many villages. Without intending so, the fox had even helped shogunates that took over from oppressors; along with doing her utmost to help those in need. However, as it was her penchant, it was hard for Ikari not to cause some bits of mischief or mayhem; but she did it in small bursts that wouldn’t harm people, but still satisfy her desire for mischief.


As close to an adulthood as any supernatural being could could, Ikari found herself maturing, possessing three whole tails now. Wiser, stronger, faster, and, most of all, able to trick humans with her schemes with an even greater ease; everything was getting far better for the little Kitsune. A friend who could murder just about anyone who tried to pose her an actual threat, her own capabilities to trick and kill in self defense if Yuukinan wasn't around, and just the general aid of her eternal partner to guide her when times were tough; and she wasn't wholly capable of making a proper decision without some help. However, growing older led to issues of their own.

Indeed, at around 600 years old, three tails and at least three provinces she had gotten herself banned from due to her shenanigans, Ikari had started to recognize that she didn't need to create mischief all the time. Frankly speaking, creating more Kitsune would be more apt. However, there were other ways to embody her origin. No matter how tempting it was, the Danava realized that, while entertaining, it was overall detrimental to herself in the long run to create a great deal of mischief just because. She needed to play the long game with her tricks and ploys, otherwise, she would get herself kicked out of Japan entirely! She didn't want that, it was her home; no matter how much of a nuisance she was to some inhabitants. This lead to a tiny bit of a reform on her part, in which the pink-haired fox decided to cut down on her schemes, repair ties, and get herself unbanned from those provinces she had been banned from due to her uncouth shenanigans. In fact, Ikari started to use her powers of shapeshifting to change her form ever so slightly, as was within her limits, so she could become a shrine maiden of a sorts.

It wasn't an entirely purposeful decision, because the Kitsune had actually been formulating a plan to use this shrine maiden disguise to cause even more mischief and potential mayhem; but, instead, she had been roped into the actual roles of a shrine-maiden. Her posing as a shrine maiden, learning about the religions of Japan in full, bonding with the people, and causing small bits of mischief here and there...

During this time, Ikari's Eternal Partner finally came into full fruition; awakened in truth by the Japanese legends, tales, and all sorts of stories Ikari had learned and heard. Her name was Inari. While she didn't claim to be the god that the Japanese believed in, it was hard to deny the similarities between Ikari's eternal partner, Inari, and the legends and myths of the shinto goddess Inari. Regardless, Ikari continued her work as a shrine maiden, now with Inari's help. As they lived, they did their best to help those in need where they could; acting as an honest guardian of the people as a Kitsune now, instead of just a mischief maker. Albeit... Ikari could never truly help the urge to tease and mess with people regardless.

This period of Ikari's life, where she posed as a Shrine Maiden, didn't exactly cause too much trouble, and also helped her friend Yuukinan gain control and proper emotion, lasted for a good fifth of Ikari's life; where she spent most of her time living through the ages of Japan. She became known as a folktale and legend in time, as she eventually let her true colors show as a Kitsune; a guardian of the Japanese people, and also a devoted helper. However, after she had her fill, Ikari had left her post as a shrine maiden to venture on in life, and to explore more of the world with Yuukinan; who had long grown tired of Japan.

Soon came a journey in which Ikari, and Yuukinan, explored the world at large, taking in the sights, exploring what they could, and trying to keep their noses clean; even if such things were quite hard. Given one Danava, Yuukinan, was one of such savage nature; and the world was in ever constant violence... It was hard for Yuukinan not to get herself involved. Meanwhile, Ikari was still the Danava of Kitsune. All of the people who had never met her, never met a Kitsune, a mystical fox... It left open too many options for shenanigans and a little bit of mayhem. Of course, this lead to trouble; as it oft did. Most of the time, because Ikari had tricked some random king out of their crown, or had tricked some nobles into giving her their riches, the Danava always had to slip away with her foxy speed; intent to avoid harm and capture at all costs. After all, Ikari doesn't want to hurt anyone... she just wants to have fun. Albeit, she knows, deep down, that her fun can have a cost to those she tricks, to those who fall prey to her ploys. Such reasons were why Ikari started to target the corrupt, the tyrants, and those who were perceived as "evil" by their civilians. Of course, Ikari always found her own reasons for playing her tricks on such people, because she was no hero of the people. She was a simple Kitsune, a simple Danava, who played her tricks on whomever she pleased, but she started to want a good reason; otherwise, she knew that her tricks would become tiring even to her. After all, what fun is there in mischief that harms everyone; even those you care for?

That was why, as Ikari got even older, now approaching nearly a millennia in age, she had realized just how harmful her plots and tricks could be; even to herself. As she had realized once before, but now more strongly than ever, her plots became much more few and far in between, layered with plots on top of other plots, and overall intended to be so complex that only she could truly understand the end goal; which would end in benefit for herself, or Yuukinan, in some way. In the end, Ikari had found herself attempting to keep her schemes to a minimum; elongating the end goal of every single scheme so they would end positively for her in every way. However, she always wove her web of schemes carefully so that she would not harm those she cared for in the end. And, if a scheme started to harm someone she cared for, it would be abandoned like week old trash. In her eyes, there was no need for her to cause such pain to herself nor to others.

Such reasoning lead Ikari, and Yuukinan, to venture back to Japan for a time. During these approximate two hundred some years, Ikari still got up to shenanigans. The little fox even accidentally broke a certain someone's killing stone during one of her schemes; which was ultimately abandoned after the shame she felt at damaging something so important. Frankly speaking, even if Ikari wasn't infallible, far from it, she had learned the hard way through her life that not everything needed to be a scheme; not everything needed to involve some manner or ploy. Sometimes, things could just be left alone, and she could mess with people just a little bit here and there; careful not to harm, but still able to enjoy herself to the fullest.


War... Yuukinan reveled in such things, it was true. However, Ikari? War scared her. Truly and honestly. There was no mischief, no mayhem, no shenanigans; war was only meaningless death, murder, and slaughter. All of it, so meaningless, so removed from what she wanted to do and have; why bother? Why bother risking her skin, and her tails for that matter, on something so pointless as war? So, she didn't. Not directly. She was strong, stronger than she honestly would ever give herself credit for. However, she was still scared. Her schemes and ploys wouldn't save her in a war with demons, no matter how fun the passive demons could be; those who were hellbent on killing people just to kill... it was despicable in Ikari's eyes. Even Yuukinan, a Danava who greatly enjoyed battle, had long been tempered by Ikari's presence and aid; causing her to only kill with honest good reason instead of just because she could.

Such things were why Ikari steered clear of the war. However, the Kitsune donned a once forgotten outfit, and took to helping refugees with evacuations, escape, and even saving those from the damage their cities suffered. She was a blur of white, only her foxy grin seen by most, her old shrine maiden clothing, saved from the ebb of time due to her magic, was normally all that some saw. But, a few children, a few of those with minds that were more open, those who had the capability to see her for what she really was; they saw a Kitsune, with extravagant earrings, dressed as a shrine maiden, and made certain to help all those she could. During this time, the Danava acted like an envoy of Inari herself, occasionally appearing as an actual fox instead of a human; guiding stray humans to safety, where they wouldn't perish because of the war. Ikari busied herself like this the entire war, using her slippery movements to escape those from both sides of the war; with the full intention to escape credit for her actions, and also escape harm. She didn't care about taking the credit... she just wanted people to be safe from harm. It wasn't a very selfless action, however. She wanted people to stay alive for her, because who would she play tricks on if there were no people to play them on? Simply put, her reasons were selfish, but she still performed them in honor; because people were what made this world so interesting, so vibrant.

It was all Ikari did for the period of the war, compared to previous times in her life where war waged and she hid herself; this time, she was more like a savior of the people than anything else. She still took a background role, as she honestly preferred. However, she was seen by more than enough shinigami, people, quincy, and demons to likely be given enough of a reputation. After all, even in this day and age, you don't see very many people with pink hair and five pink tails. She carried on like this, escorting, rescuing, and overall keeping people away from the war and using her cunning and speed to get humans and those who didn't wish to fight evacuated to points of safety.


After the war, after all that horrible bloodshed, after Ikari had finally stopped needing to herd refugees... she relaxed once again with Yuukinan. There was no need to worry about any immediate conflict, at least nothing as huge as a war. However, the Danava was still always on guard, always prepared for whomever may find her; ready to trick them with illusions or clever ploys. Otherwise, she was also ready to greet them with kindess and potential affection. It all depended on how everything went, it all depending on who it was and how they acted. After all, Ikari's life had long since given the Danava enough experience to know that not everything in life was all sunshine and daises. She had seen bloodshed, honest pain, the results of her mistakes and ill planned schemes, and she had gained enough insight and wisdom to find that, while she was old and had a good deal of knowledge under her belt... she was nowhere near enough. There was always more mischief to make, always more help to give, always more loved ones to protect; and there would always be more fun for Ikari to have, even if everything in life was never as good as she wanted it to seem.

However, Ikari, the Danava of Kitsune, and a Kitsune herself, knew she still had much life ahead of herself; and she was going to enjoy every single bit of it.


» Origin Name: Kitsune’s Mischief

» Origin Abilities:

» Kitsune’s Shapeshifting: Due to Ikari’s nature as The Danava of Kitsune she is able to shift her form freely from her human form and her fox form; allowing her to adjust the size of her body in both forms. This allows her to be a very small fox on one hand, just under eight inches tall at the shoulder, and then bigger than a wolf, about 4 feet to her shoulder as a wolf and approximately 8.5 feet in body length, on the other side of the spectrum; it also allows her to adjust her human body a bit as well. However, she cannot increase her height in her human form, only her overall measurements and a few other features that would not modify her height in human form. The changes wrought by her shape shifting are mostly aesthetic or cosmetic in nature; aside from her capability to fully shift between a fox and a human. This has no cooldowns, however, Ikari cannot transform herself into another humanoid; as her shapeshifting covers only her human form and fox form, along with the limited aesthetic modifications she can do to both.

» Kitsune’s Senses: Because Ikari is anything but human, her senses, like sight, smell, and hearing, are increased above the human normal; matching something far more comparable to a wolf due to her supernatural nature. Ikari's sense of smell, for example, is akin to that of a wolf's sense of smell due to it's similarities in distance and strength. Along with that similar sense, her ears, which are not human, are as strong as a wolf's despite her foxy attributes. Finally, Ikari does see the same colors as humans, however her eyes are as keen as a wolf's; along with the fox's night vision added on top of that.

» Inari’s Gentle Touch: At the expenditure of energy, Ikari is able to heal others, and herself, with a spell taught to her by her eternal partner. While only able to heal, the spell is of immense potency and scales with Ikari’s origin embodiment; allowing her to heal greater and greater wounds, with the accompanying energy expenditure.

At its lowest power, and minimum level, Ikari would be able to heal scratches, very minor injuries, and small bruises. On the upper end, Ikari is able to heal non-fatal wounds of all kinds. Fatal wounds, however are beyond Ikari’s abilities.

» Trickery!: Kitsune love to play tricks, and Ikari’s favorite past time is playing tricks on unsuspecting mortals; she also loves weaving schemes that have the potential to cause a great deal of trouble. Given her penchant for trickery, Ikari has developed an ability to help her. Ikari can use her fox fire to distract her enemy, to confuse them with dazzling lights, use the fire to create the illusions, and overall utilize her skills in deception to try and hoodwink a person; allowing her an advantage, or, simply, a good laugh.

» Sake!: Over the years, Ikari had grown quite the taste for a drink the Japanese dubbed “Sake”. A lovely drink, and Ikari’s favorite, the Danava formulated a way to create the drink for herself; so that she would never need to buy it. By simply weaving her energy together, with the sweet giggles of mischief as a base, the Kitsune can create her own brand of sake; allowing her to be able to create her own sake at will, with little expense to herself.

» Inari’s Bite: Like any predator, Ikari was born with sharp canines and fangs; intended to rip and tear flesh. This trait has even carried over to her human form as well. One of the small gifts from her Eternal Partner, Ikari imbues her teeth with fox lightning, and proceeds to try and sink her teeth into an individual; assuming she is close enough to bite them.

Overall, this ability most gives Ikari the opportunity to bite her opponent HARD and also discharge electricity into their body; scaling against the durability of her opponent, up to elite. Whose with weaker defenses would feel like being shocked by a live wire at maximum effects from the lightning, while those with stronger defenses would likely feel something akin to a static shock.

» Inari’s Elusive Step: Ever since Ikari was born from the energies of mischief, the Kitsune always had quite the penchant for running away swiftly. As she grew, Ikari developed her skill to run away swiftly into a bit of a more useful ability; one that allows her to mess with her enemy with briefly lingering afterimages.

After incurring a two post cooldown, Ikari can use an afterimage, a decoy of a sorts, to distract her enemy; allowing her to perform a variety of actions afterwards. Of course, being fallible, it is quite possible some to see through her movements and completely ignore what is essentially a shadow clone. Regardless, whether or not the opponent takes the bait, the after image fades after a post; and does nothing more than with the intention to distract and confuse.

» Eternal Partner Name: Inari

» Eternal Partner Appearance:
Human Form:
Fox Form:

» Eternal Partner Personality: Much like Ikari, Inari is a Kitsune-like being, full of tricks, a guardian spirit for Ikari, and the closest thing to a mother the little fox may ever know. While she is far wiser than Ikari, portraying herself as a wise old fox that is displayed by her ninetails alone, she still falls prone to mischievous tendencies; like suggesting that Ikari should litter the floor with banana peels just to see what would happen. However, she is Ikari’s counsel and conscious in times of need, and has been there for the Kitsune for her entire life.

While Inari does closely resemble the Shinto Goddess Inari, she refuses to claim that she is the same goddess, or Kami, that is, or has been, believed in. As far as Inari is concerned, when she was once the Danava of Kitsune, her own schemes and shenanigans may have caused such rumors, but she refuses to accept claim for them. Stubborn and prideful, Inari refuses to reveal her past acts to Ikari, but will always act as a lodestone to the Danava; guiding her when things do not seem clear. She provides guidance and love, and also helped Ikari learn how to create sake with her power. Overall, Inari is the best person Ikari could have asked for to guide her in life, because she knows that Inari will always be with her. Even if they still clash like any two beings can, they are still close like family, and the guidance Inari provides Ikari is invaluable.


» Atma Vatou Name: Kogitsunemaru (小狐丸) (Small Fox)

» Atma Vatou Description: A blade fit for Ikari, one that she created with the help of her eternal partner Inari. A relatively basic Katana in appearance, with a black lacquered sheathe to hide a golden blade. Despite the obvious lack of decoration, and how very plain the rest of the Katana looks, possessing a black tsuba, buttcap, and black wrapped handle; it is quite potent of its own accord. However, Ikari doesn't much enjoy using this weapon, as she prefers to scamper way before she can be caught. If the need calls for it, however, she will use her one deadly weapon; aside from herself, of course.

With a cooldown of two posts, Ikari can cause the blade to burn and glow with her fox fire; lasting for at least four posts. This allows her to cleave through normal metal like butter, melt ores with prolonged contact, and even cause intense burns if the blade strikes flesh. Of course, Ikari herself is not immune to the heat. If she ever wishes to end the skill early, she can sheathe the blade and douse the flames with that one action. However, the cooldown will still be incurred.

» Atma Vatou Name: Kitsunebi (Fox Fire)

» Atma Vatou Description: Ikari’s main source of attack aside from her Atma Vatou that Yuukinan helped her create; her fox fire. Controlled like an extension of her body, Ikari can summon her fox fire with a flick of her wrist; allowing her to attack with the fire, giving the Danava a very slight advantage if only due to their ranged nature.

Aside from basic use, Ikari can do a bit more with the fire than just fling it at enemies in various shapes and sizes. With a two post cooldown, Ikari can create a flamethrower in the palm of her hands; allowing her to scorch and burn everything with all the potency and power of an active wildfire. The fire lasts until put out by Ikari, by vigorous movements, by water, or really anything that traditionally puts out fire. However, being stronger than normal fire, it takes a little bit more effort to put out completely.


Path of Embracing

» Name: Kitsune Saiguu

» Appearance:

» Abilities:

» Embrace of the Saiguu: Once per thread, Ikari can expand a range of influence over a 20 meter radius. In this range of influence, strange giggles, sounds of odd merriment, and even the odd bit of sorrow can be heard echoing from within the range of her influence. Within this range, Ikari is able to move however she wishes, cast her kitsunebi from any direction, and she can even create bolts of lightning; albeit they are far weaker than her kitsunebi.

This ability is overall intended to cause misdirection, confusion in the form of uncertainty, and to attempt at mentally undermine an opponent. Odd sounds, minor visual hallucinations, obscured vision, and disorientation are examples of ways the field would confuse targets within the radius. Targeting the mental faculties of her opponent, this ability scales against the will skills of an opponent up to elite. At the lowest level of mental fortitude one would feel uncertain of their current location, have troubles remembering exactly what they were doing, and likely falling prey to minor hallucinations. Meanwhile, at the maximum end of said mental fortitude, one would feel sure of themselves and experience very little to none of the field's mentally targeted effects.

» Saiguu's Protection: At will, Ikari can create a barrier of pure mischief in front of her; it's durability scaling with her Origin Embodiment. It has no cooldowns, but no more than two can be summoned at once; one for each of Ikari's hands and cannot be moved after being placed. The present barriers would need to be dispelled to be moved around. This barrier can only cover about a two meter 2D square that is projected directly in front of Ikari's hand, for each hand; equaling a total coverage of approximately four meters, or around 13 feet. At lower levels of shield durability, Ikari's shields could likely only barely handle very basic attacks; barely being able to handle a punch from beginner strength, for example. At higher levels of shield durability, her shield would be able to defend against tank shells, and barely defend against a hit from something like a main cannon of a warship.

Path of Being

» Name: Inari’s Messenger

» Appearance:

» Abilities:

» Divine Messenger: As Inari's "messenger" Ikari takes on the form of a six foot tall, at the shoulder, and around 12 foot long fox. Being almost completely white, aside from a few red marks upon choice areas of her body, she lives up to the folklore of being considered a "Good sign" because of her white colors; and especially because of her nine-tails. This means that Ikari represents a good omen whenever she enters her path of being, and her presence has the potential to sway matters based on her appearance alone. While this has no honest affect on matters, her presence is a soothing comfort within a small radius of about 4 meters, and can help others find some modicum of peace if they consent to her comforting presence. If not, there is no reason to feel the effects of her presence whatsoever.

» Kyūbi no Kitsune: Due to being a true nine-tailed fox, Ikari gains greater capability than she had before. While she doesn't have honest and true omniscience, and never will, like the folklore of nine-tailed foxes are attributed to have, her senses are instead opened up to a greater degree than before. Along with her preliminary change to a large fox in order to better carry Inari's messages, Ikari also gains heightened hearing, sight, and smell. While this increase is great in comparison to her normal senses, it could never be considered omniscience. Her sense of smell increases to be much like that of a bloodhound's sense of smell, greatly increasing the distance at which she can detect smells. Meanwhile, her senses of sight and hearing increase to be a notch over a wolf's sight and hearing; all while maintaining her previous capabilities to see color and her foxlike night-vision.


General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Adept
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Danava Skills
  • Origin Embodiment: Elite
  • Origin Focusing:Advanced
  • Atma Vatou: Adept
  • Eternal Partner: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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