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Sat Aug 05, 2023 12:26 am


» Name: Auerbach _________________
» Alias: None
» Age: Unknown
» Gender: Male

» Association: None

» Stability: 94%
» Completion Rate: 61.5%
» Unlocated Organs: 31

» Estigma: Stiched Across Face
» Hollow Hole: Unknown
» Aspect of Death: Ritual

[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard F] Auerbach Granz 86o2fpG


Auerbach has a certain naivety that adheres regardless of what he says or does, compared by many to a child. Not particularly aware of the world in general, needlessly unprepared. He often uses medical or scientific terms without any founding or necessity, as they make up the majority of his vocabulary. Not quick to anger, nor particularly willing to go out of his way to help people, he has a certain sense of selfishness that he has developed since reawakening. Particularly territorial when it comes to finding more pieces of himself, outside of those situations being fairly difficult to stress.

Lonely, he caan easily form attachments when exposed to a certain kindness. Without much to account for of experience, most mundane things will illicit some kind of reaction. Eventually, he may shore on something of ambition, or something beyond surviving and scraping, but is now closer to an animal than person. Auerbach desires to be whole, and is yet to understand what that means. Only that he should follow what he can from what he knows, clawing and struggling as hard as he has to.


Tattered and tortured, covered in hundreds of odd symbols and scars. Auerbach does not wear clothes, being far more 'artificial' in appearance than most living things. The edges of his joints crack, forming into multiple pieces; akin to a doll. His hair is thin, white from stress and exposure. The tattoos swathing his body also extend the flesh outwards, or at least appear to; shoulders jutting into spikes. The most notable of his markings is an inverted triangle on his stomach, the center overtaken by a circle.


One of Szayelaporro's earliest experiments, still within the realm of 'possibility'; modifying and acting on the natural abilities of hollows and arrancar as a whole. With time comes expertise, plenty of which was spared for Auerbach's creation.

A hollow was drawn and quartered, their body separated not by blade or force but garganta. The hollow survived, painfully. Slowly regenerating from its head, the remaining limbs dying in the sands of Hueco Mundo. Iteration after iteration, his creator's own abilities ended up forming the basis of coming into existence.

A hollow subjected to Teatro de Titere, organs removed and stored into their own garganta, the connection prematurely severed on each portals creation. As the hollow writhed in pain, a garganta was formed in their now empty body, and their mask was torn off. As they'd contort and evolve, the portal didn't collapse, instead merging into the flesh. The severed connections sang out to the newly formed being, anchoring with their reiryoku as the body seized. With time, the body stood on its own, eyes cloudy and unfocused.

Initially considered a pet project, the experimentation that followed was far more extreme. The distance, frequency, and other variables of his organs becoming a constantly shifting nightmare. Attempts to trace and follow the connection, to somehow tap into the space - all failures, resulting in more cutting, more hacking away, a search for deeper answers that would never come. As Auebrach's mind was shattered, the Espada grew bored, and tossed Auerbach like trash. The sands of hueco mundo slowly taking over a comatose body, fading into history.

Until his eyes snapped open, dozens of years later. A heartbeat near, familiar - pain racking through something he didn't know he had.

Propping himself up from the sand, his zanpakuto a crutch as he shook under the unfeeling sky of Hueco Mundo. There, in the sands, a dog lay. Happily wagging its tail, an aberrant thing in its mouth. The world seemed to reject it, a black space torn between realities. So Auerbach took a step forward, the beat of his heart echoing across the sands; and he understood. The dog would fight, but the arrancar would win. Claiming his heart, fingers pushed into the lack of reality, and he felt that he could live.

The shaking of his limbs, lack of breath, fading vision; it gave way to a purpose, of divine instinct. Listening to the recordings stored with his corpse, and carrying the aching blade of a shattered zanpakuto, Auerbach took to the sands, taking the name of his maker.

Looking for the rest of himself.


Aside from his physiology, Auerbach possesses nothing of particular note.


» Internal Garganta: Directly beneath his skin, Auerbach is an enigma of space. A garganta exists inside of him in perpetuity, entirely localized and fully functional. His internal body is connected through unknown means, produced by the scientific efforts of Szayelaporro and considered a failure due to the apparent 'fragile' nature of it. The body of Auerbach will crumple at the slightest blow, comparable more to a paper bag than flesh and blood. So long as the blow would not cut him, he can simply reflate himself using his spiritual pressure - and even upon severing a body part, they can be easily reattached through the same method.

Spatial and gravity techniques also aversely affect this, allowing someone to directly damage his internal organs. Furthermore, it makes his reiryoku incredibly difficult to notice, appearing to more advanced sensory abilities as a vacuum of spiritual power.

Being entirely empty on the inside, Auerbach possesses a shockingly high level of speed, beyond what most could do with years on years of practice. And while he may be something easily collapsed, hits something fierce; the strength of the garganta's edge providing a stable and heavy strike. He is also largely incapable of interacting with other garganta portals; entering one comparable to a black hole eating another. Thankfully, even attempting to do so releases a massive repulsive force in all directions, a shockwave several meters in radius. Further information regarding how he functions, much less how he's still alive, are largely unknown or untested entirely.

» Empathic Cero: Despite Auerbach's middling presence or even appearance as an arrancar, he possesses a formidable output in cero - when he is pushed for it. Capable of firing cero from either the center of the tattoo on his stomach, or from an outstretched palm, these are both conscious techniques. The latter weaker than the former, he only utilizes force that feels as an appropriate response. When pushed into a life or death situation, he can also form a third, far stronger cero from his mouth; dubbed Grito Rasgado Cero by the documentation left behind. A scream tearing apart the throat.


» Recording Device: A small, handheld recorder. It contains a long fit of documentation performed orally by Szayelaporro, including his supposed release phrase.


» Name: Luz de Guía

» Sealed Appearance: A white katana, bearing a triangle guard and crimson hilt. The blade is chipped, with several cracks leading from a missing tip of the sword.

» Sealed Power: Currently powerless. As he gets closer to the location of an organ, the blade 'hurts'.


» Release Phrase: "Sequence GGAC, TCCG, ATAG, options eight, thirteen, twenty one. Run command - Rebirth."

» Release Action: Unknown.

» Appearance: Unknown.

» Abilities: An unachieved 'release', requiring a far more complete Auerbach.


General Skills
  • Durability: Untrained
  • General Speed: Elite
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Martial Skill: Untrained

Arrancar Skills
  • Cero: Advanced
  • Nucleo: Untrained
  • Regenerar: Elite
  • Sonido: Untrained

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Adept
  • Deduction: Beginner
  • Focus: Beginner
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[Spirit Class 8 | Hazard F] Auerbach Granz Empty Re: [Spirit Class 8 | Hazard F] Auerbach Granz

Tue Aug 29, 2023 6:15 pm

Spirit Class: 8
Hazard Ratings
Power: D
Influence: F
Resources: F
Overall: F[/mod]

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