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Wed Aug 23, 2023 12:05 pm
Natsukashi Koko [Finished, Adoptable] Gipe7Ri

Basic Information

○ Name: Natsukashi Koko (夏橿 誇子)
○ Alias: Coconut Candy
○ Age: 37
○ Gender: Female
○ Race: Shinigami

○ Affiliation:
-Natsukashi Family
-Gotei United 8th Division, Unseated

○ Marital Status: Single
○ Nationality: Soul Society
○ Sexual Orientation: Heterosexual
○ Special Skill: Always knows when fruit will ripen.
○ Ideal Mate: Selfless, courageous, heroic.

○ Height: 5’1”
○ Build: Modest
○ Hair Colour: Black
○ Eye Colour: Blue

Natsukashi Koko [Finished, Adoptable] ZRdCvik

Psychological Analysis
In a word, “overconfident.” Koko carries herself with no small amount of pride, often acting as though she comes from some exceptionally prestigious bloodline which should demand respect. The reality, however, is that the Natsukashi are hardly even a footnote in the annals of Soul Society. They are a distant branch household of another, equally minor noble family in the Seireitei, and as such it is only by the barest possible metric that they have the means and the clout to maintain a home there. Koko’s pride, however, is not in the Natsukashi family name. No, if anything, she is all too aware of how little value her family name carries, and she instead considers herself above it. She intends to marry into a more worthwhile house, to take up a name that is more worthy of a woman of her prestige and talents, and is quite vocal about this fact.

While she is currently the owner of what some would call a “cursed” zanpakuto, Koko hardly seems bothered by the sword’s nature. If anything, she simply considers it little more than a trophy, a weapon that she earned when she defeated another in battle, and so despite the zanpakuto’s repeated urgings that she attempt to use it, she gives it little, if any, mind.




Born as the first daughter of the incredibly minor noble house Natsukashi, Koko has been nevertheless showered in praise since she was a young girl. Her family, having put no particular expectations onto her other than to be their precious little girl, allowed her to do as she wished throughout much of her life. While most children might have come out of such an upbringing rather spoiled, Koko turned out in a rather different way; exceptionally, overwhelmingly bored. Her life had no excitement, nothing worth talking about, and she lazed about day in and day out. When she turned 16, she decided to become a shinigami on little more than a whim, and her parents, always willing to give her what she wished, allowed it with no argument.

Having been raised in such an environment, Koko was ill prepared for the life of a shinigami. This, however, was simply a sign to her that she’d made the right decision. Her classes, while not a cakewalk, were not so difficult that she ever tremendously struggled, and she ultimately found herself on course to graduate on schedule. That was just as well, and she considered it simply a sign of her own ability that she’d graduated without any training or practice prior to her enrolling. In her last year at the academy, however, on what was a relatively routine outing in the Rukongai for typical patrols, she found herself in an unusual circumstance. While intended as a standard outing, the patrol found itself having crossed paths with a wanted rogue shinigami, who had evaded search for several years. He was not especially dangerous, and the difficulty in finding him had simply been a matter of allocation of resources rather than his ability to fend off the Gotei.

In a fairly straightforward battle, Koko found herself the one to land the deciding blow, piercing the man’s chest with a well-aimed Byakurai, and naturally went to assess the scene and procure evidence. Picking up the man’s zanpakuto, however, led to a sudden and rather unceremonious bond being formed. Some might consider that frightening, or exciting, but Koko’s primary response was annoyance, as she’d felt she was making good progress on bonding with the asauchi she’d already been given.

Upon return, the situation was established to the Gotei, and it was determined that, as she was a member of the Gotei, and had now bonded with the zanpakuto, the blade was hers, though she would need to return the asauchi she had been assigned previously. It was also made clear she would be subject to inquiry regarding the zanpakuto at the discretion of Gotei leadership, but Koko, a prideful woman, was all too willing to allow herself to be a point of attention.

After graduating, Koko spent some time in the Kido Division, though she found it to be rather unexciting despite its aligning with her own skillset. She recently transferred to the 8th Division, with a stated reason that she would prefer to demonstrate her wider skillset.


○ Kido Preference: Koko, as a woman of tremendous pride and self-confidence, does not engage in close-quarters combat if she can help it, as she would never deign to dirty her own hands. Because of this, she overwhelmingly favors kido to any other style of combat, and is capable of utilizing it at a level beyond the average shinigami. She is not so sufficiently developed in the art to be considered a true “specialist,” admittedly, but her talent is undeniable.


○ Zanpakutо̄ Name: Suikaku (水禍宮, "Shrine of Disastrous Waters")

○ Zanpakutо̄ Spirit Appearance:
Natsukashi Koko [Finished, Adoptable] ObCLBr9

○ Zanpakutо̄ Spirit Personality: Suikaku cultivates the image of being a cheerful and playful zanpakuto spirit, often providing what would seem to be emotional support to its user throughout any hardships. It acts like a younger sister might, with a perennial smile and a desire to be helpful. However, this is fundamentally a ruse put up by Suikaku. In reality, Suikaku’s only intention is to see its own power grow, and so it will try to manipulate its user into not only growing stronger, but into utilizing Suikaku to the fullest possible extent.

○ Inner World: Suikaku’s inner world is rather straightforward, an empty world filled only with water that seems endlessly deep. Even if one swims upward, they will never reach the surface, which seems to be quite far away regardless.

○ Zanpakutо̄ Appearance:

Natsukashi Koko [Finished, Adoptable] OveRgrV

○ Sealed Zanpakutо̄ Power: Suikaku is an abnormal, “ancestral” zanpakuto. This is not tied to any particular bloodline, however, and Suikaku is capable of being used by anyone who picks it up from a previous owner. Because of this, however, it should be noted that regardless of the bond one cultivates with Suikaku, it is a blade which fundamentally does not allow any user to achieve bankai.


○ Shikai Release Phrase: Suikaku's full release phrase is exceptionally long. However, it should be noted that the full release phrase is not required to utilize this shikai. Each stanza of the release phrase, comprised of one renku verse, will unleash a separate portion of the zanpakuto. The full release, however, is as follows:

“Hey, Suikaku.

If only a storm would blow me away
But, the sea didn't move.

Wind blows, rain falls, thunder sounds
Life collapses, but yet continues.

Even if Buddha or the gods block the path,
I will stand and storm until my life is finished.”

Japanese Release Phrase:

○ Shikai Release Action: Releasing Suikaku in any capacity, whether it be the initial release or a later stanza, requires no extra actions apart from the recitation of the release.

○ Shikai Appearance:
Natsukashi Koko [Finished, Adoptable] EG06GgG

○ Shikai Abilities: For each stanza of Suikaku’s release that is spoken, the shikai becomes more powerful. However, this is not so straightforward as a normal zanpakuto’s usage, as Suikaku is a blade that demands sacrifice to be used. The initial release, demanding only “Ne, Suikaku,” provides no additional abilities to the user beyond the fundamental increase that any shikai would. Each additional stanza spoken beyond this comes with both greater power and more significant detriment.

○ First Stanza: Upon reciting the first stanza, Suikaku’s strikes become imbued with lightning, and will fire a bolt of electricity in the direction of any attack made with the zanpakuto. These lightning bolts act as genuine lightning, moving near-instantly through the air until they strike a hard surface or reach a distance equal to the user’s SC range of influence. However, only one of these bolts can be fired per post. Additionally, recitation of the first stanza reduces the user’s Durability by one rank for the duration of the release.

○ Second Stanza: Upon reciting the second stanza, a thick mist pours from the blade, creating such an intense watery aura that opponents will often have difficulty even breathing, let alone moving. Enemies within 100 meters of Suikaku’s user are slowed significantly unless their SC is higher than the user’s, or if their Strength or Speed is higher than the user’s Zanjutsu. At this stage, the release also grants the user an additional 100% boost on top of the usual shikai boost. However, recitation of the second stanza reduces the user’s Strength by one rank for the duration of the release.

○ Third Stanza: Upon reciting the third stanza, an intense gale surrounds Suikaku’s user, strong enough not only to blow away attacks, but even to tear lesser foes to pieces. Those within 10 meters of Suikaku’s user when this gale is active are functionally being constantly attacked by Suikaku, unless their Durability is higher than the user’s Zanjutsu. Additionally, any attack made against Suikaku’s user must be from a skill higher than the user’s Zanjutsu, or utilize a Spirit Class higher than the user’s, or it will be blown off-course and away from Suikaku’s user. However, recitation of the third stanza reduces the user’s speed by one rank for the duration of the release.

○ Final Stanza: The final stanza of Suikaku’s release is not yet written; this is a fundamental truth of the zanpakuto which will never change. Should it be necessary, Suikaku’s wielder may formulate a new stanza for its release phrase. This will be permanently added to the blade’s release, engraved into its identity forever, and will provide the user with not only a new ability, but an immense increase in power which is on par with a mature (Elite) bankai, on top of the zanpakuto’s other impressive boons. However, upon this release being finished, the user will perish, their soul having been used to permanently create this new verse of Suikaku’s release.

As this is an incredibly free-form ability by nature, this should be reserved for narrative threads, and used in tandem with one’s thread partner rather than simply dropped on them apropos of nothing. This new ability must be submitted and approved as an upgrade to staff prior to use. The new stanza for this poem will be made with staff assistance if requested to maintain thematic parity.


General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Martial Skill: Adept

Shinigami Skills
  • Hoho: Beginner
  • Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower: Beginner
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Focus: Adept

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