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The Art Of Gen-Kido (Hannah, Erica) - Page 3 Empty Re: The Art Of Gen-Kido (Hannah, Erica)

Fri Sep 22, 2023 7:54 am
The Art Of Gen-Kido (Hannah, Erica) - Page 3 VTEZeJL

Hannah had such a beautiful way with words that Erica couldn’t help but feel uplifted by them at that point. She had been at times harsh and other times gentle but the pink haired girl had never felt that the Teacher had lied or belittled her as such. The blonde woman had simply spoken the truth and whether she’d liked it or not, they were words that Erica had needed to hear, a fact that she was coming to terms with now. The future looked a lot more rosy and as she reached out and gently took Hannah’s hand, she made a promise to herself that she’d overcome her self doubts and make a conscious effort to learn what she’d refused to in the Academy. Her Kido would always come first and she’d be in the infirmary whenever she needed to be but she’d make the time to develop her other skills, in her own gentle way.

“I think my brothers and sisters will be able to cope without me for a while.”
She replied softly, the bright and cheerful smile that was usually plastered across her face returning. “Let’s take a walk and talk for a little longer.”


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