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Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:35 pm
[ V i z a r d T e m p l a t e ]


General Information

Name: Hirohoto Namikaze
Appearance Age: 19
True Age: 434
Gender: Male


Overall Apperance

Appearance: Hirohoto Namikaze is always seen within a black suit. The fabric of his clothing is fine, slick to the touch. His choice of an undershirt would have to be his purple dress shirt, which always sticks out with it's own, bright color. Along with his undershirt, which does indeed seem to have black stripes running down quite vertically; this particular male wears such an emerald green vest over such a shirt. The vest it's self is a vibrant color, as well; it almost seems to be quite a darker shade of a neon green. Over the male's head lies an accessory more important to him than his own life, yet not exactly the lives of his friends. Upon his head, Hirohoto wears a large top hat. The hat itself is a dark black, it's fabric even finer then the suit upon his body itself. There's a ribbon, the identical color of his own vest, that wraps around the base of this accessory; tied up in an almost unnoticeable bow, due to his height of which is to be gotten into. His shoes are a fine pair of simple, and black, dress shoes. We'll put it simply enough. On his left side lies the sheath to his Zanpakutō, although he is right handed. The short scarf around the male's neck is the same color as the ribbon along his hat, and as it's tied down in the place of a simple tie; the last noteable fact about his clothing are is black, leather gloves.

Hirohoto stands six feet and five inches tall. His body is not skinny, but not fat; a buff build to be truthful. Beneath his shirt, his muscles about his stomach an arms may seem refined and tight. The flesh of his body is pale, nearly white, as it had been in his own lifetime. Overall, his light brown eyes are quite lively, besides his right eye; this eye is hazed over and nearly blind. There are no notable scars along the flesh of this male's figure, and at the very most a man would notice that his fine black hair sticks out from beneath his top hat with ease. His hair would most likely ease over his eyes if not for his hat, it's own waviness apparent; although it also seems quite messy at times, as if he wished to copy the more popular styles he'd known. Hiro's own teeth are straight, perfectly white, and leave him with a calm and comforting smile. In rage, all of the warmth may suddenly disappear from this man's very being, leaving him stiff as well as cold in appearance; although this would be more of a vibe if anything.



Personality: When calm, Hirohoto is quite the gentleman. He adores his friends, he really does. He finds nearly all life sacred in it's own way, and to put it simply, he hates the lives of most hollow; we will get into that later. When he is not enjoying his time around some of his closer of friends, he almost always is simply gazing up and toward the sky. This man has always enjoyed watching the clouds flow, for he has always been envious of them. They move with the flow of things, as he wishes to do with himself. He wishes to drift on and through this current life, and perhaps drift forward and into his own oblivion. In the very meantime, this man is innocent at heart and mind. He almost immediately trusts the people whom his friends know, yet will almost automatically notice the slightest of differences in someone's behavior; the slightest will put him off on a spree of asking questions or even suspiscion. The calmed mind of this male is focused, inquisitive, and kind to almost everyone. He is respectful of his superiors, all the same. Lastly, to be mentioned, he is always loyal to his allies.

When angry, Hirohoto is a force to be reckoned with. The rage does nothing but increase his own focus, his mind's way of thinking. Even though he becomes more savage in his movements, he will always maintain a grasp upon what is going on within the battlefield itself, or even just the area around him. He never goes blind with rage, he converts his anger into a reason not to lose. Determination? He has much, when enraged. It is even at it's peak at this time. He will listen to few people when he is mad; Carter, his superiors, or even the people he has grown close to. At this time, it must be noted that it's incredibly hard to make this man mad. He can control his emotions, and anger can be bottled with the utmost of ease. When he does decide to release this rage, though, watch yourself.

When sad, Hirohoto will have the most trouble doing even the most simple of things. Depression acts as his emotional weakness, and although he can dilute it with rage, his mind will lose it's imagination as well as it's pure focus on the battlefield. This partially serious man will be left in ruins, if lead to a horrid sense of sadness. No concentration, no actions. To say an example; if a woman were to break this man's heart, he'd like to take a blade to such a muscle. He literally would, too. He cannot handle sadness, and feels it even less then he feels rage. He is not fit to fight, in this emotional state, or even function on his own.

Overall, this male is confident. He doesn't show it through cockiness, but he will always think three steps forward to ensure a win. He understands that there are people who are stronger then him, at this point in his current life, and will strive to out do them in time. In the meantime, this man will go on through his life in the best ways he can think of. He will always be by his friends' sides and will always try to bring a smile to their face.



Zanpakutō Name: En Kaku no Kumo (Cloud of Hades)

Zanpakutō Spirit Appearance: The spirit of this Zanpakutō resembles the male who owns it. The clothing he is portrayed in is that of the same, black suit. The only difference between this suit and Hirohoto's own is that the spirit's suit is ragged and overworn. There are several scars of stitching around this spirit's suit, and where they come from are unknown. What is known is that the spirit only wears a dress shirt beneath his suit's jacket, a purely white article of clothing. The dress shoes are identical to Hirohoto's own, but yet again, the spirit has worn his out. The top hat upon the spirit's head is the only article of his clothing that is NOT worn, for as it shimmers the same as Hirohoto's own; the spirit's top hat has a fine, white ribbon along it's base.

The body of this spirit? It is nearly skeletal. There is indeed flesh, but it is so thin and scarce that even the male's own eyes sink into his skull. He is the personification of pestilence in his own appearance, yet such a frail looking body is as solid as stone. It is amazing how straight his posture is, as well. He looks to be like a ghost, a ghost of the finest of gentlemen.

Zanpakutō Spirit Personality: This spirit has only portrayed two emotions, as well as one overall demeanor. He is stern, and likes to use his strong and deep voice to the most of it. With the few words he does speak, he will get his point through with no trouble. His mind is so refined, so inteligent. Very few can match his intelect, and very few can even comprehend the thoughts that run through his mind. When enraged, this spirit becomes silent. He is easily irritated, and would rather become as stiff as a board then waste his time lecturing and expressing such feelings of weakness. When he is calm, he is very levelheaded and dislikes any concepts of going with the flow of things. He enjoys plotting his moves out, much like Hirohoto's mind does naturally.

Inner World: The inner world of this Zanpakutō is dark, there is no light. There are large pedesestals all around, seeming to tower in the air at different heights with their marble-like appearance. There is no main pedestal, though, and they are all very solid. They all sprout up from an abyss, at the very bottom of this realm; which will be described soon. In fact, they are the brightest colored as well as the only noteable objects in this world; with their vibrant white and nearly unlimited amounts.

The abyss at the bottom of this realm is bottomless. It is a neverending place with death as a constant danger to whomever is within it. Although the Zanpakutō spirit can traverse his realm with ease, any other man may find difficulty in moving across such limitted space along even one of these pedestals. Concentration is required, for without concentration, one may fall into the dark and hazy abyss below. It is rumored by the spirit that if one even makes contact with the abyss, they will have to fight their personal corruption in a personified form.

Sealed Zanpakutō Appearance: This Zanpakutō resembles a simple katana. It's blade shines brightly with it's handle a pure black, which amazingly matches the color of the jet-black sheath it lies in. The length of this sword is average, and the sharpness of such a Zanpakutō is to be revered. All in all, the most noticeable part of this blade is the small ribbon tied to the very end of the handle; this is a ribbon that matches the two upon Hirohoto's own clothing.

Release Phrase: "Traverse the Abyss, En Kaku no Kumo!"


Shikai Information

Shikai Appearance: The handle of such a katana seems to extend quite greatly, and as it's form had molded into the shape of a bar; the bar which could be held in the center, black in appearance, would be as hard as iron. In the long run of this, there would be no blade. Where the blade once was, there would seem to be a hole. From this hole drips the energies of this Zanpakutō, and while it can easily be maneuvered around, it's length would measure out to three feet. It almost seems to be a blunt object or weapon, or a pipe with only one opening. It is not, yet from that hole may spawn the abilities that this Shikai has in store.

Shikai Abilities: The power of the abyss which haunts the world of his Zanpakutō is used within this Shikai. From the hole leaks a dark energy, which is shrouded in such a black mist. The pure manipulation of this energy is almost limitless in both shape and movement, and as it is used, it may move at such a blinding speed if necessary. The power of this piece of the abyss is to simply be molded into whatever shape may need be.
This is the first ability of this Zanpakutō.

The second ability of this Zanpakutō is the ability to slowly consume whatever the abyss may touch. If one is trapped within a maelstrom of darkness and mist which may have spawned from such a blade, he will slowly decompose due to the large amounts of negative energy which may plague this sword. This effect happens over several moments, and is hard to control due to the fact that it takes so much energy, as well as concentration, to keep the flow of the abyss on such a wide-scale level around his enemy. Depending on the spiritual pressure of whoever may be influenced by this technique, the effect may be slower of faster. If someone is godlike, in a sense, compared to Hirohoto; the effect may not even take place. Someone of a similar level will have difficulties denying the effect of this ability if not at their full power, and a person upon a lower tier will have to avoid this at all costs. Remember, this technique is not instant, but it is painful.


Bankai Information

Bankai Appearance:

Bankai Abilities:


Inner Hollow & Mask

Inner Hollow Description: Other then the jutting, curved-out teeth of the face of this hollow's mask, the only other noticeable trait would be the tear-shaped marks beneath each slit of an eye. It's large, as well as towering figure is similar in height to Hirohoto's own. At the height of six feet and eight inches, it's own body's muscular makeup is extremely buff. The stomach of this hollow is the only portion that truely sinks inwards, almost giving it a starved appearance. The flesh beneath it's white mask would seem to portray itself as being grey, as well as extremely durable to nearly any assault upon it. It's two hands claw out at their own fingertips, and while it does seem to be without a tail, it's strong and thick legs are obviously made for speed.

Inner Hollow Personality: When unagitated, this hollow does seem to have a mind of it's own. The hollow speaks intelectually, but almost naturally drifts off on rants about how tasty humans are and other stereotypical hollow nonsense. It demands the beings it speaks towards to be respectful towards it, polite even. He is very easily taken out of this mood with the slightest of insults. All in all, this hollow fights cleverly and mixes both it's own, unique fighting style with a feel of pure savagry.

When agitated, which is most of the time, this hollow tends to attack whatever is in it's sight. Whether it's a pedestal or the spirit of the Zanpakutō, there is always the thought of destruction within this corrupted mind. There is very little logic running throughout it, at this point, as it demonstrates it's power to the empty space around it. In this state, all he portrays himself as is a beast. He is not easily calmed, either; surprisingly enough, Hirohoto can get through to him.

Inner Hollow Powers: This inner hollow can shoot large rays of a power, red cero from it's mouth. If the flow of the cero is continuous, and not a sudden burst, it will rip through objects quite easily. It's physical strength is amazing, for it can punch holes through solid slabs of concrete; it's blows may even bend metal walls, depending on their thickness. The durability of his body is as hard as the very steel he can bend, for his flesh is similar to iron in strength. His claws can shred through metals, and sometimes even the Zanpakutō of the famed soul reapers. It's most distinct and unique ability is to shoot a mass of it's energy unto that of any surface. If it makes contact, it will remain upon such an object until removed by the proper means of energy removal, or until the hollow decides to allow the mass to explode upon said surface. While it touches a certain surface, the object itself will burn with the energy it is in contact with.

Hollow Mask Appearance: This mask seems humanoid, the teeth upon it smiling in such an upwards and overdone curve. There is thickness in this smile, as it reaches far down the face of this mask; portraying such fine and jagged teeth upon it. The eyes of this mask form into such ovualer slits in a verticle manner, just over the white base of this mask. Beneath each slit for an eye, would seem to be that of two tear-shaped marks about the base of this mask. The tear beneath the right eye would seem to be a vibrant blue, while the left eye's would be a bright red. The nose of the mask resembles a humanoid bone structure, as it sticks out in the slightest.


Vizard Powers

Vizard Powers: While under the influence of the hollow mask, Hirohoto may fire beams of cero from his right and left hand. In combining the starting points for each beam, he may create an even larger blast. He may borrow his inner hollow's spewing effect by opening the mouth of his hollow mask wide, and blasting the portions of his own energy outwards. It has the exact same effect, sticking to a surface and exploding at will, or until concentration is lost. The pure rush of the moment leaves Hirohoto's mind exhilerated, seeming to go wild in thought. All of the possibilities are laid out infront of him, and he may even start thinking twelve steps ahead. Maintaining the balance between rage and intense concentration is quite an ability that shows itself greatly, here. Lastly, other then a strength boost proportionate to that of his hollow's physical strength, Hirohoto begins to lack his usual kindness and will not hesitate to kill anything in his way.



Resurrección Appearance:

Resurrección Abilities:



Background: The date? Forgotten. All that was known about Hirohoto was that he was a 19 year old american student, taking his fifth year in a highschool to obtain college credits. Life had been swell for him; he had a girlfriend, several best friends, great grades, and a fine future ahead of him. Upon the news of the death of "Carter Zenaki", a male who had been in a lesser grade, but all more cared for in the school; the curiousity of this Hiro had caused him to make such a fatal decision. Although he didn't exactly know the man, he was worried for the safety of the people important to himself. He decided that he would find out who did this, for the criminal usually returns back to the scene of the crime. So.. In sneaking himself into the house that had now been quarentined for investigation upon the Zenaki murder case, he looked around until he had found himself at the very room of the "So-Called Crime". To put this next part simply, a policeman who was new to the force had been on duty at this time. He noticed the male sneak into the house, and without warning unholstered his gun. He paniced, and within his panic, he shot the high school student in his head. At this time, the moment the body had reached the floor, his life would have started all over again. He did remember anything within this new world, nor did he care to remember. All that mattered to him was to survive in this place. The South Alley of Flowing Spirits was where he originated. This is also where he initially found himself the resources to construct a hat out of several weeds he had found lying around. He had constructed a top hat-shaped item, and wore it always until his later years. But as the years went on, friends were made and attachments were apparent. Carter Zenaki, a man whose name he had not remembered, had all but randomly popped into this male's life. At first, scrounging about for a meal. Later on, sharing meals with one another. They were the best of friends, and as they became closer throughout the years, they had shown their skills in but the most random of situations. A hollow had been found within the Rukongai District, and it had been smelling out the scent of the most potent spiritual pressures. At the time, the hollow had taken it's time to stalk, and even go after the two young adults. It was hostile, and by the time it revealed it's immense spiritual pressure, our bodies would have frozen. If these two men had been any weaker, they would have passed out from the pressure they felt. But no, such an incredible hollow had only left them frozen in such fear. By the time a Shinigami had come to the rescue, the male known as Hirohoto had been sliced through the shoulder by the teeth of said hollow, while defending his friend. Further examination of this wound would of shown such dark energies lingering about it's flesh. But, as the wound had closed, all had been thought to be fine. The two males had later seperated for a short while whilst they had joined the Shinō Academy, and after graduation; Hirohoto's arm began to havhave such burning fits. The dark energies had brought on an infection within him, and while they had spread throughout his body, Hirohoto seeked a place for seclusion. In three days, the mask of a hollow had found itself upon his face. Within his mind, he even got to meet the hollow. If the male had not taken his time to examine the immense speed and brutal power, as well as predictable movements, of this beast; Hiro would have easily been vanquished. In the end, after slicing the hollow into halves, he ended such a hellish moment. He had taken on the powers of this hollow. Hirohoto had become a vizard, and began to train his powers in secret, for the shortest of whiles. This is where his story trails off, a once unknown and unstriving mold of potential becoming something more.


RP Sample

Role Play Sample: .. The male known as Hirohoto had taken his time to trek forward. Each movement of his leg had been carefully calculated, easing itself forward at the utmost of slowest of paces. He had been stepping forward, down that of an imaginary line he had placed as a marker within his head. His path was unknown, for the wilderness that had surounded him had left him guessing at where woodland would end and civilization would be apparent. At this time though, as his arms swayed with each of the movements of his very own legs, his pace had not lessened in the slightest. Being so lost, the male had even considered a story of what he may tell upon his arrival back to sanctuary. " I was just taking a fine stroll, my good friend ", is what he was certain he would say. The tree around him had seemed to go on for an endless amount, and the sky above him had portrayed that of the finest of sunsets. Even if he could not arrive back home before night's grasp had took a hold of this current day, at least he could enjoy the peace of such solitude within these woods. ..


Skill Sheet

General Skills
  • Durability: Beginner
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Adept

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Adept
  • Cero/Bala/Kidō: Adept
  • Zanjutsu: Adept
  • Hakuda: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Beginner
  • Focus: Adept

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