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The Fall of an Era Empty The Fall of an Era

Tue Dec 18, 2012 4:52 pm
Time had been paused here at the Gate, this was the entrance to Hueco Mundo. It wasn't something that people could often understand, being their were others. This simply let people exit the Fores of Menos and such places. It was a rather small gate way, couldn't see more then one hundred men past the entrance. Skeletons could be seen for miles, it seemed like this place had seen death on such an epic scale that it wasn't worthy of being called anything less then a war zone. Verathius rubbed his jaw, watching for something to come through. He never rested, he fought and killed without mercy for so many eons. His mind began to ponder, how many eons have I fought here. For a voice I've never met, losing my memories has made this seem like a mercy I guess. My time before this is but a fuzzy, memory almost a haze. He said, looking up now the male didn't move really his eyes of crimson seemed to be full of a darkness. The shadows around him moved around, they seemed almost alive. The darkness would arrive soon.

Verathius the Gate Keeper, a once important figure could see the world changing around him. Now it was only one to two people arriving, they weren't like they were once upon a time. The Queen of Hollows, how long did she plan to leave him out here he wondered. He was just awakening here and unaware of where here was even. Till he began to notice the lay of the land. Her power of observation was impressive, she saw all this would come. But it wasn't important now was it, he wore torn rages his face remained blank as the wind blew through the graveyard. Some people tried to enter, but were dying from being too close to his spiritual pressure. The sheer force was killing them, he didn't fight much these days. That had become enough for him to sit upon the stone surrounded by the skeletons of the past.
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The Fall of an Era Empty Re: The Fall of an Era

Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:14 pm

Ashlei Clixx

She was sure there was something she had forgotten. Something nagging at the back of her head like a knot in her hair that wouldn't come undone. What was this feeling of not knowing? Ashlei was not familiar with it. Her IQ was unmatched, but something had slipped her mind. Thus, she decided it best that she get away from her place of work and found somewhere secret that she could use to think in. Her cottage in the mountains of k world would be way to far away for something trivial like this. The general fact that she was nagging herself about it was more annoying than forgetting. Ever told yourself off to the point of being annoyed at the sound of your thoughts?

The girl had opened up her wings and taken flight. Even though they were small, one thing you need to remember is how she was capable of flight. Blasting through the night sky, she moved at speeds that would make a jet jealous. ZOoming on, she suddenly had a brainwave. Stopping somewhat violently, slamming her legs into the sand beneath her creating a sort of tidal wave of white to gush into the air, she spun on the spot and looked back towards hueco mundo.

"THATS IT! long has it been?... um...where did I leave him?"

Holding up a hand, she flicked her wrist at the air before her. Suddenly, a mouth opened, swirling black nothingness to generate a Garganta the girl could step through. Hopefully, this is where she was supposed to go. Tossing herself through, she flipped backwards into the black but did not use any reitsu to create a platform to walk on. Instead, she fell into the darkness and continued going down. Once she had decided she had fallen for long enough, she held out her arm and flicked again, zooming through a garganta opening abruptly before her. What her long lost friend would see, is a tear before him revealing a girl fluttering through on her back, her wings keeping her afloat as she looked up towards the sky. She looked very casual, as though she wasn't even aware she was late. She smiled when she thought she was close enough and spoke.

"Hello, how's it going? long time no see...I suppose!"


The Fall of an Era Empty Re: The Fall of an Era

Wed Dec 19, 2012 3:43 pm
Rising from the ground where he sat, the male’s body quickly dropped dirt and other debris from it. Sand mostly was the chief among them, his hair of black had some brown spots in it were sand had fallen. It appeared as though he’d been sitting out here for quite sometime. His red eyes looked down at the female, observing her she was Ashlei Clixx, that much was certain. Lately rumors he been going around that the female had died a very painful death, but it appeared the rumors were bit off. His eyes didn’t seem to hit at much when he spoke now, his lips moved slowly. “I see the rumors of your demise were great exaggerated upon. “ He stood waiting for whatever it was she was planning next, she left him here after he just awoke. He remembered every eon that passed there for a while, enemies seemed to be crawling out of the wood work. Then finally they reached the point, where just his presence could kill the enemies that attempted to make a path.

The enemy who had been crossing the line let out one last shriek as the poor bastard finally cashed out. It seemed to be likely they weren’t coming back any time soon, his eyes narrowed at the spec he’d been managing. The enemies had fallen below his caliber as of late, the strong must of found a better route to take. The weak and foolish who believed themselves a chance, sat in the door dead they didn’t even make it across the line due to the immense spiritual pressure. What other reason should he have to put in great deal of effort for such little bugs. He normally would sit and rest his eyes, letting his energy do the reason. The days when Captains had brawls with him, to which almost everything was fun and required him to move. Now he was strong and nearly unstoppable by most beliefs. His eyes gazed on at the form of Ashlei Clixx, what ever she wanted now couldn't be good. "So, I am guessing you've come to relieve me of this task, since the enemies found other ways in..I doubt anything strong enough to threaten most will come through..Or am I to remain here still."

He was very upfront about it, honestly it didn't matter to Verathius were he went, he was almost naked from the damages his clothing had taken on from the ages. It had been years since people brought him clothing, sooner or later it gets rather torn and ripped from the eons that pass. You'd think they would of invested into clothes that could battle time itself, but it seemed that was unlikely. The Darkness flickered around him, he seemed to be waiting for her response now. It was something vital that he planned to wait on now. Ashlei Clixx was the Queen, so whatever she asked he would do for the most part. He did wish to know more of his memories, he planned to wait and see what she would say now.
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