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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2416, over 400 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
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Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image4035-1

• Name: Yoko Yuri Kuchiki
• Titles: Frost, Frosty or Snow Woman. Sometimes Frost Kuchiki
• Gender: Female
• Appearance Age: Mid Teens
• Age: 201 Years Old
• Affiliation/Rank: Gotei 13/Kuchiki Clan

• Appearance Description:

• Hair: A different outstanding trait about Yoko's physical appearance is the fact her hair appears to be gradient in it's styling. While some may very well pay attention to it's rather lengthy extension, extending roughly near Yoko's upper leg, it still does not compare to the transition in color that begins at the top of the head and changes the further downward you go. As, upon high point on Yoko's head, it begins as a bright shade of blue nearly comparable with white. From there, as the descendant drops, it begins to get darker and darker in color until it eventually changes over to a pure black color.

Why did this occur? It's quite simple really. She was born a natural black haired female, like most other Kuichiki's within the family. However, once she learned the name of her Zanpukto, a strange transition occurred in both her eyes and hair that caused this chain reaction of sorts. Based on it's icy nature, Yoko assumes it was only natural something like this would occur. The Kuchiki has even been left to surmise that her Zanpukto may have even tried to craft them both in a similar image to reflect her soul better. Though the extent of that is unknown.

• Body Structure: Getting on to some of the more intimate details of The Snow Princess's body, one of the more eye-catching features she possess is her skin. It's as smooth as a newborn baby's, and as cold to the touch as mother winter herself if she so wills it. Thanks in part to the lady's expert wielding of spiritual energy, it's quite easy for her to preserve the flow of youth coursing through her veins. If her lifespan were to span into the thousands of years, even if a hundred centuries had passed, she'd still be able to maintain her current level of appearance; provided The Mistress of the Ice had enough energy to spare to passively balance out her body.

On top of that, Yoko has a rather petite body structure. She stands at roughly five foot seven and weighs around one hundred and thirteen pounds. Judging by these basic facts alone, most wouldn't happen to think much of the girl when taking a quick glance at her. However, if it's one thing the Soul Society is known for, it's the fact that looks can generally be deceiving. Underneath most of those layers of clothing, even, she hides a rather modest bosom. It was a rather sudden growth, but as of now, The Kuchiki has a very humble B cup sized breast.

As, Since evolving herself over the past three years or so, The Snow Princess has noticed a peculiar growth occurring in her body. In a way, it's as if the more Yoko has matured her Zanpukto, the more The Girl's body has matured as well. She has even noticed that her voice has changed ever so slightly as the years have went by and it seems like she is almost growing up in a sense. Especially when you consider the girl was only five foot four not too long ago.

• Eyes: This is a rather prominent feature in Yoko's facial makeup. Standing out like quite the sour thumb wherever she goes, these eyes are a trademark signature of The Kuchiki's. More often than not, they will usually be golden in it's original hue. However, many others around The Snow Princess have informed her that they have been noted to shift towards a more sapphire hue from time to time. It's quite a mystery to the The Mistress of the Ice as to why that occurs. Some of the theories in which she believes why this occurs is it may possibly have something do with her body regulating itself.

It would make sense to her based on the true ability that her eyes possess and there may be a shifting period throughout the day where it needs to adjust it ever so slightly. It also wouldn't be far fetched to believe that it could react to a sudden shift in the rate of spiritual energy generating from within herself. On the flip side, it could easily have something to do with her emotions; as she has noted people in the Soul Society have had this sort capacity to shift different body parts of themselves in response to a mental thought or sensation.

Whatever the case may be, it still does not seem to detour from one of the more memorize features of her eyes. Which, in fact, the black rings seen in her eye. As, even when she does not have her hypnosis power in effect, people have been noted as simply getting lost in them as it creates a swirling based effect and can occasionally confuse or disorient a person from time to time. There is even a small saying beginning to spread around the likes of the Gotei 13 and The Soul Society about Miss Yoko: "Don't get lost in The Snow Kuchiki's Eyes. Get enchanted by them you may, come back you might not!"

• Reaitsu Color: For the most part, Yoko's energy hue is any shade of blue. This is because it syncs in hue with more of her frozen origins upon obtaining the name of her Zanpukto; most like other physical aspects of herself. It can darken or lighten depending on how strong or weak Yoko is at the moment. Occasionally, if she is practically pushing herself, a mixture of white may be able to be seen merging into the explosion of sapphire aura pulsating around her body. This is a sign that Yoko is generally taking a fight more seriously as her energy fluctuations become more tense in nature.

Samui Sudo also believes there may be other hue changes in the future depending on what occurs during Yoko's adventures. This theory is put in place because in actuality, the silver flare seen during that instance is simply a materialization of both their wills meshing together to a high point. Should they ever be able to reach a peak point? Much like her eyes, he believes they'd turn golden in aura and evolve once more at that point as that is a color he and her associate with great strength. It's why they both eagerly await the day that color is seen shining from each of their hearts in harmony and power.


Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image4036-1

• Personality:

• Chipper: Yoko isn't the type to usually be down for long. One of the most notable things about her character is that she generally has an upbeat and maintains an easygoing attitude about most things in life. This is something that sticks out rather promptly in a clan such as the Kuchiki family. Most within this Royal Family have been noted for their sense of urgency, somberness and overall lack of emotion over the years. While, when the ball came down to Yoko, some can still sense a presence of royalty within each breath that she takes; but that she generally has a more vibrant presence than many other of the Kuchiki clan.

However, baring this fact in mind, she still tries to learn when to balance out when to be jovial and when to take matters seriously. If only to maintain the reputation to her family's clan and not let the likes of Byakuya Kuchiki down; seeing how she heavily idolizes him and does not want to disappoint him. Henceforth, it's a rather amusing balance between work, play and family when it comes to this personality aspect of Yoko. Though, more often than not, when she is left to her own devices Yoko prefers to do whatever it is her heart desires. It's why she makes plenty of trips to the living world, after all, as there is much fun and exciting things to do there as opposed to the Soul Society.

• Competitive: Ah, this nature is quite strong within Yoko. If she finds herself in a situation where The Kuchiki needs to show the skills that she has been blessed with, The Snow Princess will spare no expense in proving what she can do to all others around her or the person whom she happens to be competing against. An instance of this occurring could be if someone had challenged her to a fight. In this scenario, there is no chance that Yoko would back down from this based on her durable character foundation. Meaning, that upon hearing this request for a duel, she'd turn into quite the hot-head and take the issue head-on.

Of course she'd think things logically along the way to outsmart her opponent, but The Kuchiki would swiftly rush into the helms of combat should one provoke her in such a way. Therefore, it's wise to assume that she can be quite aggressive and hot-blooded at times; though when she is able to cool down from this hard rush, The Snow Princess appears to cease in caring about the endeavor and tries to befriend her aggressor; as shown with the likes of Rihiku.

It's quite an odd cool down effect. Even if she loses, once the adrenaline is drained from the likes of Yoko's blood, she seems to form something akin to Stockholm-syndrome occasionally with her opponents. Bonding in ways that baffle those around her at times, Yoko seems to see the good in her aggressors heavily once the event is declared as over. Though, in recent years, she's learned when to surpress this urge when dealing with combatants of the enemy varity. Such as if she ever approached anyone from Shadow Fall, there is a much stronger chance of her ignoring this outright due to the fact they've been noted as being utterly brutal, vicious and downright homicidal on every outing they have been encountered with. Thus, Mercy should not be spared on those brutes in her mind.

• Inquisitive: This is a personality trait that causes Yoko to have a great sense of wander about the world around her. Due to the fact she was essentially heavily sheltered during the formative years of her life with the Kuchiki Family, she generally wondered what the world was like outside the walls of the the royal families manor. Therefore, when she came of age to handle these sorts of task on her, a great sense of curiosity filled every fiber of her being and she started catching up on many of the wasted years spent behind the walls of her families doors.

In that time she was seen exploring every nook, carny and opening of the Soul Society; there were many times where she sneaked out of her partners abode to venture into the depths of the Soul Society to interact with some of the common folk, see some of the amazing sights of the open fields and come face to face with some of the dangers she met within the depths of the Rukongnai and the vicious bunch of criminals who happen to inhabit that sector in the Soul Society. It was all fun, it was all enjoyable and the rush of wonder coursing through her veins turned into a form of adventure each time she came across a new land, got herself into wacky scenario's and learned more from each trip she embarked on.

Really, most of these sensations got fueled further as her powers grew more potent upon being assigned to Squad 6. When that time in her life came, Yoko discovered the many different types of Kidō spells and technologies that allowed her to travel into the world of living. This allowed her to increasingly satisfy her hunger to discover all there is about this much talked about place within the Gotei 13. Therefore, to date, she has been to nearly every country on Earth, explored a vast chunk of lands within the Soul Society and even smuggled herself into Hueco MUndo a few times to see how Hollow's and Arrancar live within her domain.

She is currently making plans to visit the likes of the Sugiura Realm, Demon World and Iramasha Island at some point her life to simply see how it looks for her own two eyes and not the accounts of people who have ventured into them and wrote their experiences down in books for all others to read. Essentially, she doesn't want to be second-hand witness to these sights, but rather investigate them up close and personal.

• Friendly: One the more prominent features in Yoko's character is the fact she possess a very chummy attitude. That is to simply say, she is rather friendly to most she encounters in casual settings. Always the life of the conversation, initiating most talks with her friends and essentially being a host; Yoko is extremely extrovert in nature and doesn't hold this back in any way, shape or form. It's why she has a bold reputation in the Squad 6 Barracks for being one of the most sociable people in that particular group. Though, when this aspect of her tender personality allowed to blossom, her affection for others can go much further.

If granted access into someone's heart, Yoko seems to experience an odd form of joy when she is able to help someone become stronger, give them someone to care for or otherwise nurture them back to health. She had noted similar feelings occurring when nursing Rihiku Hitsugaya back to health during his imprisonment within the Gotei 13. Therefore, it's safe to assume, that on this front of her personality, Yoko is a rather dependable friend to have. She'll generally be there if one is down, happy or just needs someone to confide their mind in. Meaning that she isn't a fair weather friend; she's in it for the good, the bad and the downright ugly if need be.

Though, to Miss Yoko, she assumes this personality trait came about because of her extremely enclosed life within her home during the early years in life. On some of the more lonely nights, sure she was satisfied to have a loving family constantly watching her well being, but it felt to be a bit too much. During that time in her life, she had just wished to befriend someone outside of her family to know what it was like to have someone with her own mindset to walk beside her life.

It's why she held on to those notions of friendship she consumed herself with as a child and projected them into a more mature form as she grew older to attract others to her social circle. In a way, it's like the saying here: "Treat the world as you yourself would want to be treated." Going along with that motto, Yoko generally tries to be soft and kind when the world when she cans as that's how she desires to be treated in the grand scheme of things.

• Vocal Conscious: If there is one thing that happens to be a strong personality trait within the likes of Yoko Yuri Kuchiki, it's the fact that she is never afraid to speak her opinion on any sort of subject matter if she feels passionate about it. An instance of this occurring would be when Rihiku was put on trial. After finding out more about his story, working alongside him and getting to know him on a deeper personal level; she protested against the likes of the Soul Society that he may very well prove to be a useful weapon if the condition for his release and treason against the Soul Society would be to work as one of them.

Standing up against the likes of The Captain Commander, Jenna Jade, Former Captain Hitsugaya and even the likes of Byakuya Kuchiki; there was a strong sense of standing up for her beliefs no matter the cost. Therefore, when this characteristic in Yoko's personality pops up, most may see it as rather irrational; but The Kuchiki knows she'd feel far worse if she were to abaddon or ignore her principles. As to abandon those, is to essentially forsake everything it took to make you who you are, the people who helped you along the way and the experienced you endured up until this point.

There is no greater shame to her then cowering away from the person you are. No matter how hard the road may be ahead, no matter the consequence a person may face along the way or how dangerous the path to maintaining the true self may be; it's all worth it to never back down from your heart tells you. For at the day, when you rest your head at slumber, Yoko believes that if you know you did the best you could to stand up for what values you hold dear in your life, than it means another day was worth living, breathing and experiencing.

It's this major factor in her personality traits that allows her to face the world every day in such a bold matter. For, no matter what anyone does to Yoko, as long as she has a strong sense of who she is on the inside; nobody can tear her down. Break her physical body? That surely may be possible. But to break her spirit and pride? It's almost laughable to the Kuchiki. No matter what anyone does to her, as long as she knows what she is fighting for, what her values are on the inside and who she essentially is; there isn't a force in the known universe that can destroy Yoko Yuri Kuchiki.

Henceforth, if one were to go even deeper into this trait, they'd find a great sense of willpower thriving from this sense of righteousness. It's what allowed her to fight so valiantly when there is something that causes her to feel a great sense of protection, to withhold what she believes as truth in her heart and uphold all that is right in her mind. Really, it's truly one of the core values that set her apart from many Kuchiki; as not many are willing to branch themselves away from the law in pursuit of such internal morals.

But then again, she wouldn't be Yoko Yuri Kuchiki if it weren't and she wouldn't be in the position she is now had she walked away from this path so long ago. It's quite funny in her mind how a sheltered Princess could amass such a bold trait, but that's simply how the wind blows and is something she is never going to remove from herself if she can at all help it. That's the way of Miss Yoko Kuchiki and it's the way she is willing to die for if needed.


Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image4038-1


• Yoko Yori was never a human, as instead, she was born a shinigami and into the Kuchiki over two hundred years ago. At birth, she was already an odd child. When she was born, Yoko Yori was extremely cold. By that, I mean when the doctor's pulled Yoko out of her mother's womb she was cold to the touch and down right chilly. When they looked into her vaginal walls they discovered that she had even turned them white on her way out of the womb. It eventually turned back to normal, but even as a baby she was a snowball child. Her parents named her Yoko Yuri because it was the combined name of each of them. Her father was Yokomori Kuchiki and her mother Yurisha Kuchiki. And from there, Yoko's life began.

Growing up she often loved to run around the Kuchiki manor. Even as a child she was able to use a small portion of her ice abilities to freeze small plants by placing each of her palms out towards them and focusing with all her might to form ice around them. Her parents were a bit impressed that she was already developing her powers at such a young age, but she didn't pay them any attention since all she cared about was having as much fun as she could in life. This would carry on even into current day.

Yoko Yori also had a deep fascination with Rukia Kuchiki growing up and beyond. Sometimes she would even sneak into Rukia's squad and stalk her to see what she was doing or try to find out whenever she was going into the real world so she could use an excuse to make a trip to the World Of The Living. Perhaps it's because Rukia is an ice user as well, but Yoko really likes that girl. Maybe even in a sexual way. One day, when her and Rukia get enough time, Yoko is gonna spend some time with her.

Yoko Yori was also interested in Byakuya Kuchiki, but not in the same way. She found him to be a strong, reliable and honorable man in the clan and felt like he could protect the Kuchiki's from any harm done to him. He was simply that great to her and for that Byakuya is her personal hero. So, sometimes, she even stalks him by blending into the background.

And as the years passed on and Yoko grew older, she was able to make contact with her Zanpukto easily and began training in order to master it's powers. She unlocked her shikai abilties at around 150 years old and is still working on creating her Bankai, though she has made up for that in other areas. Eventually, when she turned 175, she joined Squad 6 as the sixth seat in order to get even closer to Byakuya and watch him from a distance.

Yoko Yori is mostly known as a wonderer in her squad since she can disappear without much notice, but usually comes back around whenever the Captain, Vice Captain or Captain Commander orders her to. After all, she can travel easily between each worlds thanks to a portal Kidō she created for herself.

And that's pretty much Yoko Yori Kuchiki in a nutshell~

More adventures will soon come!


Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image7260_zps4eab91bd

• Rukia Kuchiki: Yoko is on rather good terms with this fellow Kuchiki Clan member. Despite hearing stories of her being adopted into the family, she still considers her to be a pure blooded Kuchiki if Byakuya trusted her enough to become apart of the clan. Furthermore, when hearing stories that Miss Rukia shared the same appearance as Byakuya's deceased wife from a bit of history digging into the family roots, The Snow Princess couldn't believe that she wasn't related to them. Therefore, with all of this said, Yoko sees her as someone she can definitely confide in if the circumstances came to it. Although, on a personal level, they haven't had much interaction outside of the family meeting, passing hello's and brief encounters in the Gotei 13 as apart of being in the same organization; there is still a potential for this relationship to blossom if more work is put into it since if Byakua stood by her side this side, there must be something truly good about this woman she hasn't uncovered yet.

• Ultimos: This is one of The Snow Princess's more hostile relationships that she has. Yoko holds no real interest for this demon. Being that she could not decipher that many good traits out of him, he is considered to be an enemy still from their encounter in Karakura Park. Chances are, if she saw this male ever again, she'd do her best in order to ensure his arrest is imminent with the increased amount of power she has received during her training. The Kuchiki still believes him a strong threat because of the amount of strength that was witnessed in said brawl in Karakura Park all those years ago. Which is why it's rather bizarre that, as of recently, there hasn't been many reports of him on the frontlines of war; despite the advances of Shadow Fall getting more bold in nature ever since the larger than life battle for London in 2411. Which is why, secretly in her heart, she hopes he had perished so that such a stain on the world will have no longer had the chance to cause anymore harm.

• Shirou Emiya: This person is seen as a very valuable and faithful friend to have in Yoko's social circle. After first meeting him during their adventures in Karakura Central in the winter of 2410, he has seen his true nature and considers him to be someone of pure heart, pure intent and a pure soul. To assist the likes of someone he barely met for but a few minutes of icy fun in Karakura Park, and then, help that person fight against the likes of a person who had the power to rival her own Captain....was utterly amazing to her. Therefore, she tries to keep communications open with him. Sending him all sorts of gifts, pen-pal letters to his address and trying to maintain their friendship despite the immense stress she is currently under due to her jobs in the Gotei 13 becoming increasingly demanding with the threats of war constantly looming over their head as of the past few years. In some way or form, she hopes to repay his kind deed one day and show that she is a worthy comrade as well to him.

• Senorn: A rather good and elder friend to have, she believes him to be a rather relaxed fellow despite apparently being some Elder Iramasha of royal descent. They first met in the same major battle that occurred in Karakura Park as when she met Rihiku, Shirou Emiya and Ultimos. A strange fellow at first, he soon turned into a valuable ally when he turned into a form of support for both her and Shioru. Through the interactions on that day, they still remain rather good comrades and sees him as a good friend to trust if things ever go south. Furthermore, the Kuchiki feels that perhaps another reunion is needed to kindle the flares of this bond even further. Keeping in touch with each other here and there, she feels more communication should be had in this relationship in order to progress further. However, this doesn't detract from the overall companionship the two seem to have for one another as buddies. If they meet again, she'll surely show him a thing or two with how strong she's gotten since that day.

• Byakuya Kuchiki: One of the people whom she admires and idolizes the most, Byakuya Kuchiki has been her standard ever since she was a little girl within the Kuchiki-Clan. Seeing how she rarely left the compound without having a watch-guard of protection, Yoko was left to interact with mostly Kuchiki based members. When seeing how diligently he trained, the way in which he upheld the honor of their family and the tough love he gave most of the members of this established family; there was a strange reaction occurring within The Snow Princess. Being that he was even stronger than her own parents, a strong sense of safety, reassurance and protection coursed inside of Yoko whenever he was around.

For, she knew no matter what happened, Byakuya would always be there in order to protect the likes of the Kuchiki family. Hearing stories of his conquest in the Gotei 13, it further infuriated her to become as strong as he is so that she to may gain her own form of independance, protect the Kuchiki Manor and eventually join the ranks of Squad 6; as this relationship influenced her decision to join that particular sector in the Gotei 13. And from their interactions during his time as Captain of that division, it's been noted that she has a very loose and relaxed nature around him. Although he seems to tolerate much in the same way he indulges Renji Abari's reckless behavior, there seems to be a mutual understanding between them. That is, that despite her carefree demeanor, the two of them still care for each other like most family members should. And, when the circumstances push Yoko to take on a more somber attitude, she generally will uphold the Kuchiki values for the sake of Byakuya. Leading them to have a very founded relationship with one another because of this fact.

• Yukashii Kenichi Sosobi: A more dicey relationship, due to her taking the position of Byakuya Kuchiki's title of Captain, there is definitely a decent sum of amonistory due to her unwavering admiration of the Elder Kuchiki. In her true opinion? It honestly didn't feel right for someone who wasn't a Kuchiki to be able to lead the likes of Squad 6. There has been a strong history of only Kuchiki-Clan members leading this sector of the Gotei 13. There was even a manor in the barracks of Squad 6 which housed other Kuchiki Family members. So why, of all people, would a non-Kuchiki be able to take this position all of a sudden? It made her agitated and lead to some feelings of resentment against the current Division Six Captain. While she attempts to keep these sensations at bay for the betterment of peace and the wellbeing of Squad 6 as a whole, The Kuchiki can sometimes appear to disregard orders from the Captain because of her believing that Yuka just isn't fit to lead them and it will take some form of respect for Yoko to heed the entirety of this woman's words.

Furthermore, this relationship was also a fueling factor in her wanting to become a Vice Captain as well. For, if something were to happen to Yuka, Yoko figures she could essentially run the division as she saw fit herself. Henceforth, she also used this as motivation to make her Zanpukto even stronger...because one day she concludes that a battle between them for Captain of Squad Six may take place. Though, before that tipping point occurs, more observation of the woman is needed. The Kuchiki hasn't gotten a good grip on the full extent of Yuka's personality outside of these accusations; making it a rather premature decision if she were to contest Miss Sosobi for Captain. Which is why, at the end of the day, she hopes some redeeming factors of this woman come up soon, for if they don't, Yoko will simply take matters into her own hands and avenge the Kuchiki name. That's simply the way things are going to be until this relationship has some form of connection.

• Rihiku Hitsugaya: This quite possible one heading towards the likes of affection. At first, the two were enemies locked on the field of combat as a Shinigami VS An Ex-Traitor. Yet, through their blades clashing on that icy war torn area, there was something about him that caught her eye. Almost as if she were peering into soul, The Snow Princess, in the moment she pinned him down, came to the conclusion...this wasn't something he wanted to do. Being melted at first by his acknowledgment of her strength, The Kuchiki had a moment to hear him out. Mentioning a lover of sorts, Yoko was heavily startled when Rihiku stated she reminded him so much of her. Compounding the fact that he gave up against her and surrendered to Yoko's request, it further took her back. It was in these trying interactions between the two that she realized, at least inside of The Snow Princess heart, that Rihiku had good in him and she was going to do her best to save him. Stopping Senorn from delivering the fatal blow to Rihiku, it was at this point where their relationship could bloom.

Naturing him after taking the Hitsugaya into the Maggots Nest, Yoko stood by his side to gain his trust, to learn more about him and to know why he did the things he did. It was during these interactions that her infatuation with him grew strong enough to contest the likes of the Gotei 13 herself. Henceforth, with the Captain Commander at the time, Jenna Jade, Yoko even set forth a meeting to prove his usefulness as a tool for the likes of the Thirteen Court Squads to use. Receiving temporary permission during her motivational speech to the commander, they each received permission to partake on the battlefield in Cairo when the likes of K-World and Sin Fall members were attacking it. With the two of them fighting by each others side, they were able to learn different secrets of the enemy from his time serving the likes of the former Nuevo Espada, pin-point weak points in the enemies defenses and take out large sum of their forces.

When they were to return back from their venture into the Soul Society, after Yoko got her first real taste of war and how bad things had became on Earth, the time for her to further prove this devotion for Rihiku Hitsugaya would be put to the test. Accumulating a Kidō technique to show the good Rihiku had serviced on the battlefield, she intended to use this as evidence that he could be trusted, that he could be a good tool and that there was no reason to fear him anymore after taking out his own allies. So, when placed against the likes of Jenna Jade Walters, Hitsugaya Toshiro and Byakuya Kuchiki even supporting her; it turned into a heated meeting that, when met with Yoko's testimony, Byakuya Kuchiki's backing and the approval of the Captain Commander; resulted in Rihiku Hitsugaya's freedom. From there, the two would then go on to have this as a founding stone in their relationship. As, from that point onward, they could enjoy the time they had together in happiness.

As of today, she hasn't fully admitted these feelings that she has to the Hitsugaya, but one day soon, she hopes to be able to muster up the courage to unveil this love for him.

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Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image4039-1

• Age: As old as Yoko
• Weight: 170 Pounds
• Hair: His is white on the top half and black on the bottom. Similar to Yoko's hair style.
• Eyes: Dark yellow to dark orange
• Height: 6'0
• Gender: Male

• Zanpakutô Spirit Name: Samui Sōdo

• Zanpakutô Spirit Appearance: Samui Sōdo is tall male that stands at about six foot even. He has long hair that is white on the top half and black on bottom with the same strange hair pattern on the side as Yoko. Samui Sodo's iris's range from dark yellow to dark orange with a black pupils. He also seems a bit skinny for his size, but he does not care much since only Yoko sees him anyway. Usually Samui Sōdo can be seen wearing any type of black kimono or black clothing in general.

Zanpakutô Spirit Personality:

• Reserved: Unlike Yoko, Samui Sodo is a rather quiet and introvert individual. Quite the contrast from Yoko's extremely upbeat and extrovert nature. When not around The Snow Princess, he prefers to simply be alone in his wonder of solitude. This allows him to think much about the world around him from the assorted thoughts attached to Yoko's memory, gives him much time to perfect new techniques or abilities from his awesome power and grants him the needed peace to compose himself to be a stronger tool for The Kuchiki to use by hardening his mind to be as tough as steel.

It's because of all this that Samui Sodo truly prefers to be left alone than in the company of others. There is not much to gain by socializing with other people outside of the likes of his beloved wielder and companion. As, in the mind of Samui, It only leads to disappoint, a path to sorrow and much to do about nothing with the mindless chatter most individuals seem to give in this day and age; making most conversations pointless to him. He is able to tolerate putting up with social events if its' for his owners sake, but there is only so much patience he possesses within his being to put up with other beings.

It's why Yoko even thinks if anyone were to enter her Inner World, he'd most likely spare no time in getting them out by any means necessary. As to impose in this world, is to tread upon Samui Sodo's tranquility. And to disturb that serenity is to deserve a swift and well earned beat down before being tossed out of the gates of Yoko's soul. There is not one soul worthy of entering this world in this Zanpukto's mind and he will do what it takes to reject any external influences from imposing their wicked natures on his and Yoko's escape from it all.

So, at the end of the day, this ice Zanpukto can be considered quite the loner in his fortress of isolation. Alone in his barren wastelands with only his thoughts, the burning intensity of Yoko Yuri's heart and the fascinating realm that is that Inner World.

• Protecting The One Whom Wields Him: One of the stronger urges within Samui Sodo is the desire to protect his precious Yoko. Being that they are one in the same, entwining each others souls in a wonderful collection of spirits; this Zanpukto does not wish to see his owner in any sort of pain, anguish or endure any sort of hell if there is anything he is capable of doing to prevent that. This trait that has been embedded deep within the consciousness of Samui Sodo's mind most likely came about as a result of Yoko's upbringing. As, unconsciously or not, The Kuchiki's mind was always generally aware of just how thoroughly she was protected by being of royal blood.

Assassins were killed by post-hate by the protection her family offered, the 'gal was never really allowed much freedom until her later years and ultimately she was breed to be a princess in some ways thanks to the lavish lifestyle she led while growing up. Henceforth, Samui Sodo took these aspects from her memories when he was born to give birth to this wish to shield Yoko from the evil of this world. This aspiration to defend Yoko has become so great that it has even manifested itself in some of her powers.

The Kuchiki's own Zanpukto firmly believes that the reason she even has her hypnosis based powers while in sealed state is because he wants to blind her to the horrors of this world. Thus, in order to have some semblance of doing that, perhaps it is better for her to erase the hideousness inside of peoples hearts before it reaches to the surface and turns into a weapon meant to harm Yoko. It's also the same sense of logic that seems acceptable to follow when you are given the fact that even her defensive attributes, of as lately, have started to allow Samui Sodo to influence the world around Yoko.

By allowing his will to take over some of her winter-based elements, this was yet another way her Zanpukto was able to protect her by being where her eyes could not in the form of a strange mist that occasionally appears around Yoko when in danger. Seeing the blind spots she cannot and guarding her from impending doom. Always watching, always waiting, always loving; this is what it means for Samui Sodo to serve his wielder.

• Latent Rage: Although this is a trait that has not been seen often, there is a sense of hidden furry within Samui Sodo. He first noticed this when seeing the encounters between Yoko and Rihiku Hitsugaya. The thought of her beginning to fall in love was quite fine with him, he could try his best to adjust to this change in her life and try to deal with it the best he can for her benefit. However, the absurd risk of her getting hurt in the end by this intoxicating romance was a passing notion that started a brewing rage within his own heart. The likes of which, if allowed to grow, may become something that overwhelms him entirely and turn him into quite the beast of a man. Having much time to reflect within his seclusion, if an instance where The Royal Kuchiki were to be injured, maimed or otherwise hurt....there is no telling how he would be able to handle it.

That is to say, The Zanpukto is coming to the realization that he believes there is a strong sense of malice and hatred brewing festering inside of himself; waiting for the opportunity to come out if Yoko's life should ever be endangered. In that moment, in that time; should an event like this ever transpire, he may very well lose all control of himself and give unforetold amounts of fury to whoever put The Beloved Kuchiki in such a horrifying position. And with how the world works these days, and how close the Soul Society itself is heading towards war, he knows this day is getting closer...and it's something he quite dreads.

When that time comes where Yoko is seriously hurt, he concludes that if he were to be that far gone, to go into the abyss of ungodly rage; a new power might even awaken within Yoko. However, the problem with this supposed theory is that while in that state of blindly rage; will he be able to properly protect Yoko, or will he turn this release of utmost furor inward on The Snow Princess? That is a question he has began to ask himself over and over and one that does not come with an easily solved answer, unfortunately. Until that moment comes, he simply will never know.

• Urge To Grow Stronger: In order to protect the likes of Yoko Kuchiki, Samui Sodo requires strength. From that simple logic alone, no matter what it takes to grow stronger, this Zanpukuto seems to be going through whatever challenge necessary to ascend himself to the next level of strength. For the types of enemies, combatants and the dangers Yoko endures in this twisted word; it serves to make him want to mature more of a reliable weapon to keep shielding herself from these perilous threats. If he were to stagnant like he was for so long, then the day would soon come where the two of them would soon perish in a fight against a superior-class of fighter.

So, while he chooses to seclude himself within the scarcity of Yoko's Inner World, he knows the world outside of that is moving at fast rate. When it comes to the likes of Shadow Fall, The Monsuta, The Kokuryuteshi and all of the other threats that the likes of Gotei 13 and Yoko face on a daily basis; it's no wonder he has such a strong passion to improve himself. He's seen the damage they can do up close and personal during Yoko's own battle within The War for Cairo; so he knows there is still much to grow from with his strengths. One of the most humbling experiences in his life, no doubt. As to become a better version of himself, he must first know the weaknesses to work on first.

After watching some of the battles with the Captain-Class fighters in that royale, he knew his speed, strength, stamina, energy and techniques required some serious work to improve. Not only that, but he needed to not only work on his attitude for his sake, but if he was honestly going to be able to keep his promise on protecting Yoko's life. It was something that nearly fall into the pits of despair with just how far behind they were these freaks on that battlefield, but he knew this fact couldn't consume him entirely. As if he were to falter at that point, then everything the two of them had worked towards up until that moment in time would have been for not. So after coming to terms with knowing these limitations, he strived so hard to improve from 2411 to 2413 to the point where he believes their powers are now leagues above where they once stood in such a short amount of time thanks to his overbearing willpower for sweet Yoko's sake.

• Fear: Somewhere within the confines of Samui Sudo's mind, there is a great fear of us. A fear that he will not be able to protect miss Yoko Kuchiki, a fear that believes he is not strong enough to overcome his weaknesses, a fear that constantly tells him all of his progress has been for not and a fear that is turning into something that is getting harder and harder to suppress. Through his trials and tribulations, he has tried to harness the power of this great anxiety in the form of using it as a source of motivation to make him stronger for not only Yoko's sake, but his sake and everyone she cherishes.

However, as time has progressed more and more towards this war, there is still something deep inside of him that is pulling Samui Sudo into the pits of dismay. It's a crippling, it's overwhelming and it seems impossible to defeat. It's a primal fear of losing it all, to dying and not being able to fulfill all of those bold and wishful promises to his master. Can he really stand up against the tide to ensure his will is heard? Is there any sort of way to keep his sanity together when the walls come crumbling down? Are they ready to face this damned storm heading their way?

These are more questions he is always asking himself, and like many of the questions this Zanpukto poses against himself ever so often within his immense solitude, they are ones that do not have any sort of simple answer to them. It's almost shameful to him in a sense to have such a strong pulsation of dread within in his heart. He wishes it weren't there, he wishes he could drown it away forever and he wishes all he could do was have the positives in his personality shine the like amazing star it is; but that simply isn't a reality for him.

The he can do, the only thing he can do, is to acknowledge it's presence and try to keep it at bay. Meditating, training and getting stronger to subdue it further and further until it's reduced to nothing but an ash of panic; one easily brushed off with the mere shrug of a stronger. For, when he reaches the day where his willpower stands as tall and proud as a towering mountain, he'll be ready to put this fear to rest once and for all. As when he reaches that glorious moment, Samui Sudo knows he will truly be able to call himself a worthy Zanpukto his master. So until that point is reached, it will be a constant strife between the fear and hope.

• Inner World: The Inner World of Yoko's Zanpukto is a vast and desolate place. For hundreds, if not thousands, of miles there is nothing but winter terrain, icy landscapes and overcast skies for as far as the eye can see. After all, with an ice based Zanpukto like Samui Sudo, it's no surprise their inner world would be such a place like it is now. There are many types of mountain-ranges that have caves leading into the center of the colossal rock formations; a perfect place for the likes of Samui Sudo to find refuge in. Exploring more of these wintry lands, you'll also be able to find a snow covered forest where everything is a alabaster glow. From the trees, to the grass, to the skies themselves; everything is covered within a blizzard fury.

Progressing further past that point, once you reach the clearing of that woodland, one may find themselves in a vast tundra of ice, snow and cold. Considered a no-man's land to both Yoko and Samui-Sudo, this place seemed prime for their Zanpukto training in the past and for increased isolation when it came to Samu-Sudo's reclusive nature. Though, in the heart of this frozen world, there does lay a small city. It's a place where Yoko and her Zanpukto Spirit can come to catch up on events, have fun in the many shops within it's townsquare and spend quality with one another. Although there are other people in this place, they seem more like mindless drones than anything else. Rarely paying much attention to the two as they partake in the festivities within the city.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Apperance : Her sword looks like any other Samurai Sword expect the hilt is blue and white and the blade itself is silver on top and black on bottom. Sometimes, if you touch the blade, you can even give yourself a bit of Frostnip due to how cold the blade can get at random. Only Yuko can touch it and not feel the coldness.

• Sealed Zanpakutô Abilities:

General/Racial Stats

• Agile Speed: While Yoko may certainly not be the fastest Shinigami out there, she can more than easily keep herself sustained at high speeds. Due to her lightweight and naturally affinity towards possessing a great rate of quickness; even without the usage of Flash Step, Yoko has been noted to be extremely nimble in combat. One of the strongest examples of this is the fact that she can drop roughly ten miles upward in the air and back to the ground in roughly twenty seconds. Which means Yoko has advanced her speed roughly to the point of being able to cover a half mile every second when she puts her mind to the task. This ultimately means that The Kuchiki is very difficult to keep up with in battle. It has also been noted to be transferred into some of her skills; as she can unleash multiple blows from her sword ranging upwards of a hundred strikes per second from how extremely advanced her speed levels after having much time to mature and blossom into the skill level it is presently at.

Furthermore, in order to keep up with this new found speed, the rate in which the information Yoko's brain is able to process has also changed. Ever since the start of 2413, The Kuchiki has noticed that she is able to react much better during her training sessions with squad mates. Being able to see punches, kicks, blasts and the like at speeds which easily overwhelmed most of her opponents. In the aftermath of it all, Yoko seemed like nothing but a blur to them; while she simply perceived everything as if it were moving in slow motion. Leading her to believe that in order to sustain these insane rates of speed, her body needed to adapt more as she had remembered having some partial difficulty when it came to her eyesight and increasing her speed. This is yet another piece of evidence to Yoko that she is indeed growing stronger with each day that is passing when it comes to her depth of speed.

Lastly, one of the final benefits she obtained from this supernatural speed is the fact she has an increased amount of stamina. That is, from constantly having to maintain these quick paces, Yoko's body adapted it in a way to where she can release more brutal attacks at faster rates of speed, harness energy in a more timely matter in critical circumstances and essentially become more agile on her feet in most other aspects of her combat. From the time it takes to think, to the time it takes to detect something within The Kuchiki's field range; she is certainly a nimble opponent and seeks to prove that to anyone who would think otherwise of her.

•Expert Reiryoku Control: Unlike most other Shinigami, Yoko has taken the time to study up on how to manipulate the particles of spiritual energy which release from her body. After training, researching and practicing various methods; Yoko has eventually come to a fine realization that it's possible to influence the world around her by producing a precise method of control around them. Of course, this requires some level of focus and can occasionally leave her brain fried if too much complexity is added to the mixture, but Yoko's spiritual energy is extremely potent in nature to the point where environmental changes are rather easy for her to produce of her own will. At the cost of eating up some of her Reiryoku, in this example, Yoko is able to do something such as increasing the amount of wind within an area to attempt to redirect attacks that get too close to her. If she were to tap into more potent forces within a one thousand meter radius, The Kuchiki may even try to tap into something such as gravity to increase the amount of pressure on an opponent to cripple them; though this would require a fine bit of energy and tax her a bit.

Though outside of offenses, this makes for a great defense as well. Instead of focusing so much on long-ranged based capacities with this skill, Yoko sometimes chooses to direct this poweress inward on herself. If she were going into battle against a large number of opponents? It's very possible for her to generate enough momentum around her body via her Reiryoku Manipulation to attempt to deflect them entirely away from her as she makes a mad rush to either charge at them or get away from them. Or, if someone were to target a critical organ of hers, The Snow Princess may very well be able to conjure up a dense forcefield comprised of her energy to try and prevent said attack from phasing through and piercing her body; adding an additional layer to her aforementioned defense on some occasions when she is battling and harnessing this skill.

This spiritual energy control can also be something that can be quite supplemental towards her attributes as well. An instance of this occurring would be if she were being outmatched by someone in the realm of a speed based battle. If Yoko felt that she needed some sort of edge up on an opponent, then at the cost of more spiritual energy and a bit of strain placed on her body in addition to some waves of pain, Yoko can temporarily augment her speed in order to become two times faster than she is normally in any given form. Rather it be her sealed state or Shikai release. On top of that, this enhancement can be applied to most of her areas of talent. Defense, Swordsmanship, Kidō, Special Abilities and even her strength to an extent. But, as stated before, each time she does; a bit of tension is placed on her body, and if she goes too overboard with them, The Kuchiki has noted that her body may shut down or crumble under the immense pressure if she goes over a five times augmentation increase.

Lastly, with this attribute, Yoko is even capable of limited healing properties. To let it be stated, she is nothing like the people within the chambers of Squad 4 whose duty is to improve the health of others. However, she does have enough knowledge of her Reiryoku Manipulation in order to improve conditions related to burns, minor cuts, some wounds AND definitely replacement even sort of lost spiritual energy from the likes of her allies. Additionally, it makes her very resistant to a large variety of illness and poisons; as she can use her spiritual energy to otherwise purify them and why it worked together so nicely with her defensive capacity; making it unwise to really cause harm to Yoko via these methods. Though, outside of that, she doesn't seem to have much other healing capacities.

• Incredible Durability: Yoko's endurance is quite a significant factor in her sustaining herself in battles; rather it be against opponents of superior strength, those of equal strength or against mass numbers of targets. The level of her endurance was shown when she had taken direct hits from the likes of Rihiku Hitsugaya and Ultimos; opponents who on par with Co-Leaders of most organizations in Rihiku's Case and far above most Captains in Ultimos, and Yoko was still able to keep fighting thanks to her enduring willpower and desire to not lose against them in a battle against ideals and values. Therefore, from that example alone, it's quite obvious to most at this point she is a pretty hard cookie to crack. And since the time of that clash, Yoko has only perfected this as her strengths have improved tenfold. At this point, Yoko surmises that her defensive measures are on par or even above her own speed; something which she has been noted as being rather infamous for within the barracks of Squad 6.

At this point, physically speaking, Yoko has even estimated she can take a blow from a Master level Hakuda user and still be able to jump back on her feet to come back for more. Of course her body would take a bit of damage from it, but her willpower would attempt to suppress the pain and the layers of defense she has will attempt to nullify the injuries further. Meaning that most times, she won't be wrecked after one hit if an opponent of higher strength values makes a critical hit on her. It's caused her bones to harden to endure more abuse, organs to become less prone to failure and guarded on a spiritual level against internal based attacks and even hardened her skin similar to an Arrancar's own hierro. As When combined with her spiritual based elements, they reach a new level of defense.

By constantly enveloping herself within an outer layer of ice that has compressed itself into her skin, and masked by her spiritual energy, she is able to generally reduce the effectiveness of a blunt attack quite greatly. Sometimes she is able to outright ignore attacks from people extremely weaker than her; such as those on three or four tier. While those whom are strongest will see the effectiveness of their attacks reduced by a quarter to thirty percent generally in order to sustain herself more in combat.

Meanwhile, internally, there is another layer of ice hard at work to reduce the amount of impact and injury done to her internals. So, say an attack with intent to break Yoko's bones, organs and other internals had made contact with The Kuchiki. Firstly, the outer layer would attempt to block it out. If that failed? Then the interior of Yoko's defense may very well try to phase out the rest from entering. As unlike the outside, it has a constant source of energy to drain to improve it's defense to otherwise make Yoko very versatile in her countermeasures against opponents who target her that way.

If a blood user were to try and inject their blood into her body? The Snow Princess could very easily freeze the blood, break it into microscopic pieces and even siphon the energy away by cleansing it with her own spiritual energy acting as a filter of sorts; taking the bad parts out, and good parts in. Disposing of the negative in a massive burst of energy in some occasions capable of wiping the landscape clean. Even more than that, if an opponent with an anti-elemental attribute were to try and dispel these defenses, then Yoko has the capacity to very easily switch this defense to raw energy alone; although it will be far more taxing than if she were using something more natural to her such as her ice or cold. And, while on the subject of her elemental attributes, it's very possible for her to use them externally as a further means of increased defense while in the lines of combat.

What does that mean? Based on the fact that just her sheath has enough spiritual energy sealed inside of it to overpower Yoko in a battle of energy, The Kuchiki is able to passively transfer it's vast amounts of energy, provided she finds a means to refuel it, and produce a strange mist around her feet. When this occurs, it's able to harness this immense spiritual power in order to produce sudden shields, barriers and other means of defense; as in reality, this is actually Samui Sōdo's will protecting her when this occurs. Henceforth, for an additional source of energy, it's very possible for him to add his own energy reserves from within her spiritual realm to sustain this defensive measure even further as apart of Yoko's defense. Though, since this is a rather new addition to Yoko's defense, the extent of which it's durability can be tested is rather questionable at best. Therefore, more study may be required to see just how far it can go; but The Snow Princess knows the basics of this defense at the very best.

Overwhelming Swordsmanship: This is a rather strong trait in Yoko's arsenal. When it comes to her own Zanpukto, it's honestly quite the lethal weapon. For starters, when you associated her swordsmanship with Yoko's insane speeds, that alone makes it quite the dangerous tool to encounter on the battlefield. Why is that? Well, a simple slash from Yoko is more than enough to flatten an entire city block with relative ease; as the Vice Captain possess very powerful blows when she focuses hard enough. This is because when combined with trace amounts of spiritual energy and the kinetic force behind each swing of her swords, it's more than enough at her level to decimate and flatten the landscape in a rather quick amount of time. Working in hand with her extremely proficient swordsmanship, to avoid injuring herself and those around her, Yoko has worked hard to contain the massive force behind each of her blows to precise measurements. As, in other words, Yoko can efficiently disturb the amount of damage behind her attacks as she sees fit.

An example of this is that she can charge towards an opponent, gather up enough force from the time it takes for her to reach the amount and then direct the pressure behind it entirely on their swords. So if she were fighting an opponent with a weaker sword, it may be very possible for her to sever it should she be able to target the areas in which she believes will result in it's destruction. If there was enough impact force behind her blade devastate three city blocks, then she could discern and pin-point the damage points to be on the tip, mid section and bottom of the blade in order to weaken it's foundation and essentially render it a dulled blade after enough strikes in combat. Which is why some opponents seem to suffer difficulties when clashing against Yoko's blade as it has started to become quite the overpowering force to be trifled with. Not only that, but it also works on living beings and even different types of attacks as well.

For instance, if someone were to fire off some sort of cero towards Yoko, it may very well be possible for her to use her Zanpukto, strike the blast with her blade and disrupt the pattern of energy within it. By pin-pointing the force from her sword to damage the core of the blast, it may even negate it in some cases depending on the type of cero she is dealing with. Or, at the very least, weakened it to the point where Yoko may be able to endure the blast much better than usual; perhaps even slashing the blast outright in half and sending it in opposite directions in order to otherwise avoid taking injury.

Another example of this skill being put to use is that if someone were to try and entrap Yoko within a barrier, she may very well be able to summon a large sum of striking force to level ten city blocks, augment it with her spiritual energy and/or ice elements and then proceed to focus all of it's impact towards the center of the shield; hoping to shatter it upon impact with it's decimating force. Essentially making her very hard to contain within various Bakudo based Kidō's if she is able to use her blade.

Meanwhile, on the defensive, Yoko appears to have condensed large sums of her spiritual energy into her sheath to the point where she is able to use it as a form to protect herself against opponents attacks. You see, it has collected a heavy amount of The Kuchiki's power within. So, with that said, when it is harnessed in combat; it's primary focus is to guard The Snow Princess. Henceforth, to get down to the point, it acts as a shield of sorts. When an attack makes impact with Yoko's sheath, there is a strong chance that is has the potential to be heavily nulled or outright negated because of it's overwhelming offensive nature.

If it's a spiritual attack? The large volumes of spiritual energy can be converted and augment the strength of the sheath to the point of overwhelming weaker attacks or at least causing moderate-scaled weakening of stronger attacks that make impact upon it's surface. If it comes to the physical realm? It can go above and beyond Yoko's own strength in order to make usage of all it's combined attributes from it's speed, to the ice/snow element and extremely dense collections of spiritual energy; more than Yoko has in her body, in order to really weaken physical blows that come into contact with Yoko from hand-to-hand or swordsman based users.

That makes it quite difficult to partake Yoko in battle when she wields both of them in combat. If she were to use her offense and defense at the same time, some opponents have even been led to believe it may be better to remove the blades altogether from The Kuchiki's Grip to lower her potential strength because she has became so masterful in the art of the blade. Possibly even being able to go toe-to-toe with her own Captain of Squad Six if she were pushed far enough in the hells of combat to prove her worth as a Zanjutsu user as well. Making her quite the accomplished in this feat of her skill.

Special Abilities

Hypnosis Domination: (Note: To start things off, a good chunk of this is to be used against NPC's. However, it is possible for her to established telepathic communications with IC characters and attempt to induce hallucinations. Meanwhile, the drawbacks and limitations will explain how other functions of this ability works in precise detail.)

In the root of this power, Yoko suspects that this is what gave birth to her immense Spiritual energy control. Starting off a minor ability that evolved thanks to Yoko's Reiryoku Manipulation, Yoko has since learned how to take her Mental Control to new levels. One the basics for this technique is that she is able to otherwise hamper with the brainwaves of people to first put them under her influence. Provided her subject doesn't have much of an organic brain, much as in the case of Nature Iramasha, there generally isn't much for her to work with in this department. Second off, those with strong amounts of Mental Deduction are able to resist the urges and effects of her Hypnosis Domination by seeing through her tricks. Equally so, if given the chance, those with Grand Master or Master will powers may also dispel the effects of her telepathic commands.

Thirdly, this type of mind control works in a limited vicinity. The maximum range Yoko can safely use this power is roughly one thousand meters. However, there is a small loophole in that. If it's only to deliver a communicate with a different person, and she has already placed that person under her command, then it's possible for her to deliver long-distance messages through those affected by her influence; such as if she utilized this technique on a rogue and weak demon to deliver a message to the Demon Queen.

More than that, it is noted that she can only control upwards of twenty people at a given time. Anymore and Yoko seems to suffer great strain, difficulty and broken mental concentration. This is because there is only so much information that her brain can think to process to her targets that it becomes overwhelming at moments for her. Which is why it also leads into her generally attempting to resort to more simple commands if possible before resorting to more complex task; as the more complicated the command, the more strain and energy drain there is placed on Yoko.

As, one of the final limitations of this ability is that she can only use it for roughly three to four post at a maximum. This is because after that point, the irritation placed on Yoko's mind begins so irritating that she is forced to drawback or face worse side effects. Some of which include dizziness, extreme and blinding headaches and sometimes even blacking out if she pushes herself too hard with this sort of power. Therefore, this is something that should ultimately be used with the utmost caution before harnessing.

Now to get started, one of the first capacities of this ability is that it allows Yoko, when effective, to effectively influence a person. An example of this could be if she were walking up to a Non-Playable security guard, activated this power and stared deeply into his eyes for it to take effect. If she were able to overpower him in a battle of wills, then she may temporarily harness control of his mind to make limited decisions for a short duration of time. So, in order to bypass enemy security, she could give him a command to give her the clearance to pass into a restricted area without alerting the guards and advance onward to the enemy's homeland. Once this whole technique deactivates, generally they should not remember a thing; though there are occurrences where mishaps can occur.

Another more dangerous example is when she is able to collect "puppet" strings of things such as Hollow's and Run Of The Mill Demon's. By producing her own network of these minions, she can sometimes produce vast meatshields in order to trip the opponent. An illustration of this move is typically used is that she is within range to harness to power, she can produce upwards of twenty strings comprised from her spiritual energy spinning outwards from her eyes that are razor thin. From there, if she were on a warfield, such as one with the Gotei 13 VS Shadow Fall, then she would attempt to find NPC based Demon's to infect with this and use them are puppets on the battlefield to gain a nasty upper hand in combat. It may even be possible to gather more intel about the enemy by attempting to read their memories, thoughts and analyze their abilities if possible to give the allies more of an edge.

And, on the note of Allies, one of the primary, and most easily used, functions of this technique is the fact that it can be used to produce a vast network of telepathic channels for her to communicate with her partners in a war zone. Having tested this with one of her servants from the Kuchiki Clan, Yoko noted she can establish a mental connection with her in order for the two of them transfer thoughts after trying to push the extent of her mental powers further. After discovering that, she later attempted to make a larger connection with two more people before she made the deduction. The only thing that is left now is to test this on a wide scale and see if it can be used to assist Squad 6 in some way. So, the known limit is two; the full extent of this is still not widely known.

All in all, this is a rather risky technique and should be used with the utmost caution.

(If there is any problems with this, I will modify/edit them on the spot.)

• Release: Break The Silence, Samui Sodo!

• Reiatsu Color: Blue/White

• Shikai Description: Once Yuko activates her Shikai, a cloud like aura surrounds her body that is extremely cold and serves as a barrier to protect her from most attack's. Her sword's blade also looks more similar to a blue flame, but in reality is actually just a means for her to use her ice based attack's. Yoko's eyes will also usually stay blue once she entered Shikai and sometimes her hair along with her nails can change from time to time. It occurs mostly at random.

Shikai Abilities:

• Cloud Shield: Once her Shikai is activated, a cloud of cold air will usually surround Yoko's body and serve as a shield to protect her from most attack's. It usually kills any foreign air, materials, elements, weather or matter that is harmful to Yoko that she cannot detect on her own. This usually works on poisons, weather control moves or anything else she cannot be aware of. This does NOT work on more powerful attack's such as slashes from a sword or energy blast. It will, however, soften the blow for her if she should ever get hit by any THOSE types of attacks, but will not shield her completely unless she transfers more of her reitsu into the ground in order for it to turn completely into ice. Sometimes she can even use it for offensive perhaps if she turns certain parts of it into ice and shoots spikes of ice towards her opponent, though it's mostly used for defensive purposes like creating a wall of ice in front of her.

Control over Snow, Ice, Cold and Water: Her Zanpukto can easily take over any the elements listed before by sending it's flames into whatever of them are in supply. It can make natural Snow, Ice, Cold and Water much stronger as well and used for many purposes. This ability can also cover other elements even if Yoko has enough power to convert it's energy into ice form. This can sometimes even apply to other opponents attacks. The Zanpukto can also create it's own Snow, Ice, Cold or water.

• Hypnosis: It only takes one post for Yoko to place a trance under he opponent with her eyes. It works by using her Zanpukto's ice ability to calm her opponent down and then using her eyes to dig deeper into their mind until they are usually in a state where they are dazed, lost or simply too mellow to attack. She can be no means command them unless the person allows them to in that state. And even then, the effects only last for a maxium of 3 post's before the users snaps back to normal.

• Yukiyamagoroshi: Yoko can use the calming effects of her elements to blow a strong wave of cold air on her opponent and makes the target a bit sleepy depending on strong they are. If they are on 0 tier, they will most likely just feel a bit tired or yawnish. If they are 1 tier, they will begin to feel more worn down. If they are on her tier or lower, they can eventually fall asleep in two or three post if they do not fight these feelings off. They can only stay asleep, however, a maxium of two or three post whenever they do succumb to this. And after that, it will not work on the opponent's body until another five post.

Fuuseikakurei: This a technique where Yoko will summon a large amount of her reitsu in order create a strong blizzard and hopefully freeze the enemy and the surrounding area's with her.

• Bankai Description: (You may fill out your Bankai Description, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)

• Bankai Abilities: (You may fill out your Bankai Powers, but unless you get staff permission, you may not use your Bankai right off the bat. There are expectations, however.)


Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] Image4037-1

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Racial Skills
  • Hoho: Advanced
  • Kidō: Advanced
  • Zanjutsu: Advanced
  • Hakuda: Adept

Yoko Yuri Kuchiki [APPROVED, 2-1+] WVMWLOu

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Fri Aug 23, 2013 7:13 am
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Aivee Clean-Up Time!
This has spent a lot of time here, therefore it's moved to OLD wip! Don't worry, when you're done, you can just post Here in order to get your file checked! >W< [Or you can just move it into unchecked and split off my post. XD]
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Archiving this as apart of my clean up of Old Wip

If you wish for this to be moved back to old wip please feel free to post within this thread

Staff Help Thread


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Sun Jul 26, 2015 11:20 am


Since the Gotei 13 is in a pretty unsteady state, I'm breaking out this character and throwing her into active Shinigami. Time for the Snow Princess to come back

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