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Tue Feb 12, 2013 8:16 pm
The King of Cats


Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King [APPROVED, WERE-CAT, 0-5] Image4363-1

Name: Madeo Lucas
Titles: The Silver Were-Cat King
Age: ???
Gender: Male
Affiliation/Rank: Himself, King
Were-Sphere: Were-Cat

Appearance Description:

Main Human Form: From the top of his head, it becomes pretty obvious that Madeo is a "sharp" individual. His hair comes down in differing strands, all ending in points around his eyes and the edges of his face. He has a round overall face, with a small nose. His mouth is small and normally set in a disinterested shape, although it is also quite often for it to be a smile. His eyes are very peculiar. Silver in color, with a single line through them that shows his ancestry as the King of Cats, they are the most striking feature of his face. His eyebrows are small black lines, which hang right above his eyes.

Around his neck he wears the collar of his garment that he wears when he's wearing his clothing, which goes up all the way past his neck and up to his chin, covering it. Around his body he wears a very thick amount of clothing. The ruffles of these clothes, especially his chest garment, are over an inch in thickness. His garment is long-sleeved, covering up to his wrists. Around each wrist he has a massive arm band, which he uses for his Changing form. Around his waist he has a buckle belt, very standard ,and has extremely baggy pants just like his shirt.

Appearance Picture:



Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King [APPROVED, WERE-CAT, 0-5] Image4365-1

» Personality:


Leader of the Pride
Madeo is a natural-born leader. His ways of monitoring groups and passing his orders along to them have been practiced for a very long time, and as such he is extremely charismatic. However, more then that, he has an understanding. He is very good at understanding people and getting them to understand his desires, as well as getting them to act on them.

Hidden Pain
However, there is a secret to his body. This is the fact that a long time ago, he was de-fanged. This is a source of extremely great shame to him as a Were-cat, but even more it is a rage button. By another person picking on them, Madeo instantly goes into Ferocity, despite his current physical state.

He is a very brutal warrior, unforgiving towards his enemies. He will kill them without hesitation should they make a mistake in front of him, and while he does not mind being challenged, when he is challenged he knows that he will be extremely entertained.

Highly Perceptive and Experienced Combatant
Madeo is also extremely perceptive. Those whom he encounters he can examine in a mere matter of instants, using physical traits to understand how strong they are and what their specific abilities do. However, there's a level more then that. Due to his experience in combat, he is aware of many patterns that those that oppose him prefer to take. As such, he is very experienced at countering them. More then that, he knows of the different levels of transformations of Shinigami, Arrancar, Iramasha, and Sugiura.

Experienced Musician
Madeo is not without a taste for the fine arts. He greatly enjoys playing the guitar, as well as singing. When he is not fighting, he enjoys thinking up new over-complicated rhythms that only a powered being like himself is able of expressing.

Feline Nature
He is, however, a cat. The most pure cat, in fact. His body is only 1-10% human any longer, and as such he cannot permanently turn off his altered state. However, this means that he is much more effected by his nature. This nature is that his actions and behaviors are much like a felines. This nature can change from the ferocity of a lion to the antics of a house cat.

Combat Lion
While in combat, his traits are like that of a lion. He does not mince words, often expresses himself through actions or gutteral noises, remains extremely focused on his prey, and will not allow them to escape until they are either completely defeated, dead, or both. He often has no problems with biting his opponents; as long as he can pull the attack off.

Casual Kitten
Outisde of combat, however, his personality is much different. He rather enjoys games an messing around with peoples heads. He enjoys bodily warmth a great deal and will often snuggle anyone he feels comfortable with even in the presence of others; he has no modesty He doesn't care about his physical state or trivial questions like whether he has clothing on or not. He follows his own whims and pleasures, and is overall very outgoing, a free spirit.

Madeo is extremely possessive. When he gets ahold of a person, he believes that they are his; while he knows very well that this most likely isn't true, he likes to treat all the ones who pledge themselves to him as if they were his possessions, taking care of them, fighting their enemies… but also others who would have them. To Madeo, the start of service a pledge for life; and for one of his possessions to go to someone else is the absolutely worst thing that could happen to the person going and the person receiving. So, while he may certainly be a very loving and caring leader, he takes to changing of allegiances not at all.

There is nothing that Madeo truly hates. He learned long, long ago that hate is merely an emotion that pushes you beyond your limits and activates Ferocity. However, for someone like Madeo, who barely releases his ferocity ever, if at all, this emotion is nearly worthless. This is why he rarely ever shows distaste towards anything; he is a very accepting individual.

However, there is one thing in this world that Madeo is envious about. He is envious of house cats. They get all the attention they could ever want for nothing back from their owners, and don't even have to try. They make him more frustrated and envious then anything else, so whenever he comes across one, he uses his voice to force them to become nuisances for their owners until his commands as King of Felines fades.

However, despite all of his other traits, Madeo is in reality an extremely loving person. When he finds someone that he actually cares about, he expresses his feelings plainly, and hopes that they reciprocate. Of course it is possible for people to refuse him, but he doesn't get upset over it. He has lived long enough and been rejected enough times by now that he realizes it is merely another part of life, something that one must deal with. However, if the person]] dos reciprocate, he cares very much for them, making them his favorite person and lavishing his attentions on them Every kind of his intentions, indeed……

Madeo no longer ahs a true fear of anything, as fear leads to hate and essentially to Darth Vader. So when he encounters grotesque things, things which inspire fear, and power levels higher then his own, he does not become afraid of them. He merely copes with the situation, reacting however he needs to. Madeo does however, have one false fear. This fear is of snow. While he is not very familiar with the element, he most definitely knows that you are not supposed to put a cat in white, wet stuff, in any situation.

Despite all of his appearances, however, Werewolves are actually Madeo's favorite kind of werebeast next to his own kind. This mostly comes from Enui, his former partner who died on his part, a werewolf who lived with Madeo for much of his life and died in his defense. Overall, wolves have nothing to fear from Madeo, and he will even protect them if they would be unjustly destroyed.

He dislikes water more then any other material on the entire planet earth. He is not afraid of it any longer, thanks to Enui and his catfish mode, but he still does not like being anywhere near it. He is reluctant to go on boats and other sea-faring vessels, performing teleportation, and naturally distrusts water users, minus the Great Cat of the Sea.

» Likes:
Loyalty, Catgirls, Cats, Catnip, Cats, Catapaults, Cats, Cateurizing others accidently, Cats, Catechism readings, did I mention Cats?

» Dislikes:
Dogs, Wolves, Dogs, Those who try to take over those he's marked, Dogs, Traitors, Dogs, Hellhounds, Dogs, Peanut butter, dogs, people talking about his teeth, dogs, clothing at times, did I mention dogs?


Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King [APPROVED, WERE-CAT, 0-5] Image4367-1

Background: (See Page Two)


Human Form Abilities

Feral Instinct They have a greater instinct then any of the others perhaps. The feral knowledge they gain from the other half helps them gain a better idea, their senses of hearing and smell are far above average. This doesn't just leave them to human senses, they can smell and detect spiritual energy. Things like that trigger on the radar for them without any problems what so ever. This fact remains fruitful that they are able to detect these things with the slightest amount of effort. This allows them a great degree of Feral instinct in and out of their animal form.

SurvivabilityThis is something that everyone down to the Bears has a great deal of power into. The powers that they have to stay alive and go without eating is beyond the regular. Unlike the cousins that people came up with known as Vampires. The Were's don't require so much feeding, they are also able to take amazing amounts of punishment and regrow lost limbs and organs with a fair amount of time. Some are extremely skilled at staying alive tot he extent the loss of a single vital organ can be minor to them, however this like all things takes time. They can make more from what they had lost during the time of it's missing when they do this they will become true monsters again. They may take a huge amount of punishment and may come back stronger at times before of it.

Animal Skin Their skin isn't quite the same as the every run of the mill human, they have a much more sleek and tough flesh then someone would expect when changing forms more over then anything. Their skin is like armor in some cases, in others it also such fluid movement that one would say they were more graceful then the most agile dancer in the world. The skin allows them some far greater skills and resistance to metals and spiritual attacks. (Cero, Hell Blast, etc) This skin is stronger when fully transformed and thus gives them a greater power in the form they have taken. Their Human body has 50% Resistance to physical and spiritual attacks. It will jump to 80% when in full form.

Environment Bonus Much like the wild beasts when they feel truly at home in a place it's like being able to use everything to your advantage down to the aspects of fear that comes from knowing you are the prey before the hunter as he stalks you in the shadows. It's the same fear they may put out, when in such a place that is similar to home. They are able to truly become monsters of the world and show people the type of fear that they rarely will ever come across. When in this environment they will show greater speed then others in it, depending on method of travel. For when an animal is hunting on it's home turf it's very likely they will have the home field advantage.

Were-Enviornment:Madeo's traditional home is in the "Jungle". The normal forestry Jungle, yes, but also in the big cities of the planet, where dark spots are more common then insects and the average intelligence of prey is much lower then normal. In the leafy one, however, he is truly, truly at home. When Madeo begins to hunt in an area, he can eliminate all other wildlife within an hour; that's how well that Madeo understands the leafy parts of the planet. In the other jungle, he uses his speed to hide in the shadows, using sneaking attacks against his opponents.

Enhanced Strength The Animal like fury that comes with this power is said to give a werewolf the power to bench press a semi-truck with a single arm. This power is something that is amazingly great. However this enhanced power only gets this strong when in the hands of the Wolfs, The cats gain such a different presence of power that it's frightening. They are indeed strong, making them dangerous before all mortals and creatures that they encounter that aren't correctly ready for the fight to come from the beasts that come out to play in the darkest dreams of this world.

Enhanced Speed Now the subtle yet graceful poise of the feline comes into play here, they are considered to be faster then most werewolves. Some are built more into speed which allows them decent practice keeping up. The two are very different animals, the cat's graceful poise showing it's deadly nature in the speed that it has. The power to prowl and come forward from shadows making it a dangerous and deadly foe for those foolish enough to face down the cat. The wolves are faster then humans and some creatures they encounter. But the two races being depicted to for examples sake are simply examples. Lions for example may tap into power instead of speed, each is free to dance as they please.

Ferocity This is a skill that makes the animal come out even more, when backed into a corner and nearly dead limiters are removed from their body. They no longer will acknowledge pain, only the blood of the enemy before them. They become machines of war ready to kill and rip things to pieces that lay before them, this makes them extremely dangerous killers. The Ferocity will engage and remove whatever human trace that is holding them back from play. It will become an animal out for killing, with common sense intact by a small amount. This will allow them to kill without feeling anything, the amount of power when this mode is engaged will depend greatly on the creature put into Ferocity.

Were-Ferocity:When Madeo enters ferocity, his entire reason for living serves to cause the opponent as much pain as he physically can, by any means necessary. He becomes immune to the fact of pain, becoming able to be stopped only with the loss of his limbs or death, whichever should come first. In addition, his entire body receives a massive boost in physical stats, trying to manipulate his energy in such a way that his stats become greater then an opponent's, so that he can crush them as fast as physically possible. Madeo most definitely is one who sees red in his Ferocity, and there is one automatic trigger for his ferocity; pointing out he fact that he has no fangs. Otherwise, he never activates his Ferocity, as he never truly has a use for it.

Cat King
This is his most fundamental ability the one which shows ohw he is able to change his state of appearance. Because he has so little humanity left within his body, it is literally impossible for him to completely conceal his cat traits, short of sticking his tail in the back of his pants and wearing a cowl over his ears (The ears are very sensitive; he doesn't like it when people mess with them).

However, because of his skill as a Werebeast, he has even gained a master over the shifting ability. He can change his human appearance to anything he desires; as the constants for him become the ears and tail. However, typically, each of these forms holds a specific memory or experience for him from his past.

Also due to his nature as Cat King, he has the ability to commune with cats. He can speak to any feline, or those of a feline nature. However, there's something more then this. Just by hearing his voice's supersonic waves ,the mind of a feline or feline-natured becomes instantly swayed towards him. Weak-minded beings, such as house cats and animals, obey his commands without question. Cat-like beings, on the other hand, have a chance to resist these effects; although Madeo's voice is VERY persuasive, as he IS an Alpha-Male.

Overwhelming Spiritual Pressure
Madeo's spiritual pressure is absolutely massive. When he simply transforms into his Were form, massive flows of his energy begin flowing out of himself in massive density because he cannot contain it all within such a small form. In addition, this is all his natural abilities and such; without needing to ever transform.

Superb Sensory Abilities
All of Madoe's sensory abilities are naturally over that of a normal human, far outclassing them. He can even sense spiritual energy in the form of other senses; such assmelling for spiritual energy. His natural senses are easily twenty times better then a humans, at the least. However, he can choose to dull his senses as well as needed, although his observational skills will be lowered when he does this.

Territoral Markings
Madeo does have a habit of marking his territory on things, IE marking things which he likes as his own. How does he perform this? Well, most felines have scent glands on their face and behind that they primarily use to mark what's theirs. Madeo, on the other hand, has scent gland markings on his face, shoulders, ribs, hips, base of the spine, crotch, and calves.

When he touches someone with one of these places, if he chooses it, his body will leave a very tiny mark with his spiritual energy in the form of a hair. This hair attaches itself to the person's spiritual ribbon, entwining itself. Of course, anyone who can see spiritual energy can remove it, but it is typically difficult to get the precision to quickly remove it. In addition, the more that one comes into contact with Madeo's territorial marking places, the larger the amount of hair attached to their ribbon ,until it completely covers the spot. However, only those who have pledged themselves to Madeo have fully covered ribbons; Madeo doesn't associate with others enough to make that many markings with his body.

Now, what exactly do these markings do? Well, first off, they show that the person "belongs" to Madeo ,that they are his territory. Others who impose on his territory or try to claim it for themselves (attacking the person who is Madeo's territory or trying to control them) results in Madeo immediately becoming aware of what is happening to his territory. For someone who only has a couple markings, Madeo can barely feel when they are in trouble, getting nothing more then an uneasy feeling about them. However, those who have enough hairs to start completely wrapping around the ribbon but not covering it he can sense the problem that they are having through his markings.

Literally, his markings allow him to access the one sense with which the person is experiencing their current danger .This marking also has another use when it has this many threads; the person who has this many threads on them can speak directly to Madeo through a mental link, at any time whatsoever. Whether they are sealed, in their zanpaktou's inner world, in another dimension… as long as they have this many hairs, they can commune with him anywhere mentally.

When the person marked by this has more then half of their soul ribbon covered in the hairs of Madeo's markings, another effect begins to compel them. As they are his territory, and thus connected to where he goes, he is able to perform a special kind of territory movement, moving instantly to their location at any time he needs to. This acts as another defensive mechanism for protecting them, as well as giving him another way to move towards targets, should he choose it in this way.

When the ribbon is completely covered by Madeo's markings, it becomes extraordinarily difficult to remove. In addition, if the person is a Human, they become a Sub-Were Cat. They gain the Partial Transformation of a werebeast, but their transformation is dependent on having the marking which is around their ribbon. The activating and sustaining of this form requires Madeo's energy as well, meaning that if he is not condoning of the form's use, it will not be able to be triggered.

However, having full markings matters to more then just humans. By having this much, Madeo is permanently linked to the person's emotional and physical state, and they are just as greatly linked to his, meaning that across any distance the two can sense how the other is feeling, in addition to all the aforementioned traits. In addition ,there is one final thing that a being with his full spiritual ribbon can do. They can reverse the Territorial Movement, using it in reverse to go back to Madeo from whatever location they are currently at instantly.

Finally, any other werecats who try to place a Territorial Marking on a being that Madeo has will be hunt down by him until the end of the earth, using the scent from their marking to track them down for the dishonor they have placed upon his marked individual.

Roar of the Lion King
Madeo's roar has a special effect. This roar is the ultimate roar of one who no living being desires to fight. Any living thing that is touched by the vibrational effects of his roar will instantly have a very great desire to run away. They will simply want to run as fast and as hard as they can, to get away from Madeo as fast as possible. Of course, those with advanced Willpower or greater could escape; but those with weak minds will very easily be driven away.

His roar is unique in that it not only does one, but two things. The second ability of the roar is to dispel all other sound in that area. His roar's vibrations cancel out all other vibrations of things where its sound travels through, leaving no noise following in its wake. This means that sound based abilities are rendered useless by it, and he can impose silence for a brief moment with it. In addition, he can perform this roar in any of his forms, as it is merely his voice crying out as loud as possible.

Killer Claws Sliding
His claws also have the ability to move any way he wishes, causing them to shoot out and stretch in multiple directions. He can guide these with his mind, aiming the claws to stab through anything he desires. In addition, the claws are able to harden themselves to be stronger then steel or become soft enough to pierce through someone without breaking them. They also move extremely fast through the air, fast enough in base speed that they cannot be seen by the human eye and even normal ones.

As earlier discussed, he can change himself into various human appearances. However, there is something more then this. He can change each one of these human appearances into a different Were-form, different in appearance and occasionally in abilities as well. While this is not always the case, they all have give or take a bit the same basic abilities.

Lycanthropic Forms

Animal Form

Animal Form Appearance:

Madeo is able to transform into any variation of feline currently inhabiting the natural Human Earth.

Animal Form Traits:

Passive Ability Use
While he is in his naimal Form, he is still able to use any of the abilities that he naturally has in his Natural traits. However, the traits that he uses while in this form are typically reduced in power by 10%.

The one bonus that he gains when he enters into an Animal Form is that his entire body becomes extraordinarily fast. He becomes extremely hard to follow, and will always focus his energy on biulding more and more momentum, making himself faster and faster the more he is moving around in his Animal Form. Finally, whenever he starts breaking the speed of sound, he starts leaving behind afterimages, but they aren't able to become harmed.

Partial Transformation

Partial Transformation Apperance:


Were-Form: The Berserker
Due to his mastery of shifting, Madeo has a great many forms which he can transform himself into. The very first of them is The Berserker, the alternate form of his typical gray haired Silver Eyed Lion King form. However, this is only the preliminary to his true power, which is not truly known to anyone but Madeo himself until he releases it.

Berserker's Rage
The Berserker has extremely tough skin, so tough that it cannot be easily broken into. However, there is something more then that; there is the fact that while he is inside Berserker state, his body is constantly exhibiting Ferocity. This form is his default for Ferocity, although he can use the trait in other forms as well.

Fighting Style: Berserk
While in the Berserker state, it makes sense that his fighting style would be rather berserk. He cares not for any injuries he receives, instead focusing his attacks on his opponents and making sure they hit. While in this form, he depends mostly on his claws, as well as biting, although it is awkward to bite things in this form.

Killer Claws
His claws also become greatly enhanced. When he slashes something with them, the sheer wall of force that his claws produce has the ability to slash steel cleanly from a distance of over fifteen meters in a single slash. As a consequence, the claws can bifurcate opponents in a single attack if the opponent is not wary, as well as pierce through most hierro that Madeo has encountered.

Were-Form: Flight of the Leopard
In this form, rather then an almost werewolf-esque transformation, the body simply grows on the upper part of itself, the legs gaining a large amount of muscle density. His entire body is covered in spots, and he typically rips his shirt clean off.

Enhanced Speed
The special trait of this form is that Madeo has much faster attacks then he did previously, and uses his speed to catch opponents off-guard. In addition ,his perceptive abilities become much higher then they were previously, able to even follow Shinigami and Arrancar in the midst of their Shunpo and Sonido.

Special Movement Technique: Leopard's Prowl
This is the special technique which Flight of the Leopard uses in place of a Shunpo or Sonido or even Geppo. What this movement does is completely erase his presence; his soul ribbon, his spiritual pressure, his reiatsu signature, the light reflecting off of him, the sound of his moving, and even the feeling of him moving on things. All are negated while this step is being utilized. This technique moves as fast as shunpo or sonido, but renders him invisible for all intents and purposes while in use. On the downside, this technique cannot be used perpetually, so it only triggers for brief periods while he is moving.He cannot stay in this state for an entire post, and can only maintain it for 2-3 seconds at a time, and he is not able to perform attacks while he is in this state, as doing so releases him from it. He cannot use this more then three times per post.

Style of Fighting: Leopard's Hunt
While in the Leopard form, his body moves at extremely fast paces. He attempts to get openings on his opponents, before firing off physical attacks with his large and very muscular arms. However, more then this, he uses this form for escaping opponents and approaching them; or for when he is chasing an opponent.

Were-Form: Panther's Descent
In this form, his body's composition completely changes. His body's color changes to black and becomes very sleek, as well as his face grows long white whiskers. However, unlike almost all of his other forms, his body doesn't change size. It remains exactly the same size as it was before. Around his hands he wears gloves and he even carries weapons while in this form.

Double Dagger: Panther's Ravaging
On each hip he has a rustic black dagger, both of which he can pull out at any time that he chooses. However, more then this, he gains powerful muscles in his arms in the correct places, allowing him to wield the daggers with deadly efficiency. He can move his blades at high speeds, knocking down projectiles from the air, slashing into things, and more. The blades also have the qualities of Killer Claws, although about only half as effective.

Spritual Burst: Black Sphere
From his mouth, Madeo gains the ability to fire large black balls of energy. This is much like a cat that has to release a hairball; however, instead he condenses his spiritual pressure into his mouth, before releasing it in a massive wave towards his opponent(s). He is a master at manipulating his blasts, and even has the ability to retract them back into himself and have them rejoin his body once again.

Spiritual Burst: Black Blades
From any part of his body, Madeo gains the ability to shoot black weapons out at his opponents. These weapons are extremely sharp, although they are very brittle. They fly very fast as well, and can start shooting out suddenly. These blades also can make a lot of damage when they hit, as they have a bad habit of exploding. Overall, these blades are used as quick weapons to distract and damage the opponent.

Fighting Style: Night Fighter
Typically, Madeo enters this form at night. He uses this to fight his opponents in the dark, where he is able to see perfectly well. In addition, he uses the night to his advantage, attacking where the opponent is unable to see or making it so that they cannot see before he attacks, and he always aims to make sure that his attacks hit and do damage in such a way that benefits the most possible.

Were-form: Azul Pack Leader

While in this form and in human state, Madeo takes on the appearance of a youthful human male with silver hair, although he is shirtless and doesn't really like clothes. In addition, when he releases, his entire body becomes silver in color, with blue hairs that stream from his back. These are the markings of a pack leader, and he most often uses this to lead the other Werecats whenever he stumbles upon them.

The Azul Pack Leader knows many of the languages of both man and beast, so while in the one form it can seek to pretty much anyone, while in its released form it can talk to pretty much any animal. However, in the languages he speaks, he has a bad habit of including cat puns wherever applicable, as it is merely a habit.

Massive Strength
The Pack Leader is immensely powerful, physically. His body is a mock-version of Madeo's alpha form, which is understandable. This form is truly meant to really be a mock of his Alpha leader, making it so that he can show off his true form in an effort to deceive some, but to give him a form which shows his position without affecting his mental state.

Fighting Style: Leader of the Pack
While in this form, for battle Madeo typically acts as though he is a leader, attempting to control how the battle goes and more often the not using others in his fights to his advantage. That is simply how he fights while he is in this form.

Were-Form: Schrödinger's Tomcat

Schrödinger's Tomcat is a business-like professional, looking almost like a mercenary in his green clothing. However, when he transforms, he becomes much difference. His body shape changes, becoming smaller, and he begins to hover off of the ground. Power begins to flow from his hands and feet, and his body is covered by a simple cloak.

Viridian Magi
While in this form, Madeo uses his massive latent amounts of spiritual pressure to make it so that he becomes able to influence a kind of magic, which essentially creates forms of things. These forms are different shapes and sizes, and have no special properties themselves. However, no matter the shape, he is able to manipulate the structure he creates as if it is completely weightless. For example, he could create a giant mallet from his hand, or create a box and slam it onto the skull of something. These things he creates don't have special effects, and are only his energy formed into a physical, manipulatable object, which have weight to things they press down on but can be manipulated with his mind. The objects stay around for up to two posts, and their weight is adjustable by how much energy Madeo puts in them, up to a pretty high weight; not insane, but high.

Keen Intellect
Even more so then normal, Madeo's mind becomes even more open and creative. He becomes even more focused on catching details, and looks even more closely at how he can use them to his advantage. His mind works at an accelerated pace, allowing him to deduce things that normally would take people hours to figure out.

Once every other post, Madeo is able to trigger the one true effect that he has in this form. This effect causes his body to literally stop existing where he is standing, for a period of 2 seconds at most. This is in imitation of the Schrödinger's Cat himself, although Madeo knows full well he'd never be able to perfectly copy that screwed up little boy. So, he is fine with his replacement, which he can only use while in Schrödinger's Tomcat. Note that non existent things cannot attack, so he can't hit things or deal damages while he is flashing.

Fighting Style: Mind Over Matter
While he is in this form, Schrödinger focuses on needing the least amount of energy to defeat his opponent or accomplish his objectives. While he may still requie a massive amount of energy, this means that he tries as best as he can to use as little of the massive amount for the greatest gain. He is not reckless at all, and takes careful precautions in everything that he does.

Were-Form: Cutting Chains Cat

While in this form, Madeo looks almost like a butler, one would be able to describe him. Wearing a black suit, having a black tie, with black hair and professional features, he is a dead ringer for a Japanese battle-butler style cat. When he transforms into his were-form, however, his body completely change. His features become more youthful, gray hair covers his body, and his clothing becomes more baggy. In addition, his claws transform into a scythe, and when he releases into his were-form are extended with a chain as well.

Weapon Wielding
This form wields a scythe in its basic form, held on Madeo's back. However, when he transforms, the scythe's staff turns into a chain. Cutting Chains is very good at using both the scythe and the chains themselves, being able to keep track of all parts of them simultaneously. In addition, he is able to manipulate the chains very well, sending them in any direction that he wishes for them to go with sheer ability. In addition, this form is very dexterous, being able to even adopt different weapons and throw plot trajectories and other wild actions.

Ascended Humanoid Fighter
In this form, his durability, strength, speed, and energy manipulation are all on the level of a high ranking Espada. His body is able to withstand quite a lot of damage, able to deal out quite a lot as well, keep up with shunpo-like speeds as well as fire off energy blasts with ease.

Fighting Style
In this form, his fighting style becomes much different then any other form of his fighting. While in this form, he focuses on his attacks using dexterity to hit his opponents vital points, trying to take them out with as little effort as physically possible. While this often doesn't work out, he still aims to be as efficient as possible, trying to make things as painless as possible for his opponents. This form is also known as his Grim Reaper state, as he only uses it to finish off those who he finds worthy of going out in a dignified manner, and he especially enjoys using it on those who he specifically would like to have the honor of sending onto the next world.

Were-Form: Ebony-Tipped Tiger

While in this form, Madeo looks like a classical warrior of the Meiji period in Japanese history, with long black hair and oriental features. His hair is tied into a pony tail both in his human and wereform appearances, and his wereform seems to be much tougher then his typical form. His claws are able to transform into a melee weapon of his choice, and his demeanor becomes much more serious then it was before hand.

Melee Weapons Master
While in this form, Madeo becomes a master at using melee weapons. His skill with them becomes unparalleled as a swordsman who is also a werebeast, and this is the form where he does his greatest amount of training in. This is his main back-up form for when he does not desire to use his real form. However, this form has a downside as well; it can only fight on the level of a human master of swordsmanship.

Pain Resistance
While his abilities may be that of a human, while in this state his pain resistance becomes immensely advanced. This form's main attraction is the fact that most types of pain, Madeo can walk right off of. He will barely notice an arm being lopped off, although just maybe having his private areas stabbed through with a sword would produce a disinterested ow. This allows him to continue fights for quite an extended length of time, although the damage when he does crash can be rather immense.

Inhuman Regeneration
However, he has another bonus to himself. While he may be limited to the psyche of a human, his regeneration is quite immense. This body of his becomes immensely difficult to fully kill, as it takes relatively little of his impressive energy stores to restore this weak body. To defeat him while like this, you must completely destroy him. However, this is made difficult by the fact that his claws and teeth are very hard to destroy, even by cero and other highly destructive methods, as these things remain the same no matter what form he is in.

Fighting Style: Training Mode
This form is the one that he reserves for those he does not believe are worth the effort of his true form. As such, eh uses it against those he merely desires to practice on, or those whom he wishes to test their skills. This form is mostly used to gauge an opponents power level before fully engaging, as if testing the waters, one might say.

Were-Form: Tiger's Pride

When he enters Tiger's Pride, his body changes in an interesting way. His strange cloak becomes a suit of specialized armor ,as well as a cape on his back. Out of his body grows black, white and orange hairs, all at once. Then, his body takes on the form of a Humanoid Tiger whose entire body is covered to not show a bit of skin. His elaborate garment has only one true objective, and that's to make sure his hands and feet are able to move in any way that they need to.

While in this form, Madeo becomes a master at using hand to hand combat, specifically in Kung-Fu. The balances of his stances are difficult to break, as he even knows how to use his tail in order to hold himself up and maneuver himself in this form.

Hand to Hand Special Attack: Hameyuken
While in this form, Madeo can make special attacks, positioning his attacks in such a way that he throws out one palm at an opponent, before from his hand fires a single ray of energy. However, this ray of light is extremely fast, unable to be seen by the naked eye. When combined with one of Madeo's typical punches, it helps him break into the defenses of opponents and attempt to deal as much damage to them as he possibly can.

Enhanced Focus
While in this stage, Madeo has much greater amounts of focus then he does normally. For example, if he catches onto something with one of his senses, he will be able to follow it and keep track of it, no matter where the target goes, he will be able to keep track of it and follow it. This form's true power lies in his ability to keep track of his target, able to follow them through what would normally be ignored or unnoticed by others. However, in this form Madeo can keep track of whatever he senses through massive crowds, many other targets, blinding darkness and sandstorms, all kinds of horrendous conditions. Madeo can follow what he senses as a completely natural phenomenon. However, it is a bit unnatural in the fact that he can keep following what he senses as if he had originally sensed them even if they conceal themselves or otherwise block that sense of his.

Fighting Style: Fight to the Finish
In this form, his fighting style becomes almost like that of a berserker, but not quite. Rather, it is more refined; he is a refined combatant who merely wants to fight so that he can keep on keeping on. He is a fighter for progress, but also one who can get things done. He never loses his objective, even to the point where he can be beaten and ragged, barely able to move, and still he will follow what he has selected to strike at.

Were-Form: Slicing Species

While in this form, his hair is black along with most of his features. He gains a bell on a collar around his neck, and has paws for hands even in his human form. However, in his release form, he looks much different; his hair turns brown, although the black clothing he wears instead turns into armor. His claws transform into a blade that he carries around with himself, and he is very lean and muscular.

Master Swordsman
In this form, Madeo becomes extremely experienced with the sword. His focus becomes greatly advanced, and his personality also becomes much more serious then it was previously. His sword skills focus on disarming the opponent, and then killing them. He enjoys crossing blades with an opponent before finishing them, but hates losing more then anything. In addition, this is the only form that does not get mad from his lack of fangs being mentioned.

Enhanced Strength
In this form, Madeo's raw physical strength in his forearms becomes immense, extremely condensed. In this form, he can break walls with his blade, or slash through the very earth itself, breaking apart the ground with the sheer force of his blows throwing everything in front of him away, allowing him to attack very strongly.

Fighting Style: Species Must Divide
In this form, Madeo focuses on his own health, using his blade to make everything near him unable to effect him badly, focusing on self preservation more then anything else. He uses an unpredictable fighting style that doesn't seem normal, and then when his opponent is least expecting it strikes back at them, focusing on making many minor wounds to his opponents that compound over time and end up dealing a high amount of damage to them.

Personality Divide: Nekomata

When he enters Slicing Species or Tiger's Pride, or their sealed forms, his body splits into two, forming two separate entities, SS and TP. SS is a gloomy fellow, although he is also quite rash. TP on the other hand, is quite hyperactive, although is also the more complex thinker out of the pair. Both still react to Madeo, and know that they are Madeo. However, they do not really get along with one another. In addition, both also have the power of Madeo still. They both have two tails.

Were-Form: Medicinal Meer Kat

When in this form he evolves, Madeo's entire body becomes layered in a preliminary layer of fur. Then, a necklace of beads descends down around his neck, and a strange head garment places itself snugly atop his skull. This form is not designed for fighting, and as such is Madeo's friendliest were-form. In its sealed state, his hair is purple and his body is lean, that of a teenager.

Master of Medicine
The beads around Madeo's neck have a unique property; they can become imbued with any natural growing plant, and the properties of that plant lock into the necklace, as well as the beads. As such, when these beads are given to another person, they are able to be ingested, and whatever plants properties that Madeo has chosen for that bead will enter into their system, helping to cleanse it of its disease if that plant is able to negate it. However, the beads aren't auto-cures or anything like that. Madeo himself has to upgrade these beads and make them able to deliver their cure.

Special Technique: Medicinal Embrace
This technique can be used while in his sealed or partially transformed were state. This technique is utilized by Madeo embracing the body of another person the same as they came into this world. (in other words, nude.) However, when this is done, Madeo is able to link his psyche with theirs, literally feeling on his own body anything that is going on in theirs. This means if they have a massive amount of pain but aren't sure where it's coming from, Madeo can use this to feel what they are feeling. If they had a massive open wound and Madeo performed this technique, he would feel the pain of the wound, but would not develop one himself. Finally, if a patient or another person dies while he is performing this, he feels a massive amount of pain himself, but will not lose his life. Finally, this technique ends after 5 minutes, although Madeo can reinitiate it as many times as he wishes. After all, everything is shared when he performs this… EVERYTHING.

Were-Form: Prince of Purrsia

Prince of Purrsia is his youngest form by far, and the most agile. In its human form, it looks like a young child mixed with a cat, with purple ears and tail. He has a habit of climbing into trees and playing with people, and has black hair and slightly oriental features. His transformed form is completely different, having brown hair tied in a pony tail that covers him as well as his fur, wearing what looks like a middle eastern outfit, and his claws transform into a long, curved dagger that he carries around.

Master Hunter
In this form, Madeo becomes a very skilled seeker, becoming extremely acrobatic. He gains the ability to manipulate ANY part of his body in any direction he pleases, and his body is 100% flexible. His body can wrap around opponents, or even change shapes, enlarging or even making itself smaller.

Enhanced Speed
In this form, Madeo has a much higher degree of speed then he normally does. His bodily parts can go from nothing to extremely rapid speeds in an instant, even leaving the ground on fire where he moves due to the immense amount of speed that he gains. Over all, though, his specialty is in making extremely fast attacks with the dagger that he gains in this form, formed out of his own claws and made extremely sharp.

Fighting Style: Flash and Dash
While in this form, Madeo tends to focus on reaching a specific target, slashing down everything in his way and going extremely quickly in able to reach it. Those that stand in his way he will make light cuts on, but often not kill. However, when he reaches his target, Madeo focuses on making himself difficult to hit and distracting the opponent, very serious, before striking them back with many attacks at once to deal a lot of damage. He is also not above doing dirty tricks in this form, or even making up games to fight with.

Were-Form: Catfish

This is his most… metro form. In its sealed state he has pink hair, as well as a goofy outfit; but when released, most of his clothes vanish, barely covering his modesty. His hair turns white, his facial features brown, and his claws transform into a spear that he wields in both hands.

Unique Ability: Swimming
In this form, Madeo gains the unique ability that he becomes able to swim and move around underwater. In fact, he becomes able to move FASTER while underwater. This unique trait means that his speed while underwater is roughly 6 times what it is on land, making it so that his speed while in the water is hard to follow with the human eye alone, and even with some supernatural ones.

Weapon Usage: Spear Master
While in this form, Madeo's claws turn into a spear, which is able to extend itself by his force of will. He is a master at using this staff, able to use it as if it were another limb, even to the point where he is able to feel anything that the spear touches through the spear itself.

Fighting Style: The Fisherman
Madeo typically reserves this form for use underwater. When the opponent goes underwater, he uses this form to catch up with them, darting along like a fish in the water himself. A unique ability he has while in this state is that he is able to perfectly identify the path of things; which is ideal for hunting fish which have their reflections in the water skewed. He is slippery like a fish in this form as well, which makes it quite difficult to hit him even when he is stabbing at you with his spear.

Were-Form: King of the Felines

This form is… Unusual, to say the least. When in this form, his entire face becomes identified with very rough skin, despite the fact that he still has his neko ears. While in this form, a large pair of wings grow on his back, although he normally looks like a royal person. In addition, his clothing is exploded into nothing more then threads covering himself, which hide no modesty of him. In addition, his body becomes very slim and slender, like a dragon.

The Cat who Flew
While in this form, Madeo's body becomes crossed with some semblance of a dragon. He is able to form his massive powerwell into gigantic blasts of fire that emit from his mouth, his claws become like those of the Killer Claws, his speed is vastly increased, in addition to his strength, and his hide becomes the toughest that he has, surpassing the hides of every other one of his forms by far, making him extremely hard to damage or kill.

Fighting Style: Regal Rigardo
In this form, his entire body becomes disposed towards the defeat of his opponent. He will do absolutely anything that he needs to towards achieving that goal, even sacrificing himself. In addition, he will not allow himself to fight with any other person, or allowing the opponent to receive any help. He insists on doing things one on one, from what the participants know to what they can do; there can be no outside assistance.

Additional Racial Forms:

ChangingThey are able to take on a beast of a form that can come from the full moon depending on the youth, they will suffer from the fact that they are unable to resist the special powers the moon brings forward. Changing them into their true form, all general stats in this form are brought up to a higher level and this will give them a greater deal of power beyond what one would expect. All Humans whom become this will be able to gain this, however newer werewolves will lose their senses as will other species. Basically they become a fur covered killing machine with only the sense to obey an Alpha which could be anyone from the King of Wolves to the King of Cats, it will all depend on the situation.

Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King [APPROVED, WERE-CAT, 0-5] Image4368-1

» Roleplay Sample:

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The King of Cats

Madeo Lucas, Silver Were-Cat King [APPROVED, WERE-CAT, 0-5] Image4367-1


Ancient Egypt, Start of a King in a Pharaoh's Realm.

Madeo started out an Isrealite, much like the leader of the Nature Iramasha, James Mizumuzi. However, Madeo was also from before that time, and knew nothing of the former. His natural spiritual energy was absolutely massive; despite the fact that he was a mere human. As such, things seemed to be repulsed and uncomfortable around him the entire time he nkew anyone, and they never seemed to be able to relax around him. They were always tensened by his presence, perhaps a precursor to his eventual incarnation, but at the time it made little sense to the premature Cat King.

However, the Egyptian's were a society who greatly revered cats. Madeo was born into the Egyptian's long before they began to enslave the guest peoples in their country. As such, he had the same rights as any Egyptian citizen. However, was one giant problem with Madeo, and that was his limitless curiosity. He was notorious amongst his own people for going anywhere, even where the Levites ruled. He himself was a Josephite, and was as peculiar as his forefather. One day, whilst messing around in a pyramid, his brothers purposely sealed the tomb in on him.

Without a way out, Madeo realized that the only direction that he could go was straight down. So he went, relunctantly, but it was still the way he went. He reached the very bottom of the pyramid, coming across the Pharaoh's remains. It was a great deal of shock to him that he had happened upon such a thing, but he decided to just take a peak. That was his ultimate downfall, as there was something there that was awaiting him.

Lying in wait amongst the bodies of the Pharaoh and his valets, was the spiritual energy of the old pharaoh, the last man to be known by the term of Cat King, the ruler of the Were-Beasts. However, he had found no fitting sucessor amongst his own people, and as such had departed with his lineage to the grave, as he was one of Egypt's first Pharaoh's, before recorded history.

However, as such, and like all Pharaoh's, his soul was still bound to this place, his soul chains very taut. However, unlike most souls, he did not have a soul chain. Rather, he looked like a man with the head of a cat, standing there majestically before Madeo, who realized he could see cat spirit. When he asked what the spirit was, the spirit merely looked him over, deciding to give him a test. Madeo was quite surprised a the test, but was curiosity what the passer of the test received. As such, the king gave him the assignment of looking for a very special ste of hieroglyphs, hidden somewhere in the Pyramid.

It did not take long for Madeo to dsvoer what the man was talking about. Not many would have noticed it, but Madeo was not defined under the generous category of "most". His curiosity had gotten the better of him, so he looked at the top of the funeral box.. Under the preserved body of the former Cat King. This pleased the Cat King, whose soul reached out towards Madeo, making contact with him as he gave him two things. The first washis lineage, the ancestry of becoming a were-cat. The other.. Was the advice the curiosity had killed the cat.

It did not take long for Madeo to understand what he meant as without warnig he was in some other scenario. Most people at this time would have been utterly shocked to suddenly appear somewhere else, but again, Madeo's not most people. He watched calmly as the Pharaoh himself personally went to check why the construction of his pyramid had been so halted. This was his worst mistake; as the Pharaoh had simply not had enough control over his spiritual power to prevent his body from being crushed under tons of stone, the trap set by his own fellow "man".

As Madeo realized he was back in the pyramid, he awoke staring at the hieroglyphs. Realizing that at last he could understand them, he read them carefully examining quite closely their contents. As he sat back after finishing, he suddenly winced for some inexplicable reason… and then proceeded to realize that he had a tail. This most certainly surprised him, but not as much as what he had rad. The thing which he had found in the hieroglyphs was the history of the Were-Cats, telling of their eternal conflict with a specific other kind of Were-Beast, their relations with the other Were-Beast types, and the massive amount of internal conflict witwhin their own ranks… until the Pharaoh had appeared, and brought order. The hieroglyphs were his Epic, told underneath his grave in such a manner that Made owas shocked that his ancestory had done.

As he began to leave the pyramid, he realize that he still had the same problem that he had had upon entering. He was totally alone, in this deep, dark place. Without realy thinking about it, he looked inwards, nullifying his mind as his mouth opened, his body moving back as from his mouth emitted a deep noise, before transforming completely into a roar. This roar shot forwards, smashing into the structure of the pyramid as it was shattered by the massive wave of energy that had come from his lips, creating amassive hole in the pyramid.

However, there was a tiny problem. That problem was where he had chosen to roar. In the face of all the people on the other side of the pyramid, a town square, was Madeo himself. He realied he was trapped, as the Egyptian people became filled with rage at how he had desecrated one of the Pharaoh's tombs.They began to approach them, ashe he realized his entire body was filled with calm. There was a presence next to him, the last gift from the Pharaoh, who merely told him to release his instincts.

Without warning, his entire body changed, as fur began to cover him from head to toe. His head shook, as suddenly it grew in size his pointy hair turning into a gigantic mane, as his entire body grew bigger, brown fur covering him from head to toe. He reached his head back, roaring at the many humans in front of him, as without warning his entire body had changed, his slit, silver eyes looking directly at his enemies.

They quickly found out that they did not want to fight, and began to develop this opinion even further as Madoe appeared in front of the crowd, reaching out a claw to the most rankerous of the bunch, slashing down as his slash killed him.. .and the man behind him… and the man behind him… and the man behind him… and then created a three inch deep slash through the entire body of the man behind him, the previous four completely bifurcated from the attack.

This would later be reported as a Lion attack, but for now it was merely Madeo losing ot his instincts, Berserker taking over as he slaughtered each and every one of the Egyptians who saw him, their weapons nowhere near fast enough to catching him and using his hunting instincts to make sure that he got every single one of them. Afterwards, he could merely blink, and realized that he had fully slaughtered an entire village of Egyptians, his people's countrymen, as he turned back to normal, calming down at last.

Scared, he quickly fled the scene, transforming back into the shape of a small boy. It was an immensely painful process for him to go back, as he had never changed like that before, and his muscles did not take well to such treatment, nearly ripping into thousands of pieces from the massive amount of damage that they were forced to go through. His entire body hurt as he stumbled back to his village, falling flat on his face.

However, his village was not safe from him either. As he began to grow hungry during the night, his entire form fought against another change, but was unable to stop it as he transformed once again, his muscles going back to that ridiculous size as his entire body was covered in silver fur with large blue strands flowing on his back. Later on, Madeo would call this stat e the Azure Pack Leader, but for now, it was merely another thing that was going to cause him serious issues.

Serious issues like dealing with his much, much stronger instincts. When he transformed, he instantly began to prey over his family, and only sheer force of will prevented him from completely slaughtering his own father. He realized he wouldn't be able to live with them any longer, so merely forced himself to stumble out, going as far as he could over to the next town of Egyptians as his body changed once more, and another town became lost to the sands of time to a Lion Attack.

So it was that he fled once more. However, this time, he truly had nowhere to go, as he became angered as his current state. He felt something shifting and moving on his body, as his fur changed from gray to brown once more, just like when he had left the pyramid, so full of rage was he at his current state that he had once more released his Berserker state, causing the Werecat to go off, and off, and off…

Madeo eventually calmed down again, eventually getting fully out of the country. He began to travel Egypt, and slowly but surely his body became used to the changings. By no means was it comfortable, but he was slowly starting to get his appetite under control through vigorous mental fortitude and constantly re-experiencing the same things over and over again. As such, when he finally returned to Egypt, he had no idea how much time had passed; although truly it had been some hundreds of years.

The Egyptians had let the Isrealites go; not only was his family dead, but Madeo no longer had any place in Egypt. Upon discovering this information, and more directly, upon learning of what the Egyptians DID to the Israelites, Madeo lost his temper again. His entire form became contorted, and three more villags were lost to a Lion Attack before he calmed himself down again, absolutely abhorrent that he had consumed the flesh of such vile human beings. He may have been a monster, but at the very least he mostly kept it under control…


So it was that Madeo came to live amongst the Egpytians, using them as his food source until he gradually began to hear about the champion Alexander the Great. By now, Madeo really had nothing to do with his life other then mess around pointlessly with it, so he decided to go to this "Macedonia" place where Cleopatra was.

Macedonia, The Meeting of a Wolf and the Birth of an Empire

Madeo had long been thinking about the lore that had been at the Cat King's pyramid, and at last he believed he understood the core problem with the Werebeasts. They were simply all too violent. Madeo knew the feeling, of course, but he had also been raised on Mosaic Law, something which remained in his consciousness for a very, very long time. A lack of violence is what had enabled the Israelite's and the Egyptians to cohabitate for so long; without it, they basically epically failed.

So it was that Madeo arrived in Macedonia, completely unaware of the class differences within the Werebeasts. It was not long, however, before he felt a strange calling. It was like the bad taste in your mouth when you ate stinky cheese; on one hand, it tasted pretty good so you want more, but it is highly unappealing to the point of distaste as well. This was the experience that Madeo was having as he encountered his true opponent for the very first time.

He heard of a strange case; an entire village slaughtered by a wild animal. Now, this gave Madeo some great pause; as he knew exactly the situation ,having caused it hundreds of times by this point himself. So it was that he quickly made for the place specified, entering quite quickly as his body began to change. Almost without warning his body began to take on a new shape, seeing the man before him. There was no other man in the town, just the one who was standing in its center as if wandering around.

Madeo's eyes were wide and far too excited, his breathing accelerating rapidly as he hyperventilated exponentially, his entire form changing as he felt his muscles rippling greatly underneat his skin, feeling an immensely painful sensation in his body as he began to change for the first time once again, completely stunned. However, as he developed fully, he realized that for the most part, he regained his own mind.

It did surprise him, however, to see that the man who he had encountered… was doing exactly the same. Their silver eyes met, as Madeo realized… this man was a Werewolf. They quickly exchanged some beast-related banter, questioning the other who he was as Madeo met Gawain for the first time, as his form moved rapidly towards his opponent.

The fight was long, and bloody. Madeo's entire body was filled with energy as he changed from this new form to his Berserker form as the fight sped up faster and faster, trading blow for blow with the man, before at last he felt his very arm being chopped off. His body was not ready as he suffered a critical attack, feeling a massive amount of his blood spilling… but he had fought right back, his teeth lodged into Gawain's neck as hard as physically possible, feeling his tendons falling underneath the teeth of his Berserker state as he slashed his remining arm down on the former, slashing it across his entire body.

However, despite the massive amount of damage that Madeo had dealt, he was unable to do much more as he fell back, retreating with his arm as Gawain did the same, the two of them looking dead at one another .

"I am not going to leave here defeated!"

"You wanted a fight, I gave you one! I will concede to a draw, but no more!"

Madeo could not help but growl, very, very deep in his throat, but he had no choices but to agree to the Werewolf's conditions. To be honest, it was the first time that Madeo had ever seen another werebeast, so he was fine with allowing this one to live. And such it was that dawn closed on the two warrior's battle, Madeo leaving the place once more.

However, there was something that Madeo had never known; Alexander the Great himself was an ally of the Werewolves, who were the enemies of the Werecats, who allied themselves with the Persians, Alexander's greatest competition. So it was that Madeo went to Greece, searching for a new beginning. It did not take him long to find Athens, and it took him even less time to marvel at the absolutely MASSIVE amount of energy that he felt here ,the scents of his own kind permanently permeating the place.

It did not take him long ,in Athens, to find a person who could assist him in learning something .He was able to easily slide into their culture, and for a time entered into Athenian society. He joined his fellows on hunts, learning how strange their experiences, abilities ,and origins were compared to his own. He, for his part, claimed to have amnesia, and would not discern to anyone else what had happened to him to make him a were beast. He quickly learned about his new forms, Tiger's Pride and after experimenting with it, found Slicing of Species within it. Without much effort, he quickly began to become a part of Athen's culture, rising through the ranks of the Werecats and rapidly increasing his reputation amongst them.

However, Persia was unable to stand for much longer, and so it fell. Without much of a choice, the Werecats were forced to go to war with the other Werebeasts, specifically the Werewolves. Without extraneous effort, Madeo developed amongst his own people a policy of being civil towards the captured werewolves and attempted to establish a policy to not cause them to die.

Rome, The Stage of a King

This secret war continued in between the Werecats and the Werewolves, with neither side able to completely gain victory as the empire of Rome began to develop. While he was out with an expeditionary force one day, Madeo's entire regiment.. Was slaughtered. He was the only survivor, and was rapidly escaping his pursuers through a town which had experienced a Lion Attack from the force. However, Madeo's forms ,all of the, were not enough to escape. Without much warning, his muscles began t oshrink again, dealing massive amounts of pain through Madeo's entire body, almost as if it were a test. He was barely able to hold out as his body continued ot become EVEN SMALLER then it normally did, causing absolutely excrutiating amounts of pain through Madeo's body as he attempted to escape, as he realized at last that he was simply going to have to endure it.

He managed to keep his wits about him just long enough for him to get through the ordeal, as without warning the hunting party lost sight of him. His body shot high up into the air, as his tail shot out and grabbed a nearby stone structure, wrapping around it as he swung around ,blinking and marveling at how flexible he was now. He began to dart around the wolves ,unable to be caught even as he cut them down, rendering them all helpless before him.

He quickly defeated the entire party, even as small as he was. It was onthing like anything the group had seen before; so Madeo was very effective against them in this form. He did not kill them, however, dspite what they had done to his comrades. He allowed them to live ,although eh began to develop a reputation amongst the wolves for this. They began to call him the Prince of Persia, as he was as seemingly small as that group was now, but yet he was extremely strong if given a chance.

Another significant encounter was when he was first corronated as a general of the Werecats. The assembled groups came together to recommend him for the position, and many of his followers cam eu pand approved him for what he desires to become. However, there was one problem; there were only able to be a certain number of Werecat generals. For Madeo to become one, he had to defeat one of the current generals in combat.

He and the general he had chosen to fight was the strongest out of all the werecats, the one who had even fought the current Wolf King before and survived. Madeo, on the other hand, was what most of the gathered participants believed to be only a runt, a kitten compared to this noble lion. However, what they were not expecting was Madeo's silver haired form demonstrating quite a a lot of strength as his hands grasped with the human form of the general, meeting him firmly and neither of the two men giving any ground.

The general remarked how impressive this was, before moving into his form without warning. Madeo merely smiled back, as he transformed into Berserker. The two fought evenly shocking the many persons present. A slash of the claw and the general was sent flying; before he would suddenly appear behind the Werecat. His claws moved at speeds that Madeo could barely comprehend, but he was able to somehow keep up, surprising even himself at how far he was able to push Bersekrer's limits. Not since his fight with Gawain had he been pressed this far, and he was enjoying it.

However, things began to rapidly change. Without warning, Madeo appeared behind the general, and for the first time caught him off guard. His arm flew out, slamming into the nobleman's side, throwing him as far as he could with his strength, as blood splattered from his claws. The rends he shot at his opponent destroyed the very ground the two were fighting on, nearly cutting open another werecat as they scrambled to escape. Madeo and the general continued their combat ,as it got more and more heated ,each and every attack gaining power and momentum as they did battle ,their claw smoving at speeds that the present cats could no longer keep up with, before without warning Madeo completely disappeared.

The general looked around, bewildered; he had no idea where his opponent had gone. From his arm, however, he felt what seemed to be an ant, before without wanring he felt cold steel digging into his throat. On his shoulder, having shot up his arm, was Madeo in Prince of Purrsia, illiciting a loud gasp from all the present beings, as he suddenly blinked, looking around.

Apparently, he had been fighting the general in his changing form… while only partially transformed himself. Madeo was shocked at this, and the general bowed before him ,as he knew that he had lost this contest; Madeo had both outwitted him and defeated him in skill due to his rapidity. Madeo became the newest general of the Werecats ,and rapidly became their most feared as well, although Madeo did not like this. Amongst his followers he was like a celebrity; they knew him and respected him and looked up to him, as he was a paragon of being a werecat, and in his own community rumors began to circulate that he may be the next werecat King, although he denied these rumors.

So it was that Madeo continued to liv e his life, using his new form to great extent, as it was ideal for not having to kill the opponent, as well as move by himself, sa he found that most Werecats were very bloodthirsty, despite the fact of the rule he had tried to implement. In wartime, these stopped mattering.

However, when Madeo was finally able to have the time to discuss these matters ,he finally went up to the war council. The current King listened to him almost listlessly, while his nobles discussed his proposal for peace amongst themselves. However, there was a problem. They simply would not take him seriously. Looking straight at the Werecat King, Madeo's very body began to change, as he felt the usual amount of indescribable pain, his form becoming that of a much less clothed Werecat King, although he was honestly better looking then the current one, withered by age. uu

The nobles blinked at him, before suddenly becoming outraged. He had no control over his form's changing, it merely performed it on its own. However ,from that point on the nobles' mood changed from bored to hostile, and promptly banished Madeo, for the crime of "high treason", despite the fact that he had only been trying to help. His followers deeply wanted to revolt and kill all the nobles and the current king, but Madeo would not allow them to. After a long discussion, Madeo departed once again, heading towards the countries of Europe.

Europe: Chance Encounter
Madeo left all of his countrymen, departing for the greatest centers of culture since the.. Ahaha, yeah… Europe. Anyway. He quickly began roaming the countries, holding himself in from human blood. He had sworn never to take of European flesh, as the sheer amounts of DISEASE amongst these people would be quite terrible for Madeo's health. So it was that he was forced, practically, to walk around always in his sealed, normal form, his silver hair and eyes off-putting as always.

He gradually, however, began to sense the disturbance of something while living in Prussian-Germany, the only were-cat friendly remnants of their old alliance. He knew the wolves knew about this place… so why had they not come and tried to pursue him? He knew not why this happened, but he did know were-beast when he smelt it. So it was that for the first time in years he transformed, going back to the Prince of Purrsia once more.

As the wolves gathered around him, he began to become dismayed. His nose was picking up dozens, if not hundreds, of the wild beasts. He could merely look onwards as the human form of his childish transformation walked about, his little purple tail flitting about as he watched around himself, seeing them gathering and gathering around him. He knew these circumstances were immensely bad, but there was no way he could know what to do about it.

Eventually, however, he started to get bored of the game of cat n' mouse, and so called out to them to come out. They did so, quite fast, easily smashing the ground beneath him and exploding it into thousands of pieces. For his part, however, Madeo was no longer there, his body lounging back on a nearby tree as he yawned lazily, barely giving the men the respect that such wolves deserved. However, he was not attacking them; despite the fact of what was going on. He knew how essentially useless it would be to fight against numbers like this, and his best chance was to see what they wanted.

So he asked them, and vanished again as the tree he had been lounging on turned into toothpicks, completely destroyed in response to his question. He reappeared on the ground, his body changing as his hair began turning long and black. He felt the familiar pains of not having much experience in a form, and as the King of Felines looked at the collected group, his long black hair was picked up slightly by the wind, forcing him to look directly at them. They stopped, as his form began to change. This was a change which Madeo had never gone through, but always wondered what its purpose was.

As he released, a pair of black wings shot out from his back, stretching wide as his muzzle took on a cat like appearance, fur covering his entire body as the threads around his waist shot around his entire body, covering him in nothing but threads as he stared at nothing, essentially, his arms crossing to make it seem like he WASN'T in excruciating pain. He wached them all, his eyesight suddenly much improved, able to meet the eyes of every single wolf.

And so it was that they collectively came at him, the dozens or hundreds all striing at him at once. However, he was too fast, too strong, and too durable; alone they were unable to do a thing and Madeo was very skilled at getting prey alone. The battle raged on through the night, Madeo losing a large amount of blood but felling numerous wolves into unconsciousness, as he still was reluctant to ill them. So at last that it was that Madeo stood over the last wolf, his transformed form covered in the blood of Werwolves ad his own Werecat genes, absolutely exhausted as he stared at the last remaining opponent.

He felt his form changing once again, as this time he appeared as the Azul Pack Leader, lookig directly at his opponent as the wind blew around the blue hairs on his back. He began speaking to the wolf, dodging his exhausted attacks and listening to carefully to everything he had to say. When he learned of their origins, he was completely shocked. They had been against the Were-beast's council of Wolves decision to form an "assassination team" against the prince of Purrsia.

Madeo was shocked to learn this information, immediately stopping the fight, the sheer shock roiling through his body as he felt his body beginning to change once again. His muscles flattened out all over his body, his head changing as his features began becoming slightly more effeminate. His entire body took on a light shade of pink, as he looked at the last remaining wolf, gesturing that he should calm down.

The Werecat side of Madeo's stomach was tured by his current desire, but Madeo himself felt too honored by these men to allow a single one to bleed out. This desire was reflected in the current form he had taken, as he began to change forms. This change surprised Madeo; it was completely painless, although it was hardly a transformation like his normal ones. This one was like King of Felines, but for the fact that Madeo didn't feel pain from his muscles condensing. On Madeo's neck was a circle of beads, which he quickly began to take out.

He went among each of the soldiers, giving each one a bead as the wolf behind him merely watched in awe. Madeo's entire necklace was spent as he stood up noce more, making sure that he had gotten every one of the wolf soldiers. It was interesting; never before had he been able to think so very clearly. His thought processes were moving at light speed as at last he finished restoring them all, before turning away. He did ask the man one thing, however; if he had known of any Gawains. The wolf said that yes, and that he had been their leader at one time. This satisfied Madeo, who transformed to his normal human state once again, his silver hair slightly breezing in the wind as he began to walk away, no longer desiring to deal with this business any longer, emotionally exhusted from it.

He began to explore even more of Europe, preferring to go around in his Medical Meerkat form, as he liked calling it. It was such a flamboyant form; some part of Madeo really loved it, and more specifically, loved the reactions he got from people while he was in this form back in those days. He travelled everyone on the mainland, from Poland to Switzerland to France to Spain, visiting the "sharpest" the culture had to offer. Naturally, what they had to offer was nickels compared to the Greek or even Roman empires. As such, out of sheerly nothing else to do, Madeo began to go back and learn more about his different forms.

Within his Medical Meerkat he began to find out the many things he could put into his beads, going through the process of getting each and every one that Europe had to offer, learning everything about them that he could. More then this, he began training with his King of Felines. This form was much different then any other form tht Madeo had ever taken. It wa a fighter, but its muscles did not bulge.However, to madeo, he still felt like an immensely physically strong individual, and proved this to himself when passing through a town that the Wolves had visited and single handedly causing an entire building to collapse just from touching it.

By this time, he finally received word from his countrymen once again. They told him of a massive problem that had occurred while his banishment had been effect. Essentially, the old man had vanished; he'd retired, and no longer wished to lead the Werecats. Stunned, Madeo could hardly believe what he had heard. With very little choice in the matter, he returned to the new Werecats base in what was left of Persian in Germany.

He was freely welcomed amongst his countrymen once again ,the nobles shocked that he had had the gall to return. However, Madeo knew quite clearly what it was he had to do now as he started towards the nobles, slowly changing into his Berserker form. The nobles quickly transformed themselves, and Madeo initiated his challenge. If he won, the leaders would be the ones banished; and Madeo would be the King of the Werecats. How was he able to make this challenge? Once having been a noble himself, Madeo was more then familiar with their laws and customs, and he had as much right as anyone else to challenge them.

So it wa sthat the Eternal Hunt began, the process by which the Cat King was chosen from amongst his fellows. However, little to Madeo's knowledge, he had ben the first target of all but one of the nobles, who had formed an alliance between themselves. In his end of the forest, Madeo began out simply, but soon was able to sense the approaching energies as he changed into Prince of Purrsia ,hiding up in the trees where they were unable to see him.

They could sense his energy, but for some reason their eyes were simply not enough to catch the Werecat Prince. Without much effort, his body shot downwards, descending on the nobles as his form changed once again, standing up straight as a massive well of power shot out from all around himself. The massive burst was HUGE in size, pushing back and even blowing away some of the nobles. Madeo held the power of a true Werecat King as his form changed into King of the Felines , his wings oepening wide on his back as he stared at the foes, throwing out both hands from his claws shot massive talons, stabbing through two of them without warning.

His body moved fsater then they could see, reappearing behind the remaining ones as he held one arm out, his face one of rage as a black stream of energy shot form form his hand, slamming into and completely washing over the remaining nobles, blowing them away as three more of them fell to his blast. Madeo rapidly mocked them, wanting to know why they had done what they had, disgracing themselves as Werecats by teaming up with one another in the Eternal Hunt like a pack of dogs.

His form vanished, as he realized he would never receive and answer, covered in blood from head to toe as massive spurts began shooting out of the remaining nobles, their forms rapidly falling to the ground as Madeo stood there sadly, looking forwards as their blood splattered on the white snow of the forest; the hunt had been in the winter time, the Winter of Madeo's Discontent.

However, he knew the hunt was not over yet. There was one remaining, the most powerful warrior out of all the nobles, the one who had most fiercely fought Madeo's policies of cohabitation. The two rapidly began to approach one another, as Madeo changed his form once again, shifting into Medical Meerkat to meet his opponent .

The two stared at each other across the plains, Madeo's gaze locking onto the other Werecat, from his throat a deep sound emitting as he opened his mouth, sounds emanating from his mouth that rapidly overcame the other, their eyes meeting firmly as Madeo's form changed into Lion's Pride, as the two engaged one another with rapidity.

The fight between tehse two lasted for days, Madeo barely able to keep up as the two did battle. However, he was keeping up, and kept up well enough to keep fighting and fighting and still fighting, his body battered and bruised as he and the Werecats fought with one another brutally. Once again, Madeo's arm was completely slashed from his arm, as he looked up into the sky, seeing the moon high in the sky glowing back at him.

He felt his heartbeat beginning to slow… and slow… and slow further.. And further… His entire body twitching, shaking, moving, jerking, as his body began to change, his form turning back into that of a human. His body at last finished its work, changing itself completely as before his opponent a silver haired Lion-man appeared, whose mouth opened and roared.

His opponent looked on in shot as it felt like massive blades were randomly slammed into their body, their entire form jerking as the blades slammed through them, created by Madeo's spiritual pressure. However, that was not all, as Madeo looked directly at them, charging direclty at them. A blade was in a single hand of his as he slashed at his foe, his foe's claw coming directly from his face, expecting him to play chicken.

However, that is not what occurred as Madeo's eye was completely slashed into, before it was completely cut out. He roared as the immense amount of pain shot through him from losing half of his sight, even as his blade cleaved across his opponent's chest. Blood covered Madeo from head to foot as he stood over his foe, looking down at them while panting.

He threw his head up, roaring one final time as the blood poured and gushed from his eye, even as he fell silent once more. He couldn't believe the amount of brutality he had needed to use, as he glanced back at his opponent, his eyes slightly softening. He had done this to every single one of the cat lords, finished the off, completely destroyed them. However, in this case, the circumstances were different. He couldn't believe that he had been so utterly viscous, cutting down every single one of the opponents he had met and killed them. As he looked at his opponent, he found himself unable to deal the finishing blow.

His confused features stared down at his opponent, before he suddenly turned around, shame filling his eyes as he walked away, to the goal point within the Eternal Hunt. He at last crossed it, his body completely covered from head to toe in the blood of his enemies as he opened his eyes wide in his Changing form, at last unlocking the form he had truly been waiting for. He threw bck his head as he reached the end of it, as his voice filled through the gathered Werecat's ears, a very deep voice as he felt the massive amount of pain from his eye, the rest of his countrymen nodding towards him as they suddenly vanished, running away as fast as they could, as they began to hear a wolf's howl.

Madeo himself turned around, looking for whatever it was that was pursuing them. His men easily escaped; this was not a time for fighting. However, as Madeo went to leap away, he suddenly felt his entire world spin. He had suffered far too much bloodloss, resulting in his body twitching on the ground. The light rapidly began departing from his eyes as his consciousness left him, laying there in the snow.

A sudden gasp; and without warning, he was conscious once more. His body shuddered in the cold, having returned to the form of Azure Pack Leader in the snow. He immediately felt the sickness that had been developing in his body from the cold shooting up to the top of his throat, as his body dispelled all of it at once. He lay there in the snow, shivering, his entire body in an immense amount of pain still as he lay on the snow, realizing that he was in some strange kind of cave.

He called out, trying to see who was there. His nostrils quickly searched the place, searching for something, anything to indicate what he was looking for. However, he was not able to find anything, other then a very vague scent. It smelled almost familiar; but he could not place his claw on it. He looked about himself rapidly, searching for something ,anything to indicate what was going on; but he could still find nothing. He tried to get up, but found that he was feeling far too weak to be able to do anything about his situation, his muscles absolutely exhausted from the Eternal Hunt.

He drifted off to sleep once more, a fitful sleep with many persons. First, standing before Madeo in his dream was the Cat King who had been a Pharaoh, standing there and looking quite proud as he looked about himself. However, that was not the only person within Madeo's dream. Across the plains? He guessed they were plains? It was grassy, at least. He could see Gawain, standing there in his own human form.

However, there were still more. Standing across from these two was the one who Madeo had so recently fought, standing there looking completely well with pride as Madeo felt a surge of pain in his eye, realizing it was still gone. He continued to look, seeing his greatest supporter amongst the Werecats. Four beings he was able to see so far, but he realized rapidly that there were still more. Yet another was the most recent Cat King, standing there in all of his glory, looking about as he had in his youth, completely restored to his prime. He blinked as his own Father appeared from the mist, looking utterly confused. It had been so long since Madeo had last been able to see his father that he very barely recognized him, only seeing him for who he was because of the silver hair on his head.

Two more figures began to walk out of the mist. The first was Lion's Pride, standing there in his human form, his strange cloak billowing in the wind as his companion also became clear. It was the Slicing of Species, looking about himself in his normal dark-looking grace, as if searching for something. At last, Madeo could see one last person, approaching from the north, walking right up to Madeo as he recognized the last standing member of the wolf pack which had hunted Madeo down, as Madeo opened his eyes wide…

And realized that he had not dreamed this person in front of him.

As he blinked at the being, he rapidly attempted to stand up… and fell right on his face. The wolf moved quickly, catching the Cat King in his arms, a worried expression on his face as he slowly let down the King of the Felines, looking down at him with worry in his eyes. Madeo looked back at him in confusion, stunned and unsure what to do. The wolf merely embraced him, giving him a simple hug.

He then let Madeo down again, looking at him in worry. He explained how he had been following the Cat King since he had been left alive. He told his compatriots to believe he was dead and to tell their leaders that he, their leader, had died fighting the beast, so they no longer had any desire to stick up for him. After this, he had followed Madeo, grudgingly watching for a time when they could return the favor.

The wolf introduced himself as Enui. Enui had rapidly collected Madeo, sensing his brethren rapidly approaching in an attempt to kill the new Cat King while he was weak from his wounds gained in the Eternal Hunt. However, Enui had stopped them, collecting Madeo's weakened body before they could arrive, quickly escaping. Madeo rapidly blinked at him, again and again, before asking him a serious question.

He asked Enui if he was happy with the way things were between the Werecats and Werebeasts. Enui replied that he found the entire state of things horrific. Madeo then began to smile, and asked Enui something quite serious in a major joking tone. He asked him, that if he were able to settle things, then Enui would become his eternal companion; if he failed, then he, the Cat King, would serve a wolf. Enui agreed, not thinking the Cat King was serious, as his debt to the werecat was already massive.

However, he still agreed to follow Madeo, even as Madeo inquired about the current whereabouts of Gawain. Enui quickly informed Madeo that he was in Portugal , hosting a war meeting between the wolves. Madeo heard what he said, and developed a risky plan. Enui originally did not want to even consider it, but Madeo reminded him of their bet.

Enui eventually agreed; and the two were off for the coastal country.

Portugal: The End of an Era

When they arrived, Madeo realized how massive the challenge he was currently facing was. The sheer amount of energy he could fel coming from the meeting hall of the wolves made him sick, want to roar out in defiance. However, even as he changed to his normal human form, that of his berserker state, he realized what he was going to have to do to get their attention.

He rapidly shot through the air, breaking through the door with great haste. Many humans looked around at him, as he spied the canine eyes of each and every one of them at the sight of him. It made him want to chuckle; but his mission was more serious, as his body finished flipping around, his feet slamming solidly on the ground as he looked about himself, even as the shock started to fade from the wolves' faces, their were forms quickly becoming predominant as one rapidly appeared on Madeo's left side, their claw heading straight for his neck…

Even as Enui appeared at Madeo's side, slamming into the wolf with a great growl and a roar as his countryman was sent flying, Enui transforming back from his transformed state as he held up both of his hands. Madeo himself had his eyes straight up, their blank gray hues inspiring a strange kind of revulsion in the wolves who dared gaze upon them, as he continued to make steps forwards, before at last he made eye contact with the only familiar energy signature in the room.

Madeo's eyes were locked with Gawain's, the other standing there and watching him with interest as Madeo gestured to his arm, flexing it simply. Recognition flashed through Gawain's eyes, even as he kept his exterior calm and collected. The nobles of the wolves around Gawain made massive signs of aggression towards Madeo, even as he held up his hands.

He told them that before they began to start ripping the young Werecat limb from limb, they should listen to what he had to say. When they demanded to know of what authority he spoke, Madeo looked at them quite clearly as his body began to change, his muscle rapidly consuming over his entire body as fur began growing from his muscles, completely covering himself as he stared at them, his silver pelt and silver eye staring at them simply as the energy of a Werecat King overwhelmed them, some of the lesser nobles and several of the guests hurling from the sheer presence of the Werecat.

His body rapidly began shrinking again, as he returned to his normal human form once more. Gawain blinked at him, not needing to ask any questions. Madeo began to speak them, Enui at his right hand, about the ordeal he had been through since his time fighting the Werewolves assassin party. Enui helped him remember any parts that he left out, and Madeo noticed a certain edginess in all of the nobles as he spoke of how easily the Werecat's own were utterly slaughtered. He left out none of the gory details, mentioning how much easier life would be now that the nobles of his clan were gone, and how they had been the greatest hindrance to progress in his entire clan. That made Madeo smile.

As at last he finnished his story, the general faces of the werewolves were disgust as they beheld Enui, proudly standing at the Werecat's side. Madeo fell silent once morelooking into Gawain's eyes. He spoke of the war then, talking about how useless it had been for all parties considered. Enui's face became completely saddened as Madeo spoke of the wolves who would never again know the comfort of their pack, or the cats who would never again be able to wash themselves… because they were too dead to.

Gawain was watching Madeo the entire time, but Madeo never once gave an inch of ground. He told them how he was certain that the cats and wolves could get over their instincts; as because of them both races were suffering. The suffering being experienced by them both was reflected clearly in the faces of both Madeo and Gawain, Madeo in his missing eye and Gawain in the scars left on his body by Madeo's claws.

Gawain consented, and Madeo began speaking to him plainly. The two rapidly worked out a peace agreement, even as the Cat King walked out of the meeting space, opening his mouth wide as from deep within him began to emanate an absolutely massive roar, shaking the very grounds of the structure the wolves were still in, causing them all to be chilled to their very BONES as the roar went all across Europe.

In a matter of hours, all the Werecats were assembled there. Madeo and Gawain worked quickly, settling the agreements of the peace treaty as the werecats rejoiced that their King had not been killed, hailing Enui as a hero, despite his heritage. This gave Madeo hope; and it made him feel honored that his supporters, although reluctant, began to commune with some of the braver wolf nobles.

Madeo could simply not stop smiling as he looked over Enui, as both realized that the Werecat King had just gained his first valet… a Werewolf. Madeo then asked Enui what they should do now, and the werewolf was just as clueless. Madeo knew he was no longer needed for these peace talks, so without much further ado he began to slip away from the situation.

However, there was a problem. He could feel them being pursued, and without really thinking about it he realized who was following him. He was being chased by Gawain, once again. He had thought that he wouldn't be able to get away so easily, and he began to grimace as his body began changing once more, much to his surprise. He moved quickly, grabbing onto Enui's arm as his form became like that of a humanoid fused with a panther, as his entire body vanished, his presence as an existent being completely vanishing from the area as the two of them headed for the coast, as Flight of the Panther became available to the Cat King.

He soon realized his great mistake. In front of them was nothing at all, nothing… but WATER. The largest amount of water that Madeo had ever seen in his entire life. It mentally scared him as he clung onto Enui for dear life in his Prince of Purrsia form, allowing the werewolf to get them passage onto a ship.

While on the ship ,Madeo could hardly believe how calm things were. Of course, he was perpetually attached to Enui, never leaving the wolf's side as they travelled, trying to head towards the New World that they had heard so much about. Madeo wanted to learn how it felt to become a Cat King, return to his roots, and live without the need of other supporters, instead having only his servants like Enui, who despised being called such and instead went by the term of Madeo's "Property."

However, as they were sailing, a terrible incident occurred. Enui himelf was feeling seasick one afternoon, out on the ship's deck, and began to sway. Caught at a bad moment, Madeo slipped right off, falling right onto the deck. His body flailed like a fish as he hit the edge of the board, his tiny body falling off the side of it as his claws grasped a the edge, flailing as hard and as fast as this tiny form would allow in desperation, before at last his form fell into Oblivion.

Alright fine, it wasn't oblivion. It was the ocean. To Madeo, it made little difference. As he began sinking into the water, he realized he could barely even moving, trying to move his arms this way and that as he began to sink. He began to understand that he had finally come up against something the likes of which he could not simply stop by adapting; his body wasn't able to adapt like this underneath the waves.

He began falling deeper and deeper, sight beginning to leave him as his consciousness faded, seeing a strange shape rapidly approaching him, his form losing its fight as from his mouth the last of the air trapped in his body escaped his small form, even as the other form rapidly gripped onto him. With no one to see, Enui rapidly released his Changing Form, his entire body becoming fur and covering the freezing Madeo as the Cat King shot up with his territory, shooting up higher and higher as at last they broke the surface, Enui changing back to normal as he slammed right back onto the deck, cracking the wood as he held Madeo tightly to himself, laying the much smaller werebeast onto the deck as he roared at the sailors, none of whom were willing to give Madeo air.

The Wolf was struggling; what could he do? He quickly figured the only thing he could do, as his claw poked into the flesh of Madeo's small neck, slashing all the way own the Cat King's body as he cut the very lungs of Madeo, as Enui took a deep breath, plunging his face into the bleeding mass as he extracted the massive amount of water that had entered the breathing system of the young Cat King, as well as removing the blood and guts that were getting in the way.

As Enui reemerged, his entire face was soaked with blood as he ripped one of his teeth from his mouth, his nail tracing along it as it turned the tooth into nothing more then a line of enamel thread, as his body began emanating a blue aura. His body faster then was physically possible for any human, stitching up Madeo as fast as he possibly could, as Enui fell back at last, his entire face bloody from Madeo's blood and his own from his lost tooth.

The sailors who had refused looked at Enui scared as s#it as he looked back at them, laughing darkly at the situation. The sailors ran, going about their own work once again as they realized that there was nothing they could do to stop this deranged maniac. The deranged maniac in question looked towards Madeo again, picking up the Cat King and holding him with a worried expression on his face, seeing the Cat King hack up the last of the water in his system and breathe again, alive once more.

When he woke up, he was curled up on top of Enui, using his territory as his mattress. He streched out, wincing as he felt a massive amount of pain down his entire chest as he dug his claws into Enui's body with his claws, causing the werewolf to yip and wake up. He rapidly explained to Madeo what had happened, how he had saved him and what he had done to make sure he lived.

Madeo was more then happy with his efforts, but refused to allow Enui to move for the rest of the journey, sleeping in a ball on top of his companion for the remainder of it and getting to know the one who had now both returned his debt, but given more thenw as required.

South America ,the Wild and the Free
When Enui and Madeo arrived to their location at last, they were good and ready to reach solid land again. Even Enui had been getting sick of the never ending regularity of the ocean, and the ocean, and the ocean… and did he mention the MOTHERF#CKING OCEAN? Yeah, every day, he would look, and it would still be there.

When at last they saw land, the two didn't care WHERE the hell they were. They only knew that it was land, and wanted to get off then and there. Madeo quickly took his perch atop Enui's head, laying there and purring as the latter rowed a boat over to the land mass, and at last they arrived. However, they soon realized that this was in fact not North America… but South America.

However, at this point they didn't especially care WHICH America they were within. They just wanted to be able to get OFF THE D@MN BOAT. When their legs hit solid ground again, Enui was relieved, but Madeo was freaking over joyed, leaping off of his territory's shoulders as his body began to change for the first time in MONTHS, hurting like hell as his body formed back into his human form, looking straight at all the land before them as he began to transform, indicating for Enui to do the same.

He entered his Berserker Form, an immense amount of pain driving him to sanity as opposed to his unbalancedness as the two entered within the jungle, quickly claiming it for themselves. They rapidly began t oconsume everything in the premises, wiping the entire place out as they sated their hunger at last. They had not been able to consume the sailors on the ship, but luckily the werebeasts could last long enough to return to land.

However, as soon as they arrived they became wild animals, channeling their natural internal spirits and destroying everything around them, even as Madeo began to realize a curious sensation. Whenever he rubbed his face on something, Enui slightly twitched, and Madeo soon found out why. His territory could SMELL Madeo so fiercely on whatever he touched with his face that the smell permeated out from around it, like a massive spiritual energy signature.

At which point Madeo tackled him, purring as Enui practically flipped out, as the Werecat King began to realize that he could see… something new about his companion. He correctly thought it was a ribbon of some kind standing in front of them and Madeo didn't know what to do about it so he simply kept on keeping on and rubbing his face all ove rhis companion.

Gradually, Madeo began to fully realize what he had done as he realized that Enui was now coming with all these new features, like having the ability to talk with his fried at any time whatsoever. The two watched each other exactly in combat, making sure that the other remained safe at all times. The two of them had a bond the likes of which Madeo had never before known.

Despite being cat and wolf, despite everything else, they were able to hunt together effortlessly, sharing the kills and becoming consumed with the nature around them. In the years that they spent in this place, both of them began to develop their natural instincts more and more, Madeo gaining the true personality of a Cat King, although a soft one, thanks to Enui.

However, one evening, they found something the likes of which he had never seen before; dead animals slain by something other then by either of them. They began inspecting the dead prey's corpse, finding it was riddled with some kind of foul-smelling substance. Much later, when Madeo arrived back in his territory again and having metitated on it, he realized that it was gunpowder.

It was a cruel substance, the likes of which only existed for destruction. While greatly concerned by this, Enui and Madeo quickly found that there was nothing else in their area like this, and after a few weeks went exactly back to how they had been before. However, they no longer had the exact peace and quiet any longer. Madeo was beginning to get restless.

He had gotten to the point in his life where he wanted to continue his legacy. He couldn't help it; it was within his genes and Enui felt similar. Both were male werebeasts in the middle of nowhere central, Werebeast united. However, that is what they thought. Madeo decided to expand his territory one day, searching for better game then what he and Enui regularly ate and looking all about the area near them, searching for the possibility of something living nearby.

Eventually, they found it. It was a werebeast, alright. A WereFox, no less. A werefox whose very majesty stunned the Cat King and his territory, making them both freeze when they first saw her flit about. As he had gotten far too used to by now, Madeo merely made his way over to her, in all of his alpha-male acting, stepping forwards in his King of Felines form, Enui slinking along behind him as usual.

He quickly introduced himself to her, Enui watching behind them. She looked with interest at the cat king, although the interest quickly fleeted her, as she began to flit away. However, Madeo was not going to allow her to get away from him that easily, and quickly pursued, tackling her to the ground. He managed to get her attention and impressed her with his strength, and the two began a relationship.

Initially, there were no problems with the arrangement between the three. However, eventually Enui began to realize that his friend was being completely taken in with the werefox, to the point where he barely got to see him any more. His master was being slowly taken from him, and something made him feel odd about that. He couldn't place his hand exactly on it, but it felt almost… like he was angry that his master wasn't seeing him as his territory much anymore, taken in completely by the werefox.

So one day, Enui got in a fight with him over it. He attacked Madeo, causing a great amount of suffering and gnashing of teeth to both werebeasts. However, the entire time, Enui was crying. Madeo, whose mind had been so far gone from the administrations of the fox, began to be shattered open once gain as he realized that he was in combat with his territory, his original territory, the territory that had been with him ever since he had left his own countrymen.

Madeo suffered much more damage then he would have normally, due to the weakness implanted in him by the fox, but Enui could not finish off his master, running away instead. However, before he could leave, Madeo grabbed onto his territory's foot one final time, looking up to him in the eyes as his territory ran awy from him, Enui's tears still running down his face, the last thing that burned into Madeo's mind as he lost consciousness, drifting farther and father into a sea of black…

He awoke to something strange; it was the sound of something being eaten. He looked around the den he and his territory had made, blinking as he realized the Werefox was taking their hunt. However ,he did not challenge her; he had no desire to. Instead, he simply began to ran. He ran, and he ran, and he ran. He had had enough of her tricks, of her mind games; his heart was in shatters as a result, but he knew in his mind that his friendship with Enui meant way more then him then the primal urges of his gut.

So it was that he quickly caught up to Enui, fainting of his injuries once again as he fell down in front of his best friend, the wolf suddenly stopping as he heard a noise, his feet turning from the massive pit of dead trees below, where he had been about to end himself; after all, his master no longer had a use for his territory, and he never wanted to belong to anyone else ever again, thus on his loyalty and pride as a werewolf he was about to end things by his own hand; the hand that had turned against its master.

However, he was suddenly stopped, having heard the sound. He turned around, seeing Madeo on the ground as he rushed over, realizing that his one-eyed master was in grave straits. He quickly chopped off his own arm, giving the blood and sustenance directly to Madeo orally, replenishing the lost blood of his master and giving him enough time to wrap bandages around his master, something the werefox had apparently never even thought about.

Afterwards, he rewrapped his own arm, restoring it as he held onto Madeo, protecting him as amother would protect her cubs, the link of protection such that between Madeo and Enui. There was merely the familial affection and desire to protect, something that made Enui the gladdest in all of existence.

When Madeo eventually awoke again ,transformed into his Prince of Purrsia state, he found that he was in somewhere that it had been far too long since he had visited. He was on top of Enui, curled up into the larger wolf, who had transformed to keep him warm. He looked with shock at the missing arm of his territory, and was doubly shocked at the blood around his own lips. He attempted to rouse his territory, who quickly arose, looking startled at the situation he found himself in.

Madeo told Enui that he forgave him and that he himself was sorry. Enui told him that there was nothing that required forgiveness for and that he had acted improperly as his territory. Madeo smiled then, curling up into Enui with genuine affection and telling the wolf that that was just the way he wanted it, and would always want it.

The two began to quickly travel once again, although they began to realize something increasingly odd. In their travels through South America, they found strange carcasses riddled with gunpowder and left to die with greater and greater regularity. Most beings would not have noticed the dead things; but both Madeo and Enui had enhanced scent tracking devices, also known as noses, and as such were able to find the prey that the hunters were leving behind when they were unable to find them.

However, when Madeo and Enui finally managed to stumble on civilization, they were equally shocked. It was the first time either o them had seen civilization in some two hundred years; so long their time returning to their instincts had taken that they went into a kind of culture shock. Suddenly, the towns were much different, and when they attempted to hunt a village… they were nealry repulsed. The weapons used by the humans had grown to the point where they were almost able to shoot the two down, and it took days for them to remove all the bullet shards from their bodies.

As such, they realized that they had to change the way they operated. No longer could they comfortably hunt civilized humans; they needed to go after the few remaining natives in order to acquire their food. However, they didn't really like human meat much any longer; having grown accustomed to the many animals within the world.

However, after they desolated the village, they were not prepared for the retaliation of other humans; another thing they had never before experienced. One evening when he and Enui were having dinner, they were ambushed. Massive nets covered around their entire bodies as the humans finally caught them.

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The King of Cats

Roaring, Madeo quickly went to work cutting the net, surprised at how much force he had to exert to break them. However, once the two were free.. The ensuing battle was short. The men with their guns became paralyzed with fear as Madeo turned into his Berserker state, and the massive beast cut them all into pieces in a matter of moments.

However, the two of them rapidly began to realize… that there were still more humans behind these. They were after Madeo and Enui, an entire pack of them. Madeo realized rapidly that as long as there were still humans left, they would never be able to fully escape the hunting parties, whose weapons were rapidly becoming strong enough to fight back against the Werebeasts.

Thinking on his feet, Madeo had the two of them rapidly begin heading north. They had been planning on leaving South America some time, of course, but not this soon. Madeo began to realize as the two of them ran, however, that this was exactly the kind of thing they had needed. They had been getting very lazy and disinterested with the world around them; if they hadn't been chased by these Hunters, they probably would have been there forever.

North America, The King's Defeat
While they were going north, they gradually began to realize that they were getting closer and closer to the growing powers of Mexico and the United States. However, as Madeo learned more and more in Mexico, mingling in with human society, he figured out that the place that they really wanted to go was America. That was where the two of them would have to go if they wanted to make sure they had the proper preparation to return to werecat society.

As they crossed the border, however, they ran into a small problem. While they were walking away from the state, everyone else was moving the OTHER WAY. There were many people who were illegally immigrating to Mexico, mostly in what would later become known as Texas. The two of them were able to successfully become illegal immigrants. The two of them rapidly began to become somewhat civilized, as they travelled from town to town, graining more and more intelligence as to how the new human society worked.

Madeo desired to visit every single one of the currently existing states, so the first place they went was Georgia. While there, Madeo found a people that both were bad enough with guns and had enough of them that the two of them could properly hunt without any danger to themselves. As the two of them continued their adventures throughout the states, they finally reached the place known as California. Getting to California was a very pleasant trip for the two of them, as they could fully appreciate the America's natural beauty. They also got a taste of the bit exotic Native American's meat, something that both of them found quite satisfying.

When at last they arrived, Madeo himself began feeling strange. He could not figure out exactly what the problem was; but it permeated through his entire being. Something was wrong. Something was very, very wrong. However, it was not he, but Enui who eventually figured out the problem.

Once again, they were on the coastal side of a country. The water was easy to see from the two men's perspectives, even as one of them was sitting on the skull of the other. He was a very small boy in size, and the man who was carrying him did not seem bothered in the least by the addition on his skull. As they began to turn away from the sight on the water, a port nearby, themselves in a giant field, the man suddenly stopped dead.

Madeo could feel the fear of his territory suddenly begin to permeate from his being, and rapidly turned it off, mentally calming down Enui. He asked his territory what the matter was, the noonday sun shining over their heads as Enui looked up to him in reply. Enui told him what he could smell… and how he could smell the presence of the Werewolf King, a compulsion that was driving him rapidly to rejoin his king, to work in his service, to be loyal to the-

Madeo's mind intercepted these thoughts, and he rapidly turned them off right the f#ck now. Enui snapped back to his senses, his realization as Madeo's territory bringing him back to his senses once more as the former began to gulp, his tail moving erratically as he saw the figure rapidly approaching. It began getting closer and closer, and Madeo realized that the thing moving towards them wasn't going to simply stop.

Enui rpaidly dodged, his body becoming filled with the Movement technique that Madeo had developed during their time in South America. It was originally designed to aid in hunting, but it had practical applications as well. The massive amounts of power flowing around Enui's body was a credit to the time that he had spent with Madeo, but that wasn't enough as Gawain rapidly appeared in front of the pair of werebeasts.

His claws moved fast, piercing straight through Enui's side. The wolf's entire body went rigid, even as he threw his head back as physically hard as he possibly could. Madeo went flying from his skull, spinning around as he landed, growling as he watched Enui beginning to go down.

His body shot forwards, reappearing at Gawain's side as he ripped at the large wolf's side, before suddenly flipping around in the air, spitting into his eyes before landing on all fours, darting forwards as he grabbed onto Enui, throwing him onto his back as he continued to growl, now roaring practically as he went flying down the large crevice before them.

He landed firmly on the bottom, laying down Enui simply. He told him to stay there, and Enui had no way to contradict him. Madeo looked up again, his feet carrying him as he was shot upwards, reappearing in front of Gawain with narrowed eyes. As he landed, he rapidly began their battle, his forms beginning to change once again.

Their battle was long and ardorous. Madeo's body sustained quite heavy damage; if not for his speed he easily would have died. However, as a result of his forms and his skill and using them he was able to keep up and move faster then Gawain, often scoring small hits. However, Gawain was still able to occasionally catch him with backlash, and the backlash hurt like hell.

Enui could merely lay on the bottom of the crevice, attempting to restore his wounds as his one remaining arm applied his own saliva to the wounds he had received. Meanwhile, he could still hear his master's battle roaring and raging above him. His eyes were constantly looking upwards, occasionally widening when he saw bits and pieces of the two combatants being sent flying.

Meanwhile, Madeo's battle continued. An entire day had passed since the battle had began; the two of them were going all out, after all, and their exchanges often would go on for up to an hour before one of them would break contact again. The demand of such a fight was so physically and mentally demanding that he could not believe the two of them were so very strong by this point; the amount of skill and endurance each maintained was mind blowing.

However, as the second day began to rise again, Madeo realized something. The hits that he was making to Gawain simply were not enough. No matter which form he tried, no matter what kind of blow he tried ot make, he wasn't able to finish it and was repeatedly repulsed. In contrast, Gawain's attacks were consistently damaging to him, as the sheer amount of force they produced nearly blew the Cat King away each time he felt one of them. As the second day dawned, Madeo realized what he needed to do.

The Cat King's roar covered the plains;

The madness he endured covered in his pains.

His fight reached the souls of territory;

But his call would never be mandatory.

During their entire fight, Madeo had been roaring, and roaring and roaring. He was in constant defiance of the pains of which his body was going through, and for the first time in hundreds of years, his body responded. His entire form changed, sa his hair ran thick and long on his back, black in color. He felt the sharp pain of going into a new form once more, nearly blacking out and finishing the fight there from the out of habit sensation. However, as the sensation finished going through him, he was filled with a new energy.

His entire body began to change, as he felt something on his hands. Looking down, he realized that even as he transofmred into the wereform of whatever this was, his muscles didn't change. He didn't go through transformation pains, and something else began to occur. He felt a new kind of exhaustion… but somehow, his body was restoring itself.

His wounds were rapidly healing, and at last he realized why he had been doing so poorly in the fight up until this point. He blinked his left eye, ripped out so long ago, as he realized that there was an entire field of vision on that side of him now. He rapidly flew into a rampage, Gawain not expecting this attack of renewed versatility, being damaged in a single strike from Madeo as the latter appeared behind the former, a spear held firmly in his hands.

On the spot, Madeo named this form the Ebony Tipped Tiger, even as the second day began changing towards noon. Their conflict was going and going, Madeo now able to fight his foe firmly, matching him for each blow with his new form. The werewolf had been losing his fight as well, but was equally reinvigorated by Madeo's actions, the two feeding one another's fire, so to speak, as they became enveloped in their will to fight once more.

The second day of their battle continued, and continued, as at last its evening came to bare. Both of them began to feel a similar sensation as they looked up into the sky, realizing that the full moon was now upon them. Their urges got the better of them, as the Silver Wolf and the Silver Lion faced each other under the light of the moon, the true battle beginning.

Madeo and Gawain fought one another, Madeo's tools aiding him greatly in the combat and Gawain constantly replying back, both of them dealing massive amounts of damage to the other constantly. The night was long and very painful, but there was a problem. Madeo's development had not been enough up until this point; Gawain was farther ahead then he. As he began to realize this, midnight beginning to fully approach them he became distracted from a single stray thought; what had happened to Enui?

And so they say, that on this day.

His spirit to truly fight did sway.

Companion got from fight of yesterday,

And fight or flight to his final dismay.

Gawain's claws at last caught him, striking him down to the ground. Madeo rapidly tried to rouse himself, but was unable to, half of his body off the side of the cliff and only Gawain's grasp on one of his legs with the werewolf's foot keeping him from falling with his wounded body to such an untimely death. The wolf reached over, a single bolt of lightning illuminating the area as he forced open Madeo's jaw, Enui only able to watch in horror from the bottom of the pit.

Each reverbrating roar of pain and discomfort and defiance emitted from Madeo's throat as from his jaw he could feel it; his canines were being ripped out. Immense pain the likes of which he had never known shot through his entire form as they were grabbed, yanked, pulled all the way out and broken, before being thrown away. Gawain merely looked down at Madeo with a satisfied gaze, their three day contest coming to a close as Madeo's body spent the last of his energy trying to stop his final fang being pulled out, Gawain mercilessly finishing the job.

He stood up again, holding the tooth in one hand, before throwing it over the side of the hole, never once having looked away from Madeo's distorted expression of pain. The silver lion fell down, his entire body completely limp from defeat. Rain was beginning to pour down now; and Enui rapidly caught the large werecat, holding him with an immense amount of worry on his face.

He had no idea what he could do to help Madeo now; his master ahd been defeated, something the werewolf never thought possible. He rapidly gripped onto the cat's shoulders, reaching under his mane and rubbing a spot behind his head as the large cat began to relax, his body losing its tenseness as Enui dragged him, carrying him over one shoulder as he jumped firmly into the air, landing outside of the hole and onto the surface again.

He took Madeo to a nearby spring, laying his master beside it. However, as he looked over Madeo, he realized that the large cat king had lost his necklace. Moving quickly, Enui darted back to the scene of the fighting, simply amazed at the massive amounts of blood that had been lost from both contestants. As he found the necklace, however, he saw something shining on the ground beside it.

Looking upon it, he realized what had been going on above him. He held in his hands one of Madeo's large canines, and the beads in the other. He looked completely distraught as he rapidly made his way back over to his master, who was now breathing shallowly, but at least breathing. Enui inspected him while he was unconscious, respectfully placing the necklace back onto his master, looping the tooth onto it as well.

It took more then a week for Madeo to awaken. By then, his body had changed back into its Prince of Purrsia state, which Enui took perfect care of, making sure he remained fed and watered. However, Madeo's face constantly seemed a frame of torment; and Enui believed he knew what was wrong with his master. His entire body was filled with shame; his very soul was most likely sick with himself.

However, Enui kept a firm grip on his master, not allowing him to fade away. When at last Madeo regained consciousness again, there was Enui before him, sleeping. He tried to rouse Enui, first by speaking, but then remembering what had happened, and instead silently rousing his territory. His territory awoke again, and looked at him curiously. Madeo did not want to show his shame, but Enui told him that he already knew.

His entire body was filled with a massive amount of shame and disgrace for himself; but Enui kept him active. He made his master stretch himself out constantly, making sure he kept fed and alive. However, his spirit was still broken; he began to become lethargic, and no longer even wanted to hunt. However, his faithful territory would not simply allow him to fade away like this, and kept his spirit alive.

Eventually, Enui began to overhear strange tales from people in the state of California. They were stories of things happening in the east, of people with strange and mystical powers. Enui recalled the large black attacks and the piercing roars that Madeo performed, and quickly returned to his master.

At first, the Cat King was not all supportive of this movement. However, Enui persisted, not allowing him to simply let a chance like this go, so Madeo eventually reluctantly agreed. Enui had performed it this ideal for a different reason, a reason that did not occur to Madeo until he arrived to what was taking them all to Japan. They were going to have to go on a boat, over the water.

Enui had been working to make sure his master's eyes would be opened again, making his mind focus on something other then his defeat. The only other thing that the wolf could think of was his master's dislike of water, and their fateful first voyage. Madeo clung tightly onto Enui, some strange feelings overcoming him. However ,Enui noticed it even if Madeo did not; his master had become slightly alive again, his spirit had shown a flash of light where before there had only been darkness.

The two of them arrived on the ship, which soon left port. Madeo was curious, to be sure, of what they were going to do; but Enui had to tell him honestly. Enui had joined as a hired hand to be able to go on this voyage, and as such Madeo would not be able to constantly stay attached to him. This frightened the young man at first; he hadn't been expecting that he would have to make it through this voyage without Enui.

So it was that the wolf acted as one of the ships hired hands. However, he was working as a whaler; as such, the boat began heading north at a rapid rate, going further and further north. Madeo managed to last while staying on Enui, as he was not called to work often while they were travelling. When they arrived up north, he realized that without Enui, he didn't feel the same alone as he had long ago. He had come to depend on the wolf, on such a scale that even he wasn't comfortable to admit.

While Enui was busy doing that, Madeo began to slowly come out of his shell. Every day he would come farther out o fhs cabin, before suddenly shooting back into it. The captain at first thought that they had a rat, but instead only found a child with a cowl over his head. He talked with Madeo and learned of Madeo's dislike of water. Madeo liked the captain, who was a decent man trying to make a decent living. The captain asked him if he would like to learn how to swim, and Madeo at first said no.

Every day after that, the captain would continue to ask him if he would like to leanr. Each and every time, he replied unfavorably. However, he did manage to get all the way out on the deck, constantly overlooking the ocean. He began to become curious, captive of its magnificence natural beauty. So, at last, he told the captain yes.

The two partners in crime went down in a little boat, using it as a kind of board. The captain got into the water, and gestured for Madeo to join him. The cat person seemed scared, as he had the entire time he had been around water, slowly putting a foot into it. However, as he did so, the water suddenly slurped him up. The captain managed to keep a grip on him, preventing him from sinking away so far that he couldn't be saved; however, the sheer amount of weight Madeo had shocked the man. He had to use his full strenth to keep the thing above water and even he was having trouble breathing.

Madeo, on the other hand, was having what could be described as an extended freak-out. He didn’t know what to do underneath the water; the man told him him to kick his feet, so he kept trying and trying. The captain was trying to hold onto him, sure, but there was nothing that Madeo could do about it. He began to lose air, gargling up the water, before suddenly something changed.

His body grew under the water, his shape changing. The captain blinked in surprise as he was no longer trying to keep up a child, but a young man. The young man in question had hair the likes of which he had never before seen, and he wasn't half as ready for the second shift as the first one. Madeo changed rapidly again, as sleek brown fur began to cover his body, before his hair changed to silver, and suddenly slipped out of the captain's hands.

The captain was shocked; he hadn't expected to lose the child. He got back up into the boat, looking around worriedly for where the kid had went, before suddenly something shot up in front of his face. It shot high up into the air, spinning around and around as he enjoyed the sensation of the water and air against his fur at the same time, marveling in it. For the first time since his fight against Gawain, the Cat King felt truly alive. He found it somewhat ironic; the only thing that he disliked more then Gawain was water, and yet one had managed to liberate his sorrows while the other plunged him into them.

However, for now, he was enjoying swimming. The captain looked on in awe, sure that some kind of miracle had just happened before him. The cat-human fell down to earth, plunging into the water firmly as his body shot through it, opening his eyes wide to see a different kind of world beneath him, a world the likes of which he had never seen before. And fish… oh god, he saw so much fish. He would not eat for days as much as he ate that evening, striking them down with a trident formed from his claws.

After his stomach was firm with the sensation of food inside of it, Madeo shot out of the water again, landing back onto the captain's ship. He shook the water out of his fur, smiling as his silver hair turned to pink, his fur dissipating as he was left totally normal once again. He thanked the oold man, thanked him repeatedly. The old man, himself a Mehodist, looked at Madeo with wonder in his eyes, asking if he was an angel. Madeo replied that he was something like that, but only for cats; a concept which perpelexed and yet was understandable by the man.

When Enui finally returned, the greeting that Madeo gave him was enormous. He tackled his territory and refused to get of fof him for an entire day. The captain began to realize from the looks of the food Enui ate that he was not quite human, either. Madeo asked him to take them all three out on the boat one evening, which the captain was glad to hear. Enui, on the other hand, was totally shocked, having never before thought that his master would never have ASKED for a boat.

However, when the two of them got into the water, his realization changed as he realized that Madeo had changed, able to completely work underwater now. He didn't ask his master what all he had gone through; as there was no real need. The two o fthem shot through the water, as Madeo finally came up with a name for this form. From this point on, he would refer to it as Catfish.

However, they quickly found a problem; the ship was going to have to stop for a few days to refuel in the Artic Circle.

Artic Special: Incident at Pieta

When they arrived, Madeo asked to be able to go and stretch out his legs some. The captain found no disagreement with this, so Madeo went out totally on his own, as Enui had to stay to help with refueling. He swore to maintain mental link with his territory, and to teleport back to him if he needed to.

He explored the icing part of the Artic Circle, searching for something, anything. Eventually, he found something. It was a town, which had been completely overrun. He could see the blood splattered on the snow of the place, looking down on it from a faraway cliff. He was shocked; he'd never seen such massive, pointless destruction before. He soon leaped down, his body falling down farther and farther, his normal human form landing swiftly onto the ground as he shot forwards, shooting faster and faster towards the town.

It was time for him to test himself; to see if he would be weak forever or if he was still the Cat King. These were an organization of powered humans, relatively weak powered humans, but powered nonetheless. It took him next to no time at all to eliminate the first of their captains, slicing her cleanly open with both arms. The second one he appeared in front of was able to block his claws, before he sliced her open as well, completely ripping her open with one hand.

They attempted to slow him down and stop him, but nevertheless he rapidly appeared in front of the third leader, his claw poking into her forehead as it suddenly shot down, completely bifurcating her. The two halves of her fell down, as he reappeared on one final place, as a woman with a large sword began shooting towards him, her sword moving like it was some kind of drill. He rapidly sidestepped this attac, before his hand swung forwards, slamming into the woman's side as he greatly damaged her, before throwing her away from himself.

There were four of them left now; all the other ones were dead. He looked at them, before his head suddenly was thrown back, his entire body beginning to change as rapid waves of his energy flowed from his body in every direction, releasing his Berserker form as one of the warriors shot towards him, seeming enraged by the loss of his comrade. He was shocked; he hadn't expected anyone that would honestly attack him after he had damaged this group as he had done.

He batted the nuisance away, suddenly shooting towards the only remaining captain. However, this captain had some skill; she stopped Madeo in his very fast tracks, making him pause as he debated what to do in this situation, lashing out at his opponent with his full speed and power and attempting to highly damage her with his claws, until two of the others shot at him. He batted them away rapidly, before firing his Killer Claws at both of them. He managed to knock one off guard, but the other, the one who had attacked him before, suddenly blocked his claws.

He narrowed his eyes at this; as he hadn't expected anyone of the warriors gathered to have been able to do that. He shot towards his target, slicing at her repeatedly as he she parried each one of his blows, the two of them sailing through the air in the cold wintery air as he continued his rampaging slashes, moving at an immensely fast pace. He was highly impressed that she was able to escape from him so well, but he suddenly appeared bheind her, and caught her unawares.

His blow sent her sailing onto the ground, one that hse blocked. However, he appeared above her, slamming down with an immense amount of gravity as her entire body vanished, reappearing in the middle of the town. However, his claws suddenly splattered a massive amount of blood, as the warrior fell to the ground in the middle of the town. He quickly appeared before her once more, preparing to finish this trivial game, before without warning two of the other three remaining attacked him.

He moved rapidly, appearing behind the one who had surprised him before, Killer Claws shooting out at her. However, she dodged it seemingly effortlessly, the claws continuing to shot forwards and slamming into her ally, running her cleanly through. He wasn't sure if he killed her, but he hadn't really been focusing on that. However, the woman flew at him again, slammin ginto him with a ferocity he had not been expecting ,knocking him back.

He looked over his back, seeing the only captain still alive appearing behind him. However, he slowly let out a deep breath, as he could feel his claws adapting. Without warning they grew, shooting out in all direction snad slamming into the woman behind him from all sides, piercing her body tent times with his massive claws as his attacks caused massive amounts of her blood to be spilt, as the claws shot from around her, slamming into the other two remaining warriors.

He swiftly retracted his claws, and the sensation fo the claws shooting backwards through her could not have given the woman a pleasant feeling. He slowly arose ,turning around to face her once more, looking at her with a fairly simple look in his eyes.

"I will detach your head, and end all of this."

He declared, one of his arms reaching back. However, as he did so, something suddenly happened. As the woman fell down to the ground from exhaustion or loss of blood, Madeo wasn't sure, but he did know the sensation of his arm being completely slashed off. He blinked, looking down at his hand as the person who had performed the deed appeared, the same woman again.

She shot towards him again ,even as he vanished. He hadn't been expecting someone to have this much spiritual power, especially not in the location they were in. He shot his claws at her, but her hands moved so fast that he could feel parts of his claws being slashed clean off. He had never seen such speed before; not even Gawain could match this woman. He leaned his head back, before roaring out loud.

As he did so ,his massive amount of power radiated through the sky, as he looked firmly at the woman once again. He noticed now that she did not blink; her gaze was totally calm. He shoved her with a foot into a nearby building, appearig behind her and slamming him with his one arm as he slammed her into yet another building. Her speed was insane as she replied back, Madeo barely keeping up as she kept charging at him, consistently deflecting her blows and throwing them away, before without warning he was slammed in the side by the other woman.

His body shot rapidly, slamming her away as the first appered in front of him once again. Her sword shot into the ground as hard as she could make it go, as a huge wave of power was sent through the ground; something he very rapidly dodged. His speeds became so sharp that their conflict resulted in the very structures around them being slashed into nothingness, completely destroyed by their attacks.

He looked over, seeing his arm once again as the lady with the extending arms tried to finish his arm off. However, he moved too fast, slamming into her as he grabbed his arm, placing the limb on the stump that was his forearm as it resolidified, flexing it as he vanished, reappearing behind the lady once again as he sent her spiraling away. However, when she reappeared again, she had not one ,but two blades.

He attacked her outright ,the twos blows becoming faster and faster in their speeds. Madeo stopped being able to follow his own attacks; moving purely by instinct. He knew that if he had not gotten his arm back, he surely lost this conflict, and based on the expression of the woman's face who was in fornt of him, she most certainly would have killed him if he had allowed her to.

However, as things were, he merely repelled her, sending the woman flying and flying as she was thrown hundreds of feet back, slamming harder then he ever thought possible into a nearby wall ,completely destroying it as she shot through the building, demolisihing it as her body continued to fly; Madeo knew that she was exhausted. HE knew that he, too, wasn't going to be able to do anything more; this was the end game, to be sure.

He looked around at the warriors he had felled, all twenty of them destroyed either in the massive attacks he made killing the captains, or the ones who had fallen in his conflict with the main leader, the one who he had impaled over ten times simultaneously. However, he was done here, and he memorized the scent of the one he had fought so fiercely, and only later would find out that that that scent belonged to not a human… but a demon.

Making haste ,he returned to the refueling station ,where Enui and the captai were waiting .He reappeared to them in his silver form, and by now the captain had long gotten used to his being able to shift forms. He blinked at them, as Enui noticed the obvious exhaustion in his master's eyes and features. However, he did not ask ,as he could tell that at long last, the fight inside of his master had returned.

China: The River of Passing

At long, long last, the ship arrived at their destination… or rather, at ITS destination. When Madeo and Enui asked the captain why they were in a Chinese port instead of a Japanese one ,the captain rapidly explained that the Japanese, while now accepting visitors, did so very, very little. As such, China was the furthest that they could go.

Madeo and Enui grudgingly accepted this, and both of them left the boat. The two of them began to make their way amongst the people, learning the language in a matter of a few months and speaking with them to find out information. They learned of a special temple in this country that could help them learn to master themselves, something about Shaolin.

So the two of them made their way to this temple. Or rather, they tried. While they were on their way to their location, a horrible, horrible accident befell the pair. While staying in a cave one evening, a sudden scent came to both of them. Of course, they both recognized it as the bane of their existence; gunpowder. However, what they hadn't been expecting was the gunpowder t ogo off… immediately, in the form of dynamite above their heads.

Enui and Madeo were quickly captured by the massive rocks ,completely covered over by them as they realized that they were not going to be able to move these. Completely caught in the mountain, it was all that Enui could do to hold firmly onto the rocks above his master and himself and hold it up. Enui had gotten much stronger then when Madeo first met him, in addition to having been a werewolf general ,so he was able to hold it.

However, as weeks of this confinement turned to months ,the pair learned that their own stomachs would kill them if these rocks did not. Enui had to make a deicision as he saw his master on the gorund, writhing in the pain from lack of nutrients, his only arm holding the boulder as he looked down to Madeo.


"W-wha… is it…?"

"...forgive me…"


Madeo screamed out at the top o fhis lungs as Enui's back broke, his joints becoming loose as he pressed up the boulders with his legs, moving in no way he should have ever been able to as his arm shot out at Madeo, a massive amount of power behind it as he pushed his Master harder then he had ever been pushed. The Cat King shot forwards, smashing through several feet of solid rock as it was completely destroyed under Enui's strength, Madeo crying out as loud as he could as he looked back, seeingthe almost… benevolent look on Enui's face as his eyes opened wide, his voice unable to shout any longer, his mouth open wide but no sound coming out of it as the boulders fell onto Enui's body, completely crushing him beneath their weight, as Madeo felt the connection in his mind completely silenced as the boulders ripped off the hairs completely covering his territory's soul ribbon, crushing and concealing it beneath them as they claimed Enui, Madeo flying out of the mountain as his weakened form began to descend.

He was falling off the side of a cliff face, that much he knew. His gaze was looking straight upwards as he continued to fall, listlessly, unable to feel a sigle thing. His body kept falling and falling, descending for minutes due to his light weight. He was in his Prince of Purrsia form, and was falling with no energy left in his body. He knew something he didn't want to admit; Enui was gone. He was gone, forever. There was no way he could get out of the mountain like that ,and would never be in any shape to find Madeo again if he was able to.

Madeo curled up into a little ball at last, his body hit onto the rock face below, merely cbouncing off and into a nearby spring. He became totally rampant, his entire form consumed by rage as at last the tears came into his eyes ,shooting out of the water in full-fledged berserker form as he shot up the mountain, appearing in a matter of moments what took him minutes to descend as he located the mining camp.

He feasted then. He feasted then like he had not in thousands of years, eating every single last bit of the human flesh there. His stability was lost as he descended, and began to truly rampage across China. So much was destroyed by his rampage that for generations after Chinese people could afford to have several children.

However, at last, he was consumed by the sadness. The rage left him, as sorrow overcame his body, as he at last remembered the wish that Enui had had. He reached the Shaolin temple, and explained to them everything about him, from tsart to finish, from gruesome defeat to glorious crowning, all the details that his life had had within it, all the centuries worth of it as he at last finished, curling up before the meditating monks.

They were quite shocked by the appearance of the Cat King, but were one of the few peoples in the world who would be able to accept someone lik ehim. They took him in, and taught him how to meditate, how to clear his mind. He accepted their training with ease, finding peace deep within himself, remembering everything about Enui and solidifying his memories of him within a specific part of his mind, where he would be able to always remember him.

After that, he asked the monks to teach him to control his energy. The monks were more then happy to assist him in this event, and during the ensuing two centuries he unlocked his form of Schrödinger's Tomcat which was at the time unnamed and repelled with the monks all enemies who would threaten the temple, causing it to never completely fall.

The years continued to go by, as Madeo trained more and more. They became like a slow crawl to him, and he became at once a myth and a resident of the Shaolin Temple. The visitors who came to see him would only find his silver haired, or occassionally his black haired, form praying and meditating, the only ones who didn't exhibit many cat traits.

However, as he was deep within his own thoughts one day late into the years of 2300, he came upon a revelation. And that revelation was that he had nothing else that he could learn from the monks or the temple. His body and mind had been completely trained, and he could progress no further in this manner. So, he began to look somewhere else. After meeting a strange individual who wanted to meet the King of Cats, he met the fiesty being Schrödinger ,who had also been looking to control his own chi.

The cat told him of all his experiences and the two shared their stories of their lives, both heavily interested in the tales of the other. Schrödinger informed him of how in the place he was from, Japan, they had many, many individuals who were like Madeo. This greatly interested the lion, who asked to be able to go to this place. Schrödinger agreed, placing hand on Madeo's arm, as Madeo changed into his powered form, the one who could release viridian colors in the form of energy.

Without warning, suddenly his body vanished, and he reappeared, completely conscious, standing in the middle of some kind of square. The boy released his arm, saluting him, before Madeo stoppped him one final time.

"Wait, could you be the messenger for the cat king?"

"Of course, that sounds good to me~. Anything else?"

"Yes, tell me, where are we?"

"We are in Karakura Central, Japan. The place where you can find the point of civilization on our desolated planet!"

And So, Madeo Lucas Arrived In Karakura In The Year 2412.

Changing Form Appearance:

Changing Form Abilities:

Massive Powerwell
In this form, Madeo's power well becomes truly frightening. His body constantly leaks the red aura completely around himself, but it increases in density. The very ground that he walks on receives hundreds of micro-filament cracks from the sheer amount of power that Madeo's form is leaking. His aura breaks apart small attacks and items that come near him, making it difficult to hit him with any kind of projectile attacks or assassin techniques, as his body automatically breaks them apart into nothingness.

Changing Form Combination
In this form, Madeo's body gains the traits of every single one of his changing forms, from the detecting scent. Speed and the special movement technique of the Leopard, to the necklace that he gains from Medical Meerkat, to the Viridian Mage prowess, to the Killer Claws of the berserker, to the spear, dagger, swords, and long blades of his other forms. His body is highly durable from the hide of the King of the Felines, and his regeneration is extremely high leveled thanks to the Ebony Tipped Tiger. His strength is comparatively massive thanks to Azul Pack Leader, and he is able to form the black spheres and weapons of Panther's Prowl, he is able to use Flash, and he is able to move extremely fast while under the water.

Nine Lives Regeneration
Thanks to the regeneration of both his Ebony Tipped Tiger and his new massive power well, he is able to regenerate his limbs and body parts at a comparatively high rate of speed. However, this massive amount of speed is only able to become so when Madeo notices and chooses it to. This means that he has to be focusing on it; he cannot regenerate passively. What does this mean? That means that if his opponent merely makes sure to always keep him on his guard, with no time to rest, then he will not be able to regenerate, causing him to become more and more injured without healing. In addition, the more damaged he is, the more his energy that he is required to use to heal scales.

Lion's Strength
In this form, Madeo's strength becomes absolutely MASSIVE. The strengths of his Berserker, Azul Pack Leader, Cutting Chains Cat, and King of the Felines combine into one, in addition to his new natural strength, his strength becomes absolutely massive. His mere touch in this stage can topple buildings over due to his nearly uncontrollable strength, and his footsteps shatter the ground from both his massive power well and his massive amount of strength. Every single bit of his body other then his skeletal structure and nerve endings is now raw muscle. Highly, highly condensed muscle. Afte rall, the Changing state has a humanoid skeleton… but looks massive from the sheer amount of muscle on his body.

Speed of the Cat
In this form, the amount of speed that Madeo is able to produce is his most prospective asset while he is in his Changing form, stronger then all of his other attributes. The speed at which he is able to move allows him to reach massive speeds in an instant, react to other attacks in an instant, as well as use his Killer Claws and other weapons at an immense rate of speed. In this state, his claws and other weapons move just as fast as he can, to the point where most supernatural sights find it difficult to keep up with him, even those with Enhanced Perception can lose track of him while he is in this form.

Agility of the Feline
In this form, he is also very agile. Thanks to the traits of Prince of Purrsia, he never loses his balance of gravity, and can maneuver his entire body in any direction that he desires, by loosening his muscles and allowing himself to move in any direction that he is needed to. In addition, his great agility combined with his perceptiveness aids him to be able to hit an opponent from nearly any angle.

Silver Eyed Lion King
IN this form, Madeo's silver eyes literally shine in the darkness. However, there is something more then that; his eyes become the fastest moving part of his body. He can instantly perceive anything happening within five feet of himself, whether through sound, taste, touch, smell, or sight. Yes, if the opponent forgets to so much as conceal their sense of taste near him, Madeo can find them. In addition, he can sense spiritual pressure up to absolutely IMMENSE speeds near him, speeds that most beings would never have a chance of seeing. These he is able to find the outline of, but not fully track. In addition, he always keeps one eye covered in an eye patch, although he can still see quite clearly through it. This is in honor of the one person he has ever had trouble with in a fight, when Madeo lost his right eye and had no desire to regenerate it. However, his body wouldn't let him DO that. Buthis form does remember the fight, and as such brings back the eyepatch to make his outward appearance reflect the experience and show that it indeed existed. Notably, even if the experience is removed from existence, or his rival removed, then he will still have the eyepatch on his face .

Hide of the Hunter
In this form, his hide becomes quite durable. It is not as powerful as his regeneration, as that would be ridiculous, but rather it is simply like a hierro. Thanks to this being Maeo's full power, it can endure quite a lot of hardship before it breaks. However, his hide gives him another ability as well. Anything that makes contact with it becomes marked with Madeo's own blood scent. Essentially, this means that he can follow them to the ends of the earth with this smell, as it is formed with his spiritual energy and he can follow it for as long as it is still within the realm of this existence. In this existence, there is only one being who currently has this scent on him; the one Madeo lost his fangs to.

Energy Manipurrlation
In this form, his energy manipulation also becomes very high. He can turn his energy into any shape he desires through Viridian mage, but also shape his energy and use it more effectively then he would be able to normally. His strength in wielding his energy is what allows him to deal so much damage through it, as he is capable of turning it into shields and other such crafts.

However, Madeo also has a unique set of claws. Specifically, two claws, which come off of his right hand on top of his hand. These claws are extra ordinarily sharp, although they have a very unique property. This property is that after they have acquired the opponent's scent, these claws glow when the user is not able to be perceived. When the user spies his prey and goes ot attack them, he appears before them instantly; literally teleporting to their location. The speed is unable to be measured, moving at an instanteous speed. However, there is something more; when he activates this his body gains more momentum then an ICBM; in other words, an absolutely massive amount of force. It ALSO adds whatever force he had when he first began moving towards his target, making him extremely, extremely forceful when he reaches the opponent, as well as going an immense amount of speed.

This is in truth a passive trait; however, it is considered to be linked to Madeo's claws because his claws are the only weapon which can operate under that much amount of force without instantly disintegrating on contact with something solid. This means that his attacks are extremely hard and extremely fast when he activates this passive ability, but also gives his slashes an extremely difficult to understand ability. His cuts become so very dense that they begin to cut through the four dimensional plane, making it so that anything he hits is cut, no matter what the object. The only problem with this ability is that cutting with this much force backlashes, meaning that whenever Madeo chooses to use this, his entire arm is completely slashed away from his shoulder, making it so that he has to recover it or regrow a new one and form his claws again.

In his right hand, Madeo carries a one of a kind hunting knife. This knife is extremely durable; not as durable as his claws, maybe, but still very much so.. However, this blade's very special ability lies in its durability. This blade is as long as Madeo's arm in Changed state, and is a giant serrated blade from end to end. The back end goes down back behind the handle, and it is extremely sharp, able to easily cut through most of Madeo's opponents. However, even more then this, it has the very unique property that it is unable to be affected by spiritual attacks. While this is quite odd, it reflects the fact that Madeo himself is still a human being, with human parts of him.

Basically, this blade is from the time of Madeo's existence before things like "Soul Reapers" or "Hollows" began to seriously inhabit the world and infect it with a large amount of spiritual energy. This blade remembers the time before such spiritual energy, and is therefore a mortal weapon, and dislikes any other spiritual presence. However, it also rejects the concept that spiritual energy exists; which means it so that anything spiritual which hits this blade is unable to affect it, and merely is deflected as if by a shield. This means that anything of spiritual nature, from reiatsu to Chaos Energy, is deflected by the blade, and therefore anything which this blade comes into contact with is unable to hit Madeo, as it is deflected. Now, this SOMEWHAT applies to zanpaktou. The blade itself, which is attached to the users soul (or other soul bound items, like Seishin Buki)are still able to hit the weapon, as they are bound by the concept of a soul, which is something known to the blade as that is its relationship with Madeo. However, things which zanpaktou produce that are no longer bound to the users soul are deflected.

This blade has the unique property in that it can only be summoned one single time per thread, and only one time per Changing. In addition, this blade can be picked up and used by others, and is also immune to Madeo's own spiritual energy. However, because of its status as a mortal weapon, it can only hit those that can be hit by mortal weapons; meaning that if a being is immune to normal beings, they would normally be able to resist this blade. However, this does not apply to those with massive amounts of spiritual energy that gather around them like a barrier. Just carrying this blade makes Madeo wear an extremely durable armband on his arm so that he does not cut himself; this is because anything that has a large spiritual field around them are cut by the blade because the blade repels the targets energy into them as a physical force, cutting their flesh.

Bola of Binding
He also gains a very special three pronged bola, a weapon which he can control with his mind to trace its path through the air. However, this bola is not like a normal one; while it can grab onto the opponent, it has another effect as well. When the bola hits onto an opponent, it instantly creates a barrier around their body. However, this barrier is not relevant to the things outside of it, only those within. This barrier is, as you could say, laggy; it doesn't move as fast as the person it is binding. This makes it so that those who have this barrier around them find it extremely difficult to move in any direction at a fast pace, as the barrier prevents them from doing so. In addition, this barrier has another effect.

This barrier does not allow for the passing of energy outside of it. The barrier is extremely strong, extraneously so, as it is extremely used to blocking energy. This makes it so that those who fire energy at the barrier to break it must fire an absolutely massive amount to do so, and the energy that is reflected by the barrier goes immediately back within it, hitting its source again. While this can actually be a boon, depending on the opponent's skill level, it is often a great hindrance, as it effectively seals the opponent. In addition, Madeo himself can wrap the bola around his waist in order to make it so that attacks that enter near him that he dodges are reflected around the shield, and then dispersing it to make the energy shoot back at the opponent. This is simply one example of a use that Madeo could use these for to help himself.

Roar of the Silver Lion King
While his normal roar is absolutely massive in power, it is nothing compared to the roar of his awakened form. While this roar may still have all the properties of the old, it has its own as well. One of these abilities is the fact that now, whenever Madeo roars ,the reishi in the very air around him begins to react, and instantly goes towards him. This effectively gives a massive boost to his energy well, and helps him become revitalized by making the power well he has refill itself, even if the increase is slight.

The other ability that his roar has is the fact that it is in itself now a massive attack. Anything around Mdeo's body becomes attacked by a massive spiritual pressure, sharpened to the point by just being within hearing range of Madeo's roar results in feeling as if massive blades are being rammed into the target's body from all sides. This phenomenon can easily be stopped by the target using their spiritual pressure to block Madeo's, but if they do not detect the Silver Eyed Lion King's roar fast enough, they could be dealt serious blows by it thanks to how it works.

The third ability that the Roar of the Silver Lion King has is the fact that it makes his regeneration happen instantly, without him having to think about it. It literally accelerates his body to the point where he will instantly regenerate a lost limb or another body part without having to think about it, effectively healing himself. This is the main attribute that makes his changed form dangerous; as long as he roars, practically, he will be able to keep fighting. Of course ,there are ways to distract him from roaring, just like there are ways to distract him from being able to regenerate.

Thrill of the Hunt
This technique is the other special movement ability which Madeo is able to use in this form. While it is similar to his instantaneous movement skill, it is also different as well. While this ability is activated, it is true that he can no longer be detected, just the same as his normal speed technique. However, this technique acts more then that. This one makes it so that he cannot be detected anywhere, but doesn't have to be moving fast, instead going into a simple invisibility. Because of this trait, he becomes able to use his claws from anywhere that he desires. However, Thrill of the Hunt is only usable once per post, and once he becomes revealed again it is sealed for two posts.

However, Thrill of the Hunt also has another trait. While stealthed, his body rapidly shows him the weak spots on his opponent, making it so that he an easily spot the opponent's weak points, the good points to hit on them. How does this work? Well, when Madeo is stealthed, his mind rapidly replays every single thing about the opponent, and puts their entire body under hyper focus, examining every single part of them to look for weaknesses. While the opponent may not be able to sense his attack, it is not always true that he is able to find his opponent's weak point. It is often the case where he simply does not have enough information, or the opponent has no weak points. However, after he finds this information, he will remember it from then on, and use it in his calculations any other time he uses Thrill of the Hunt.

Necklace of the Hunter
Around Madeo's neck, there is the beaded necklace of his Medical Meerkat form. However, something is also different about the necklace. Around it is a very large tooth, one of Madeo's actual fangs. What does this fang do? Well, quite simply, whenever blood touches this fang, Madeo's entire body receives a massive surge of energy. The energy surge covers him from head to toe, revitalizing his efforts as well as sharpening greatly the fang on the necklace as well as making it physically bigger.

When the fang reaches four times its small size, Madeo becomes able to activate its unique ability. By putting the fang in his mouth on one of the roots of where he used to have a fang, his body changes without warning. Just by inserting this single fang, his well of power easily increases by ten times, massive increasing his output as well as granting MASSIVE bonuses to every single one of his skill, making him much more difficult to deal with then before. This also shows a glimpse of the power that Madeo used to have when he had all of his fangs before the four of them were torn out. Finally, the fang breaks after two posts, meaning that Madeo can only be in this accelerated state for two. After those two posts pass, he is reduced back to normal again, and cannot enter this form again during the thread he is currently in or that changing form, whichever ends first.


General Skills
  • Durability: Advanced
  • General Speed: Advanced
  • Strength: Advanced
  • Weapon Skill: Master

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

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Do not worry nya! The Pawesome Aikuko-Nya is here to help!
This applications is minesh, nya~! So's let's get down to the ameowzing checking nya!

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Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Advanced
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Master
  • Focus: Advanced

[b][center][u]Will Skills[/u][/b][/center]
[list][*][b]Willpower/Determination:[/b] Advanced
[*][b]Mental Deduction:[/b] Adept
[*][b]Pain Endurance:[/b] Master
[*][b]Focus:[/b] Advanced

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Given that Madeo does not currently have any plots which he is involved with but is still trying to alter the world around him through the expansion of his clan. Until he is ready to truly move once more, therefore, he shall be moved to NPC.

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