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 The ARC System

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The ARC Units
:: What is an ARC Unit? ::
An ARC Unit is an Anti-Rejection Core. Each ARC Unit has access to a special type of energy, in a sense. It is reputed to be extremely dangerous, and even more so disastrous for most. It is named Carnelian Energy. The reason why it is so dangerous is because it lies on the border of Existence and Non-existence. It is the energy that is left behind when a being transfer from ''existing'' to ''not-existing.'' due to the very rare occurrences of non-existence, the Carnelian energy tends to be massive in size, since anything to become non-existant is a giant backlash on Fate, Destiny and Existence itself. So the energy is unstable, massive, and generally works in a supporting role rather then an active type. This energy is also bound to the time-space continuum, and works under multiple principles. To access the area in which the Carnelian energy lies is next to impossible, unless it happens by chance.

This said, the ARC System's goal was to harness the energy to figure out, and create a source of limitless energy. However, every ARC unit after the first has a built in system that shuts off the connection to the System itself, therefore not overloading them with Carnelian energy. The influence of Carnelian energy on a ARC Unit's Host body tends to be something like increased Energy reserves. However, due to the intense energy backlash, one tends to develop mental and emotional instability; perhaps even physical ones should the energy have been too strong for the host to handle.

:: Awakening an ARC Unit ::
An ARC unit does not simply awaken out of whim. There needs to be a logical reason; these reasons can be varied, but there are three reasons that will be present in all units. One, the host body is on the brink of death, a fellow ARC Unit has begun activation within a 75 feet radius, or they are ordered to activate from the ARC System Mother Unit, Seishi Yuudeshi. To fully awaken, the ARC Unit must chant a mantra, as it slowly releases the shackles and control switches used on the ARC Units to keep them from going berserk. ARC Unit One requires the Mantra in order to bring forth their full power as well.

The following Mantra is the full mantra to activate a ARC Unit. Each Unit has a different mantra, with the main elements being non-bolded, apart from the Carnelian Boundry Field. Everything else is customizable to the user. All parts of the Mantra will be explained in further details later on.

Target Identified.
Threat Level [b]-[/b].
Accessing Yuudeshi Network.
Method ; [b]-[/b]
ARC Unit [b]-[/b] releasing all limiters.
Awakening Process [b]-[/b].
Releasing [b]-[/b], [b]-[/b]
Entry into [b]Carnelian Boundry Field[/b].
Mission Engaged.

To Fully awaken the ARC unit, one must begin the proccess with two words that are repeatable. When the ARC Unit is about to activate, they repeat this a selected number of times - ''Taishou Ninshiki.'' this means Target Indentified, and is the start of their descent into an ARC Unit. As those initial words are spoken, the ARC Unit sends out a pulse of energy; whatever it touches, it analyzes. The rapidity of the analyzing is done at an immense speed, considering that the ARC System is connected to the Yuudeshi Network VIA Seishi Yuudeshi, whom is the Control System of the ARC System. This allows them to access, assimilate and gauge the situation. This is when the threat level tags come in.

:: Threat Level Tags.
Each threat level tag is unique to an ARC Units; however, this is stymied from ARC Units to confuse each other. In each threat level tag, there is a major component that may be found in every other ARC Unit. This is true of all ARC Units. This component is the number scale associated to each level; after that, the ARC Unit simply intones what their tag for that level is.

0 Tier - Threat Level SSS -
1 Tier - Threat Level SS -
2 Tier - Threat Level S -
3 Tier - Threat Level A -
4 Tier - Threat Level B -
5 Tier - Threat Level C -
6 Tier - Threat Level D -
Unreadable - Threat Level F -

:: Method
The ARC System is connected to many things; the Yuudeshi Network for the faster analyzing, mechanical component, and the power to control and assimilate the situations; the Boundry Line, the source of all Carnelian Energy as this is what they use to fight with; and the Root, due to being connected to the Boundry Line via a Sugiura main core. This series of connections allows for a ''Method'' per say, to come out within the ARC Unit. An easier way to say it would be a main ''character defining trait'' as it seems to be prevalent through the Unit's personality and attacks. As the ARC Unit enhances the host's potential into ways that has never been thought of, it all relates to this trait in essence. For Sugiura's, the Method is more then likely their Origin. This same thought line holds true for the non-Sugiura Hosts; in fact, it is best said that the Method is the ARC Unit's Origin. The Carnelian Energy in itself tends to bolster what already exists, and with the help of the Yuudeshi Network and the Root, it can create the Method in itself. Therefore, if a user can manipulate life draining ice, this ability can bolster it to the point of making it almost instant. It relatively depends on what the ARC system hangs onto. Some cases have developed seemingly new abilities due to the ARC system, but they were in fact just adaptations of something already in the process.

:: ARC Unit Number
Each ARC Unit has their own number tag. Relatively, the hierchy of the ARC Units is not much, as many assume that numbers denote a position. In fact, the numbers merely denote a sequence; if one were to analyze the System, they would note that these sequences were created to better access the human line of thought and therefore restrain each ARC Unit even more. These ''numbers'' are relatively meant as a seal. Each Number seals an aspect within the user. This will be clearly defined with each host, as it is much more personal per host. The Numbers are currently 1 to 10 only.

This slowly applies to Generations of ARC Units. That is their form of Hierchy; when an ARC Unit meets certain requisites, they may move on to a new generation. The most powerful Generation is Zero, due to a ARC Unit being utterly completed by then. The Generation after that one is One, Two, Three, Four and the weakest is Five. Each ARC Unit starts at the Generation Five, and then slowly builds it's way up, via unleashing their powers, connecting and working on their ARC Unit, and relating the Host to the actual System.

:: Process
This is in fact, the name of the ARC Unit in itself. This is a powerful thing, as the name also denotes a unique capability that the ARC Unit can create. Sometimes the words are taken literally, but sometimes they are not. These names are extremely hard to assimilate, so as such, there's only Ten Names that have been made thus far, the tenth a pure and total accident.

Project One ; Aza ''Ash'' - TAKEN [Ketheldrein] [First Generation]
Project Two ; Bercna ''Birch''
Project Three ; Geuua ''Gift'' - TAKEN [Shisome] [Fifth Generation]
Project Four ; Daaz ''Day''
Project Five ; Eyz ''Yew''
Project Six ; Quetra ''Millstone''
Project Seven ; Ezec ''Nothing'' - TAKeN [Angelique] [Second Generation]
Project Eight ; Haal ''Hail'' - TAKEN [Sensaiki] [Third Generation]
Project Nine ; Tyth ''Thorn'' - TAKEN [Firvanna] [Second Generation]
Project Ten ; Iiz ''Ice'' - TAKEN [Kakeru] [Fifth Generation]

:: Release
Each ARC unit has a special weapon that belongs to just them. ARC Units cannot repeat these weapons amongst each other; but it may be repeated from amongst others. An example is ARC Unit one; that Unit holds Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven. The release is the weapon's original name, followed by it's title, as such, the weapon in itself is always clearly defined. The weapon is one of the main attributes of the ARC Unit, and is used as such, and often has an important role in the user's abilities.

List of Taken Releases::
-- Ame-no-Murakumo-no-Tsurugi, the Sword of the Gathering Clouds of Heaven.
-- Yasakani no Magatama, The Eight Shaku Curved Jewel
-- Yata no Kagami, The Eight Hand Mirror

:: Carnelian Energy
As mentioned several times, Carnelian energy is the core center of these systems. As such, they have minor access to it for the most part. Each ARC Unit can create a Carnelian Boundry Field; think of it as a field of total utility. The distance changes with the power of the user, but this field contains, and allows the unit to user their abilities, considering most of the Units use displacement or distance attacks. As such, this field generates Carnelian energy for the Units to use, as they are equiped to absorb and deal with this sort of energy. As a side note, this energy is not absorbable naturally, as it will rampage and destroy all other energy within the body, hence the ARC Unit's total exclusion of any abilities their host has initially. In a sense, the ARC Unit is a totally closed form, disconnected from the actual host in terms of ability and powers. (as such, Kakeru cannot use his Power of Order in it's true method in this form, and it is instead remade in a different aspect for the ARC Unit uniquely. Same with other such abilities, if they are transferred over to an ARC Unit.) The only way for anyone but an ARC Unit to gain access to Carnelian energy is to be born in it (which would make the user a pure monster, considering that there is no life and yet no death there), accidentally wander into the Boundry (which would mutate the host into a mindless being of death and destruction, and erode their entire being), or adapting the ARC Unit system to one's self. (which would connect the user to the ARC System Mother, and as such transform them into a full ARC Unit upon that connection.).

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The ARC System
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