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Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.

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Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
Welcome to Bleach Platinum Hearts RP! This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2122, over 100 years away from the Original Bleach's timeline. It has elements of both canon and custom for a unique mixture of role playing never seen before on Bleach. To get started, please sign up and read our starter guide:

And again, welcome to our Bleach RP.
Bleach Platinum Hearts RP
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World War Three. Many question what this period was really like, but in a sense, it was something which was bound to occur. Following the events in which the calamity against the Demon Overlord, Ender, created in his final battle against all factions of Earth in the year 2009, the supernatural world was unveiled to most across the planet and beyond. This meant that for the first time in history, there was a mass awakening of sorts. Small-scaled examples of this occurred even in the likes of the former Karakura Town proceeding the aftermath of The Final Battle with Aizen in the year 2007. Acting as a massive amplifier of sorts, Karakura Town may have been the core root of the issue. As, with the next two years after that massive clash of powers that occurred because of the Winter War, most within the echelons of the Gotei 13 assumed the reishi that generated from a devastating pair of beings may have produced a ripple effect. In fact, all the events that occurred in Karakura Town up until that point may have very well been the catalyst to events further than anyone could ever proceed.

Therefore, it was surmised that when a being reaches the strength of these monsters, they very well have the potential to change the world around them from their energy. It was shown with the power embed with the Hogyoku, it had been showcased in the progression of Ichigo Kurosaki's growth and most all, within the core of Karakura Town, the biggest evidence of all: The Oken. Being a hot-spot for supernatural activity for many years, Karakura Town had been ground zero for everything to occur in the future. This lead most to come to the conclusion that those who reach the strength of "S Class Beings", a term that would later be used for the Ziamichi Race by the likes of researchers across the globe, their energy yields the potential to warp the world. It may influence other factions following them to become stronger; as showcased with the Demon Race, The Quincy Race in regards to their supposed creator and even Shinigami to an extent; as they were some of the earliest beings to use the power their reiatsu wielded to warp the world.

This gave further evidence to the spiritual communities throughout the known realms that the stronger a person becomes, the more intense their effects in this world becomes. It was then stated, at that point onward, this phenomenon was called the "Spiritual Ripple Effect"; or SRE. This meant that when that Global-Scaled battle occurred, all of these creatures suddenly reaching a strength level on par with the likes of Aizen and Ichigo during their final brawl had caused a large SNAP in the balance of the world with their SRE Fields influencing the entire planet. Upon his defeat at his fullest power, the borders that separated the Living Realm from the Spiritual had been collapsed. As such, human's became...aware. Many grew new supernatural powers at a steady rate, reports of "otherworldly" creatures were skyrocketing across the globe and the Gotei 13, at this point, were forced to disclose their existence and change the course of Earth for this period in history. The heroes of the world emerged to face a new dawn and new threats, new phenomena and sudden turns would await those who protected the balance in this new era.

The unveiling of many new sub-races across Earth, many new factions growing for these races and the disputes that occurred throughout Earth took many years to qwell. These tensions had been further snapped by the actions which took place during the brief battle against The Soul King which was held by the likes of The Kokuryuteshi before they went into hiding for the next 400 years following the aftermath of their leaders defeat. (Click here for more information about this event) Yet despite all of this adversity, the world had figured out a way over the years to keep turning as it did prior to the birth of the new supernatural foe. Laws were set forth for these beings, new countermeasures to level the playing field were formed, diplomats had been put in place to ease tensions against the races and all had come to an understanding for awhile.


Yet, as most from this period would tell you, there was an ominous feeling of build-up that the world was seized under for the next century and half until the events of 2150 took place. There may have been many types of supernatural advancements, technological evolution and the hyper conscious of those in the Living Realm awakening to their place; but with a powerful world such as this, it was clear something ominous would one day set disaster to those in sustainable life with so many beings reaching new heights of strength not yet seen. And with this consensus reached in the minds and hearts of all those across Earth, by their will, it did. On a misty morning sometime in January 2150, the fate of the world would be twisted yet again.

It first started as an explosion within the depths of Africa; a place most people wouldn't expect an invasion of this magnitude to begin. There we reports of an increase of hollow and demonic activity worldwide; but most didn't think much of this as there was no figure-head from the Demon's, no one person leading the Espada and the Kokuryuteshi were rumored to have been either disbanded, in hiding or inactive. Therefore, a simple increase in Shinigami Patrol was performed and more vuglanctives were rising up to fend people from these threats. However, as it passed onto February, there was a sudden polar shift in the amount of Demon's and Hollow's being produced into the world. By the first week of February 2150, in fact, things became quite dire. As not only were those two types of beings making their way into the Living Realm in mass numbers, but so to were the species of Arrancar and this drastically changed the scale of things on Earth. It meant that the balance , somewhere, had been entirely off and war were to soon begin.

So when the second week of February 2150 had began, it was automatically assumed this was declared an act of war of these races. However, what wasn't known was WHY they were doing this. As their numbers increased, questions piled up and tension rose; the planet quickly became hell on Earth. There were mass slaughters performed and executed by these Arrancar, Demon and Hollow's working together supposedly; intense fighting occurred all throughout the globe, the destruction of nearly thirty to forty percent of Earth's cities had taken place and over five billion people will have been killed at the end of this fifty year war. (Note: The Population of Earth before the war was 15 billion) Therefore, massive casualties occurred during the duration of this half century war. Many horrific memories scared the Earth from the constant strife which plagued the lands, the first taste of a global-scale supernatural war had been forced down the mouths of those who inhabited The Living Realm and it would take many years for it to recover from a brutal event such as this.

The more important question, however, the burning question still remains: what could have produced such a culling event? The very answer may lay in the pits of Demon World. There were rumors an infamous group of Demonic Royals that had went by "The Royal Asthavon Family" may have very likely caused an uprising in Demon World. News would come later that the apparent reign of their former Queen came to an end at the ends of the current Demon Queen, Queen Mana, but it was said that her family produced a way to mass transport into the Living World. With their numbers at that time projected to be nearly ninety billion strong, it wasn't a wonder why they were so overwhelmed. Yet, it still did not get to the root of the sudden Arrancar Explosion. These were told to be a limited number species, yet their numbers had been in the millions; if not tens of millions. Albeit they were weaker, their count more then made up for that and caused immense problems for those who had to defeat them; forcing stronger ability users in the world to produce methods, techniques and powers to otherwise wipe out mass threats.


Following the collapse of the Old Karakura, it was made more than apparent that these strides in power were all but too late. There was a massive struggle in the depths of this city, but they were utterly overwhelmed with even the strongest of people defending the likes of this very essential town. While their primary objective in stealing the Soul King's Key had failed thanks in part to a complex barrier they could not bypass, the overwhelming numbers of Demon's, Arrancar's and Hollow had more than obliterated the city to nothing but a war-zone. Once all of the most powerful beings who dwelled within Karakura banded together, they all utilized their combined attributes to unleash one of the largest slayings on these beasts known to date. As, in the fall out of this battles, hundreds of millions of the enemies numbers were slain on that day by those whom stood their ground in the pits of Karakura.

Reaching a questionable peak of control, in the wake of that final battle within Karakura, the world steadily began to change. At the end of this long war, many people were forever changed in how they viewed Earth. There were space programs allowing those who no longer felt the planet was safe to leave to colonize the Moon, Mars and take flight into the skies. While those who had a passion to defend their home had started to forge stronger powers, band together in new factions to fight against those who endangered their realm and started picking up the pieces left behind in this war. The humans took to countless sky cities, they explored the depths of the ocean in underwater cities, they took to the very earth itself in underground cities and went on to increase their numbers as the opposition force did. With their technology increasing, new defense measures being put in place in many dome cities throughout Earth and a new threat in mind; it seems that somehow, the world was still turning after too long.

Though, for anyone who were to visit the wastelands or territories in which Shadow Fall, The Kokuryuteshi, The Monsuta and other nefarious orgs had conquered...the rumors of these peaceful talks would fade into nothing. The state of the world as it stands now is quite the confusing one. It's a mixture between a utopian paradise where civilization was able to rapidly progress in it's evolution where the antagonist forces were unable to touch them, while in other sections of the world it's nothing more to a dystopian landscape that seems to scar the very face of Earth itself. Fortunately, or unfortunately, some of the leaders of these villainous organizations seem to have mercy to extent. After Queen Mana had taken over London following it's destruction, she swiftly sought control Europe and went on to rebuild it, make it's economy stronger and essentially restore life to as it was before...with her followers intermixed within the general population. The same can be said when Shadow Fall had aquired the realms of America, and when the Monsuta themselves had taken control over Australia and The Kokuryuteshi morphing half of China; leading most to believe that lands that aren't claimed by strong beings that are good or bad are essentially no-man's land if you couldn't protect yourself.

Which leads the world in a questioning state as the fans of war steadily progress towards a supposed World War 4 from how the fans of tensions have gotten more tense in the past three years. Where everything will all go? No one is quite sure, but it'll be one hell of a show
Since so many people seem to not know of this war, despite it being a MAJOR part of the site since it's conception, I decided to take the liberty to make a slight backstory thread for everyone to read.

World War Three Information [IMPORTANT] WVMWLOu
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