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 [Preview Copy-Powerless Human v2] Hanako

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: [Preview Copy-Powerless Human v2] Hanako   Thu Oct 10, 2013 3:25 pm

Tech Note
>> Avoid Hitomi of DOA
>> Avoid Tifa of FFVII

Original Platinum Hearts Creation Date: 11-25-2010
New Age Platinum Hearts Creation Date:

» Name: Hanako
» Titles: Brawl House Princess (Karakura Brawl House)
» Age: 16
» Gender: Female
» Affiliation and Rank: Karakura High School: Underclass Student

» Appearance Description
---------Hanako is a fit, young woman with rumors surrounding her fighting style to be compared to a cat and a dog, a vicious combo of agility and strength. Her coffee-colored skin often looks paler in sunlight, but it becomes more noticeable when not in direct sunlight that she is from an island. The gray hair is short, yet wild as they can change color when affected by a colored light. The eyes are golden and vivid, reflecting her fierce and wily demeanor. Though shown blatantly without shame, a scar was located over the bridge of her nose that seems to be thin enough to be caused by a blade.

» Appearance Pictures


» Personality
---------Socially, Hanako is well-versed with talking to strangers without regards to their gender, though she knows well enough to either adjust her speech for age groups, but since she is the only child, she does not have the luxury of speaking to babies and little kids, thus leading to awkward moments when she would prefer to distance herself from little kids and babies as much as possible; she is not afraid of them, just does not know how to speak to them. She may come off as free-spirited as a cat and as stern as a trained dog, and there are times when she snaps a nerve in her psyche that she would resort to harsh speech or even violence. She is considerably selfish and bears an ego that was hardly trumped by any other human being or a group; she fights only for herself and will only help herself – others will have to accept that she will not go out and risk her neck for them. Whether she likes what the other person is doing or not, she will make it obvious, and according to a very few students and many delinquents, the only way to know that she hates it is when she tries to break the one she hates down without a chance to react. Since she has not been in a relationship before, it is a mystery (and a weird fantasy to a few people) on how Hanako would behave when it is something she loves to see or do.

---------Martially, Hanako is a wily fighter who is as agile as a cat and as enduring as a dog. She regularly chooses unarmed combat over other weapons, but she does have knowledge and techniques in kendo and fencing, a blend of recreational activities both involving swords. Though she prefers the Goldilocks, her gauntlets and boots, she only uses them when up against armored or a superhuman; she is content with using her bare hands and feet to fight off minor humans who are not really all that superficial to require the Goldilocks. She has a natural knack of gloating, displaying her ego even when facing a powerful adversary; it is unknown if it was actually a psychological technique of degrading the adversary’s self-evaluation or generally just get on their nerves to make mistakes in thought-distorting anger. She also has the vanity as to call out her attacks as if Goldilocks require her to give it the voice command to activate it, but it was not sure if that was the case or it is just her ego flaring.

» Likes
  1. Fashion
    ---------From any period of history, she collects fashion articles of clothing and orders them as custom-made. At her private mansion in Karakura Central, she has a floor dedicated for the mannequins solely to store her outfits in mint condition through careful maintenance by her butler. Whether it is formal, informal or exclusive, she collects them because of her wealth allowing such odd purchases. Thanks to technology, her personal D.I.T. (digital inventory transacting) device allows her to switch these outfits more freely without having to go home to change. She can wear makeup, but it is annoying to her to change her makeup because D.I.T. device does not cover the application process for them, thus she still has to go home to do so unless there is a washroom because she can summon her makeup kit through her D.I.T. device.

  2. Simple Gifts
    ---------She sees it as pointless to receive luxurious gifts when she can get them on her own, so she likes gifts that would otherwise challenge her social status of wealth. Let it be a gift card or a love letter, she considers the simple things to be great because while one could be spoiled by riches, commitment is what is more important. It also tells her that the person has money to spend for her. If it is handcrafted personally and written by the person, then she will consider it as a bonus for her. When it comes to restaurants, she will not mind fancy ones and the casual ones, though she prefers the homemade cooking since she does not have any when she was younger.

» Dislikes
  1. Selfless People
    ---------Hanako seems to have a chip on her shoulders about people proclaiming themselves to be “selfless,” which will cause her to scoff and claim that the selfish people are the true heroes. If it is someone she knows who are claiming to be such, she will berate them and even inflict pain into “that thick skull of theirs,” to remind them. To her, selflessness described to be heroic was a lie to turn actual heroes into nothing more than drones. It is not known if she has been there and chose to turn her back on society’s view of heroism. However, she will make it clear to even “the hero of the story” or a superpower “protagonist” of her dislike; which due to her actions would make her an anti-hero for some people.

  2. Love for Wealth
    ---------Despite coming from a wealthy family at Okinawa, she never respects people who are in for her wealth. For each time she was set up for a blind date by her parents, it is usually “some dweeb who is after her money.” It could explain why she enjoys simple gifts because she might have went on expensive dates with the wrong guys since she claims her parents “are too desperate to find me a mate that they always overlook their motives entirely.” While her parents think more about social status, she could care less about it for a reason she has not quoted about. To show that she actually does not like being identified as a rich girl; she gets awkward and whispers to vendors to not give her special treatments unless it is a special moment.


» Background
---------She was born in Tokyo, Japan while on her parents’ fourth honeymoon away from Okinawa, but since Okinawa is where the parents are from, she lives there for most of her early childhood. When she is five, she was enough bundle of energy that her parents do not know what to do other than to send her away from Okinawa so they can continue maintaining their multi-millionaire business of tourism, marketing and management in Okinawa. To personally raise her, her butler was sent with Hanako to Karakura Central, where they owned a mansion in Sukai Karakura. Upon reaching there, Hanako sneaks into her butler’s possessions and discovered a logbook that has her entire life scheduled for years to come; this began her rebellion, which her butler keeps an open mind about and defends her while her parents are quick to realize that their “daughter’s future is in peril.” From since then, it is just Hanako and her butler versus her parents in a personal war between individual choices and following a legacy.

---------When she was ten, she left the mansion to explore the slums at the outskirts of Karakura Central; she discovered a place called the Brawl House, where grown people and tough kids fight for fun and money. While at a young age, she earned a quick reputation for learning some martial arts from the grand champion to the point that she surprised the champion with a corkscrew dropkick to the face during her final test after a five month long combat lessons and training unbeknownst to her parents, but known to her butler. While keeping up with her education (because her brawling mentor told her that she has to stay in school or he will have to disqualify her for not going to school,) she entered multiple monthly tournaments and earned a respectable place as “Brawl House Princess,” which the two leaders of the Brawl House openly took her in as their protégé. At the age of thirteen, she went to Tokyo with her butler to meet up with a rich guy’s son as a blind date setup by her parents, and that ended in a war between a biker gang and the Brawl House after the butler told the King of the Brawl House that they were attacked by the biker gang, causing the entire membership of the Brawl House to migrate from Karakura to Tokyo to punish the biker gang. After the incident, the deal was broken with the rich guy’s son’s nose was smashed by Hanako because the son called the Brawl House “thugs” and tried to convince Hanako that she is a girl and that a girl is not meant to be fighters (despite that she saved him from a crowbar to the head during the brawl;) that incident was called by the Brawl House as, “The Bike Knocker War,” because all the bikers were forcefully knocked off their bikes during their failed “motorized blitzkrieg” by the Karakura Brawlers.

---------As life goes on, Hanako continues to frustrate her parents with failures to date the boys that they arranged and by the time she enters the Karakura High School, the butler reminds her that things will become more desperate as she gets older because of the schedule that has to be met. As she enters her first year of school, she was motivated only by being good enough in school to continue taking part of the Brawl House Tournament and Rookie Days. Though she notices her butler is hanging out with her mentor more than usual as she received messages from her parents that she has suitors waiting for her hand, but if she does not have a suitor by the time she is eighteen, then she will be dragged back to Okinawa to be married. With the rebel’s confidence gained by her experience in the Brawl House, she believes she can handle what her parents could throw at her. That confidence seems to worry both her butler and her mentor all the same for some reason that she is unable to grasp at the time as it too begins to add onto her worry.

» Human Capacities
  • (Spiritual Awareness) Spiritually Insensitive

  • (Durability) Pit Bull’s Toughness

  • (General Speed) Cat’s Grace

  • (Strength) Athletic Strength

  • (Primary Weapon Use) Expert Mixed-Martial Arts Specialist

  • (Secondary Weapon Use) Adept Swordsman

  • (Willpower/Determination) History of Heroes

  • (Mental Deduction) Ego-Driven Mind

  • (Pain Tolerance) Frequent Brawl House Semi-Finalist

  • (Focus) Their Pain, Her Gain

» Equipment and Weapons
  • (Gauntlets) Goldilocks
    ---------The official golden gauntlets of Hanako, Goldilocks was given the name for its technological capability of shattering defenses and defeating tough enemies in three strikes consistently. Offensively, it glows red and shoots fire when activated while it has three attacks that go by stages; The Golden Prod to record the hardiness of the defense with a simple jab. The Golden Lance to focus and release a lot of penetrating force capable of overcoming most barriers and if recorded by Golden Prod, the Golden Lance can overcome a grandmaster’s defense; though it could not technically harm the target directly, it can render their defense down by two rank for three rounds. The Golden Moment is the final attack which often was the finishing blow against conventional foes where it doubles the force of her normal strength into an explosive attack that pushes all objects away from the target and Hanako by ten feet with half the force given to the target. Defensively, the left gauntlet is capable of deflecting or reflecting energy or spiritual based attacks or binding while has a higher consistency of reducing physical damage greatly than with the right gauntlet; though it is a mystery even to Hanako about how it can deflect or reflect energy or spiritual based abilities.

  • (Protective Footwear) Brawling Greaves
    ---------The official greaves of the Karakura Brawlers and it was designed to lock the feet aligned with the shin and prevent sprained ankles during or before fighting, which is considered dangerous to have when the opponent has a chance of being intoxicated by the action of brawling. It was issued twenty years ago after an accident that sent a brawler to the hospital for intensive treatment because the brawler broke his shin during the fight and the other brawler did not stop until the King of the Brawl House breaks off the fight with a swift knockout on the other brawler. The boots have three layers, padding is the first layer that promotes comfort for the wearer and prevents inertia from transferring into the wearer’s shin or feet, the second layer is a solid metal shell made up of hardened steel mainly to absorb most if not all the forces inflicting against the shin, foot or ankle, and then the third layer is a leather covering made for personalization, prevention of light glares reflecting off of the steel and for public pleasantness because while it also works as a cast for broken bones, it is expected that everyone would eventually forget that they are wearing them while walking in public. Hanako personalized her boots with the toes dyed white and brass trims added at the mouth of the boots. However it is a personal choice that she prefers to wear these “uncomfortable-looking” boots.

  • D.I.T. (Digital Inventory Transitioning) Device
    ---------A direct upgrade from the primitive P.A.C.K. device, this D.E.P.T.H.-Com product allows the user to record model numbers and save them into its armband computer design. Unlike P.A.C.K. which has no accounting features, D.I.T. allows the operator to do financial transactions over the wireless network or a jacked network for purchases without having to go through legal issues revolving P.A.C.K.’s ability to copy schematics and recreate products without having to pay for them, which leads to a new form of stealing and espionage. Like P.A.C.K., it is capable of transporting physical equipment and provisions digitally through the metaphysical “Trekky’s Scotty Theory” founded in the United States. Ulterior features include recreation, which allows the device to reproduce the non-consumable product (like clothing) through a schematic database provided with the purchases with half its original cost (where a percent of the payment goes to D.E.P.T.H.-Com.) It can be bought through the D.E.P.T.H.-Com network for 2,100 yen.

  • Neo-Estoc, Sword of Okinawan Light
    ---------A long rapier with a short hand-guard and a blade strong enough to use both as a slashing and piercing weapon. The sword can create an aura that renders the spirits and outsiders (like demons and Iramasha) down to half of their original durability skill (Adept -> Beginner, Advanced -> Beginner, Master -> Adept, Grandmaster -> Adept) as along they are in its visible presence (if they are in the same room, they are affected, but if they are not in the room, they are safe.) Any infliction by the blade is gauged not by the person’s reiatsu or personality, but by pure skill with weapons as each successful infliction from it can create a bane if applied once or multiple times. With each strike, the effect of the previous is replaced except for the last three as these three are a stringed combo. To cancel the bane, one would have to accept that they will get hurt if they get it so the best they could do if they are familiar with the sword and its ability is to use something very weak and try not to get hit the third time consecutively from it.
    --Primary (Beginner): Any attack from the target will cause damage to them by half the amount they put into the attack. It lasts until the target makes an attack.

    --Secondary (Adept): Any defense from the target will cause damage to them by double the amount they are defending against on top of the intensity of their defense. Dodging is included as it lasts until the target makes a defense attempt.

    --Tertiary (Advanced): Should the target try to move, the target’s general area of 20ft in diameter (10ft in radius) will detonate, creating a cylindrical explosion that goes into the sky at the strength of a Hadō #90 or an advanced Cero. This triggers before the target could use flash-step or a movement-based technique and it can be triggered by another person by nudging the target, but teleportation is technically not a movement skill, thus it is excluded. It can expire after two turns, so if affected by the Tertiary, the ally can protect the target until it wears off.

    --Quaternary (Master): The explosion radius shrinks down and doubles the force, thus no one is affected other than the target who takes the attack as if receiving two Hadō #90’s or two advanced ceros at once. The force is strong enough to count as if a character with master strength skill.

    --Neo-Heavenly Cut (Grand-Master): At the cost of making Neo-Estoc powerless until recharged by a Quincy’s Ginto, this creates a critical disturbance in the target’s soul body and sever the target’s powers and abilities except for any core bodily transformations (not like the Shinigami’s Zanpakutō, but like the Arrancar’s Resurrección) through that disturbance. It can only work after the target is hit by the Quaternary explosion and was successfully lifted airborne; when severed of powers and abilities, the target can retain the tier, but cannot use their ability or powers and will have to develop a new set of abilities and powers unless repossessed the powers through a special ritual (like being shot near the heart by a Quincy Arrow if you are a Quincy or stabbed in a specific place by a special tool if you are a Shinigami.) When powerless, the Neo-Estoc can no longer produce the aura and cannot use its ability.


See Skill Sheet for More Information

General Skills
  • Durability:
  • General Speed:
  • Strength:
  • Weapon Skill:

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination:
  • Mental Deduction:
  • Pain Endurance:
  • Focus:


”Official Soundtrack List for: Hanako”:
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Get it together slowpoke!
This has spent a lot of time here, therefore it's moved to OLD wip! Don't worry, when you're done, you can just post Here in order to get your file checked! >W<

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Archiving from Old WIP due to member inactivity.

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[Preview Copy-Powerless Human v2] Hanako
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