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 The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Mon Mar 03, 2014 6:53 am


"I may have no parents, but they've already done more than you ever will..."
Child of Existence Neviah Clixx-Kimura


Neviah's smiled lightly at Eliah's reaction and the time it took her to realize she was above. She felt one with her environment and due to that, her body and soul aligned itself with her surroundings, allowing her to become one with what she wanted to get the best angle and all. As she stayed on the ceiling, memories of her Father teaching her began to bounce within her mind of what she was first learning the Dark Arts. The first Art that Ceon taught her was the Dark Arts, since that was the first art he specialized in and he wanted that to be passed onto Neviah. When she was brought back under his care from Unohana at the age of 8, she learned balance, and how it's the key fundamental in everything. She had to hear the sounds of land, smell of the air, and every movement with her eyes closed, relying on her surroundings to teach her the senses. Human senses were too weak when it came to the Dark Arts, thus sight, smell, touch, hear, feel, and even taste needed to be relied on the ones surroundings. Due to this, Aura of the Shamans ended up being such a simple ability for Neviah to learn from Ceon.

When she was a child, she could feel every sensation of the world around her. She would be blindfolded, standing on a log with only one foot surrounded by heavy fog. Ceon would throw obstacles at her for a long time, enforcing her to hear the movement of the rope attached to the logs. Feel the air moving around her to understand that things were coming and going. She became one with her environment, and she was given only one kunai. That Kunai was to be used for one thing, but she didn't know that one thing. Ceon wanted to test her decisions based off the environment, since you become one with it and use it to your advantage. After many dodges with being perfectly balanced on one foot, Neviah took the single Kunai and threw it in the dense fog. Everything went silent in the cold moist morning as approaching was Ceon, holding the very Kunai she threw and a smile from ear to ear. She knew the source of the problems around her came from one origin, and she made her attack on the source of the problems with one strike. If Ceon wasn't fast enough, that Kunai would have gone right through his throat, but it's a good thing Ceon is indeed the Master of Combat. He was proud that his daughter was growing and learning at such a quick rate, but Neviah was more keen to many other arts than just the Dark Arts. Neviah was to become a Master of many arts, thus adding to her power as a Monk.

Finally as Eliah noticed Neviah above her, Neviah had a smile on her face as she listened to Eliah explain her thoughts on her actions. Neviah listened, but her smile got bigger when Eliah tried to push off the ability as somewhat "Basic". This entered Neviah's mind a little confused since she showed the emotion of joy and excitement, but then tried to play off that she wasn't very impressed. Neviah just expressed a confused look as she tilted her head, looking down at Eliah from the ceiling...

"E-Eliah-chan... A-Are you tsundere?"

Neviah was of course just poking fun at Eliah, but she was seriously curious if she was due to her reactions as such. Either way, Neviah wanted to display one more thing before answering her second question upon when they start. Neviah closed her eyes once again and took in a deep inhale and exhale. She was once again becoming one with her surroundings as she began to hear the sounds of the cracking fire and the smell of the lovely candles. She could hear the sounds of movement from outside the office as others were busy at work. She could feel the steam rising from the cups of tea and broth that were brought to her just moments ago, as her surroundings were feeding her this information, and she slowly became at its mercy. Reaching into her blouse top, Neviah took the bandage that was wrapped around her breasts and upper abdomen, and loosened it a little, as this was about to be the show end for the two this afternoon.

Finally getting a good grip on the bandage from her torso, she let herself go from the ceiling. In slow motion, Neviah's body began to spin and twist, as the bandage that was wrapped around her loosened and she threw her right arm forward. The bandage came loose, and was thrown from her blouse as it lunged towards a cup on the table with broth within it, and quickly pulling her wrist back, Neviah managed to pull the broth from it's tray to her location, just before she it the ground. As Neviah landed, she landed with her left hand holding her in perfect balance, in a single hand stand. With less than a second delay, Neviah threw her left arm down, performing a small flip to correct her orientation, all while her eyes were still closed. The cup of broth being held within the bandage was the lunged into the open hand of Eliah's, while the bandage wrapped itself around her wrist, ensuring that she wouldn't lose the cup. The last move was Neviah's right foot hitting the tray on the desk, throwing the cup of tea into the air, motionless with the tray. Now standing straight up, Neviah reached her hand out, catching the tray with the tea landing perfectly balanced on the tray's center, and a smile on Neviah's face. Opening her eyes, to see that in her left hand was the tray holding the tea, and in her right was the bandage around her torso, now wrapped around Eliah's free hand holding a warm cup of chicken broth.

"The Dark Arts. Performing quick and precise strikes, using the environment as your tool... E-Eliah-chan..."

Finally dropping the bandage, Neviah walked over and took a seat on the cushion and closed her eyes to take in the rosemary tea and its wonderful scent. She took the cup to her soft lips and gently took in it's savory and gentle flavors, enjoying the warm liquid enter her body and course her very veins, heating her core. She could feel her soul thank her from the gift of the tea and warmth it provided, as she needed it to help ensure she didn't become sick. As Neviah became comfortable, she remembered Eliah's question upon when they start. Now, of course Neviah is a Vice-Captain and quite busy from time to time, but when Unohana returns from her duties, it'll help Neviah lighten her load a bit...

"W-We will begin when the fog covers the land. From there, we begin b-balancing your soul with the world it's surrounded by..."

Neviah knew Eliah was attached to the cold and ice. Due to this, it's best to begin when the world is cool, or when it is snowing, as she will gain a quicker affinity to nature that way. Either way, Neviah quietly waited for Eliah's responses from all the actions that just took place, as well as the answers that were just given to her. She was excited to see the reaction of her new friend...



Neviah Clixx-Kimura
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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: The Conscious of the 4th Division Vice-Captain... [150 years ago]   Thu Mar 13, 2014 5:07 pm