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 The First Step, Rio Grande

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The position that those around the Demon were in was, tentative at best. Reigen enjoyed that though breeding an aura of mystery or sense of treading on thin ice let him get to people a lot quicker though his general annoyance from the falling Shinigami was something that he didn't need to hide. Before when he had flung himself to deal with the other demon in the area he could sight the two women in the area causing a discrepancy. It wasn't like him to not enjoy a good fight but without some form of audience or betting the point of it seemed null. Though as he looked on it seemed that only one of the opponents took the initiative with the woman on the bike extending her fist to cause some damage to the demon in front of her. As he moved to slam the other girl's head into the ground Reigen could hear apparently that the girl in the suit had some sort of connection or at least understanding of who the other was and seemed awfully angry at the Demon in her direction for some sort of slight. As Reigen threw the energy-draining girl's head into the ground he noted the smile that the human on the bike gave as she tried to make her move away from the area only to be stuck in place now simply watching the two of them as Reigen moved slowly over to the smaller woman in the partial crater he had made.

The pitiable creature in the hole seemed to beg to the both of them there not to tell her 'family' where she was and that she was attacking humans, Reigen sniggered for a moment as she began crying after having her scurrying around for quite a few moments to different places to try and avoid the gaze of the Demon of Greed. With his ever constant smile Reigen simply looked down at her as she tried to apologize for her actions moving towards her and looming over causing a long shadow to form above her the Demon simply smiled as he began to make his comments on the other below. "Its fine for now, just remember these few things little girl. Firstly I don't know who your family is and honestly I could care very little a demon no matter what their background or pedigree is should have good graces when dealing with others.... Secondly... If I ever see you or have you commit an act like that on me or any other creature I lay eyes on... Well I won't just kill you, I mean I still will kill you but it won't be quick... I suspend you in a place without sound or light with my chain and watch as you slowly starve only to give you the faint glimmer of hope, before I rip you apart with my chain....And the best part? I could take that damage I could deal to you and do it to you at least..... Oh I don't know two or three more times... Then I'd let you die as I forced you to experience each time I ripped you apart, again and again....." Saying all of that with a smile on his face the Demon tilted his head as his smile and voice gained a bit more jovial tone to it. "Well lets hope that it won't ever come to that then~"Here he would walk away from the girl not threatening her with the information that he gave her no, that was a promise of the intricate detail he would go into to make her suffer before she died if she ever drained another creature and he heard about it...

"Enough of this now over to you miss.." Looking over to the woman on the bike Reigen noted she held out her hand to him as a sign of greeting before giving him her name he felt a bit peeved at her calling him grasshead but her manners allowed the slight to be forgiven for the moment. Arturia Leadie Pendragon, that was the name she gave as he reached in to take hold of her hand looking at her with his piercing eyes he simply smiled as he introduced himself. "Reigen Akogi, charmed I'm sure... I haven't met any Pendragon's though if they all act so amicably then that is two points for good dress sense and manners." Moving his hand away as he seemed to move in to kiss her hand he simply chuckled as he turned from the woman. "Sorry I'm not fond of kissing hands, other areas I'm well-versed but that is a different conversation entirely Miss Pendragon." Seeing the Shinigami make his leave Reigen sighed for some relief, luckily one of the more annoying points of contention had made their leave.... Seemed today was beginning to get just a little better.

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