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WIP Section:

Mira Mischevang

Arturia Letty Pendragon

Rachel Revamp

Terror Byte

Temvriel Mnerolth

Amelia Rework

Character List:
Aish, Aki, Amelia, Amy, Chrona, Elisha, Fluffy-Rose, Izanami, Jessy, Kristya, Kor-Tatha, Meru, Nyama, Rachel, Shani, Sherri, Tamari/Thomas, Tessa, Thalia, Videl

Relationship Chart
Aish -
Aki -
Amelia -
Amy -
Chrona -
Elisha -
Fluffy-Rose -
Izanami -
Jessy -
Kristya -
Kor-Tatha -
Meru -
Nyama -
Rachel -
Shani -
Sherri -
Tamari -
Tessa -
Thalia/Thomas -
Videl -

Awards and Allocates

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