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 Operation: A.T.R. (Mission)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation: A.T.R. (Mission)   Sun Jun 14, 2015 10:01 pm

"All that Remains....."

What was left of the invasions of hollows and demons on this naval island, appeared to be the remains of it's a sole military base. The lone base, riddled with both large holes and broken windows, and at the night and in the darkness of the building, light still shines from the running power source... Across the outskirts of the island, sand and tall, long grass covered the coasts. What truly was left though was the dreadful presence for the only spiritual beings on the island. Those that were members of the hollow race, though none of them seemed to be that of a menos yet. None the less, they are threats that wander openly, seeking out any prey that might come upon their claimed home. The island was at one point called "Lost Treasure.", it was quite odd though as no one could recall even the reason for the name, much less it's origin.

The odd thing in the reports about this island though is that it was one of the last islands to be lost before secure measures could be placed to keep the enemy at bay though barriers and defenses. Scattered across the island are even the components to amass a barrier to keep the hollows from coming and going, surprisingly the power source on this island is also still running as well...

This is also the call of elevation, as the power source has been something of an unknown factor, trying to investigate it from low level troops has gone downhill time and time again. So this time they have called in outside and higher up forces to deal with the threats and at least secure the island for investigations.

Across the island is an assortment of prototype devices and such that are considered lost to the island, but are they truly the "lost treasures"?

Currently, 15 4-3 tier Hollows wander outside the buildings, across the island.

Within lies, just as many from the looks of things. Unknown readings still return however, when trying to detect around the power source that lies much deeper in the lower floors of the base.

Posting Order:

1. The Frost (Shatari)
2. Shirou (Arron)
3. Zero (Unknown Forces/Hollows)

[Mission Start]

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Operation: A.T.R. (Mission)   Mon Jun 15, 2015 1:15 pm