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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Gem's Of The Heart: Unlocking Of The Faith Stone [Cirno Expansion Project] [2nd Power Upgrade]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Gem's Of The Heart: Unlocking Of The Faith Stone [Cirno Expansion Project] [2nd Power Upgrade]   Wed Dec 30, 2015 5:16 am

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Name: Cirno Iramasha
App Link: Her App


Faith Stones [Gemstone Crafting]: Most Iramasha are known to be given the ability to craft gems. These gems can come with a variety of effects ranging from enhancements, to the infusement of powers and going as far as even sealing spirits within said stones. This is their racial ability and they are known to pass their inherent traits down through these jewels as they are extensions of their energy. And, by proxy, reflections of their power.

Therefore, in the case of Cirno Iramasha, her Faith Stones pick up on the Angel's extraordinary will and emotion. These are the resources which are used to fuel the fire of her gems effects. She taps into the heart and mind of either herself, or to those whom wish to receive her crystals, in order to reach optimum potency when it comes to their supernatural prowess.

From there, she synchronizes herself with those aspirations of her self or others. Proceeding that, she memorizes them within her mind and heart. During which she gives off sharp impulses of deep internal thought to make the desire robust and to keep a highly visualized image of these hopes. For this is used to create the blueprint of the abilities which would come later in the gem's development and creation.

Then, once she is able to use her empathy to experience those emotions for her own, or internalize herself with her hearts own passions, Cirno is allotted the ability to infuse these values into her energy. As, by this medium of her soul, she can use that as a channel to materialize the powers of her gems. And, once that requirement is met, she can begin attuning herself to the will within herself, or the will within others, to make her faith stones.

However, there is one final stipulation: these longings must fall in alignment with her holy energy. Cirno is an angel, and by this creed, she needs to ensure that the stones which are created from her power are not made with taint.

Therefore, each and every gem must have been produced from a pure desire. Whether it be self-less wishes, dreams of wishing to protect others or wanting to stand up for what is right; these Faith Stones must have a noble intention at the root of them. Otherwise, without that, they will either cease to function, or work at half capacity.

Now, having explained, one can begin to understand the illustartions of usages that this Faith Stone ability offers. To give an example of practical usage, if a persons inner most desire was to become stronger for the hopes of others, Cirno could perhaps tap into that ambition and use it to forge a specialized gem tailored to that person to help augment the power of their soul.

In this instance, she would use their will as a tangible source of energy that would be merged within the core of the gem. As, with Cirno's magic and supernatural capacities, she tends to often draw strength from determination and will. From there, they'd more than likely have to sacrifice quantities of mental, and sometimes, spiritual energy in order to achieve the effects of said gem.

Which, in this case, would allow the user to experience a three times boost to their overall strength, durability and volumes of energy for a short duration of time equal to three posts. And, after said activation, in this example, the user would need a two to three post cooldown before being able to utilize it once again.

So, from this model of her power, one can begin to understand a bit how her racial ability is customized and suited towards the Angel's liking. It can allot great power to both herself and those whom she wishes to bless, but it most always come from a place of genuine and pure intent. That is the prowess of Cirno's Faith Stones. This is the secret behind what makes her swords, shields, crystals and other tools of justice so potent.


Reason: The primary reason why I want this upgrade on Cirno is because it has been used to help advance the progression of other characters. This has been achieved by her current GEM-Mas mission being synced with her Hero Quest in order to grant people sacred objects which tap into their inner heroic spirit.

So the bases of this upgrade isn't meant to solely focus on Cirno, although she CERTAINLY gains from it with the tools she crafted for herself. The primary purpose behind it is to focus and keep her grounded on maintaining her intentions to be pure and right and used for others.



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Gem's Of The Heart: Unlocking Of The Faith Stone [Cirno Expansion Project] [2nd Power Upgrade]   Fri Jan 01, 2016 1:02 am

※Check O' Meter※

Skill Checklist
  • Notes: N/A

  • Comments/Notes: The upgrade was short and fairly easy to read. After taking a careful look, everything seems to be set in stone and properly balanced, so i find not much of a problem around. Otherwise, i'll approve unless other staffs find flaws or does not agree with my judgement in approving this.

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Gem's Of The Heart: Unlocking Of The Faith Stone [Cirno Expansion Project] [2nd Power Upgrade]
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