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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Candy lost... thirst quenched.

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Candy lost... thirst quenched.   Sun Feb 07, 2016 9:39 pm

Annoying completely and utterly annoying, why must people always place the best tasting stuff up higher… don’t they know it’s harder to steel that way? Saki come to the human world looking for fun.. and now was stuck. Her small body standing on the tips of its toes trying to reach a Gummy Bear… only one but it was just as tall as she was. Black in color saki just had to have it. Taking a step back out of frustration, this little girl placed her hand out before her and clinched its fingers tightly in to a fist.

It almost sounded like rain. As gum drops and other sweets scattered across the floor. For when she closed her hand she had used her magic to shatter the store shelving almost like a bomb going off. Splinters of wood and glass bursting out. Saki did not care to look around to see who all got hurt though she could smell blood. O no she was more worried about the Bear.. in her haste she had managed to braek the target of her aggression , the shelving but also managed to ruin all the yummy things. The Bear ripped to pieces and no longer aesthetically pleasing.

But hey~ it was not all bad. As all the humans ran out like scared rats they are, saki caught sight of a teen boy caught in the blast. The boy bleeding lightly from his head was not dead; she could hear his heart healty beet. There was no point in leaving empty handed right? This small bodied demon made her way over to the boy and took a knee beside him. saki lifted his hand up to her mouth and boor her fangs down braking past the skin. Letting his warm blood flow in to her, stimulating her taste buds. She did not care much for the other humans for the moment and place a small field barrier over the shop so to not be disturbed from her meal. in her mind all she could think about was how good his blood was. She deel with the others later.
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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Candy lost... thirst quenched.   Sun Feb 07, 2016 11:37 pm

Izayoi was in his first foray in to the human world. He was advised to avoid Karakura for the time being, something about a network and people recognizing him for who he was and trouble for dad and something something something, none of it mattered, the only thing he had to worry about was not going to this Karakura place. That was easy enough, there were plenty of places in the human world to explore. This one was called "Minatumi Harbor." He didn't know why humans needed to ascribe such weird names to all their cities. The Sugiurans were a lot better about this. Their cities were North, East, West, much easier to remember. What did Minatumi even mean? Is Tumi a pastry and Mina meaning small? Could he find a Minatumi here to eat? That'd be nice...if that was what a Minatumi was. It almost sounded like Minotaur...he could standing eating that too.

As the above thought process would suggest, the boy was hungry. Consequently, he found somewhere to get food. The Northern Sugiuran Kingdom was, for lack of better terminology, better than this place. Technologically his people far outstripped the humans here, it was a marvel this species produced his father. How Sagumi was one of these creatures was amazing...but maybe it just further exemplified how amazing his father truly was. If something so ridiculous could come from this species, maybe there was a hidden depth that only, well, one human could achieve. It'd make sense he supposed, exemplary people lived among the Sugiurans as well, Kamui being the foremost example, but it was just so surprising to Izayoi. That and their customs were...strange. People picked their own things? Machines didn't do it for them? Where were the Psi-Interfaces? Where was the AI? Why were humans manning the stands? This place was so weird.

The candy was worth it though, that was amazing. A soft sigh escaped young Izayoi as the sugary sensation flowed through him. This was something he would have to introduce to his people...this and nachos. Nachos needed Sugiuran introduction. The Sugiuran Prince rested against the wall and settled himself down on the floor while he enjoyed the wonderful sensation known as "chocolate." Humans had merit for this wonderful substance alone. Of course however, spatial awareness wasn't really a strength of Izayoi's. A nearby candy bin had spontaneously exploded, a piece of it hitting Izayoi in the side of the head as he was enjoying his chocolate and debris landing across his body.

Izayoi felt a small dribble down his head, was it blood? He honestly wasn't the sturdiest of people but as far as tolerance to pain was concerned, Izayoi only noticed it because a bit of his head was wet. Were spontaneous explosions normal in the human realm? Probably not, most of the people were running away, then again did humans run away a lot? Then there was one that didn't, a small girl. She was even kind of cute, maybe a little younger than him, why wasn't she running away like the others? The girl then took his hand and put it to her mouth and...bit him? It was a sharp pinch, but not too horribly painful. The first reaction Izayoi really had was confusion. He even began to voice his confusion before a small realization finally dawned on him.

"Do humans usually bite each other? Wait, are you flirting with me? Erebus is this the sex thing Kamui does?"

"No, she's attacking you.

"Oh...ok, that makes sense, this was kind of boring for how fondly Kamui speaks of it, oh well."

Without so much as a change of facial expression, Izayoi's free hand shot up and raced toward the girl's face. Given how she was pretty entangled with his hand, Izayoi doubted she'd be able to react. Just before the blow would connect, the area before the girl's cheek had the atoms in the air slowly splitting and rebounding upon itself and drastically ramping up the destructive power of the punch. Should it connect, the girl would be sent flying in to one of the barriers she erected in the area...and probably through that barrier.

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Candy lost... thirst quenched.
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