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 Ichika Yuudeshi [Approved; 3-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ichika Yuudeshi [Approved; 3-5]   Thu Aug 18, 2016 12:27 am

Coding In Template By:


Angel Iramasha Profile

I. Basic Information

» Name: Ichika Yuudeshi
» Titles: Golden Girl
» Iramasha Age: N/A
» Regular Age: 15 (Poses as 12)
» Gender: Female

» Affiliation/Rank: Depends, may end up with Cirno's band, follow her sister or just float around.

» Type: Angel Iramasha

» Physical Appearance Description: Ichika is a small girl, she would easily be considered to be a child in terms of her bodies development at the moment. She appears quite young and small in stature being a mere 4'9" in height. Her height makes her quite small and she lacks any real intimidation factor unless you're scared of really small girls. Her body is quite petite, she lacks any real breasts except for two barely visible rises on her chest. Her body is intentionally small so that the chances that people show interest in her is less. It's all about that timid and shy nature of her's.

She has blonde hair, it is a light blonde which appears almost golden to people. It is quite long although it is usually kept hidden under her little hat which hides the majority of her long golden hair. It is surprisingly soft and smooth to touch, she can often be seen brushing it and pays a lot of attention to it. It is one of her most favoured features about her appearance.

She has soft red eyes, a trait that presumably comes from the Yuudeshi side of her although it should be noted that since she did attain this form on her own then it really is by her own doing. Her eyes are a rich crimson although don't look very demonic, they are warm and welcoming to people and always giving away how she feels inside, even if she doesn't want them too.

In terms of what she wears she wears a long dress which hides her knees but stops there, she wears white underneath the red top part, her hair is covered by a hat which keeps most of it hidden away to protect it from getting ruined and to not be a burden in a fight. Her dress exposes her back so that if she needs to enter her immersion form then her wings can come out without trouble.

I. Personality Traits

» Personality:

Cheerful: Ichika is a cheerful girl, often having fun and smiling in the presence of her big sister and her family, she isn't one to get upset over things easily and likes to keep a smile on her face as she strives to make everyone better and smile as well. She is one who is fond of playing games and anything fun really. While she is quite playful, making friends with others as long as she knows them. She is always trying to smile and see the best in the situation, even in the grim and apparently hopeless situations she tries to lighten everyone up.

Childish: Despite being the Saca Dila of Chifuyu Yuudeshi Ichika is quite childish, she lacks her inversion's etiquette and mature way of speaking. She is often prone to be silly, making dumb jokes and laughing quite a lot in the presence of others. She is definitely considered the baby of the family, being the fact that she is often protected by Chifuyu sometimes it could be borderline overprotective. She often is known to play kid games, sometimes annoying to those she warms up to.

Selfless: She is a selfless person, she doesn't think twice about putting herself in harms way for others. She is quite willing to take an attack to save even a stranger, it's her nature and her desire to protect people that makes her so selfless about her own health. But of course it isn't just taking the bullet for people, she'll give up her food to help someone that needs it more and is often seen trying to help people in whatever way she can.

Shy: She is remarkably shy, she has trouble meeting new people and often gets flustered and blushes uncontrollably, compliments and flirting makes her blush a lot of sometimes she'll become uncomfortable if people flatter her too much. Her timid attitude makes it hard for her to express herself and she is constantly worrying about what will happen if she does something wrong. Let’s not even get started on romance, she is down right scared of such things and often blushes just from someone touching her hand.

Loyal: She is loyal to her friends and family, her allies can always feel assured that she will do whatever it takes to get a job done for them. She isn't one to trade secrets and respects people's privacy, it is also based a lot on the fear she has for if she fails and she is known to not take failure to someone she loves or is aligned with very well.

Innocent and Pure: She is a very innocent girl, she isn't able to kill people without hesitance and often tries to make someone unable to fight and the act of killing someone makes her tear up and often break down unless she's in a fight and she's high on adrenaline. She is afraid of anything sexual, she finds the thought fearful and being in the presence or even hearing about it makes her want to run away and hide.

I. Character History

» History Ichika is the Saca Dila of Chifuyu Yuudeshi, being considered her inverse much of her history is the same with a few minor changes. When she was born she wasn't withheld by Vanguard for her early developmental stages and instead she was able to live happily between her mother and her father but often saw them separately.

She lived a normal life, unlike Chifuyu who struggled to understand society and the normalities Ichika was overprotected which contributed to much of her shyness and timid nature, it wasn't until the Black World was reopened by Mana Asthavon in April after the events of the Moon Massacre that Ichika was introduced into the world.

She first came into contact as her actual form, her real appearance was that of looking exactly like Chifuyu Yuudeshi from the real world. Her first contact with people were Henrex Astillon, Arianda Vael and Desmond Hayden as well as her counterpart: the real Chifuyu Yuudeshi. She was first shocked by what was happening around her, being thrown into a mysterious world and a new place, it didn’t help that she had the privilege of meeting Henrex's inverse so quickly, his flirtatious nature and attitude immediately made her uncomfortable and immediately shy. She found his advances awkward and very unsettling.

She was shocked when she was exposed to her counterpart, she didn't understand exactly how they could be the same person. She was taken aback by how Chifuyu acted, she seemed and then there was the very deviant nature of her shameless counterpart, who just had sex with a demon girl not very far away! She was horrified and the woman wouldn't stop taunting her, she just kept on making her more and more uncomfortable and even went as far as to make the boy Henrex uncomfortable.

It wasn't until her favourite person she met that day, Hayden (the only mature one there) made Chifuyu stop and made her feel guilty about being so mean to her inverse. Although when they conversed it was Hayden that pointed out she might need a new name and felt strange calling her a simple inverse since it felt like she wasn't being treated like a human being. Ichika suggested her new name and took it to heart, being treated like a little sister to Chifuyu from then on.

I. Natural Abilities

» Yuudeshi Abilities (Shadin's Branch):

Semi-Immortal: Most who happen to be born into Shadin's side of the family often have some level of nigh immorality. They can be killed by traditional means, and by that we are talking about an external force or person actually attempting to destroy them. Such as if a person had attempted to pierce the heart of a Yuudeshi? If they didn't have an ability or power to deal with it, they would probably die right on the spot. But, outside of that, Yuudeshi's who are born onto Shadin's side of the family generally do not die by natural causes such as disease, age or decaying of the mind based on their extremely extended lives. Therefore, even the most powerless Yuudeshi typically has at least this trait in them as a strong gene from Shadin's blood that was passed on through his Ziamichi powers. Some have even go on to grow DE Fields from it because Oni Chiita, the host whom lived within Shadin during the time he had impregnated Midori and Uwa, had a form of semi-immortal that was an extension from his own DE Field.

Dormant Energy & Potential: A fair number of those who happen to be born on Shadin's side of the Yuudeshi Clan are often born with very mass spiritual or other wordily types of energy. This does NOT stand true for every single person born from this side, but there has been a noticeable trend that Shadin has picked up on and it's not entirely out of the picture that one would be born with such a trait. These mass energy reserves often help with developing powers at a very young age, growing into fairly high levels of powers that would leave veterans in awe. Such as, in Shadin Yuudeshi's cases, where he was able to awaken his Bankai at around the age of 17 to 18. This was unheard of during the period of time in which he unlocked it and believes that this Abeyant Energy may have had a role to play with it. Therefore, it's reasonable to assume that when a Yuudeshi born from Shadin Yuudeshi's side reaches a suitable amount of power? There may be an accelerated process in taming, mastering and otherwise coming to understand their powers. Leaving it to make most fear this trait of the Shadin's branch of the Yuudeshi Clan because they are very quick learners.

Family History Of Speed Attributes: This is yet another strong trait that generates from within the branch of the Yuudeshi Clan that is related to Shadin Yuudeshi. Many of his direct children and descendants are often remarked for their impressive speed when compared to peers of their group. That means many of the children, on some form or level, often have a knack for picking up speed. Rather it's being able to summon energy at high rates of speed, being able to recover from their injuries swiftly, being able to process/think of information at break neck speeds and other traits that relate to quickness; on a physical, spiritual and even mental levels, most Yuudeshi's who are spawned from Shadin's side of the family have a great potential to inherit his speed. Thus, it's never really wise to doubt this part of their blood. As they get stronger and stronger, there may be eventually be someone who could possibly even rival Shadin Yuudeshi's speed with enough work, training and effort put into it.

I. Equipment Section

» Equipment Not yet.

I. Racial Abilities & Skills

» Aether Magic (Does your Iramasha know any sort of Aether Magic? Post their style of magic and spells here and in different sections.)

» Aether Arts Techniques & Abilities (You can add in Aether Arts abilities and techniques here.)

» Aether Stones: (What type of control, abilities or stones does your Iramasha produce from this racial ability? Feel free to put them here)

I. Aether Class

» Aether Class Name: Angel of the Earth

» Aether Class Power: Ichika's power is based around anything related to the earth, in terms of elemental nature it means dirt, sand, metals and crystals although she is still young and doesn't actually comprehend the full extent of her powers which is why she has only learned crystal and metal manipulation.

» Aether Class Abilities:

Crystal Manipulation: Ichika's powers are centred around the use of crystals like her Saca Dila, while her skills in manipulating the crystals are just as good if not better than Chifuyu's the ability serves a secondary purpose to the Angel Iramasha, it allows her much more skill in the art of creating Aether Gems. Her abilities are quite powerful, being able to use Aether to forge crystals from nothing or form them from her unique physiology.

She can easily form constructs, weapons etc out of crystals, she is also able to infuse certain traits into her crystals, so for example if she was exposed to a powerful binding spell she could potentially create a gem which could do that same power, although this doesn’t mean she negates the binding but she could emulate it with enough exposure.

Her crystals are quite strong, being able to take quite a beating before breaking. It also depends on what kind of attack she is using them to counter or defend against, so something that used vibrations or targeted the electromagnetic bonds that hold the crystals together then they could potentially be destroyed very easily.

Crystal Physiology: Her aether class makes her quite a dangerous combatant if all the cells in her body are comprised of 50% crystal. This makes her naturally durable and able to take quite a beating but it also makes the transumation of flesh to crystal much faster and more efficient since it requires less time to build up the crystal mass and then also less energy to do so.

Her 50% crystalline cells as apposed to Chifuyu's mere 25% is because of her ascension to becoming an Angel Iramasha allows Ichika's body to manipulate itself much more faster although due to the ascension process she lost the ability of temporary gaining other racial perks unlike Chifuyu who can still do as such. She can still shapeshift and alter her bodies form though, although she rarely does so after changing her appearance from looking exactly like Chifuyu to appear like she does now although she occasionally can be seen with a more mature body, due to forcing her body to age although the eldest she has ever gone is her late adolescents which was how old her body was before her transformation.

Metal Manipulation: People often assume that Ichika is limited to crystals as that is what her powers are mainly seen as and her aether class is.. So is she a multi-aether class Iramasha? The answer is no, it is quite simple since chemically speaking crystals are actually made of atoms of the metal category. Therefore her ability of manipulating metal is actually her breaking her ability down to a much smaller level. She can achieve much of the same feats as she can with her crystals, forming metal structures and being able to transmute metals into different metals essentially allowing her to turn lead into gold.

Her ability of metal manipulation is unable to extend to something such as a Zanpakutō, the reason being is because the Zanpakutō is an extension of a shinigami's soul and the metal is able to resist the influence of Ichika from the spirit that inhabits the sword. Her ability can be quite destructive and is often rarely used, however people often confuse it for manipulating magnetism which this ability allows her to do to some extent since she can use the metal to create magnetic fields and allow herself to manipulate it to her advantage.

I. Holy Aether Abilities

[The more skilled you are, the more complex and powerful they can become. Check the race specs for information]

Purification Abilities: (This is a natural skill that most Angel Iramasha possess at some capacity. This allows them to ward off evil spirits, dispel tainted barriers, weaken negative spirits and perform other similar feats against creatures like demons, arrancar, hollow and other vile beings filled with hostility. Below, you will see what they are capable of at each individual level and how you can potentially use this skill. Note, it is not limited to just this usage, but it gives you an example of how to utilize this sub-racial skill)

Heaven Summoning Abilities: (Heaven Summoning is referred to the ability of summoning portions of the heaven realm into the material plane. These can have a wide variety of effects and is often compared to the similar ability of demons where they are able to produce portions of hell to empower themselves further. Therefore, in order to illustrate what this racial skill does, it will be broken down level by level in the sections below.)

Healing Abilities: (Most Angel Iramasha are capable of using their Aether in order to heal themselves and others around them. This is because of the fact that their holy properties seeks to restore and keep most living and non-living things in their most pristine and pure state. Therefore, below, you will see what Angel Iramasha are capable of doing with their healing ability across the spectrum of different masteries. )

Blessings: (Blessings are considered to be the antithesis to the demon's cursing ability. Essentially, they are able to bless themselves, people around them and even the objects or the environment itself with this racial ability. However, one of the major stipulations to it is that it mustn't be malevolent in nature. With that out of the way, they can perform great miracles with this ability and they'll be illustrated below on a level by level bases in order to get a better understanding of how this racial ability works for Angel Iramasha)

I. Aether Armament

Aether Armament Name: To be added later.

Aether Armament Appearance: (What does your Iramasha's Aether Armament appear as?)

Aether Armament Abilities: (What abilities does your Aether Armament grant your Iramasha?

VII. Ether Morph - Immersion

» Ether Morph Immersion Appearance Not much changes in this form, for Ichika she sprouts wings from her back which is mainly comprised of crystals which she can use offensively or defensively and she exudes an aura which changes occasionally with light to reflect any colour of a rainbow.

» Ether Morph Immersion Abilities

Enhanced Strength and Durability: The main benefits that Ichika receives in this form is primarily an enhancement to her durability and strength, this is because her body crystalises slightly which allows her body to take more damage and gain an increase in her physical abilities.

Enhanced Crystal Manipulation: Ichika's ability has been enhanced greatly in this form, she is able to achieve a much greater manipulation over crystalline structures and can use them to her advantage with more skill, such as even using them to metaphysical affects such as having them act as sentient beings although they are all extensions of her will and therefore move in what she desires. She cannot do much more than she could previously and in terms of creating sentient extensions of her will then she can only control up to five.

I. Skill Sheets

(To Find Out about what these skills are for, please READ THIS THREAD before you try doing anything to it. After you have read it, do not fill your skills out until a staff member has graded your thread. The staff member checking your app will also give you Will Skills in which you can add to your app when approved.

Remove this message afterwards)

Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Adept
  • Aether Magic: Beginner
  • Aether Arts: Beginner
  • Aether Stones: Advanced

Angel Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Purification: Beginner
  • Healing: Adept
  • Heaven Summoning: Adept
  • Blessings: Beginner

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Adept
  • Strength: Beginner
  • Weapon Skill: Beginner

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept



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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ichika Yuudeshi [Approved; 3-5]   Thu Aug 18, 2016 11:12 am

Application Checklist
  • Name [X]
  • Appropriate Age [X]
  • Gender [X]
  • Appearance Present [X]
  • Appearance Described in Appropriate Length OR Picture is Visible [X]
  • Appearance is Not Claimed [X]
  • 10 sentences for personality [X]
  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Adept
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

Comments/Notes: Approved
Tier: 3-5

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Ichika Yuudeshi [Approved; 3-5]
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