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 The Darkness Is A Little Bit Poetic...Isn't It? [PRIVATE/Sofia]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: The Darkness Is A Little Bit Poetic...Isn't It? [PRIVATE/Sofia]   Wed Dec 06, 2017 1:23 pm



It wasn't a surprise that Sofia wasn't going to recognize him at first. He had changed immensely over the past year, and it definitely showed. His hair was longer, his eyes had changed, and the scars that once covered his body were not gone. Not to mention his immense growth in the world -- getting stronger, becoming a Captain, as well as making new friends -- something that also showed. So, a small smile came to the lips of the Raven as he nodded at Sofia's realization.

Spreading his arms out to show more of himself -- not in a prideful way, more of just a confirming way -- he closed his eyes. "Yes, Sofia, it's me. I've changed a lot."

Watching her circle him -- seeing the practical hypnotic gaze that remained pinned on his body, scanning him over and over as she seemed to marvel at his change.

"A little bit of magic." He said, not exactly being figurative in this sense.

It had been due to the usage of his demon magic, as well as a small bit of Body Manipulation to allow himself to have semi-decent skin once more. It was well past time to grow up, and stop living in the past. He saw her smile in what appeared to be a sense of satisfaction, and Henrex just nodded once in response. He did have potential back then, and he had capitalized on it, and become who he was, here and now.

Now, watching her disrobe her hood and throw it onto a nearby surface to hang, an eyebrow rose at the attire that she was wearing. Consisting almost entirely of white, with small black bits here and there, Henrex had to blink several times to keep his attention off the stockings and straps. As she leaned forward and Henrex's head turned to look at her, and he saw them. Her eyes had changed. Once brown, now red as blood. He could sense the seal that she had been branded with -- as it was something that Henrex could easily identify due to his relationship with numerous Seal of Eris users -- and Henrex was easy to assume that this was one of the byproducts of having it.

Wrapping her arms around him, with them resting on his stomach and clasping at the small of his back, Henrex found himself looking down at her, chuckling softly.

"I feel different, huh?" He said, before reaching out with a hand and softly grabbing her chin, his mismatched eyes burning a mischevious stare into her own."As for the hug or kiss...I wouldn't mind a little bit of both."

'Don Juan, huh?' He thought, a little bit confused about the brief nickname.

"Well, whoever this 'Don Juan' is, I probably wouldn't go that far."

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: The Darkness Is A Little Bit Poetic...Isn't It? [PRIVATE/Sofia]   Sat Dec 09, 2017 1:04 pm

The Dark Quincy

Sofia Montero