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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Spiritual Ninja Warrior

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Spiritual Ninja Warrior   Tue Jan 10, 2017 9:54 am

Master of Realms

Aiko Kyoraku

Song: N/a STUFF - Artist: N/A STUFF - Words: N/A

“Ladies and Gentleman! Welcome to this year’s Ninja Warrior Race Halloween Edition!” Some of our contestants this year's seem to be in top shape. And in the spirit of the upcoming halloween celebrations, some have even come in the best of disguises too! The teams will be announced shortly, but which team will advance and be awarded the title of Ninja Warriors? Stay tuned folks!”

It wasn’t common for the lot of spiritual races to mingle into human affairs unless it was specifically required. There were however specific circumstances were certain individuals would be allowed to make an exception. As far as Aiko, her past job and her hobbies also had a lot to do with simple data gathering. Curious as she usually was, she found himself more often than not, brought closer to the peculiar and promising race in the world of the living.

There was an event that was held every year called the Ninja Warrior Race. It was meant to test the competitors on the highest of physical levels with emphasis on both individual and team settings. It was simply an opportunity for the Shinigami could not pass up. As crazy as she was with her training and workouts, and physical fitness in general, the idea that she could have a chance to test and push himself further were all the encouragement he needed. Since it was a human tournament, meant for humans, there were certain precautions that needed to be taken.

For starters, she had to send out invitations to several beings like her. It was no fun if no one else joined that posed a challenge at winning. No weapons of any kind would be allowed, be they abilities or tools. And beyond that all feats of strength and displays of powers would have to remain within the boundaries of what was potentially possible for the highest level of human physical capabilities. In short, there was no point for someone to leap so strongly as to bypass half of the course as it would simply detract from the challenge. Surely it would require one to hold back on their own energy. But it looked as though the sponsors had created several obstacle courses to do just that.

As far as she knew, this New Year’s edition was a pretty big deal. All over the globe there had been numerous individual competitions, where the best, strongest, and fastest competitors were selected to participate in Japan. The surprising news to all competitors however, was that instead of competing on their own in the finals of Tokyo, Japan, they would be forced into arbitrarily made groups. Forcing people to try and collaborate with completely different individuals they would either not know, or perhaps not even like, would make the atmosphere much better for the audience present, and those watching on the small screen.

There was something else bothering her that day however. In the preliminaries she had attended months before, she was positive he was the only being that possessed any kind of spiritual pressure. And while her ability to sense spiritual pressure was shown her so, it was pretty obvious she was not the only being. The question of who else had joined the competition besides just humans still remained. What other races had managed to sneak or claw their way into the competition. Would she be forced to team up with one of them. And the biggest and most important question of all, whomever they were, would they simply get in her way, and slow her down? She was about to find out.

With emphatic shouts of excitement, it seemed as though the teams and the team members were about to be called on. From all sides, colorful lights brighten the area, and even beamed into the sky, accompanied by loud tunes of some of the more popular mainstream music of the team. It was about to begin.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Spiritual Ninja Warrior   Tue Jan 10, 2017 1:02 pm

Mirja, The Mad Wolf

Ninja Warrior! Mirja liked this show. It was stupid. People came here to go through courses designed to test their skill, and their stupidity. And now, it was double stupid because they were all dressed up in costumes for the special Halloween event. Kind of stupid in the middle of January, but that was entirely the point. Today Mirja had even decided to join in the stupidity and was wearing a cheerleaders outfit. She obviously had to put on a blouse to cover up all the scars, but was getting into the spirit with the absurdly short skirt and even the pom poms.

There was a beat to the cheering dance, and Mirja joined entirely unaware of it but picked it up very quickly when she affiliated it with Kata movements. And so there was The Wolf, dancing with other people, waving stupid pom poms, and flashing her underwear more times than she had in the last decade. The secret there, however, was that she hadn't been wearing underwear in the past decade, but the statistic still stood as she danced and waved. And then her nose, the nose that knows, picked up a familiar scent in the form of Aiko.

It seemed Mirja wasn't the only one getting into the craze of being stupid, as she looked to be prepared to join in with these festivities. Most certainly restraining herself because she wasn't the kind of girl to shit on everyone just by going trololol I'm a Shinigami and I got flash step. So Mirja danced for her, wolfish tail swishing intensely and hypotising several of her cheerleader companions with that elderich power. This was a day to be stupid, and so she threw herself into the stupidity with reckless abandon, loving every second she threw pom poms and lead the cheer.
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Spiritual Ninja Warrior
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