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 flames of a crystal (lilly)

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: flames of a crystal (lilly)   Sat Mar 18, 2017 10:19 pm

Miaka could continue feeling the comfort and warmth that emanated from the other warm and found comfort in the sweet humming tune that she was also singing. Yet, miaka still could not erase the embarrassment that she had caused herself yet she could feel the heart in mirja words. Miaka took the meaning of her Sis-con statement to mean that she didn’t like being called a sister and thought her statement of preferring things to be a bit more smooth to mean to just build up a relationship like normal. Miaka couldn’t complain she was happy to have made a new friend and someone else to rely on.

Yet, what was next to come was completely unexpected for her, Miaka could feel a soft, warm pair of lips coming into contact with hers. She was in shock and yet, could do nothing about it. The feeling had overwhelmed her it given her a feeling of a high and joy. Miaka could only confusedly question what was going on. Wasn’t this wrong? Way had her heart skipped a beat at this action? Miaka couldn’t answer these questions and could only continue blushing.

“Why? Why did you kiss me? I, um don’t know what to say or do. I'm so confused, it felt nice but i do not understand why. My heart is pounding and i have a feeling of excitement like a small child. Ms.eeola what is this?”

Miaka could only continue being honest. Hold her hands close to her chest trying to understand the excitement going through her. Keeping the excitement under control. This feeling was different but it was good it was a feeling that could keep her happy no matter how bad things got. She felt that if Mirja left she would want to follow to stay around her for some reason. She could only question her feelings and was wondering if this real or just a trick her mind was playing on her.
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: flames of a crystal (lilly)   Sun Mar 19, 2017 1:49 pm

Well, it passed the first test. Miaka didn't run away screaming, slap Mirja, or try to blast her head off with a Kido. That was all a good sign that Miaka wasn't terribly opposed to the idea of Mirja kissing her. There was the usual blushing and shy natured unsurity. Mirja had that as well, before Arianda and everything that came with her. Now she was a deviant who corrupted cute girls like this for the fun of it. Of course, they enjoyed it, MIrja never did anything they didn't enjoy, but that didn't stop them going from cute innocent girl to cute collared pet.

"I've never liked beating about the bush. I kissed you to see how you would react to being kissed. You are a girl I could grow to like, but I am not spending several weeks figuring out how you would react to my feelings. I'm a pragmatic girl with a head for efficiency, after all. And since you are still here, I am guessing you kind of liked it. As for what you are feeling, I'm guessing you've never been kissed before. When the right person does it, your body does backflips, as it is right now" she said, stroking Miaka's face softly.

Then, she moved in for another kiss, a deeper, longer, more passionate kiss. The first was only a test, but this one was a proper kiss, one that she could really do backflips on. Eventually, she broke it off and gave a coy smile, swishing her wolf tail behind her.
"And that, is you a kiss you will never forget, if you liked the first one so much" Mirja teased. She was probably not going as softly with Miaka as she should, but Subtlety was something Mirja only knew as a word, not a deed.
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flames of a crystal (lilly)
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