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 flames of a crystal (lilly)

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: flames of a crystal (lilly)   Thu Apr 06, 2017 2:55 pm

Miaka arrived naked and uncomfortable in the home of the other women, she felt how cold it was. It was as if she could freeze alive if she didn’t have the element of fire flowing through her. She felt her body react accordingly to the cold and she began to panic for a moment. It would be fine if she wasn't naked and her body reacted like this but she couldn’t let mirja see her like this so she began using her energy to warm her body up to a natural state. Miaka had hoped mirja had not noticed anything and just continued doing what she had been doing.

She listened to mirja tell her that she didn’t like her clothes so she ripped them off, and that she did have something for her to wear. She didn’t like the answer she received as she was told that she was standing in mirja’s house naked with the woman staring right at her her naked body. Upon hearing that she had no choice other than to cover herself up with her arms and tightening her legs together. Yet, she heard mirja mention that she had no windows in her home which helped a little to relax as she was now assure no one could see inside but mirja became teasing of her and her desire of not wanting to be naked seemingly making it part of her game and informing miaka that if it was that she really wanted the opposite.

“Why do you embarrass me so mistress? Of course not, i do not want to stay naked, this is uncomfortable for me. What do you mean work with me and that I am not hiding anything? I am just proud of who I am that is all. Being naked like this around others is just strange to me.”

Her words were full of embarrassment, but she continued to try to hold her head high. She only hoped whatever clothing mirja brought would be something nice and comfortable to wear.

“What is it you said you have for me to wear? Something better then the clothing i had on before? I am quite interested in it. From everything so far i am a bit fearful of what it might be.”
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Subject Post 22PostSubject: Re: flames of a crystal (lilly)   Thu Apr 06, 2017 3:23 pm

So, incredibly cute. And yet, for all her talk of discomfort and embarrassment, she didn't seem like she was going to be stopping the play any time soon. So Mirja decided on her outfit, and then moved over to the still naked Miaka. She could play with her a few more minutes before getting her dressed. So, she slid her finger across the girl's naked body and swished her tail softly.
"Ohh, you are embarrassed, ohh, you are fearful. Ohh, you hate this and you don't like being naked. And yet..." Mirja brushed her lips across the top of Miaka's ear, and whispered into it. "I don't here one word of true complaint from you" she teased, before sliding her hands down, admiring Miaka's body with her hands. "It's like you secretly enjoy it but you have to give some form of complaint because if you don't you'll ruin yourself, and you'll no longer be able to return to the realm of normality" she then stepped away, and gave her a teasing wink. "But I have something to tell you. You could no longer return the moment you set foot in here"

She then left Miaka to ponder that latest session, while she went to go get the clothes. Most of the silk-based clothes where specially armored, made out of ultra-dense hair woven into the fabric. It wouldn't save her if someone really wanted to bring the beat-down, but it would reduce the impact and allow her to survive, at least. Still, she wanted to give the girl a good few more seconds, before finally appearing out of her room with a cute red Qipao for Miaka to put on. And black lace underwear to boot.
"There you go, one outfit, as promised. Now, I got busy stuff to do, Humanity aint going to annihilate itself, all I'm saying. Hit me up in the future, darlin'" And then she left through the door, and abjectly vanished.

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flames of a crystal (lilly)
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