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 Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]    Sat Apr 01, 2017 3:55 pm

Artist: Das Ich - Song: Unschuld Erde - Word Count: N/A

(Setting: Imagine that they are on the outskirts of Russia. There should be nothing but snow and ice around, but the distant imagine of a futuristic Moscow can be seen in the distance behind Radioactive. This is supposed to be a secluded area.

Visual Image of Radioactive: Just imagine that Radioactive is topless and donning only a pair of loose fitted combat pants that are black in color and wearing no shoes)

The bitter cold of Russia would have most men cowering on their knees if they dared to venture into these elements without the proper winter attire. Yet, as this golden haired Hulk that was Radioactive stood on the edge of this wintry city, the frigid temperatures brought only life, excitement and energy into his eternally hot being. Even as the snow fell on against his bare and exposed upper body that was riddled with scars, the male embraced the harshness of this world as that is what it meant to struggle and endure in even the most casual of settings.

And -- this struggle was what made the Russian people strong. He was in the heart of Moscow and the nation that he helped protect, invested in and grew into was one that was ushered in during many times of turbulence, hardship, and progression. With fading memories of The Times of Troubles, it was a wonder that this place was still standing here when war, famine, disease and chaos was all around this nation prior to the engagement of supernatural warfare.

Yet, in spite of what all has happened in these eight centuries, The Russian spirit carries stronger than ever and they can only aspire to greater heights so long as they have capable hands in the leadership of power, the armed forces of their military and the brightest minds seeking to enhance their technology, science and way of life to the brink of their metaphysical and physical limits.

Which is why this burning desire to be great, to survive against the odds and to continue to grow sparked a flame within those who call this place their home. As there were rumors down the mill that the Russian Civil Force should expand, develop and build itself into a mass force of power to continue to solidify Russia's standing in the globe. It was certainly an interesting idea in the mind of Radioactive. They were in the era of super powered organizations, and it would only make sense to want to pursue that same thing for his people. The people that fed him, gave him life and taught him the ways of struggle, strife nad battle deserved more than what he was providing over the years and he couldn't ignore that fact anymore.

Brute strength wasn't the end all to be all in this world.

And he needed help outside of his own strength to achieve this vision.

So -- something had to change.

And for that simple reason is why he stood on the outskirts of Moscow. He was willing to listen to his people if they had the ability to help turn their home into something more. That is what a proper king would do in his mind and he'd help lead their ideals to a better tomorrow with his hands that could rip apart the very fabric of this universe if he so wished. The details of what this operative had to offer were of little importance to him. Radioactive was never a person to care about the small details as opposed to hearing it from the horse's mouth, analyzing them as a person and seeing if they had enough worth as a person to actually be worth investing in. Hence, whoever would show up would need to have their whole act together in his mind for him to consider to begin making efforts towards executing their ideas.

Thus, all that was left for the seven foot eleven giant to do was wait. With his arms folded and lone eye closed, the musclar man would give a gruff sigh and have patience....


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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]    Sat Apr 01, 2017 4:45 pm

With a slight sigh Vladimir simply looked out the window of his one roomed cabin; the weather was nothing fantastic. The snow fell at a very slow, peaceful pace. This was something which had become a norm for Russia. In the past there were hazardous storms, storms that would kill the unprepared. It had been so many years since Vladimir had witnessed a storm of that scale. Peace. That's all that he had seen in this country for so many years. This was all to end, a dark cloud was on the horizon and was finally going to cause a storm. The snow could not fall slowly forever. It was with a slight smirk that Vladimir grabbed a light coat and exited the hut.

While there were some benefits of living in such a secluded area. The one which he enjoyed the most was the fact that he did not have to worry about any sort of neighbors. There was no need to worry for the safety of others when he had decided to train. The down side of living in such a place? There was at least five miles between himself and Moscow, the capital city of Russia. This city was a place where some of the most gifted gathered, and a place that he could no longer call home. He did not have the right, nor the audacity, to show himself in that city. Not yet. He was not free of his crimes and he had not yet repented.

This, however, did not stop him from voicing his concerns about the future of this country. He worried for the future of the people, even for the future of the world. Vladimir felt that the country was not prepared for what was to come, for the threat that was becoming more and more realistic as the days passed. Shadow Fall. The name was enough to bring about thoughts of loss, of conquest. While Vladimir may not have been too heavily involved in politics, he was someone who did pay attention to some of the more important events that had occurred as he spent his time in seclusion. From what he had learned, things were not going too well for the world.

Perhaps he spent too much of his time contemplating the possible future that this world could face because before he had noticed it he found himself approaching the destination. This was the time and place that he would be able to make a real difference in the world; a time when he could correct the error of his past. Well, this was all or nothing.

While he knew of the man he was meant to meet, he had never actually seen a picture. He had read of his many conquests, of the amazing things this man was capable of. He was prepared to offer his service to this man. He did hope that he would realize the situation this country was in. He hoped Radioactive realized the threat of Shadow Fall. The damage they could cause to the world. With this a person came into view.

Almost naked, wearing only a pair of combat pants; holding his tongue until he was within fifteen meters of the male he would simply look the man over once; if this was who he was after he would have already realized his presence by now. "I hope I am correct in assuming you are Radioactive?" Vladimir simply stood in place, his right hand extended forward. "I am Vladimir Anton, I believe we are on the same page at this point." It seemed he wasn't going to waste any time and simply got to business. "The Russian Civil Forces, as it stands now, is not prepared for what is to come. There is a dark cloud hanging on the horizon, simply waiting to make it's way into the land. Shadow Fall. A threat to not only our beautiful country but the world in general. We must be prepared for the reality in which we live. They are, inevitably, going to make a move. We must make a move." It was at this point that he would stop speaking, allowing the man a moment to take in what he had said and give him a chance to respond. Hopefully he would be able to make a difference.
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Subject Post 3PostSubject: Re: Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]    Sat Apr 01, 2017 5:14 pm

The meeting of Radioactive and some dudeguy was not something that went unseen, even though it was in one of the most ecologically hostile places on earth, easily able to kill an unprepared person within the hour. And so a person more prepared than any was sent to observe and detail what went down in this meeting. Mirja had no authority, nor backing. She was not here on diplomatic reasons, just here to watch and be witness to the conversation and eventual decision, and then she would report back to Hayden and he would make a choices and send people from there.

So it was that a cute wolf girl appeared suddenly, wearing her Vastime Uniform, and looked at the two men. Neither of them where what you could consider clothed, and suddenly she worried, feeling over-dressed for the situation. Maybe it was a show of one's determination and will to move forward, that they would face the cold with naught but steel pecs and brass knockers. She hadn't got the knockers, but she could certainly show her own determination. So the first few moments of her arrival after she sunk three inches into the snow - Slip Stream rode on top of it, so only when she stopped, did it realized the snow and the ground were not in agreement - were spent as she silently stripped out of her uniform until she was wearing nothing but frilly black-and-red panties.

Then she offered a canteen of Mjord to the two, believing that if the human was out here with Radioactive, he could survive some Mjord.
"So, meeting Russians, in Russia, I thought I should speak Russian. But, you seem to have decided on English, which I can also do" She put in, offering the lid/cup for anyone who would want it. Russians demanded hard drinks, after all, so she did not bring anything puny.
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Rise Of The Russian Empire: Arc One [Request To Join Only]
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