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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 The Quincy and The Tourist (Rits and Stein)

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Quincy and The Tourist (Rits and Stein)   Wed May 24, 2017 3:46 pm

Artist: N/A - Song: Russian And Slavic Music- Word Count: 535

A girl wants me to meet her family...wait am I misreading the situation? Steiner thought to himself, his face would have been red if he had the capacity to do such a thing, but right now at best he looked a deeper shade of palish white across his face. He was clearly reading too much into this, but it was still awkward that the young lady wanted him to meet her family, and he doubted they would want to see someone as grotesque looking as himself, but none the less he would be more than happy to meet her relatives and have a chat with them he supposed. If they would even want to strike up a conversation with a guy like himself. Steiner let out a series of coughs as he reached into his jacket pocket for a handkerchief that was already stained with his blood and cleaned off his mouth.

"Thanks for showing me around Rits. It will be much easier with someone who actually knows the country escorting me around. Besides, having someone to have a conversation with won't be so bad.", Steiner said as he tried to give his best smile, which in his current predicament came out as some kind of weird monstrous look that should never be repeated. He wondered why she was going to such great lengths to keep him as her company, but he supposed it was out some level of respect that she was doing this, and he would accept that. Up until this point, Steiner had been quite depressed, but now after meeting Ritsuko and having her talk him up? He felt much better about himself and with that feeling came a great deal of calmness and optimism. Only a few minutes ago he had began to wonder if it had even been worth traveling to Russia or making this bucket list in the first place, but now? He was absolutely excited to be here and learn more about the Russian people.

She then told Steiner about where they were going to go, a place called Novgorod, and it excited him because he had not seen anything about it in the books he had read. "What sort of place are you taking me to? I have never heard of a Veliky Novgorod. It sounds like an interesting place since you think it is the best place to begin sight seeing at.", Steiner said enthusiastically as he put his handkerchief away and exited the store to the cold air outside. Even in summer time the Russian climate would not allow him a moment's respite and the cold seemed to bite at him as he waited for Rits to come out of the store and join him outside. At least he was in good company and he was sure eventually he would be able to get used to the cold, right? Probably not, but at least he could try to get used to it, and battle onward with Rits at his side showing him the sights.

Still he found his mind drifting to what exactly their first stop was and what exactly this visit to Russia held in store for him, only time would tell he assumed.

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Subject Post 10PostSubject: Re: The Quincy and The Tourist (Rits and Stein)   Wed Aug 02, 2017 8:44 pm



Artist: N/A - Song: N/A - Word Count: N/A

Ritsuko was glad to show stein around Russia, like he said it'd be much better to explore the place with someone who actually knows the country. She understands how it feels to be a lost puppy in a location you never set foot in, when she first came to america she didn't know where a single location was. She was running around the place like a chicken with its head cut off asking people if they could show directions to where the local store was..however not learning a second language was a detriment. Regardless ritsuko was ready to show stein the beautiful city known as Norvogord.

"No problem Stein, i'm glad you found someone like me. Who knows what would've happened if i haven't encountered you."
She stood up as she pushed the chair back into it's proper place before headimg towards the door where stein is waiting. She continued to walk towards the door and feel the chilling air she looked at steiner and had a look of concern in her eyes, steiner must be freezing at this point, perahps she can lend him some of her old winter clothes to stay warm...after all it'd be a pretty rough experience to have an already sick man become even more sick due to the cold air and possibly hypothermia.

However before ritsuko stepped outside she hesitated for a minute as she reconsidered about whether or no to go to Norvogord...there's many different benefits to going as not only it gives them the chance to discuss a bit more and allow ritsuko to give steiner a bit of info about the different buildings.
The overall time it'd take to get to Novogord would be about 10-15 minutes total, however that depends on alot of factors such as the long ass lines, the train schedule and even the time of day. Ritsuko knows that Novogrand is a famous sight-seeing area for it's marvelous variety and age of its medieval monuments, so local tourist would probably head on to the trains as quickly as they can. There's also the endangered species known as the white Orca they usually hang around in coastal waters and the sight itself is breath-taking on its own.

However in case they didn't have time to make it to Novogord ritsuko had another back up plan which is to show steiner the old training camp she resided in during her days as a soviet recruit. She can tell him all about the wonderous times she had chilling with the other soldiers, listening to music and shooting her very first gun. However in the back of her mind she knew that going back there would just bring those bad memories back into her mind the brutally freezing floors, the beatings and the many different escape attempts she tried to initiate but failed horribly.

Those but she didn't want to ruin the mood, so she just kept them in the back of her head and had a smile on her face once again telling stein how they were going to get there.

"Well before we can head off to Novogord, were gonna need to take a train it should take us about 10-15 minutes to arrive there is that fine with you?"

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The Quincy and The Tourist (Rits and Stein)
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