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 Stargazing [Open]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Stargazing [Open]   Fri Jul 28, 2017 8:10 pm


The White Phantom


Song: Reign Of The Dark | Artist: Adrian von Zielger | Word Count: 430

The question that she said made Alfonso had a look of confusion on his face one of his eyebrows rose in response to her question. However he wasn't going ro be an asshole and not tell her what it is...after all being in a era before technology and entertainment got better is a good enough reason to be interested.

Lets see music is... A slight pause came from alfonso as he struggled to find a way to explain this to her without it being overly complicated or confusing. Well music can come in a variety of different forms and types some famous musicians like mozart created music that had a beautiful and subtle tune while other types of musicians such as Guns and Roses there songs are more heavy.

A small chuckle rose from his mouth as he thought about a funny thing "The funny thing is people make songs about the lord of evil himself satan and many bands incorprate him into their songs

Finally there's different types of genres such as Rock, Metal, Pop things like that.. i personally like rock and roll myself, you'd probably like it. I can go all day with explaining about music but rather then tell you, why not show you?"

Alfonso stood up and took a long stretch moving his arms and legs cracking a few bones in the process, but his regeneration was strong enough to so it only felt like a little pinch to him. Who knows maybe after he shows her the wonders of music they can cause chaos together to pass the time...only time will tell.

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The Mental Mirror

Enter: Diablo

she slowly tapped her chin yet again. Her mind was raceing as a soft laugh escaped her lips. People actually made songs about the devil. Ohhhh it had been way to long sense she heard that name. the name alone made the laugh grow louder. Ohh my it has been way to long sense i heard that name. she closed her eyes as she heard the rest of what was said about music types. I see i suppose this rock and metal would best suit me then. Though to hear this devil name again makes me smile. After all i was named after him. some have said the devils idea came because of me. Though i do find that to be a myth. Though the name Diablo can mean devil depending on where you are.

she said with a soft laugh as she slowly shook her head. Though she must admit the idea of this diffrent types of music did make her rather curious. I suppose at some point i should hear them and find out wich would best suit me though. In my free time i may look something up and see what song i will like the most. I do suppose it is time to get with the times. sense there was nothing such as this music or i suppose you would call it song and dance maybe when i was alive.

She assumed the person would understand though she was more focused in the music at that moment. the ways to find it and the ways to go about being able to hear it. Though to most she was invisible or so she thought anyway. I suppose i can go to some place where it would gather. I suppose its a good thing that not alot of these humans can see someone like me. Unless even that has changed with this time? It was always so amusing when a human could see you back in my day. They would try to find out if anyone else could see you. When others said no they thought they were going crazy or that a demon was after them.

Shaking her head she sighed. Though that is a bit off track. I suppose the point is that it should not really be that hard to sneak into a place with this music if i tried. after all i do bet there are tons of ways i can use to get into them without being noticed. She said with a soft laugh as a sinister looking smile crossed her lips.

Word Count:444


Playing with you was rather...interesting~

Coding and Graphic In Template By:
[THEFROST] and Lilith


Note: i am just wanting to get the basics for her out of the way to get to where i can work on her in such a way to bring the background more and more alive -Insert Header Image Here-
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Stargazing [Open]
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