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 Shh, I'm Going Fox Hunting. [Aiko/Ceal] [PRIVATE]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Shh, I'm Going Fox Hunting. [Aiko/Ceal] [PRIVATE]   Fri Oct 20, 2017 12:11 pm

As she clung to what had become her child, she continued to defensively position herself as to shield Aiko, forming a barrier of sorts using her own body. Still, her defensiveness clearly had an unintended side effect of freaking Aiko out. At first there was a bit of a primal growl that she let out. Sumika looked down. "It's okay, it's me dear." She said, trying to bring the fox back to reality. The demon she had ripped Aiko from had gently released her grip when Sumika went for the snatch. Still, before that girl could even introduce herself Aiko fluttered into reality and called out Sumika's name, or at least her nickname, in a panic. She didn't have time to address the girl further, not quite yet, as she immediately tried to gently caress and console the scared child.

It was an unintentional thing, one that mothers hate doing, and Sumika was no different. They worry constantly about their young ones, and if they worry too hard, they may make their young ones worry. That is never intended and the last thing the mother wants to do. Sure, they can't be protected from everything or they'll never be able to truly grow up and flourish, but this kind of panic is the opposite of helpful. Sumika immediately felt a little guilt swell up inside her. She was causing Aiko to panic. She held Aiko tight as she began to cry. "No no, dear. It's okay, Mika is okay. I'm okay." Surprisingly, Aiko immediately blamed herself, apologizing and crying even more. She squirmed Sumika's grip loose enough to do as an animal would and lick one of Sumika's worse cuts. "Shhhh, shh shh. It's okay little one." It was a little...strange having her wound licked by a humanoid that was for sure. When an animal does it it's normal, but something about it was a little awkward. Still, the awkwardness was stifled by her instincts to comfort the child. After all, it wasn't that weird. Aiko was a very animalistic demon so the instincts made sense.

"What? That's silly, you didn't hurt me honey." She pushed Aiko slightly away, and tilted her face to look Sumika in the eyes. From there Sumika smiled as she wiped away Aiko's tears. A gentle warm smile as she pushed the presence of this other girl from her mind, calming it to calm Aiko. "I'm fine sweetie. I just got cut by some sharp branches back there. They're small, they'll heal." Sumika released a hand from Aiko and held it over one of her cuts, shooting a little white electricity onto it for a few moments. The holy lightning would begin to restore and bond the cells in her body, while also speeding up the body's process of sending things to heal it. Once she let up, the wound, while not fully healed yet, would look less severe and would be closed. "See? I can heal myself." She pulled Aiko back in for another comforting hug before giving her a quick peck on the cheek. "I was just worried because I couldn't find you. Mommy thought you might have been hurt or worse. Now...stay behind me, and take a step back dear."

Sumika released Aiko and stood up to full extension, though not a large woman even slightly, being on the smaller side, she was more than large enough to shield a child. She took a step towards the the girl. Sumika was not some master of energy sensing or anything, simply that her Angel Iramasha aether gave her a profound sense of demonic energies. She could feel it all throughout Aiko's entire body, an uncomfortable sensation, but one Sumika had grown used to for the sake of her child. Within this girl...she felt plenty of demonic energy, but it was more like taint. It grossly overpowered the other energies, seeming to emanate largely from one specific area of her body, but within...there were other energies. This girl...was not fully demon, though she did not have the talent to recognize what race the girl was besides that. She listened to the girl's introduction, feeling all the more sure about protecting Aiko. There was...sarcasm from this Ceal. "Sumika Saika." She said in a terse manner, his displeasure with this girl quite palpable.

She continued to listen as this girl explained her intent, which was pretty bluntly honest, even if she was masking some important details. It didn't take a master of deduction to know there were less than positive things in this girl's daily planner. The girl went on to intimidate Sumika, or at least to try to. Dropping the facade of pleasantness only ruined by sarcasm, she was clearly annoyed. With a show of some potential force, electricity like Sumika, the cackling and wailing seething with demonic energies. That was a bad sign, this girl having the polar opposite of Sumika's power while still being the same. Sumika's energies were holy, Ceal's were demonic. Both were electricity. Clearly the girl intended to allow this light chant to explode into an orchestra of violence in a moment's notice. "Do you have a problem with that?" Sumika's power was not well controlled, and deep down, she was sure that whatever this girl could dish out could more than handle what she could do. Still...Aiko was at stake here. She would not...she could not back down. Some electricity surged from Sumika as well, less controlled, but still with intent. She could use her powers, it's just lack of refinement had a way of biting people in the butt.

"You speak to me like that, with sarcasm, spite, and with details withheld, and you expect me to say no?" Feet planted firmly. "I don't know what you really want, but it's very clear whatever it is isn't good. I don't know what you were about to do with Aiko...but you're going to attack me? She CLEARLY knows me, and we're clearly close." Eyes locked. Truthfully Sumika wasn't sure how to handle it, and perhaps she had been dealing with a child for far too long, as she spoke something. This girl was acting rash and childish. Naturally, she, probably foolishly, felt it natural and appropriate to respond to her as she was acting. "That's very childish and naughty! You're a bad girl! A very bad girl!" She shouted authoritatively at Ceal. Something deep in Sumika immediately realized that is one way to provoke an attack, but outside all she could exude was her protectiveness. She might very well die...but if it meant a chance at protecting Aiko, so be it. "I won't let you hurt Aiko."
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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Shh, I'm Going Fox Hunting. [Aiko/Ceal] [PRIVATE]   Fri Oct 20, 2017 10:22 pm