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 The Blood Stained Lotus, Yeong Eun-Kyung [APPROVED, 2-5]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: The Blood Stained Lotus, Yeong Eun-Kyung [APPROVED, 2-5]   Tue Jan 09, 2018 7:09 am



영 은 경

» Name: Yeong Eun-Kyung (영은경 Surname, given name) is the adopted name of a quiet Korean girl situated within the Kokuryuteshi Empire. Though her age may not be the oldest, she has gone through many different names in the past - currently settling upon Yeong Eun-Kyung. The name "Yeong" means eternal, where as "Eun-Kyung" is graceful gem. For the purposes of this application, she will be referred to as "Eun" and "Eun-Kyung".

» Epithet: Blood Stained Lotus, Eternal Lotus, Protector of the Princess

»Race: Devil Iramasha

»Iramasha Age: Her Iramasha age is exactly 2200, not exactly an old life for an Iramasha, actually considered younger among her colleagues and other families within the clans. Although this is her true age for her race, Eun-Kyung prefers to go by her human age in an attempt to distance herself from the Iramasha clan and seem younger to all those around her.

»Human Age: She is exactly 22 in human years, corresponding to the human timeline her birthday would be on April 13th.

» Gender: Female.

» Appearance:

»Body type: Overall her body is rather slender, yet her hips are very prominent alongside her upper thighs. Although slender in comparison to some, she has larger breasts for her frame, alongside quite a shorter shoulder span. Just as she is small in frame and appearance, she is equally as small in height - only standing at a total height of about five foot three inches, being quite a bit smaller than most other women she meets. If one were to just speak to her without a height comparison, her ego would definitely make her seem bigger. She weighs in at around 50kg total.

»Face, hair and eyes: For someone with such a battle hardened history, her face is remarkably un-scarred and extremely well kept. Her skin is incredibly smooth, every single person who has touched it has said as such. Her hair is one of her most notable features, it's long pure platinum white flowing down her back and pushed behind her ears on the side. Almost a trademark to K-world, this white appearance extends to a rather large pink and white flower protruding from her right eye at most times. It is an eyepatch for all intents and purposes, but behind that flower is a prosthetic eye identical to her other - the only difference being it is entirely fake, not used to aid her sight at all. Her eyes are tinted a deep rose/red colour.

»Scars and irregularities: The funny thing about Eun-Kyung is her lack of irregularities and scars. Going through extensive torturous moments during her transition into an Iramasha, her skin had seemed to heal almost perfectly - leaving no trace of incision scars, deep bruises or indents. All in all she is rather beautiful to the eye with very little battle-hardened signs atop of her. One scar that she continues to sport is printed on the back of her neck, but due to her hair is mostly covered. The scar takes the form of a pentagram with a skull embedded into the center of it, all circled with a light red outline. This is quite literally the only scar on her body, and for one to even find it would need to move her hair, thus safelty hidden.

»Angelic presence: One of the interesting things about Eun is that despite being a Devil Iramasha, she gives off an overwhelming presence of being angelic. Not only does her overall power, by conventional sensing methods, typically mislead people in the type of energy signature she uses but her fabricated personality atop of it allows others to gain a general idea about her simply by looking. With that angelic smile she can sprawl across her face, she can give off an incredibly innocent and young presence. Although this is the opposite, she often can use to lure people into a false sense of security.

»Prosthetic Limbs: Currently, the only prosthetic limb she makes use of is the left arm that has a pure black gauntlet attached to it. Losing her arm earlier in her life, Kokuryuteshi were able to give her this limb as well as a few upgrades alongside it, mentioned under equipment. Compared to normal prosthetic, the limb is actually rather primitive. Though she could theoretically get an entirely new arm attached, it's small portions of her appearance like that which she chooses to keep, just like her fake eye. Though her skin may not be charred and flayed like her mind, the loss of an arm and only able to use one eye serves as an emotional reminder to her, and never allows her to forget what she has gone through to get here.

»Attire: Her native attire is shown to be rather loose hanging off her body, not quite a dress bot not quite a proper body suit. With a typical chest area showing off cleavage down the middle, her stomach is usually on display down to the belly button, the white silk of her clothing wrapping around her hips. With a black pair of short shorts on underneath, her private areas are guarded from view at all times. Over her shoulder is usually a long Kokuryuteshi styled cape, a leather strap pinning it from shoulder to shoulder and shielding the left side of her body. Her overall appearance finishes at being incredibly white and pure looking, something which is synonymous with the Kokuryuteshi and their outlook on the world.

»Aether colour: Light pink.

» Occupation/Affiliation: As of right now, her only affiliation is between the people of Korea and the Kokuryuteshi. Not only does she work for the Kokuryuteshi in a manner of different ways, Eun-Kyung considers herself a defender of Korea. As she was not always an Iramasha, Eun almost feels a primal sense of compassion towards the country - where she was born, where her life truly started - and a need to keep it from harm. Though she is quiet and stoic in her own right, she can play many roles for the Kokuryuteshi. An innocent weapon, if you will.

» Residence: Eun-Kyung has three homes, one within Seoul, South Korea, another within the dead center of Kokuryu city in K-World and a safe-house like location in Japan on the borders of Karakura. Although Eun-Kyung is not a woman to use these houses often, they are always there just in case she needs to move around and reorient herself based on missions, orders and personal satisfaction. The house within Seoul is her favourite of the three - not only does it connect her to the heart of the city and the shining beacon of the Kokuryuteshi in K-World, but the furnishings are incredibly simple and elegant. They do not go out of their way to stand out, but the two story house keeps a neat aesthetic filled with white and black trimmings.

Her house in Kokuryu city is more akin to a barracks than anything, a small house with a kitchen, bathroom and bedroom all in the same space. In an odd way, this house is the most comfortable to her, despite not being elegant in the slightest. In a way it reminds her of times prior, to when she still had her right eye, curling up on the solid ground and letting the cement or rough bed keep you cool. She chooses to have it like this, meaning it is not standard among Kokuryuteshi operatives. On the edge of Japan, Eun keeps more of a cottage like residence. Wooden walls with rather nature inspired decorations and pure green tinting from plants and grass surrounding it. She often uses this when on operations near and in Japan itself.


»Many Masks: One of the foremost personality traits associated with Yeong Eun-Kyung is her many difference facades she can have on display in a variety of situations. Although she is overall a quiet girl, Eun can just as easily put on a facade to fool and slip into others comfort zones so they don't expect any hostility. She has incredibly ability to change her personality and presence on the fly. As a result, she is quite adept at reading people as a result - quickly sifting through the masks and selecting the perfect one for the situation, placing it on and becoming a completely different person. For this reason she attempts to keep her 'social circle' small, as if they catch onto her act it is possible she would be lynched and hunted down by many people and organizations. Her default attitude when not assuming a mask appears in the place of a rather silent and obedient Kokuryuteshi operative.

»Loss of Identity: As she has assumed so many different masks and facades, her already breaking identity became virtually shattered as the person she was becoming wasn't someone she truly recognised as herself. If someone were to ask her what her true personality behind all the fakes she puts on, she wouldn't honestly know. This is another factor that plays into her lost and alone personality portion.

»Deceptive: One thing that comes along with so many masks and facades is the rather deceptive and terrifying nature. Not only is she willing to use her feminine charm and other means to her advantage, she will often take advantage of others in deceptive manners. Leading them onto certain conclusions, purposely sabotaging "friends" she has made while acting innocent in the process. Anyone who truly knows Eun-Kyung has said never to trust her, that she is just as likely to shoot you in the head as kiss you. Even the likes of Kokuryuteshi aren't sure if she is loyal to them or Korea alone, but Eun-Kyung continues to follow and carry out orders thus far.

»Angels Smile: One of the things she uses to her advantage more often than not is that ridiculously bright smile she can sport. Although she hates it and she would rather a relaxed persona, a lot of people have said she looks and sounds like an Angel when she is playing up that persona. This angelic like aura she gives off is usually misleading to many people, playing up that fake angel side and misleading them from her true nature as a Devil Iramasha. Although it's a rather small aspect, being able to mislead even other Iramasha with her true nature has come in handy in the past. It allows her to fabricate stories about herself and even add to the deception by going after people weak to a woman's charm.

»Emotional Suicide: As one might have guessed, Eun-Kyung is quite adept at something she calls 'emotional suicide'. Although she lacks a defined set of morals in itself, for what humanity and empathy she does have can easily be silenced by her own will - allowing her to carry out missions or operations that would otherwise be dubbed unethical, even by Kokuryuteshi standards. As a result, if in a direct conflict of ideas, she has been shown to completely kill her emotion stakes in the situation and judge it based on character alone. She says this is due to her becoming an Iramasha, but the reality of the situation is that the process and proceeding mental trauma scrambled her mind to make it possible.

»Blood Lust: Her blood lust is not something can be ignored. As it is related to her Nether abilities within her body (explained further in natural abilities), she has a natural need to cleanse herself in blood and feed the nether directly. The best way to describe this is a mental relief of sorts. By sating that part of her abilities, the chaos within her mind seems to calm down and she is able to compose herself once more. Although she might not show it in her composure, but her mind is a constant jumbled mess of insane thoughts. Due to the forcing of her becoming a Iramasha in her past, Yeong Eun-Kyung's mentality was put into disarray with continuous thoughts and voices in her head. To sate it, she eventually found that she needed to sate her abilities with literal blood. If she didn't? It was quite possible she would go insane with no relief from the mental trauma at every living moment.

»Lost And Alone: Although much of her personality is rather deceptive and sinister in some aspects, in the end Eun-Kyung is a rather lost and alone individual. Mostly by her doing, Eun finds it incredibly hard to interact and create something meaningful with another person no matter how hard she tries. As a result of this she somewhat assumes she was meant to be alone and prefers to silently go about her own business. Although she can have moments where she snaps in anger or loneliness, Eun-Kyung mostly remains silent and stirs in her head with all the thoughts. Trapped and alone. Not sure which direction she should take, she continuously looks to the Kokuryuteshi for guidance and work, hoping to fill the void that she cannot seem to fix, another fascet of her identity being killed.

»The Obedient: As previously mentioned, she is loyal and obedient to one group: K-world. The main reason for this is due to their acquisition of South Korea, and her home becoming a part of their empire. Although it was changed and made into their display grounds to the world, Eun-Kyung feels as if the changes were a necessary factor in the evolution of the world. Especially in places like China, Eun looks up to how they took control of the country and warped it into an Empire fitting the nations fame. As a result, she believes that their means will justify the end; choosing to be the sword that can strike in many different ways for them.

»Holds A Grudge: Although Eun-Kyung may seem to shrug off many situation with nothing more as a cold shoulder or show little disdain in the moment, this is not true if the offense is bad enough. If someone manages to get on her bad side, even despite trying to look beyond insults, she is not one to forgive and forget. With her deceptive personality she might attempt to become friendly and say how she forgives them, but in reality she would be meticulously plotting to stab them in the back. She will not forgive no matter the circumstance, if the crime against her is so heinous, she will find a way to pay it back: in blood or equal measure.

»Likes: Eun-Kyung loves flowers, the lotus eye patch covering her right eye takes the form of her favourites in both colour and petals. Although unconventional, she considers the lotus eye patch as part of her from childhood, and something that reminds her of her true beginnings. For the most part she also likes silence, any situation where she can put herself in to escape the noise of everyday life is a win for her. Even with the screaming thoughts in her head, it makes life just that less painful as a result.

»Dislikes: The main thing that sticks out as a dislike is noisy areas. Though she is a silent and calm person on the outside, the screaming voices in her head make it hard to concentrate all the time - so finding a quiet place for her to collect herself as much as possible is ideal. On a lesser note, when it comes to fights and weapons in general, she has a vivid distaste for ranged weaponry - especially artillery. In her opinion, if someone is going to die, it needs to be while looking them in the eye. Artillery is an insult to the very fabric of fighting.



Much of Yeong Eun-Kyung's early life was spent as a typical child. During her time, the Kokuryuteshi hadn't actually set up their hold within South Korea yet. It was an interesting time because the world was in a transition phase, with so much chaos and insane events occurring it was hard for one to keep a track of it all. Especially as a little child, trying to make sense of the world was not possible, not even her parents could. In honesty, most of this portion is blurred for her. She remembers small things like having a brother and a sister, but every single time she tries to dig deeper into those memories she is locked out. Another reason she hopes to one day dig deeper and deeper into her own mentality.

Despite her memory failures, one thing she does remember was the day her brother was taken away for military service. In Korea, military service was a mandatory part of every mans life. She cannot remember his face. Nor even his name. The one distinct memory she has of him is a blurred smile, teared up eyes as he stepped away. To this day she still wonders if he's still alive with no way of knowing or being able to contact him. As for her sister and parents; she still actively searches for them.

By the time she hit six years old, all she remembers was one day waking up in a location she did not recognize. It wasn't her house, nor where her parents and siblings anywhere to be found. Drowsiness had overcome her, yet a large dome of crystal clear glass separated her and a doorway. Artificial light beat down upon her, yet beneath her feet she could clearly feel grass alongside the blurred hue of green. It quite literally felt like she was trapped within a snow globe.

"Ah. The girl finally awakens." The sinister voice spoke with a very poor Korean accent. He was clearly not Korean himself.

"I'm sorry to do this to you at such a young age, but you're going towards a good cause, I promise." His voice rang like a phone in her ear, she was dazed and still out of it. A little child that was not in her home, disoriented and taken from her family. Alone. She barely understood the world, and she was taken from a loving home without her knowledge. How exactly could she grow up in an environment like this?

For years that seem lost to her, she was subject to a plethora of different experiments and tests. Initially it had started out rather innocent, she was still a girl kidnapped from her home at a horribly young age, but it was simple things. Blood tests. Swabs. Things of the like. She was isolated, occasionally very little interaction time with anyone else inside the facility. But then it turned worse. Her body began feeling weaker with the injections they gave, and her body felt heavier so she could barely move. Over time she realized she was most likely going to die here. Until one day...

"Ah, is she ready? She looks ready. She's weak and vulnerable to go through it."

She was ten now. Five years had passed but it had felt like no time at all, she had spent most of it so drowsy and asleep that even the time she had to teach herself and keep active was limited. But this was when the tests started. The real tests. For over three weeks straight, she was exposed to a direct line of sight and infusion of four different aether stones. By the end of it, her body at mostly rejected the infusion of the holy aether based ones -- while her body had quite literally been subjugated and buckled under the pressure of the Nether aether stones. Infusing into her body, her once black hair now turned into a pure white alongside any other hair on her body.

Thinking she had died due to the ordeal, Eun-Kyung had been dragged out of the room and dragged near the disposal area, that of which was coated with corpses of people just like her. As her eyes blinked open and her weak eyes fell upon the corpses, her now pure white hair shook like crazy as she tried to break free from their grasps, letting out wild screams of agony to an ear piercing extent. And thus her Iramasha side was born.


She had reached the age of fifteen by this time, yet every waking moment she spent felt like a life time. At every single moment of her waking life voices were screaming in her head, muttering under their voices and saying sinister things. The nether within her quite literally ate at her mentality, giving her devilish thoughts to go alongside it. It nearly drove her to the point of total insanity. It would have. Although they had moved around a lot for those fifteen years, the torture and agony had only got worse. The people who abducted her, that of which she still hadn't learned the name of, were intrigued by her natural ability to remain perfect in skin tone. Every single scar they carved into her skin, every single bullet they shot through vulnerable parts of her body healed as if nothing happened. In multiple attempts to recreate this, she had gone into multiple surgeries. Every single time, nothing came out of it. She truly felt like she was in Hell.

Until one day, she quite literally snapped. The voices and blood lust had driven her to the point of near insanity, it wasn't even the torture that bothered her anymore. It wasn't the knives they poked into her. It was the voices. All. The. Time. She had enough.

Thud. Thud. THUD. THUD.

Louder and louder the thudding echoed throughout the facility, each one sending the scientists into a panic and assumption of an earthquake. Within the dome Eun-Kyung was kept in, ear piercing screams continued to pore out. Muddled in with intangible yelling, only a few words could be made out.

"L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓͆̐ L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓̖͆̐L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓̖͆̐L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓̖͆̐L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓̖͆̐L̺̰̝̩̓́̌̎̀͐̓͞Ë͙̮̫̲̳ͩ̈̀͘͟ͅT͛̔̑҉͉̙̫ ͈̉̑̍̔̊́M̵̧͔̠̳̠̭̭̖̺͌͗ͦͭ͊̓̒̾ͯĖ͔̠͍̖̮̯̘ͧ̏̋ ̴̨͚͍̓̒̌́ͭ̏͑̚Ơ̭͔͖̠͖̝ͥ́́U̸̘̖ͩ́̑T̖̬̟͍̩̻͓̖͆̐!!!!"

Before they even knew what happened, blood was flowing down her arms and the entire dome came crumbling over. As she walked out, one hand was constantly placed on her head and constantly slamming into it over. And over. Continuing her screaming "LET ME OUT" and "STOP THE VOICES". She hadn't even thought about it, but every single time someone stepped towards her and tried to restrain her, their bodies were literally cut in two. Looking at her free hand, confusion among all the chaos overcame her. A giant blade that was about as long as her arms rested in her hands, a white and black tint covering the entire base. Yet the more she fought and the more she killed, she noticed that the voices became quiet. She continued and by the time she found the exit, the voices had stopped. For the first time in years, she had quiet inside her head. It was almost uncomfortable in how silent she now had it. It made her nervous. Standing at the exit, her sword seemed to fade on it's own.

She was covered head to toe in blood. Not her blood. The blood of everyone in the facility.

It had taken her a long time to realise the coalition between the blood and sating the Nether within her.

Kokuryuteshi Discovery

For about six months prior, she didn't even know where she was. Was she even still on Earth? She had wondered for ages and not found a single soul. By this time she had found out she could stop the voices by feeding the Nether blood, so often times any people she did SOMEHOW manage to run into didn't get close enough or were to scared to do anything. Multiple times she even inadvertently killed them out of anger from nobody helping, or just abandoning her.

For months she had wandered and looked for an escape, and by this time had started messing with the abilities she gained since becoming an Iramasha. Although she was still learning, most of her time and practice was put into that sword. Alongside the small dragon-like figure that had been with her since the experiments ended, she began building an understanding of herself. In her time she was able to actually get free in the experiments, she was given books on language and began studying plethora of different styles and dialects. One of them was latin, something she used to name her familiar: "Ulsciscar She was beginning to understand, but she resented it. The fact that her humanity was robbed was sickening to her, and she would not rest until she found out who did it.

After a while she had found her way back to South Korea, but nothing was like her restricted memory remembered. The entire landscape had changed, and all of her home had been changed into a pure white landscape that expanded as far as the eye could see. Initially she had felt betrayed. This Kokuryuteshi realm had taken her original home and made it their display village. It infuriated her. What remained of her memory and family seemed to be washed under the rug. Was she simply meant to be an experimental rat for those people? Was that truly supposed to be her destiny? They gave her this horrible power and side of her that she did not ask for... and yet...

For a while, she was trying to settle back into life within Seoul, South Korea. For a long time she tried, but ended up having to live on the edges of civilization. This was due to not mentally being able to abandon one of the only constants in her life, Ulsciscar, who had grown incredibly large by this time. To her, it was the lesser of two evils - there was no going back to the insanity for her. Not for an extended period of time. It was: kill beasts or people.

She had actually been found among the outskirts of a city by someone who she did not expect. Wondering the streets and getting to know the population was a girl, her skin was as rough as the clothes she wore around her waist, the clear sign of a mechanic. The girl looked young, but her shining bright red hair with frosted white tips was the most stand out feature of her. Chun Liang. She had treated Eun-Kyung with entirely the utmost respect. She could have ignored her. She could have just looked the other way just like everyone else did. But why didn't she?

With a giant smile on her face, she looked at Eun directly in the eyes. "Hey! What are you doing down there? Don't you have a home?"

With a nervous frown, the Iramasha looked away. "N-no..." She was clearly surprised to be approached by someone pinned with official Kokuryuteshi badges.

"Well, what's your name? You have one right?"

"...I don't remember. People usually just call me lotus."

"Ah jeez... Come with me, let's get you off the street like a savage. For now, I'll call you..."

K-world Operative and Current Years


"Do you have to be so loud, sir? I'd rather you keep the voices down."

By the time she had been settled into Kokuryuteshi, she had learned to deal with her emotions a lot better. The arm that she had lost during the experiments had been replaced by a mechanical black prosthetic, and that infamous lotus flower covering her right eye became a trademark of her appearance. Not only had the powers she had come to fruition, but she seemed to have a natural Ether Lock due to the experiments that K-world had not been able to unlock.

She had been working as a K-world operative for around six years now, and she had been through a plethora of different training regiments, developments to help her grow as an Iramasha and how she could use her natural beauty and deceptive personality to twist things into her fashion. For this reason she became quite a common deep cover operative they would sent into enemy territory to either gather intelligence or purposefully sabotage. But beyond the missions she was sent on, she had learned to deeply manipulate her emotional state to produce results. Not only did she build a reputation for having many masks and personas she could put on to fool people, but she was revered as an established swordsman in the Kokuryuteshi. After not long, she was directly assigned to the personal guard of Kagami Iramasha-Clixx. She was tasked to protect, overlook and make sure she made the correct decisions. This came with a lot of pressure, but she was happy to accept such a position by the monarch that allowed her to thrive in a world that would otherwise have thrown her to the wayside.

Yeong Eun-Kyung has no delusions about K-world. She knows very well that there are lines they cross that others will not, to subjugate and control others to create their utopia. And after a life of pain and agony, she agreed with their vision. To get any results, some things need to be forced and changed by your own hand. She wanted to see the world recuperated. For the past few years until now - her vision continues to align with the Kokuryuteshi. Every day she strives to find the people responsible for her abomination of a life. She wants to make them suffer.


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영 은 경


» Sturdier Than Expected: Though her frame is rather feminine and weaker in appearance, one should definitely not underestimate her defenses. While not exemplary and the best in the business, Eun-Kyung has been able to withstand hits that would knock most people out and perhaps even kill them. With her deceptively sturdy body, Eun is not only capable of continuing a fight, but sometimes even using the defenses with her iron will to tank through attacks to her target. This is due to a thin layer of Iramasha's Aether radiating on the surface layer of her skin, undetectable by conventional means and only readable by very precise means of measurement. Depending on the strength, tier and power in question - she should not be underestimated in her defensive capabilities.

» Unbending Will: Somewhat hand in hand with aspects of her personality, Eun-Kyung is possibly one of the hardest individuals to break. Although she does not have the most amazing defenses, nor can she ignore pain like some, the hardships of her life and the endless agony she went through sent her on a spiral that would either strengthen her will or leave it crushed in the curb. As the former took hold, she learned that she could use this unbending will to her advantage - even going as far as to live through even torture without giving up information. Though she is breakable, one would need to show considerable effort in making her crack, needing both extreme emotional pain as well as physical.

» Blood lust: Whether this is considered a strength or not is up to interpretation, but Eun has an aspect of herself which requires sating. The blood lust that she undergoes during battles is something that can blind her in many aspects, but it can also give her a rather deadly mindset in destroying her opponents. Specifically in battle, when Eun-Kyung gets any sort of blood on her skin, be it from animals or humans alike, she begins to receive an ease in mentality. One of the interesting things about Eun is that she is always in a state of hyper-awareness, trying to focus on everything effecting her at once. This is brought on by the nether energies that give her power. The same energies that give her the Aether Class powers and defensive barriers ask to constantly be sated with blood. Although covering herself in it isn't required, a decent amount of blood can completely sate the nether within her and clear her mind. For her this could be compared to a drug - using it to clear and free her mind of stress and worry for the time period. As a result, it has become a rather attractive activity for her - bathing and soaking in blood during stressful moments.

» Nether Veins: Due to the way her Nether is incorporated into her body, she is said to have "Nether running in her veins", meaning that whenever she bleeds, if it gets onto anything angelic, it will burn in agony. It's a small thing, but since becoming an Iramasha, a natural trait that was forced upon her. For this reason her blood can also act in acidic fashion when fighting an angelic opponent.

» Concealed Strength: One of the key features of how Eun uses her fighting style is through the application of sword-weaponry enhanced by her physical strength. Although her smaller visage would suggest otherwise, the natural accumulation of Nether within her body had allowed her to train and hone incredibly powerful upper and lower body strength. This means that by applying pressure, speed and strength into a sword strike - she could very easily cause a lot of damage. Depending on who or what she is striking, the transfer of kinetic energies from her upper body strength into her weapons seems magical in essence. Although she looks innocent and small, many people will often mistake her for having weaker physical strength - meaning she will often surprise them when she lifts incredibly heavy items on her own.

» Lightning Fast Attack Speed: With her brutal strength and impressive defenses, there is one more aspect of Eun that focuses on offensive power. Considered one of her primary methods of attack, if one were to focus on her striking ability, Eun could be a terrifying foe. With sword strikes flying out at incredibly fast paces, she has been shown to slice people open before they even realised what had happened. Although supernatural in racial ability, this has become a natural trait for her - that by practicing her swordsmanship and natural enhancements - she can challenge a wide variety of swordsmen and opponents.

» Sword Mastery: Her primary method of fighting, her swords. With intense training and focus alongside Kokuryuteshi troops throughout the years, she has been able to hone her body into incredibly powerful ways - essentially mastering her sword play. Although there are always methods to improve on and even invent, many people she has clashed swords with have ended up at her mercy or dead. Her deadly precision mixed with her powerful strength and attack speed should not be underestimated by anyone, any for those who do underestimate? They usually pay the ultimate price.


» Blood Stained Lotus: One of the key factors of both her appearance and equipment is the giant pink-tinted lotus that covers where her right eye would be. Ever since losing her right eye due to circumstances in her past, Eun-Kyung has a set of eye patches which are said to cover the eye. Crafted specifically for her by the Kokuryuteshi, the eye patch was hand crafted from her memory of a small lotus style flower her mother would give to her every birthday. She would say the phrase "고생 끝에 낙이 온다", meaning "at the end of hardship comes happiness". This not only acts as a reminder to her about her history with her family, but carries a significant emotional value by saying those same words to people she cares about or wishes good tidings upon. Though the lotus isn't just there for appearances: when each petal has been plucked off, Eun will re-live a memory of her past, a time in which she was happy and visit it first hand again. Many times this is back with her family as a child and very rarely any recent times, but there is always the possibility of someone changing that. When the lotus wilts and all the petals are picked, behind it will be revealed her other crimson eye. Albeit fake and completely glass, those who are rarely able to witness this would get to see both her eyes.

» Prosthetic Left Arm: Having lost her left arm earlier in her life, Eun sports a rather mechanical looking black prosthetic from just above her elbow down. Although it looks rather simple and basic at first, the prosthetic acts perfectly like a normal arm would - perhaps even better. The arm is said to not only be incredibly hardy and powerful, but it is made directly out of the substance known as "Obliterum" which is found within K-World. By crafting this metallic arm for her, she was able to store different types of Aether based abilities within it and even supercharge it by combining K-World's infamous spiritual and human tech combinations through the URE Realm. As the URE Realm provides K-world's cities with their main source of power, a mini 'connection' was established within the prosthetic arm. At a moment's notice, she can supercharge the prosthetic with energy directly harvested from the URE Realm and apply it into her limb. Though it is restricted to the prosthetic, this has proven to send out literal waves of energy in her punches - and even send surges of temporary power through devices when they are out of energy. This can also be used to jump-start a heart like a defibrillator would.

» Nether Charm: One of the only charms she carries from her time as an Iramasha is a long rope charm with an Iramasha gem filled with Nether energy attached to the end of it. On it's own the charm does nothing, but when coming into contact with Holy Aether from another Iramasha is said to send out an explosive wave. Only in a comparatively small area, around 100 meters in total, an Aether explosion will engulf the charm and the Aether source. Although the charm doesn't explode or disintegrate upon use, meaning that it can be used in abundance after the two posts cool down it has.

» Blood Pills: One of the most important pieces of equipment she carries is actually a rather simple one. As mentioned in her personality, the forging of her becoming an Iramasha had pushed her mind to incredibly straining extents, making thoughts and voices constantly drown out her mind. Over long periods of time this can become straining on her, even though she has learned to deal with it a lot. The Nether within her body can temporarily sate the noise by blood touching the body in one shape or form - which is where the blood pills given to her by K-world come in handy. A single pill is enough to drown out the noise for up to an entire day, carrying up to ten on her at any given time.



Although Eun-Kyung is mainly a sword user and relies on her physical prowess over the ideas of magic and spells, Eun has a little training within Iramasha's Aether based magic. Although her knowledge of the spells are limited, she has been able to craft unique Nether magic that is applied to her physical training.

» Nether Barriers: As she was made as an artificial Iramasha, Eun-Kyung has found herself at odds with her magic. The power itself is within her, but thus far every attempt to harness that magic has failed. As a result, she crafted the ability called "Nether Barrier". The basic principle is that she directly channels her Nether energy into the outside of her body - leaving a blood red curved hue in a variety of shapes which can act as shields for portions of her body. Just as she can change their shape, the size is also adjustable, meaning that she can directly channel the barrier into small portions of her body when strikes would hit. As one might imagine, depending on size, it also weakens the strength of the overall barrier - so when it is condensed into a small part if her body it will have maximum strength - enough to even take a powerful sword strike from many opponents of similar tier and strength. This is a major part of her combat in general, creating barriers with her energy alongside the landscape and intercepting projectiles.

» Soul Projection: One of the only other aspects of her magic is the inner projection aspect. By using her limited knowledge of Iramasha magic, Eun has been able to project her inner thoughts and persona into her surroundings via something she calls "Soul Projection". In the same way that the Nether messes with her mind since becoming an Iramasha, the soul projection is a result of her harnessing the the way it interacts with her mind. By turning this into aether magic, she can make literal representations of how her mind is. This can reach a bunch of different appearances, one of the most common being her curled in a ball clawing at her head trying to escape the voices, or when sated by blood, an image of her sitting and resting among a pool of red liquid. This is non-tangible and is entirely projection, meaning it has no use within combat outside of perhaps disorientation.

» Beginner Aether Magic Knowledge: As the title suggests, she is really only tapped into the beginning portions of her Iramasha magic. While it is not something she chooses to pursue as her main areas of focus, being adept enough to create her own personalized barriers had helped her understand it to some extent. As a result she only has access to the essential and beginner Aether magics, alongside her own uniquely crafted two.


The Aether Arts is something that is quite unique and powerful to the Iramashas hand to hand fighting style. While Eun-Kyung is quite adept at using these techniques and hand fighting styles, she has found a multitude of ways to apply her Aether Arts into her swordsman style of combat. While others Aether Arts focus on projecting their spirit and aether onto their bodies, Eun uses the Nether energy within her a little differently -- by projecting her inner emotions into combat.

» Sinister Swordsmanship: As describe within her personality, Eun has a high amount of mental stress as voices and noises are constantly screaming in her head. These sinister emotions can say a variety of different, demonic based, thoughts and ideas, often leading her to different terrible thoughts and actions. Although, interestingly, these thoughts can also be applied to her swordsmanship style. While not directly summoning or forcing the beings screaming in her head to appear, she has found a very distinct way of applying those voices and emotions to her sword. By essentially becoming one with the voices and accepting them, a light pink haze will emit from her body and engulf the weapon along with her, giving her access to the following concepts:

  • » The Wild Voices: By focusing on the amalgamation of chaos within her head at any given moment allows her to direct it into her sword style. As soon as the pink engulfs her, she is treated similar to that of a wild beast. The movements she makes are unpredictable, the slices and angles she will come from defy any sort of logic and she will often drown out many instances of pain. Just as chaotic as the voices in her head, this is represented in her ideals. At any point during this, she is able to replicate any weapon she is currently holding and project it into a pink haze in the surroundings. Although she can't control them directly due to the chaos in her mind, she is able to physically grasp them and even cause them to project from the ground. Once they strike, they fade into a mist of pink cloud until the next appears. This also strengthens her resolve and striking ability to twice it's normal capacity in sealed state, lasting usually for a total of five posts. Due to the way it works in sealed state, unlocking those chaotic voices into a physical combat drains her emotionally and physically.

  • » "They'll Kill You": Sometimes, within her mind, she hears voices louder than others among the chaos. One of those is a constant repetition of "They'll Kill You", naming the ability here. By projecting this voice into her chaotic sword style, she quite literally becomes hyper aware of her surroundings. Essentially throwing herself into a deeper pit of anxiety and paranoia, she uses Nether Arts to enhance her senses - improved eyesight, any noise is sensitive and as well as smell. Only lasting for another five posts like the above, the enhanced senses allow for noticing small changes in detail to her surroundings. Alongside this, she gains something like a 6th sense of sorts. When anything enters the pink mist that radiates off her body, she can instantly recognize it and react accordingly. As it radiates off her body, and she is already in a hyper-aware state and paranoia, she will use her quick reflexes to dodge close strikes. This is not limited to combat in the slightest, and when deactivated, it is often found that she needs time to recuperate and collect herself once again. This can usually come across in the visual of her curling up against a wall or away from others talking to herself and calming her down. For this reason she chooses to avoid it, but enhanced senses can benefit her in specific situations.

» Clean Nether Swordsmanship: In comparison to the above style of insane mess of a combat which is unpredictable, when her blood lust has been sated she has shown to be able to take on a completely different sword style. While the sinister style is chaotic and messy, the "Clean Nether" allows her to keep a clear and focused mind behind her combat. By activating her Aether Arts, each strike with her sword is with precision and duplicated in a haze of blue on either side of her body. With the blue glow instead of pink, she represents a clear and flowing mind - aiming to strike her opponents down with precision. When the swords appear on either side of her body, she can control each one as if it were an extra limb. With double the power of her original strings, she can have up to four limbs total swinging swords in precision strikes, each calculated and strengthened due to her clear mind.

  • » The Flowing River: Once her mind has become clear, the best comparison would be to compare it to a wide flowing river. It is elegant and beautiful following a path, but the incredible weight and power of water being able to crash and suck people in should they try and fight it. The same concept applies to this ability within her arts. With such elegant grace she will slice, but what one might not notice is that each successful hit of the weapon, both she and her attack speed receive an overall boost. This means that if one hit were to land during this activation, for the duration of the sword style, she would strike with 1.5 power on the next attack. This also means her attack speed is ramped up by that 1.5, each time going up by 50% over each successful hit. Reaching a maximum of five before falling off (after the five posts, or manual deactivation) she can dish out a wide array of different damage. Letting her get in all her hits is not wise while this is active.



» Nether Channeling: On some level, Eun-Kyung is capable of accessing a few Nether abilities. In comparison to her overall ability with a sword it is nothing spectacular, but shouldn't be underestimated. This isn't to say her Nether abilities are weak, more than it simply isn't her "go to" answer. By tapping into the darker side of her body, Eun is capable of performing the channeling technique. What this means is that many destructive or calamity type powers/events can be somewhat drawn into her and channeled as a source of power temporarily. Whilst in no means the best user of this skill, Eun has shown great proficiency in utilizing it.

» Calamity Consumption: When taking in chunks of calamitous energy such as a grenades explosion, or even something like a dark energy from a demon, Eun-Kyung has been shown to actually partially consume and store portions of said chaotic energy. To use this skill Eun usually has to exert large about of Nether and wrap a target in overwhelming energy, even then only sometimes partially consuming it for herself. The problem Eun faces when absorbing portions of some chaotic energies is needing to physically touch the calamitous energy in question. A good example of this would be having to touch a cero or very close to an explosion to actually consume some of it. Once she has influence on the item in question, it becomes a completely different story.

In the case of a grenade, or explosion in similar fashion, Eun has been able to absorb up to 30% of the original force. This means that at will, she is capable of manipulating the same explosive energy mid air as if it was her own - using hand gestures and techniques to guide the explosive power, making it behave and erupt in a fashion she sees fit. This is dangerous for a few reasons, the main one being her need to touch it, as mentioned. This means she could accidentally blow off limbs or severely injure herself due to carelessness. This doesn't work for every force however: but isn't limited to things such as explosions. As of right now, this skill isn't exactly amazing, but has the potential to grow into a powerful asset.

In some instances, Eun-Kyung will be able to partially control the movement of any chaotic energy that comes across the field. Depending on it's size and scale, as long as she has touched it in SOME fashion, she can either completely manipulate the thing in question or simply destabilize it to the point of maybe injuring the original creator. Imagine a dark mist overflowing an entire area, pits of chaotic and calamitous energy spewing from within. Depending on it's size, scale and power: Eun might be able to absorb this dark mist into herself. The essential point of this is: it must be chaotic in nature. Not only is exerting the Nether necessary for such manipulation, chaotic energies in themselves can be hard to contain. Usually she will only be able to contain the energy for up to three posts before needing to exert it. In extreme circumstances, Eun will begin to feel the chaotic energies eating her from inside, needing to release it sooner than later.

» Calamity Bomb: Once she has consumed a large amount of calamitous energy, Eun is capable of releasing it in a fashion that is rather flashy and powerful to those around her. By consuming a ridiculously large about of chaotic energy for her skill level, Kanae is capable of setting herself into "calamity bomb" mode. If she has consumed enough, her entire body literally becomes a personalized bomb, capable of throwing herself into a situation and setting herself to explode in a mass of chaotic force, similar in fashion depending to what she has absorbed. If she tries to do this, she will not only hurt herself rather badly, but lots of Nether based energy will be drained. Whilst not necessarily killing herself in the process, unless measures are taken to defend herself from the chaotic force, can completely remove her from the rest of the fight. The explosion itself is said to explode depending on the maximum power absorbed, but it can be upwards of one kilometer, releasing a mass of chaotic force into her surroundings.


» Reality Absorption: This is perhaps one of the most powerful Nether abilities in her arsenal. Just as her inner emotions can effect the outside world by bringing them into reality, her Nether Distortion allows the almost direct inverse. By simply being in an area, she is able to use the Nether energy within her body to actually consume and warp the location around her. The effect of the absorption changes based on where she is, and how it effects the environment as well. In short, she is capable of absoring the physical make up into her body which does a few separate things.

Since she had entered the world properly, the outside world had warped her self perception. Her time in solitude had conditioned her to such a way that she couldn't adapt properly, she forced to kill portions of her identity to the point where she truly doesn't know who she is. This is partially where this ability comes into play. When she absorbs the reality within specific areas, it brings portions and aspects of her that she does not have prior. An example of this would be absorbing reality within a location in Hell. Due to the very chaotic nature of Hell itself, it's quite possibly that for the duration she channels it into her body, her personality will receive a radical change alongside the natural of her abilities and attacks.

» Environmental Changes: One of the first things one will notice when she absorbs the physical reality of a location is how it changes to reflect her inner emotion and identity. So while she absorbs the area, at the same time she pushes out her inner projection onto the surroundings. If trees were green wind howling, the longer she spends within that reality absorption, the wind would stop, the air become stale and even the trees begin to wilt. Depending on the location it has a wild range of effects, but they share one thing in common: the location loses all sense of life and attitude. It becomes bleak. Just as she had her identity killed early in life, she pushes that emotion onto her surroundings.

» Absorption Within Hell, Demon World and Hueco Mundo: These two locations share the general idea during the absorbing of reality. When Eun-Kyung absorbs the reality of these locations, she intakes a rather powerful urge of chaos. Within her body begins to grow a chaotic force that she can't really control, and it begins to influence her sword style and Aether Class abilities. Each and every time she uses her Aether Class powers, instead of that pure white, it will gain an overtone of crimson red. Burning like a fire inside her, each ability and sword slash now gains a ripple like effect. Imagine this ability like dropping a stone into water: the initial splash and outgoing damage is big, but then more ripples come one after another, slowly getting weaker and weaker. The same principle applies to EVERY attack she does. The initial strike will bellow with a thundering hit, but then following it up will be a Nether-energy equivalent upon the location of the strike, constantly slamming the location over and over until it eventually fades out. In total it does nine hits, all losing ten percent damage each ripple effect over five seconds. She will often not absorb the energy in the realm for a long period as she loses control of her own body - taking in the chaotic and demonic energy sends her into a frenzy after too long.

» Earth, K-world and Soul Society: Much like above, her absorption within these places also effects the environment. Killing any lively effects, the entire area surrounding her seems to come to a halt. Snow that falls melts, the heat becomes dry and still. Although because these locations are incredibly similar, the Kokuryuteshi and Earth realms allow her a much grants her a boost in overall vitality. This means that by absorbing the actual living realm into her body, Eun-Kyung is capable of adopting a hardier defense, during it's activation she can not only withstand more assaults before passing out, but her hardened will and overall condition allows for an increased stamina. By enhancing her condition through the power of her environment, the realm gifts her what is equivalent to "200%" physical condition. Stamina, natural abilities and even her defensive capabilities are all enhanced to their extremes alongside her will, twice what they were capable of before. Due to the less chaotic nature, her personality and identity she assumes is much more calm and collected, but head-on and protective.


Before anything, the interesting thing to note is that by all conventional methods of detection, her Nether is detected and disguised as that of Holy Aether. As her outer appearance is that of a pure white, a lot of people have associated her with a holy aspect. Although she knows she is the direct opposite, unless someone were to take direct samples, they would be given the false understanding that she stored Holy Aether. Why has this occurred? Partially due to the failed fusion of a Holy Aether Stones into her body, but another aspect is her class and personality. Deception. That is the key factor to remember about Yeong Eun-Kyung.

» Ether Lock: Eun-Kyung is one of the few Iramasha to have undergone the "Ether Lock", essentially locking their spirit and bodies powers into a single form. Through this, she doesn't need access to a higher form or power - she simply exists as she is, and always has these powers available to her. Many Iramasha forgo this method as they see it as "breaking traditional methods" of having these other wordly ascended states, but to Eun-Kyung, it's just another thing to remind her of the lost humanity. Despite this ether lock and restriction of ascended forms, she is not somebody who should be underestimated. She simply doesn't have the forms of ascension, the power within her still exists.

» Alternate Reality (대체 현실): Unlike the name suggests, Eun is not literally pulling from an alternate timeline. The main ability of her aether class is considered one of almost creation and concept defying - looking for things that would normally not be possible and making it reality. Eun-Kyung's Aether Class is one that she considers quite useful in a variety of situations, the most basic of her powers allowing the creation of weapons that are not there - the alternative and direct opposite of what is currently happening. Through hardening her Nether, she gains the weird concept of bringing things into reality that are the alternative to the current situation. It is important to note that, despite a few exceptions, this is limited to her on a personal level and she can't just spawn a nuclear weapon over a town because it is "alternative to the reality". In most forms, the creation itself needs to be that of a personal level - any items or concepts that has some sort of emotional significance to her, been involved in her past or directly effects her, and her alone. Alongside this, it can only be physically spawned ON HER BODY. This means that a knife being spawned into her hand will spawn already in her palm, not at a distance and things of the like.

For the duration that Eun-Kyung is using her Aether Class, the item or thing in question is said to remain. While a powerful tool in battle, it also has a lot of sentimental value when it comes to personal usage or emotional situations. Given that the alternative to reality has to have an emotional or personal stake, bringing forward small charms or mementos is a good way to bring out her sentimental side. Yet, despite this, there are a few main things associated with her Aether Class and what she can do:

» Pure White Tail: The pure white tail is one of her most common traits when activating or fighting with her Aether Class. The tail itself appears rather thick and protrudes from her just above her butt - slithering out from between the fabric of her dress and shorts. The tail is incredibly thick and strong, stronger than a steel beam of equivalent size. With a total length of twenty meters naturally, it can extend upwards of two hundred meters in any direction. Not only is it incredibly powerful to slam into opponents, but the tip itself is barbed and capable of impaling anyone with a direct hit. With blades at it's tipped fanned out on all sides, slamming it into opponents can easily cut them open. The white tail is also surprisingly easy to move around for her, barely making her hindered as it is treated as another part of her body.

This part of her is considered another limb, yet even if it were to be cut off it would do no damage to her physically, no pain. Due to the thickness of the entire tail, she is actually capable of splitting the trail into multiple split ends that are capable of wrapping around her body and acting individually. Although they are weaker when separated, it allows for a wide range of assaults with either a bladed end of the tail to impale - or a thundering whip from four locations. As it is a creation of her Aether Class, receiving damage causes her no pain or physical strain. Once it has been destroyed, the tail will fade and go onto a cooldown of three posts before she can make another.

» Incorporeal Physiology: For a lot of her life, and even currently, a lot of her psychology had been one warped into loneliness and almost as if she was lost. Using this psychology as a powerful emotion from her past, she is actually capable of warping her body into a semi-incorporeal state for a few moments. This basically proves that her power does not need a direct emotion or memory of literally becoming invisible in the past. Through latching onto an emotion, and how a situation or time made her feel, her physical body can (for a couple of second) be swapped out with the semi-incorporeal one. This is usually limited to certain locations of her body at one time, but by focusing her Nether she can expand it over her entire body for a millisecond. When she becomes semi-incorporeal, she is still partially there. This means that if someone were to try pass through her, they would meet resistance to a small extent. The same goes for weaponry, and if the power of the strike is high enough, even capable of damaging her in that state - albeit reduced. She can hold an incorporeal arm for up to two posts as well as areas of equivalent size, but her entire body can only be used for a split moment, less than an entire post.

» Alternate Limbs: In a similar fashion to how Eun-Kyung is capable of sporting that large, white tail from behind her body - she is also capable of creating an assortment of different limbs, extensions and alterations to her "personal alternate reality". As mentioned, each alteration of reality needs to have sort of personal significance to her. Thus, when creating personal extensions of her body, they always take the form of translucent white limbs that don't sit about one inch off the surface of her skin. Due to lack of overall body area for this, most of the time these will appear over or around her arms, or across her back. These extensions can take a few appearances according to her history and personal significance, but nothing outrageous as of just yet.

» Emotional weaponry: Much like she can create things like extra arms and charms from her past, one of the most useful tools is being able to use what she called 'emotional weaponry'. Rather than distinctively latching onto actual weapons from her past, Eun is notorious for taking concepts from her past and bringing them into reality. For a moment, imagine the concept "stabbed in the back." This has happened to her multiple times throughout her past, so by focusing on that emotion she can take the phrase literally, meaning she can spawn the theoretical knife that would be used to stab in the back, even though it hadn't literally happened. The same could be said for an abundance of weaponry - the three most common being swords, spears and daggers. As her Aether Class is responsible for this, all of the weapons are mainly tinted white with some pink tinted hues along design.

THE MOST IMPORTANT PART OF THIS: Eun-Kyung CANNOT spawn random weapons in the environment like it was nothing. Wherever her hands glide, and within hands that don't already hold a weapon, she can add a weapon. If she touches the location and physically plants one, that works. But she cannot simply make it rain from the sky, she needs to touch the very location or have it spawned on her body alone where another does not currently exist. If any sort of item, weapon or object were to exist in it's place it would not be brought into reality. There is already an item in existence in this timeline, her Aether Class cannot alter that and bring one in. Each creation is incredibly hardy and can take a hit, when shattered they fade into a white mist as the true reality seeps back in that it never existed in the first place.

» Incorporeal Movement: As a result of being able to make portions of herself incorporeal, Eun-Kyung has shown to have a sort of "incorporeal movement" which acts similarly to a shunpo. Leaving a white outline of her physical body behind, she is capable of disappearing and reappearing at incredibly high speeds. Just like shunpo, it is not a teleport and can be interrupted, but she can also attack during it's movement. Although she is not incredibly fast, using this in quick succession allows her to dodge and weave through some abilities and also leave fake clones behind in a mist of white energy.


Among everything else her Aether Class allows, Eun-Kyung has one aspect that breaks the "change to personal reality" rule her power has. Although she is still learning and growing what she can exactly allow with her power, Ulsciscar is perhaps the one anomoly and existence she has allowed to work without constantly channeling her Aether Class into it. In simple terms, Ulsciscar is a physical representation of her emotional state brought into reality as it's own being. When she became an Iramasha, her mind had become scrambled as the Nether messed with her body. The first thing she made, on complete accident, was Ulsciscar, at the time was a small white dragon. Now he takes on the appearance of an incredibly large, white dragon with the underbelly that is pitch black. Acting as a natural armor, the white shell that coats his body is a direct result of her natural white hair and appearance. He was said to represent the vengeance of Eun-Kyung as her personality split. In total he reaches a hundred feet tall (when standing on his hind legs) and has an entire wingspan of over two hundred feet.

When Ulsciscar is killed or somehow destroyed, he will fade into a ball of white haze and die. Although after a few weeks, he always seems to reform as a product of her Aether Class whether she does it or not. He acts as a forced creation from her mind to personify her mind in physical form. As it is a direct projection of her mind, he acts and works in a direct way that she wills.

» Lurk: One of the natural traits for Ulsciscar is the ability to hide in plain sight. When in one place for long enough, a natural camouflage has shown to kick in and blend him into the background. Although one could still sense him through other means, the massive creature can often surprise people and hide in plain sight.

» Natures Tank: The incredibly hard shell and scales present along his back are said to be incredibly tough, capable of withstanding spears and sword strikes with a decent power behind them. Although not invulnerable, the white shell is quite possibly his best defense in a combat situation. It also makes him an incredibly good candidate for tanking through attacks, blasting defenses in a ball, or simply protecting from surprise attacks. Just like the tail Eun can form on a personal level, his gigantic tail is bladed and capable of slamming opponents with incredible power. On his underbelly, the black strip of skin, is the un-armored portion. Striking this will deal the damage intended as if it were open skin. But reaching this area is another thing entirely.

» Ulsciscar, Miseria and Salutis: There are three general traits and names in which this dragon can go under. In it's default state, it takes on the name Ulsciscar (translating to vengeance in latin) and represents the physical manifestation of her emotional drive towards vengeance for the people who took her humanity away from her. There is a constant white Nether radiating from his body during this. In this state, Ulsciscar is considered rather passive - seeking for vengeance in the same vein that Eun-Kyung herself is. Waiting for the right time, buying time and seeking the best opportunity to strike. He has become more of a pet than anything to Eun, but even then his behaviour is dictated by her emotional state - a direct extension.

The second is known as Miseria. When changing into Miseria, Ulsciscar will literally shred the white scales that cover his body and grow deep blue ones in it's place. Miseria represents the misery of her past and mindset during really bad periods of mentality and loneliness. He changes to this when Eun-Kyung's blood lust is sated, the same blue aura that follow during her aether arts is applied to her familiar dragon. The name Miseria is chosen because it virtually represents an entirely new being, the behavior of Miseria is incredibly swift and fast. It slices through the air with clean precision and is capable of traveling great distances over short amounts of time. Miseria is incredibly precise in his movements and will often use speed in comparison with his size to slam, slice and even flee areas of danger. Unlike Ulciscar, he lacks the defensive armor and is generally vulnerable on all sides of his body.

The last dragon is known as Salutis and takes on the concept of seeking salvation. Underneath it all, Eun-Kyung is a woman seeking salvation and help escaping the voices and eventually removal of her Iramasha side. She misses her humanity, and to her, is her salvation. Salutis represents this - the blood red scales that grow over him have literal flames and heat radiating from it. With claws larger than the other dragons, he quite literally rips and shreds through everything with brute force. Although it is a construct of her aether class, Salutis seems to have a harder will and will take more punishment before falling prey to damage. Atop of this, Salutis is capable of letting out flames from all the red scales all over his body, most effective by clamping onto an object or person and then essentially self detonating in a ball of fire. Just like the previous two, the black underbelly is the generally weakest spot - not having quite as hard of scales as Ulciscar, but more than Miseria.


» Aether Armament Name: Soul Carve (영혼 개척)

Eun-Kyung's Aether Armament takes the appearances of a white and silver blade which is attached at the hilt by a piece of black rop, connecting it behind her body and around her waist. The blade itself is about as long as one of her arms and has a guard rail to protect her fingers from being slice. Although unconventional in appearance, the silver and white shine it gives off showcases an incredible amount of potential within the small blade.

» Aether Armament Traits and Abilities: The most important thing to note about the blade: the blade itself is considerable virtually indestructible. Although it could be shattered with enough force of unimaginable power, the general consensus is that clashing another with this or attempting to block a huge hit with it will never break the blade. The weapon itself should be considered an extension of her body - another limb, another organ. It not only requires sustenance to keep it happy, but it directly interacts with her Nether and Aether Class abilities.

» Precision Edge: The edge of the blade is said to be incredibly sharp, so hard that even lightly running your hand across it's edge will slice open any piece of skin or material you run over it. Never dulling due to use, the blade has a multitude of different ways it interacts with her power and body. By focusing on it's precision edge, a white and thin layer of energy begins to drip from the blades sharp edge - extending off by a couple of inches. When this precision white edge hits an object or person, it begins to sear through it like a laser cuter. With little to no resistance on most objects outside of Zanpakuto or incredibly durable items, it makes for a clean cut and can even slice people in two should they take it defenseless.

» Crimson Wires: As mentioned that this sword should be considered an extension of herself, one of the interesting traits she can natural activate is the placement of naturally incredibly thin wires by simply slashing. While not 'crimson' like the name suggests, their white coating makes them incredibly hard to spot across a battlefield and setting them up with a bunch of constant slashes in a direction could fool an expecting enemy not paying enough attention. These are places by a crimson glow illuminating the edge of her blade, and with each slash placing it from where the swing started and finishing where it ended. In theory, she could place these spiritual wires across an entire room. The problem, however, is that they're incredibly sensitive to trauma. So while it can catch people up in it to slice their limbs, they will instantly break upon making their mark, showing just how easy it is to shatter them.

» Phantom Reality: As mentioned, this is an extension of her body. This means that it interacts EXACTLY like it would on her own body with the personal reality changing. Being able to extend the blade with a phantom limb is quite common, she could also quite easily create spikes all across the edge of the blade. How she chooses to use this is a matter of imagination with her listed Aether Class skills, but defying the concept of her blade is one of her most powerful. By digging up memories and emotions, the way her blade interacts with the world can change. Just like the emotion of being stabbed in the back can spawn the knife, the Armament may be able to change it's shape into a much different weapon as a result. It can also change it's construct entirely, meaning the edge of the blade can burn with an intense inferno, signifying the constant rage and vengeance that burns within her. As long as you can draw a correlation between emotion and motive, it is plausible for her to apply it to her blade. Obviously things that instantly kill the target could not just coat the blade.


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영 은 경



Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Aether Control: Advanced
  • Aether Magic: Adept
  • Aether Arts: Adept
  • Aether Stones: Beginner

Devil Iramasha Skill Sheet
  • Nether Summoning: Beginner
  • Nether Distortion: Advanced
  • Nether Possession: Beginner
  • Nether Channeling: Adept

General Skills
  • Durability: Adept
  • General Speed: Beginner
  • Strength: Adept
  • Weapon Skill: Advanced

Will Skills
  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept


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« Application Checklist »
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  • History is of appropriate length [X]
  • Powers are not Godmod/Overpowered [X]
  • Powers are described reasonably enough [X]
  • Application/RP Sample is not in First Person [X]
  • Skills are not filled in (Omit if a Hollow)[X]
  • RP Sample Present (Omit if this is not the first character) [X]
  • RP Sample is 10 sentences [X]

« The Willsheet Checklist »

• And Comments/Fixes •

  • Willpower/Determination: Master
  • Mental Deduction: Adept
  • Pain Endurance: Advanced
  • Focus: Adept

  • Comments/Notes: Everything looks fine here. If anyone has problems or concerns, talk to me.
  • Tier: 2-5
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The Blood Stained Lotus, Yeong Eun-Kyung [APPROVED, 2-5]
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