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 Battle of the Fists [Blackheart]

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It hadn’t taken much. It hadn’t taken much to track down the Danava of bare-hand fighting. That wasn’t to say that the being was hiding in the first place to begin with however. Still, the being was an enigma to her, and she made no effort to hide the fact that it interested her to know him. As a natural virtue of hers, the woman was never really critical or judgemental of almost any of the spiritual races. She had been born a Shinigami, raised between vizards and humans, and had simply learned to appreciate people for the qualities they possess rather than the stigma their kind represented. That sentiment extended even to the Demon’s, whose god was a direct threat and affront to everything the Soul King was, and everything He meant. More notably, there were the Royal Guard of the demon god, whose sole identity was the living embodiment and enemy to everything the Soul King’s Royal Guard stood for. Those were the only people Aiko freely expressed distaste for. Even though her position as Master of the Realms and Diplomat dictated she were lenient and accepting of all races, there were exceptions to almost every rule.

Blackheart was not of those. He was a member of a different guard at one point, but it had nothing to do with the demon god, and by extension, nothing to do with her. The reasons she sought him out were simply. For starters, he was a demon that had allied with the Vanguard, something that spoke of his loyalty and convictions. More importantly, she went to him for his skill and fame. There was nothing she wanted to learn from him, and likely nothing she wanted to teach him either. The girl simply needed to keep pushing her boundaries. There were not enough Royal Guard appointed, and with the might of the demons, it would be unwise to remain idle. She needed to keep moving forth, and he made perfect sense in the first step to accomplish that goal. Blackheart embodied the art of hand to hand combat; at least as far as demons were concerned. Aiko had been taught by just about the best martial artists to ever live, among many other mentors. And while she was known as the kido goddess, and a true empress over many other skills, her hand to hand skill and speed were just about on par with the deity that taught her for so many years.

”Thank you for coming. I’ll admit for a bit I was starting to think you wouldn’t show up.”

Prior to the meeting, Aiko and Blackheart would have likely communicated briefly through the use of letters or other similar methods. She hadn’t gone ahead and revealed she was in the zero squad, but there was a chance she didn’t have to. He could have known despite it not being a widely talked about topic. It was essentially only known to very few of the top Captains. He should however at the very least recognize the last name, and by extension who she was. The woman was known across the realms as a true warrior of the fist, with such a powerful dominion over kido that it seemed as though sooner than later she’d cross the boundary most would never come close to reaching.

”I trust you know why we’re here. And I take it that your coming means you’re up for it.”

If he had a speck of information on who she was, he would have guessed exactly why she had sought him out. It didn’t take a lot of brain power to put two and two together. He should be put to rest on the fact that there was no ill or malevolent intent on her desires however. Despite the Gotei’s alliance with the Vanguard, and despite the zero’s squad affiliation with them, the Royal Guard answered to a different higher authority. Of course, that didn’t mean they did not see eye to eye with the Vanguard and its people. Again, Aiko was supposed to be impartial towards most. But to avoid potential mishaps, misunderstandings, and collateral damage that could result in the accidental loss of life, she had chosen a location as far away from people as possible. It was somewhere out in the country, where mountains were but hundreds of miles away; nothing but visible small formations given the distance. The area around had wheat and grasses that were neither too tall nor too small. And despite their own individual and unique color, the nostalgic hue of the afternoon sun bathed the area in a color that was warm, inviting, and a bright premonition to the darkness and devastation that was likely soon to follow in the form of the night, and their battle.

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