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 The Flaming Fist Of Hope [Demonica]

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Subject Post 21PostSubject: Re: The Flaming Fist Of Hope [Demonica]   Thu Aug 02, 2018 8:49 pm

The Flame Of Hope

Artist: Carrotwine - Song: Dark Side Of The Road

Hmm, there seemed to be an error in communication here. Either on Demonica's side or Ulv's side. Either, Demonica had mistook what Ulv was trying to say, or just repeated what she was saying in a different set of words. Ulv was not the best at conversations though, so she just let it go and lingered. Niflhiem might take exception to such a pose, but Demonica needed Ulv to lie on her breasts. It was therapeutic, totally medical science thing, honest. After a bit of internal silliness, Ulv heard Demonica's words and decided to try and rectify the idea.

"There is a difference between courage and arrogance. While both emotions will have you step in front of an enemy, courage has you step up to protect something. Fully knowing your capabilities, and the opponents. Maybe you aren't sure you can win. Maybe you know you can't. But it is courage that allows you to step there anyway. Where as Arrogance makes you step up with the 'knowledge' - however wrong this knowledge is - that you will win. That this person is below you, and there is no chance you could ever lose against them because of how strong you are"

And then Ulv looked up with shining auburn eyes, and gave Demonica such a warm smile.

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Artist: Undertale OST - Song: Your Best Friend - Word Count: 914

”Courage . . and Arrogance huh?”

It was an interesting idea, how the difference in emotion. In intent can have such an astounding difference in reality and action. There was an intense truth here. One that seemed to pervade the silence that stretched after. Demonica was lost in thought, about her own path. The choices she had made, were they truly necessary for what had happened here? Everything she had done so far. . was it truly right? She didn’t know the answer to that question anymore. However, she was not afraid of finding out the answer. Sure, it would be akin to stumbling blindly through the dark for a little while longer . . . But the return was so much more magnificent then she could have ever imagined anything before to be.

It was this thought that brought her hope. The faint smile that adorned her face turning into something more substantial, and contemplative. There was a softening of her appearance, a gentle change in the way that her expression seemed to be for the time being.

”I will hold you to that then.”

Finally hearing the wolfs answer, the demoness shifted faintly. Standing forth from the soft embrace she had been in, the resplendent gleam in her gaze already speaking of the will that she had. As abrupt as demonica had been found, she would leave just as abruptly. Her body vanishing in the glare of the sun as she set out, ready to ford this new path that lay before her.

Demonica has left the thread

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The Flaming Fist Of Hope [Demonica]
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