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 Ritsuko's arensal of weapons [Finished]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Ritsuko's arensal of weapons [Finished]   Fri Nov 23, 2018 11:40 am

» Item Name: Grappling hook
» Item Type:
Ritsuko Nicklovich

» Used For: Offensive, Defensive

» Item Description:

This object is mainly used to allow Ritsuko movement across huge gaps and can be used for keeping distance between her and the opponent.
The maximum range this object can fire is exactly 40 yards or 36.58 meters; when activated the hook will make a distinct sound and after use it takes 1-2 posts for it to fully be ready for use once more. However frequent use can cause it to malfunction making it unusable from the rest of the thread unless it gets repaired.
» Obtained From: She ordered this item online I guess?

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

» Item Name: O'l Sally and Mustang
» Item Type:
Ritsuko Nicklovich

» Used For: Offensive,

» Item Description:

A traditional flintlock pistol with the exception of having three barrels instead of one. She uses her spiritual energy to fire these weapons and doesn't have to worry about potential misfire or jams
» Obtained From: From an antique store

» Notes: Ritsuko carries two of these weapons.

» Item Name: Buccanears stabby tool
» Item Type: Specifically for Ritsuko
» Used For: Offensive/Defensive

» Item Description:

» Obtained From: Internet i guess?

» Notes: Ritsuko carries two of these knives on her person.

» Item Name: Buccanear’s exploding gift
» Item Type:Specifically to Ritsuko.

» Used For: Combination of both offensive and defensive.

» Item Description:

These bombs are carried in a special belt Ritsuko carries along her person this belt also appears in her Sacred and Ascended Sacred Release states. The standard explosion radius for these explosives are approximately five meters, while the casualty-inducing radius is approximately fifteen meters. and weigh roughly 3 lbs. Carrying six of these means that Ritsuko is carrying a total 18lbs not counting her two flintlock pistols and other arsenal.

What’s interesting is that she can imbue her reiryoku energy into these bombs to change the chemical properties within it allowing them to become smoke bombs which can be used for either stealth or a means of distraction to escape from an opponent.
» Obtained From: Bought from a local shopkeeper who sold antique explosives and decided to give them some usage.

» Yen Price: The item in question is made out of Iron.

» Notes: [Any other information or personal notes you'd like to add]

» Item Name: O’l Reliable
» Item Type:Specifically to Ritsuko.

» Used For: Offensive

» Item Description:

This weapon has a maximum firing range of about 100 yards though with enough experience Ritsuko can improve this range to an upwards of 300 or even greater.

» Obtained From:

» Yen Price: N/A

» Notes: Like all flintlock weapons during those times they were heavily prone to misfire. Also if Ritsuko’s spiritual energy is depleted and resorts to use her weapons the traditional way she’d be at a heavy disadvantage considering that the flint itself needs proper care otherwise the gun can’t fire. Also if she attempts to both load and fire the weapon at the same time it’ll only increase the risk of the gun discharging making it unusable for the rest of the thread. The only way she can remedy the jamming is to clean it though it’s a rare occasion for her to do so. Which alone takes about 15 seconds for it to be ready to fire once again but that would take approximately half a post for it to be cleaned especially in a combat scenario.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Ritsuko's arensal of weapons [Finished]   Sat Jan 05, 2019 5:10 pm

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Ritsuko's arensal of weapons [Finished]
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