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 Operation Wardogs: Dawnbreaker [Rudi/Rudolfo & Magnolia]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Operation Wardogs: Dawnbreaker [Rudi/Rudolfo & Magnolia]    Thu Jan 03, 2019 11:05 pm

Click song for link to posting music.

Magnolia Everfrost

Song: Louder than words - Artist:Les friction

The sound of water crashing against a rocky shore roared in the predawn coasts. The gulls cried overhead as they tucked wings in, diving into the frigid waters to catch their morning meal. There wasn't a cloud in the sky, and out in the waste, between domed cities, there was a nebula dancing across the sky, an unblemished tapestry comprised of a countable number of stars. A pair of golden eyes stared up at that sky as if trying to search for something unreachable from its grandeur and majesty, to only find nothing. Those eyes belonged to a golden-haired woman, who was garbed in ragged Shadow-Fall attire. A blood-soaked Naginata rested against the ground, the pole resting against the woman's shoulder, a hand lightly gripping the cool shaft of the weapon.

"You've come too far to stop now. You don't have the luxury of having a heart now." Raijin said plainly within Magnolia's inner world.

" Having a heart doesn't mean that It will deter me from doing what's right." Magnolia responded faintly.

Despite her words, the shinigami pulled her knee's up against her chest, her free arm coiling around them. She looked so fragile for the fearsome destroyer that she had become. That iron facade seemed to hide the paper tiger that showed now that she was all alone, under the light of over a quadrillion stars. Watching the meteors as they streaked across the sky, she wondered if it was the heavens crying for her. Or were they mocking her?

It was a lonely smile that graced her lips, not fully reaching her eyes, yet curving the corners of her lips. Her eyes were like resplendent pools, reflecting and absorbing all light, yet hiding the emotions that lay entrapped within them. Eventually, though she would get up, and under the starlight, her body began to do a blade dance. Her naginata became a fleeting flash of silver as it moved at extreme speeds under the moonlight. Upward arcing, downward sweeping, horizontal cutting, diagonally slicing, jabbing and scything. All of these motions were used interchangeably in her practice.

Sweat beaded on her brow after she practiced for a few hours with her naginata. She used the exercise to chase away her inhibitions, pushing her misgivings from the forefront of her mind before she eventually came to sit on the edge of a cliff just on the fringe of a rocky beach. Watching the waves, mesmerized by the natural beauty.



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Operation Wardogs: Dawnbreaker [Rudi/Rudolfo & Magnolia]
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