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This is a Bleach Role Playing Forum set in the year 2417, over 400 years after the original Bleach Storyline. Join our Bleach RP today
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 Bright Bastion Crumbling [Animum, Hayden]

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Subject Post 1PostSubject: Bright Bastion Crumbling [Animum, Hayden]   Tue Jan 08, 2019 10:42 pm

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Sitting upon a bench in the open courtyard in the midst of a military complex, one girl whose golden hair shone like precious metal in the light sat under the boughs of an aged, gnarly tree. At the rank of private, this girl was unassuming as the grunts that surrounded her, a tiny pebble who could be overlooked on the roadside. The girl raised a pure white hand into the air, letting delicate fingers feel the warmth, even though the smile that adorned her lips failed to cause her cheeks to rise. To the passerby, she looked like a part of the mundane, easily overlooked.

Yet, to the studious, her gaze was sharp like a knife. Nothing escaped those eyes which looked out upon the realm around them; there was electrum that lingered with every passing glance. A clarity that sought to unravel the world around it, to tear it open and lay bare it's inner mechanisms. It was a gaze that was far too smart to have the wool pulled over it.

Even so, those eyes seemed to find the interactions around them to be futile. It was like watching a butterfly struggling in the web of a spider, the happy times of these soldiers did very little to satiate the woman under the tree. Eventually, that woman brought a bottle to her lips. Seeking the sweet release of fire which ran rampant down her throat, even though she knew that it would only be a momentary reprieve. Even so, a heated exhalation of release blew past slightly ajar lips as the world grew dimmer and the noise stopped just for a little while.

Her head to rest against the rough, warped bark of the tree behind her. The jarring feeling of pressure that came with the less than graceful action brought an unwanted clarity to the fuzz in her mind. The sun seemed to be almost painfully bright as Animum brought a pallid hand to cover her eyes, effectively blocking the rays that beat down upon her from the harsh African sun.

Peeking from behind slightly askew fingers, the woman marveled at the blue, uncaring sky above her, and how small and insignificant she seemed before it's majesty. She truly did enjoy the quiet in her life currently, fading from existence to hide away in an unassuming barrack, it was a life that in the beginning that she never thought she would consider being fulfilling. All those years ago as a lieutenant of the gotei 13. Then again, so much had happened that she never thought would have taken place.

In the corner of her eye, she noticed another individual walking amongst his men. A person who she had only really met once, on the inauguration of his majestic empire. Some called him a fierce monster, others a dignified ruler who was befitting of his post. Those trademark golden eyes of hers would study the man silently from her tiny corner of paradise that she had carved out for herself. While individuals like kimitsuki, and nizhuan had climbed the ranks into higher posts, Animum had been more than happy to remain where she was, the lowest of the low, a grunt. There had been a kind of release, having no one know who she was, or what she was capable of. The eyes of her squad did not look at her with expectation, nor with fear or hope. She was not an asset to them, a person to be used. She had not shared with them the monstrosity of her power either.

Thus, a soft chuckle escaped golden-eyes mouth as she took another sip of an unidentified bottle that was hidden within a small brown paper bag.

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Subject Post 2PostSubject: Re: Bright Bastion Crumbling [Animum, Hayden]   Yesterday at 4:49 pm



The lives of millions rested in his hands, and here he stood among them. A man who was elevated beyond any reasonable position turned from a mere soldier into the epitome of valor. He was the sole arbiter of the will of Vastime, the man which would bring shadowfall to it's knees. It was through that belief he had brought millions of people together to fight under the same banner: his banner. The iron banner, one which would in due time outlive even him. That man was currently in the courtyard of this military complex and his emerald eyes seemed to be unhappy.

It was a rarity to see the king with a smile on his face in private, as he spoke with soldiers and dismissed them he began to blend into the world. As much as one could who stood first among equals, the man which seemed to harbour a deep feeling of malcontent within himself and the world. It was that malcontent he had refined into a tangible force, like a rusted blade brought to glorious shine through time and effort. But now, that blade was idle yearning to know purpose beyond it's creation.

It was why the King could only stand in the courtyard, a frown on his lips and a tiredness in his eyes. His body seemed tensed and strong, easily powerful enough to bring amount destruction on an unspoken scale. Muscles seemed to exude their own lethality, but in this moment he seemed to just be standing under the shade of a tree. A shine of blonde hair seemingly the only presence which seemed to illuminate the grey world around him. As if by some unseen force he was prompt'd to look towards them wordlessly.

Emerald eyes, shining in their own right, seemed to focus on the woman. He knew her, he had met her with what felt like so long ago. But his eyes would cast upwards staring at the branches of the tree which they where under, his hand resting against the solid trunk. There was something about the strudyiness, the power and reliability of a tree. That the base of a tree was a support for the branches to extend into the world and sprout it's fruit.

In some regards, Vastime was a tree. But in that moment of though he'd speak as if to break the silence between them.

"I have been told I am relentless; that my nation is a beast among prey. That we attract the degenerates, the broken, and the lost and we give them purpose. It makes me wonder, which catagory you fall in. And what purpose you have found."

Blunt. Tired. Honesty.

The voice of the king wasn't grandiose, but it was majestic. It commanded an authority, but what was foremost in the baritone was his tiredness.

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Bright Bastion Crumbling [Animum, Hayden]
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