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 Royal Retribution [WW4 Start Event] [Karakura Central]

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Subject Post 11PostSubject: Re: Royal Retribution [WW4 Start Event] [Karakura Central]    Sun Feb 17, 2019 2:11 am

play the music, nerds

Artist: n/a - Song: n/a

Abilities Used:

"Oy oy OY! Keep yer mingin' figuratife hans tae yerself!"

Mana's tampering with her energies was immediately noted as soon as it started occurring, and normally this sort of influence on Yuel's abilities were of negligible issue. Due to how the sub-shinigami's energy functioned, direct influence and interaction beyond simply overpowering or combating it to negation always fell short. Therefore, at least on Yuel's own personal energy, attempts to distort and disrupt it was ineffective; the issue was the fact that Yuel's renkinjutsu seals were not only containing her energy, but absorbing latent energies foreign to her. Thus, for the seals that had already directly absorbed a great deal of the latent za koa and spiritual energies in the area around them, the seals began to destabilise and threaten blowing up.

Thanks to Yuel's capacity to analyse the elements and nature of a process being underwent, she promptly understood exactly what interaction was going on with her seals and therefore responded. The seals outside Ravan's layer of hell were immediately disengaged in absorbing any more energy that threatened their dispersal; unfortunately, half of them couldn't be contained and blew up. To avoid any backlash due to how her Renkinjutsu seals operated when interrupted, she desynchronised herself from them. Otherwise, the seals were stabilised.

From a distance, Yuel began changing some of the inscriptions on these seals so that they slowed down in the process of absorbing latent energies, and in exchange switched a focus onto converting the energies absorbed around them into her own signature before swallowing them up. Thanks to this change of plan, the [Experiment] for her [Theory Induction] maintained, and in a bit more time (1 post) the theory could be induced.

As for the seals on Yuel's body, clothing, and zanpakuto, due to their closeness, Yuel could immediately synchronise the absorbed energies into her own reserves without issue. Of course, Yuel had no intents to just leave things at defensive reactions. It was in her nature to return favours--Hammurabi was a wise man indeed. As a means to both slow down Ravan's Hell Layer seeping into Karakura Central, and also in an offensive manner, Yuel focused more causing some dissonance in its progressions to forcefully try and push the layer out of Karakura.

Furthermore, thanks to her consecutive uses of her abilities, the potency of her dissonance pushing the layer out was largely increased, to such an extent that the Demon King would likely have to actually put some focused effort into maintaining it if he wished, and therefore find himself more vulnerable to Hayden's onslaught. Through this, Yuel was almost aiming to weaken the two demons by stripping them of their environmental advantages.

Unfortunately, any more simultaneous and grand usages of these abilities was unadvisable for Yuel. As a result, the girl had no choice other than to respond to Mana's energy blasts not with her zanpakuto abilities, but with her renkinjutsu. It was much too dangerous to try and counteract this ability with the type of seals she previously produced, which were geared towards absorbing energy. Thankfully, the area in her immediate vicinity was cleared out of other energies and filled with her own, so as to take control of the space occupied.

Thus, the Duulheim instead formed the energy around her into a barrier so as to defend herself from the energy. The nature of Yuel's compartmentalised energy would be enough to abate the disruptive qualities of the several blasts, but Yuel would have to expend an equal amount of energy that was contained in these blasts in maintaining her own barrier; while the blast itself was defended against, due to these circumstance, it still took quite a bit out of Yuel, especially given that attempting to deal with both Ravan and Mana's energies forced her into a defensive and reactive posture, unable to return any attacks. If something like this happened again, however? Yuel prepared a decent response, with one of her seals filled with her energy ready to take advantage of and return another linear attack.

"HEY! HAYDEN! Fat load ay good ye are; do somethin' maur than jist flailin' yer hans, an' actually keep yer opponent in th' ring, wae dornt ye? Ur dae ah hav' tae do everythin' myself?! An' ye, Mana! why're ye runnin' off--fite me reit an' proper!"

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Subject Post 12PostSubject: Re: Royal Retribution [WW4 Start Event] [Karakura Central]    Sun Mar 10, 2019 11:11 am

Song: A Bigger Fear - Word Count: N/A


Something was off with this picture. The likes of Mana did not appear to be as agitated as she once was when engaging in these clashes against Yuel. In fact, there was almost a sense of delight appearing across her face as she interacted with the energy of the sub-shinigami. Was there something that she could see that the others could not? Perhaps, perhaps not. It still brought cause for jubilation in the body of The Demon Queen as a pulsation of destabilization uttered out in the world around them with the releasing of her energy.

When Yuel started to interact with the chaotic energies of Mana to try and utilize her dissonance against the space they were occupying, the Chaotic Probability factor of The Demon Queen's kicked into effect and caused portions of the earth, hell and the sub-dimension that The Demoness's own energy exists in to collide. In turn, this would produce massive explosions to ring out all around the city (all of Karakura Central) to induce more destruction, death and destabilization of the area as these dimensions starting overlapping over one another and breaking the boundary between worlds.

Honestly, it didn't matter who got in the way of Mana's ambitions at this point as the heat of World War 4's chaos, madness, carnage, and death were pumping through her veins and only serving to dramatically bolster the potency of the woman's power. Everyone on the battlefield could feel it at this point as this massive swelling of lunacy echoed out in the form of thousands of children giggling, snickering and laughing roared out all around Japan as a sign something was going terribly wrong in the universe around them. It extended far beyond whatever reach she held in Karakura Central and it stood to reason that the woman was amassing herself for something grand.

This, however, would be the least of Yuel's worries. As her whole body may begin to fall under a state of total instability, despair and insanity as the price for having absorbed the influence Mana set out in the battlefield held the vast potential to linger on and co-exist within the body of the sub-shinigami. So, in this way, the woman may begin to find her grasp of control on her powers beginning to become harder to reach; while passing thoughts of anxiety, dread and disassociation may begin to amplify the more time she spends facing the aura of Mana's maddening essence. Indeed, The Demon Queen wasn't trying to manipulate her special little particles anymore, but rather sickening and breaking down the body of the source itself to otherwise force the woman to become too exhausted and damaged to summon forth her power and make it far too dangerous to utilize it against the Queen without endangering her allies and this whole damn city.

Therefore, since this energy could not outright negate Mana's damning potency (being amped up by the chaos, death, destruction and so on from the world due to the event), it stood to reason that she could amplify the presence of Za Koa in the area and further give the edge back in Ravan's favor by allowing him to feed on the energies leaking out of her body (as Mana cannot consume all of the chaos/destruction from the power, so to prevent herself from self-destructing, she is trying to channel this power and convert it into demonic energy for Ravan to get a boost) and then maintaining the the half of Hell that still sustained itself in Karakura Central so he didn't have to worry about it and could focus on his fight against Hayden.

"Ya' really think my only goal is to invade, destroy and conquer? Oh ya', that stuff is fun, but I'm always lookin' to leave a legacy, ya see......and yer gonna help me to do that."

It didn't matter what was occurring at this point, whether Mana was attacked or defending herself. These words would still utter out in an ominous, yet jovial tone. In a matter of moments after they spoken, The Demon Queen decided to otherwise finish up her turn by utilizing her access to such vast chaos to summon forth a gigantic ball of Chaos Probability in the skies above everyone. Due to her mastery over her energy, it was not out of Mana's capacity to rapidly call upon such a vast vortex of energy in a short amount of time. And, even if she was interrupted, it did not matter much to the Demon Queen. As the intent was to get this ball of chaos to explode over the battlefield and begin spreading its effects throughout the city.

Machinery may begin to malfunction randomly, streets would begin to explode with gas eruptions, accidents could begin to pile up and the world itself may seem like it's breaking down due to the accelerated probability of chaotic mishaps occurring. While the fallout from the explosion it could outright flatten Yuel in the sense that the blast itself was on par with a Grand Ray Cero fired from one of the strongest Espada's in existence given how amped up this attack was. So, unlike her previous assaults, this attack was not geared at manipulating the presence of Yuel's presence. Instead, she was going to outright overpower her by focusing on increasing the potency of her already abnormal energy. Thus, by taking a direct hit from this attack, the globin mistress may face injuries related to broken bones, ruptured organs and feeling more of her body becoming strained from this chaotic effect bonding with her.

"Ya see, you beauties of this planet are really something else. So proud, so determined; just like Genpaku, just like Azure and like the many countless empires I've come across and dismantled. Yuel, Hayden; you both are all alike: simply in the fact that you are like moths rushing into the flame to die."

There was then a satisfied sigh had as the woman held a black orb of vortex in her left hand that was growing in potency with a high amount of Death Energy. It was unclear what this was for, but whatever it was screaming that it was an attack that may otherwise obliterate this entire city two times over. Of course, Mana did not seem too intent on sending it out or even releasing it from her grasp. As in her right hand, a sphere of crimson energy started to produce a similar energy as these vibrations of madness, chaos and instability only grew stronger from it. For now, she'd hold these two cards in her hands before relaxing in the air.

"But it's that same determination to rush to your deaths that makes this game of life fun and fuels my ambitions to want to alter the universe for the thrill of it all. I thank you for being such a thorn in my side, as whatever happens next after this will alleviate this dullness I've had for life since I've amassed so much useless power."


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Royal Retribution [WW4 Start Event] [Karakura Central]
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